Bring in the gifts!

They’re here! It’s November 3, which means our beautiful Holiday Gifts collection is officially online and in stores. Here’s a closer look at the Ornament to get you in the spirit.

Plus! Deck your desktop with festive downloads to make this season merry and bright.

Winter 2011 Desktop Downloads

Winter 2011 Desktop Downloads

Winter 2011 Desktop Downloads

Winter 2011 Desktop Downloads

Winter 2011 Desktop Downloads

Winter 2011 Desktop Downloads

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14 Responses to Bring in the gifts!

  1. Why are there only younger people in your ads? I realize that you have a great young following, but I have see a lot of vintage people wearing our products also. By the way, we also have colleges, and reunions, and I am hoping that your advertizing group will realize that the baby boomers are coming into their own, and will soon be a larger consumer base than the younger people. I purchased Vera a number of years ago, and have a vintage pattern. Recently I purchased a black back pack (after an expensive purse broke on a trip to the East). It saved me on that trip (small computer inside), and got me to San Francisco and back just recently. I see a great expansion of your market West of the Mississippi.

    • LINDA says:

      I agree. I am in the 50-55 group, and many of my friends have Vera Bradley products.

    • Christy Stocking says:

      I agree. We went to my husbands Vietnam reunion and I took several of my Vera Bradley bags . When we were checking out of the hotel I saw several other ladies who also love Vera Bradley. We are 60 something .I also buy lots of gifts for friends young and old. When my daughter had my first grandchild I bought her a bag to use as a very nice diaper bag. I am very lucky that we have one of your stores in Roseville California right down the street from where I live and I cant go by the store without going in .

  2. Becky in Orlando says:

    My mom is 64 and she loves Vera’s stuff. She is who got me started on it!

  3. jeb says:

    I agree with the above comments. I am 55 and have fallen in love with Vera as have many my age. It would be great if some of your marketing included Baby Boomers.

  4. gwynne says:

    I agree. Actually mom and daughters both love Vera. Perhaps styles may be different for each of us (I tend to need a little bigger purse). Also you have holiday items..why not a classy holiday print for a purse. I know sometimes those can come off a little gaudy, but if you pick a fabric that is classy I believe a Christmas bag would be wonderful.

    • LINDA says:

      That is a great idea. You could use it for the whole holiday season and winter months if it was designed in a pretty snowflake, holly & ivy, or poinsettia type of design just to name a few.

  5. Linda G. says:

    Actually, VB used to do lovely, classy holiday bags a long time ago, so it isn’t unprecedented! It would be great to see that happen again!

  6. WOW!!! I am 42 — as of ahem, tomorrow.. and I swear to you I was JUST thinking of the Christmas pattern… you could totally rock some trees or snowflakes, poinsettias… oh, the possibilities are endless. As for marketing, I think the ladies above are right on… maybe include some more *mature* women in your blog/YouTube posts… but, ladies- dig around… vintage dames are always included in print and net ed/ad… Foundation, history of Vera… more than some others. I do miss a good old USA Made in tag though… why this only recently came to my attention, who knows. It upset me though… yall are just SO Made in the USA. Why can’t you source here… put some press power behind it… you’d cover. I guaran-darn-tee it!

  7. Kathleen L. Abrams says:

    I agree…I will be 67!! next week and see lots of silver haired ladies carrying your bags…and no. of gals at work 40+ love the VB line. II have quite a no. of current & vintage patterns and freq get asked “what’s that pattern” they have no idea they are 10 – 15 years old, my friend Cheryl G in Indiana turned me on to VB…I also would love a Holiday/winter pattern, black background with reds/greens/white, snow, birds, evergreens, birds perfect!!!
    I agree lets get back to “Made in the USA”, especially in these hard economic times, and put people back to work making wonderful VB.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I would love for Vera to make a Christmas pattern! The vintage Vera Christmas patterns were beautiful!

    The wallpapers are great!

  9. I teach in a high school in Ohio, and see staff AND the students carrying Vera everyday! I’m 52, one of the oldest teachers in my building, and I ‘rock’ a Versailles backpack this year 🙂

    • LINDA says:

      I have already made a comment above, and I agree with you. I’m 53 and I pick my daughter up from middle school everyday and see both students AND teachers carrying an assortment of totes, backpacks, lunch totes, and crossbodys in a variety of colors. I carry my (messenger) in Simply Violet to work with me everyday.

  10. Betty Lou ackland says:

    I collect santas so I would love to see purse with a santa on it. I have several of Vera’s purses and so do some of my friends. I have. Given them as gifts
    Betty Lou in AZ.

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