D.I.Y. Wednesday: Paper Stars and Flowers

Waiting for family to arrive? Looking to kill some time while that beautiful Thanksgiving bird browns? What better way than with one of our simple, stunning D.I.Y. designs? Today is a two-for-one post with adorable crafts meant to decorate your holiday tree or next celebration. Let’s make our used paper pretty again, shall we?

D.I.Y. Paper Stars & Ornaments

Paper Stars

D.I.Y. Paper StarWhat you’ll need:
One sheet from a Vera Bradley paper item, a pen or pencil, scissors, glue stick, stapler and Binder Clips

D.I.Y. Paper Star1. Draw a line down the edge of the margin where the holes are located. Cut to remove this portion.

D.I.Y. Paper Star2. Keeping the paper in the portrait position (or hamburger style), fold the paper back and forth to create an accordion effect. (Our folds were about ½-inch thick, but it doesn’t really matter, as long as they’re consistent.)

D.I.Y. Paper Star3. Your page should look like this (above) when you’re done. If your last fold is too long, trim off the edge to make it even.

D.I.Y. Paper Star4. Staple the folded paper across the center.

D.I.Y. Paper Star5. For a little added flair, cut the edges of the paper at an angle before you open it.

D.I.Y. Paper Star6. Open up your star shape a little bit to stretch it out. Add some glue to the outside edges; you’ll stick them together to make the star shape.

D.I.Y. Paper Star7. Use a Binder Clip to hold the two edges together while the glue dries. Repeat on the other side. Let the glue set for a few minutes before you open it.

D.I.Y. Paper Star8. Punch a hole and add string to complete your paper star decoration. If you have the patience to make a bunch of stars, these would make for very festive party garland!

Paper Flowers

Paper FlowerWhat you’ll need:
A used Vera Bradley Mini Notebook with Pocket, double-stick tape, needle, thread and scissors

Paper Flower1. Tear out pages along the perforated line. (If the pages are used, please be sure to recycle them. If they are still blank, you can save them for another D.I.Y.)

Separate the colored paper margins from the spiral. Try not to rip them. (Hint: Pull them out of the spiral only a few at a time. This is much easier after you take off the covers and folder.) Gravity takes a toll on this shape while hanging, so use at least 16 strips if you want your flower to look even.

Paper Flower2. For a stable flower shape, use a needle and thread to pierce the ends of each colored strip about ¼-inch from the end. We kept all of the square holes to the outside to keep it consistent, but you can alternate them if you like.

Paper Flower3. To maintain the flower shape, add a small piece of double-stick tape on the outside to stick the “petals” to each other. You can use less strips of paper if you use longer pieces of tape to hold the shape together.

Paper Flower4. Continue stringing your paper strips until you get the desired number of “petals.”

Paper Flower5. When you’re done stringing, thread the string back through the first petal, and tie a knot. Weave the remaining string up through the square cut outs between two of the petals; this helps the final flower hang straight.

Paper Flower6. Tie a loop in the end or add some ribbon and hang your flowers!

D.I.Y. Paper Stars & Ornaments
Come back each Wednesday for more of Erin’s eco-friendly D.I.Y. designs.

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4 Responses to D.I.Y. Wednesday: Paper Stars and Flowers

  1. NANA says:

    Thanks for such a nice idea and looks so simple to do.

  2. LINDA says:

    WOW! Keep these creative and easy to do projects coming.

  3. Carah Gibbons says:

    One word: AMAZING!

  4. allis says:

    wow what could i use if i did not have a notebook by vb and do not know were to get a note boook with good qualitey with margerins like this hard ones o and the closetest vera bradley is 1 1/2 away!!!

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