Comfortable, cozy and colorful

Have you had a chance to check out our new Stadium Blanket? It’s only available through September 13 and is the perfect companion for fall’s chilly game-day weather.

Hoping to score one for yourself? Here’s your chance! Leave a comment letting us know what you think of the Stadium Blanket, and which one of our fall colors you’d choose (Happy Snails, Mocha Rouge, Plum Petals or Safari Sunset), and you could be the big winner! Good luck!

*This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for commenting and congratulations to our winner, Dana V.

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697 Responses to Comfortable, cozy and colorful

  1. Kelly says:

    I love the new stadium blankets – finally a fashionable way to stay warm and dry while cheering on your team! I would love one in Happy Snails, since my teams colors are yellow, red, and blue!

    • rednekdiva says:

      Vera is so versatile, comfortable, & beautiful! I love the safari subset pattern. There no better way to spend game day, because this blanket & pattern brighten any cloudy game day! Wish I had one!

      • Anna Claire Armstrong says:

        This is one of my favorite Vera things yet! My boyfriend is a football player and i love to go out and support him, the only downside is cheering in the cold. This is so perfect because happy snails has our team colors! Blue and yellow! GOSH, I just love it!

      • Safari Sunset would be the perfect additoin to our home! I absolutely love, love, love the bright warm cozy colors…..On those cool Fall evenings here in the Midwest, you cannot have enough blankets and a blanket by Vera, WOW! What more could a girl get! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! in advance for making such a beautiful blanket! My cold feet cannot wait to be warmed up in it!

    • Rhonda says:

      I love this blanket. They gave away some at the UT game and I wasn’t lucky enough to receive one. I would love to own the Happy Snails. As a football freak, this would he me keep some femininity at the games:)

  2. Sabrina says:

    The stadium blanket looks so cozy. Love the big oversize print and coordinating inside color. Would love one in Mocha Rouge.

  3. Ashley says:

    I love nothing more than a cozy blanket! I think Happy Snails is my favorite, but really, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

  4. Christi says:

    wow this blanket looks so cozy and cute! love that its backed with fleece. My favorite color would have to be safari sunset

  5. Katie says:

    This would be such a perfect accessory for the Michigan State football games! GO GREEN!!!

  6. Kelli says:

    I love the new stadium blankets! I love any kind of blanket since I am generally freezing all the time, but these are super cute and trendy! It’s not everyday you can find a blanket this cute! My favorite is the Mocha Rouge because I’m obsessed with pink and it has so much pink in it! πŸ™‚

  7. Stephanie says:

    I was SOOO excited when I got the postcard in the mail annoucing the new stadium blankets! I have been waiting forever for a Vera blanket! I would love one in Happy Snails–i love the vibrant colors!

  8. lelia says:

    My favourite color would be plum petals – what fun to have a blanket! Perfect for Autumn events.

  9. Laura says:

    Love this blanket! The perfect Vera accessory for the fall! Happy Snails is my favorite, so fun!

  10. Shannon says:

    I LOVE the Mocha Rouge blanket! The pink fleece lining is awesome! I love blankets and throws and I’d love to add this to my collection.

  11. Very cute! I love all the colors but my favorite has to be the Mocha Rouge.

    • Deborah Draper says:

      Anything Vera Bradley is exceptional and stadium blankets, what a great idea! I’d have to say my pick of the fall colors would have to be Safari Sunset but if you choose me as the winner I’d go for the Mocha Rouge and bless my sister in Christ C.C. Almon.

  12. Love the stadium blankets!!! Another way to show your Vera love on the road. Seriously one of the things that I love about Vera Bradly, is that no matter where you are someone will always come up and talk to you about Their love of Vera and you’ll be surprised how many new friends you can make! Great conversation starter and so fashionable! I love Vera Bradley!!!

    I’d love to have the blanket in Happy Snails!

  13. Rebekah Abrams says:

    I LOVE the stadium blanket! Anything Vera Bradley I absolutely love and to be able to have something big like a blanket, especially in the new Safari Suset print would be great for me to show off Vera Bradley’s beautlful style!

