D.I.Y. Wednesday: Flag Garland

This week, we have a spirited D.I.Y. to add a dazzling string of color to any backdrop. Make your garland as long as you like and drape with abandon for a pretty pick-me-up.

DIY: Flag Garland

Flag Garland

DIY: Flag GarlandWhat you’ll need:
A Vera Bradley paper item (we used the dividers from a 2011 Agenda), scissors or X-Acto knife, pen or pencil, ruler, and a needle and thread

DIY: Flag Garland1. Pull out at least 2 dividers from your Agenda. Mark the bottom and top of the pages every 2 inches. (Make sure you measure from the tabbed edge.) Draw a diagonal line from the bottom corner to the first 2-inch mark at the top, another line from the first mark at the bottom to the second mark at the top, etc. Continue until you’ve created this triangle pattern on all of the sheets you plan to use. Then, draw a line horizontally across the center of the page, turning your center diamonds into triangles.

DIY: Flag Garland2. Cut along the lines to make colorful triangles.

DIY: Flag Garland3. String the triangles together by sewing a 1-inch-long stitch in the center of each flag. Leave as much room as you like between flags.

DIY Flag Garland4. Decorate!

DIY Flag Garland
Come back each Wednesday for more of Erin’s eco-friendly D.I.Y. designs.

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3 Responses to D.I.Y. Wednesday: Flag Garland

  1. Cathy Petersman says:

    I saw the folders at the Outlet Sale…what a great idea.

  2. LINDA says:

    What Fun! The ideas are creative and endless.

  3. Heidi says:

    This looks great! I am making a flag garland for my daughter’s birthday party and just happened to see this link on facebook! Thanks VB!

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