Polishing off the look

When assembling the perfect look, no detail is too small. For a cool way to complement your favorite Winter 2011 colors, paint on a coat of vibrant nail polish. We thought we’d start you off with a few suggestions …

Floral Nightingale

Floral Nightingale, paired with imported bubbly, power clutch, and damsel in a dress


Tea GardenTea Garden, paired with master plan, bahama mama, and bachelorette bash


SuzaniSuzani, paired with licorice, scarlett o’hara, and case study


Rhythm & BluesRhythm & Blues, paired with allure, midnight cami, and trophy wife


All nail polish shown is Essie brand.

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6 Responses to Polishing off the look

  1. Helen says:

    Like the bachelorette bash.

  2. Brooke says:

    bachelorette bash is one of my favorite shades! Love it so much, essie polishes are my fave!!!!

  3. you need to do this with all of your patterns, I love it!!

  4. Andrea R. says:

    I adore Essie! I actually just picked up Bahama Mama at Walgreens yesterday. :]

  5. Elizabeth C. says:

    I love Vera Bradley and nail polish! Great idea!

  6. Genesis D. says:


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