  14. Lissa says:

    I was at the Texas Longhorns football game this past Saturday and watched with jealousy as spectators in another section won stadium blankets in a giveaway! I am dying to have a Safari Sunset one! πŸ™‚

  15. Elizabeth Visak says:

    I love the Plum Petals Stadium Blanket. Please, please, please pick me!

  16. Love the Mocha Rouge – but they are all gorgeous!! Even in Florida, it would be great to cozy up on my chair with a this blanket!!

  17. Christine W says:

    I love the Happy Snails! I’ve been wanting a stadium blanket to take to football games, and this would be perfect! I’ve always been crazy about Vera!

  18. I love Happy Snails and I’d use it during Friday night varsity games watching my daughter cheer while staying warm and cozy and in style

  19. Tracy says:

    I love the stadium blankets!! I would have to say Safari Sunset is my favorite but I love all the new fall patterns!

  20. Mary Riddle says:

    Love the stadium blanket. Great for all the upcoming football games! Plus the volleyball games, the horse-riding lessons and dance. Would get lots of use! (:

    My favorite: Safari Sunset.

  21. Monica Brinkley Davis says:

    I’d love to stay warm with a Safari Sunset stadium blanket!

  22. MoriahN says:

    I love the stadium blanket! It would be wonderful to use to keep warm at my siblings’s basketball practices and games(as I have three playing b-ball this year), for when the gyms are freezing and it’s freezing outside! I would love to win a stadium blanket in Mocha Rouge! : )

  23. Debbie says:

    The new Stadium Blanket look warm and colorful. I like the Mocha Rouge.

  24. Alex says:

    I wish I had Safari Sunset to keep me warm on the cold days of fall. It’s a perfect and stylish blanket to take any where. Football games, family picnics, and pictures!

  25. Kristin A. says:

    I love the Happy Snails pattern especially on a warm blanket that can keep cozy !!

  26. Sonya says:

    A stadium blanket in the plum petals or mocha rouge would be so awesome! Actually, I would love to have any pattern!

  27. Melinda says:

    I love the Stadium Blanket so much! It would be number one on my list if I had the funds right now. I would get the Happy Snails

  28. Tracy H. says:

    Love, love, love the stadium blanket! I would choose the Happy Snails.

  29. amber lindemann says:

    I love it! It’s so so pretty. This would be wonderful for all of our football games! i would love the Happy Snails.


  30. Katie says:

    I love the mocha rouge blanket. It looks so warm and inviting. I love to cuddle up on cold nites with a nice blanket.

  31. Cat Birkinbine says:

    I went into my local store and felt this blanket – I love it! I am def a Plum Petals type of girl – plus its in the color of my daughters HS so I would match the team!!!

  32. I am always covering up with a blanket, and I love Vera Bradley. I would choose the Happy Snails…Love the colors and the little snails hidden throughout.

  33. Courtney Sprang says:

    Loving the stadium blankets!! I would love to have one in HAPPY SNAILS to snuggle up with this winter!

  34. I love purple, so Plum Petals it is – but how I wish you had one in a Black and Gold pattern for my hometown Pittsburgh teams!

  35. Theresa Morrison says:

    Love the Happy Snails!! So happy to see a vera blanket. Will buy one for all members of my family.

  36. Kim Tallau says:

    LOVE IT! All the patterns are so pretty…it’s great to see them “exploded” in such “full bloom!” Looking foward to fall, decked out in those great rich colors of Safari Sunset, I see this as a great “go-to” for all those school sports and actitivities (I have 3 young boys)…but more than that, I’m already wishing the winter away so that I can bring it to the beach next summer!!!! : )

  37. Florida State Football and Happy Snails = perfection!!!!
    These blankets are a great, great addition to my favorite season of the year!
    Sure hope I’m curling up with it soon.

  38. Claire T says:

    Love the stadium blankets. Wish Vera would start making sheets and bedding, but the Safari Sunset would look great on my purple couch!

  39. Connie says:

    This would be perfect for watching my son’s high school football games on those cool brisk game nights! I would love to have one in Mocha Rouge! The stadium blankets look beautiful, great new addition to the Vera Bradley line.

  40. Crystal says:

    The new blankets are gorgeous! I would love to have one in Safari Sunset!

  41. Amy says:

    I love it – Plum Petals is my choice

  42. Mandy says:

    I love the new stadium blanket. It’s the perfect accessories for a fashionista and the game! My favorite print in the blanket is Happy Snails.

  43. Melissa Y. says:

    I LOVE the new stadium blanket! I have VB bags and accessories for almost every occasion and the new stadium blanket would be the perfect addition. It will keep me warm in style! All 4 of the patterns are fantastic – so any of them would be great for me!

  44. Karie says:

    Well I couldn’t go wrong with any color, but I think Safari Sunset and Happy Snails are definitely my favs. Let’s see, stadium blanket for the hockey games, all year softball games, going to the cold weather cabin in the coming months, there’s nothing I couldnt do with the VB stadium blanket. And what’s the likeliness my daughter will “borrow” my VB stadium blanket & not return it. Highly likely! #WELOVEVB!

  45. Leah P. says:

    I love the new stadium blanket, and to be honest, since I only go to about 2 football games a year, I’d probably use it as a cute throw or even fall picnic blanket. And the Happy Snails palette matches perfectly with the color combo I’m already rockin’ in my living room.

  46. Gina says:

    I love the stadium blankets! And I would love to have in Happy Snails, my favorite new pattern!

  47. Jenn K. says:

    This would be great for football games and marching band competitions! I’d love one in Plum Petals.

  48. Deb says:

    I love anything VERA!!! I’d pick the plum petals blanket. Thanks for the chance.

  49. Marisa O'Brien says:

    The new Stadium Blanket is adorable! My husband and little ones took me to our local gift shoppe and surprised me by saying I could pick a new Vera Bradley purse for my birthday! I was so excited!! I bought one in Safari Sunset. I love this print!!!! If I were to win a Stadium Blanket, I would choose Safari Sunset. Love it!

  50. Katie Carbone says:

    I would love the Stadium Blanket in Happy Snails! Perfect for football games, hayrides, and keeping warm on the porch on cool Fall nights!

  51. Patty Tatum says:

    Plum petals would be my choice. I saw these in the store & it felt so warm & cozy. Perfect for a high school or college football game or just to lounge around the house. Beautiful, stylish but yet warming as well.

  52. Pamela Erickson says:

    Just stopped in the Vera Bradley shop in Oakbrook IL for Fashion Night Out. LOVE the stadium blanket, especially in Plum Petals. LOVE the entire collection in that color/pattern! Fun night!

  53. Alexis Santoro says:

    I love the blankets! They are so pretty & great to have at a game!
    I love all of them, but the plum petals is my favorite!

  54. Kerry says:

    They are all pretty, but I like Plum Petals the best.

  55. Trina says:

    The stadium blanket would be a perfect addition to my Vera collection! I’m in love with the Mocha Rouge! What a great way to look super cute as I watch some fall baseball with my husband! πŸ˜‰

  56. Nicole says:

    Just one more Vera product to fall in love with. The blankets are beautiful and super soft. Great combination of the fleece and microfiber… I would be a happy girl to have any one of the beautiful blankets but Happy Snails is my favorite. Thanks!

  57. Susannah says:

    The blanket is cute and a great thing to leave in the car when you live in New England..brrr! I like the Safari Sunset pattern the best because I love the rich purple.

  58. Kerri says:

    Love this blanket. I think the safari sunset is my fave, but I love all of them.

    Anything Vera is perfect for me!! πŸ™‚

  59. Kelti Aldrich says:

    The stadium blanket is Moch Rouge is my favorite. It brings to mind chilly nights and hot chocolate.

  60. Deanna Barefoot says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Have to say I like Happy Snails the best..What a great way to stay warm at a fall baseball game!!!

  61. Jamie A. says:

    Plum Petals is always my favorite and adding a stadium blanket would be the perfect addition. With the popularity of VB these days, this had to have been a long awaited addition! They look so cozy…even if you are just watching the big game from your couch! πŸ™‚

  62. Kelly Wentling says:

    I’d pick Safari Sunset for my daughter who is wild over this new pattern! We love Vera!

  63. Melissa L. says:

    I would love the Happy Snails stadium blanket it would be great for my son’s soccer and football games and look perfect on the back of my couch, my living room was just redone in the same turquoise color and I am slowly adding happy snails accent pieces πŸ™‚

  64. LOVE them! What a great idea! Keep warm in style! If win I would choose the Plum Petals…I think! LOL!

  65. JenS says:

    I like the stadium blanket! I wish they were made in all of the patterns because they’d also make great picnic blankets. I like the Happy Snails color!

  66. Rachel Myers says:

    I would love to cheer on my little cheerleaders with this Stadium Blanket from Vera Bradley. I would get it in Mocha Mouge.

  67. Julie says:

    I love Mocha Rouge! I ordered Happy Snails for my mother!

  68. Lauren says:

    I would love the Stadium Blanket in Happy Snails! Love the Fall colors:) Perfect to take along to fall festivals, football games, and cool nights outside!

  69. Tara Givens says:

    The Stadium Blanket looks cozy and perfect for the college football games this season! I love the Happy Snails pattern! I love Vera and think this is another wonderful part about Vera Bradley!

  70. Pam Finnegan says:

    Love the stadium blanket!! It would be perfect for Fall Football Games (and Picnics). My favorite is Safari Sunset!

  71. Tonya says:

    Its hard to pick! I Love them all and they look so warm! I would pick Mocha Rouge, I Love brown and pink! I can’t wait to take it to the games every Friday night…everyone will be wanting one! I am also going to get one for my sisters as a Christmas gift!!!

  72. Cassie Stephan says:

    I would get happy snails. That would be awesome if I won, a vera blanket is what my life needs.

  73. Reba Tullos says:

    Great new Vera Bradley item!
    My selection would be for the Safari Sunset pattern!

  74. Tonia Martin says:

    Happy Trails and Happy Snails! What a great idea Vera Bradley-love the stadium blanket and what a great time to break it out for the football games, the cooler weather that is fast approaching, or it would be a great gift for my grandmother. I wish everyone the best of luck, whoever the lucky winner is.

  75. Lindsey Sutkus says:

    I think the stadium blanket would also be great to use as a decorative accent for my bedding (to match a solid color comforter). I’ve always wanted to incorporate Vera Bradley’s patterns into my room since they’re so fun and colorful! I would definitely pick Happy Snails because it could match anything!

  76. calsters says:

    I love these blankets, especially the Safari Sunset! Go team Vera Bradley!

  77. Tina Corbin says:

    I love this idea, a great way to stay warm and look great at the same time!! I just love the Plum Petals pattern!!

  78. Nancy says:

    Plum petals for me! I love having blankets around to cozy up with when the weather starts getting cooler! I am so glad that Vera Bradley has a variety of items and not just purses! Although I do love me some purses πŸ™‚

  79. Erica Paczesny says:

    Safari Sunset is so vibrant and looks so comfy! I would love to own one of these wonderful blankets.

  80. Abbie Wells says:

    I realy like the fleece on one side and the color on the other! With the fleece, it’ll be beneficial to wrap yourself on those cold stadium seats and keep your bumm warm….at least in this Colorado weather where the football nights get ccchhhhiiilllyyyy!! I would like one in Mocha Rouge…..great fall pattern!

  81. Diane Bacon says:


  82. I am so in love with Happy Snails!!! This is at the top of my Christmas wish-list! I want one for the stadium and the couch πŸ™‚

  83. Brittney Mitchell says:

    I love the mocha rouge. It actually matches my craft room and I think it would be a great addition to my special happy place.

  84. Julie Jones says:

    Ooo La La!! I would love to take Safari Sunset to the game with us every week!

  85. Thinking that the safari sunset stadium blanket would be the warm fall colors that go with the afternoon field hockey games,the Friday night lighted footlball games, Saturday morning soccer, and Sunday morning backyard campfires I have already scheduled! Leave it to Vera Bradley to “spice” up my autumn! πŸ™‚

  86. LOVE the Safari Sunset! So much more stylish than going with team colors – who says you can’t look cute and still have team spirit.

  87. Anissia says:

    I have been waiting for a blanket from Vera. I love all the colors, but if I had to pick one it would be Happy Snails

  88. Mary Ann says:

    I love the Mocha Rouge! Would be great for watching my son’s baseball games during chilly Fall & Spring games! Love it!

  89. Jana says:

    I would love one in the Plum Petals. I would love to have a cute blanket for those cold fall & winter evenings…and I just adore Plum Petals!

  90. Linh Chin-Lai says:

    I love the Happy Snails and Safari Sunset blankets! They would be so warm and fashionable to cuddle during those football games (middle school and high school games!), softball games, and picnics.

  91. Shawn Pence says:

    Would love to have one in Plum Petals for my daughter and hope you bring out the stadium blanket in some other patterns (like night and day or deco daisy)!

  92. Heather says:

    I can’t wait to have one of these gorgeous blankets to match my new Safari sunset tote. I will be tge fashionista at the football games πŸ™‚

  93. Cheryl Bowlin says:

    My honey of a husband freezes me out, summer or winter!
    I’d love to have the new cozy stadium blanket in ‘plum petals’, it matches the purple our wedding was in… some 21 yrs ago!

  94. Beckie says:

    I’d love to show off my Vera Bradley stadium blanket!!! Really like all the colors…have to say Happy Snails is my favorite.

  95. Lauren S. says:

    The new stadium blankets look so fun and cozy. I would love one in Mocha Rouge because it would look great coming out of my Bookbag also in Mocha Rouge.

  96. Donna Edrington says:

    So excited to see Vera offering a stadium blanket! Safari Sunset is my absolute favorite pattern – love the rich, deep colors…this will be a perfect size to take to ballgames, picnics, or just to curl up on the couch with a good book! Thanks Vera for offering this beautiful stadium blanket for your #1 fans this season. Go TEAM VERA BRADLEY!

  97. Jules says:

    Would love to have this new stadium blanket in mocha rouge !

  98. dawn says:

    I love these blankets!! What a great idea and I am sure like all of Vera Bradley products they will come out of the wash beautifully.

  99. Your stadium blankets look so much prettier than all the others! Plum Petals is my favorite!

  100. Stephanie Gilleo says:

    LOVE this blanket – looks so cozy! The Mocha Rouge is gorgeous!

  101. VeraFan says:

    Of the current 4 choices, Mocha Rouge is my favorite. Please add more choices!!! This would be a great blanket for a snuggly throw at home.

  102. D Martino says:

    What a beautiful blanket! It’s perfect when at our high school football games in the chilly autumn nights! All of the patterns are wonderful, but my favorite is Mocha Rouge.

  103. K Dykes says:

    I love Vera and all of her patterns! This blanket would be just the right size for carrying to a game!!!!

  104. Frances Gramlich says:

    Love the Mocha Rouge. Another great look.

  105. Sherrill says:

    Beautiful blanket! I love Happy Snails!

  106. Pat Lance says:

    Love them all but the Mocha Rogue would not show dirt as quick. I would love one.

  107. Kristin says:

    I love the new stadium blanket. I like them all so much that I would love to have any of the colors. I have looked at them many times and still can’t pick a favorite. I would love to own one!

  108. Pam says:

    I love this blanket. The Safari Sunset is beautiful.

  109. Blossom says:

    Oooh, I think I would pick the Mocha Rouge, since my favorite color is pink!

  110. Andrea says:

    Love the blanket…Plum Petals is my favorite!

  111. Rhonda says:

    I have become a huge Vera Bradley fan & just love the new blankets! I would have to say the Happy snails has become my favorite fall color but I like all of them.

  112. peg says:

    would love to own one,hope to win one.

  113. Amie says:

    Mocha rouge for me!

  114. KristenK says:

    I love the stadium blanket! Such a great idea! Great way to incorporate Vera into the interior design of a room! That’s what I would do with mine use it as throw on my bed since my room is all different shades of pink! Mocha Rouge is perfect for that! Thanks for creating another great product! You guys are awesome!

  115. Irasema says:

    A great way to stay warm and fashionable at the same time!!! It’s available in Plum Petals and since purple is my favorite color all I can say is – WOW! I WANT IT!!! πŸ™‚

  116. Becky S says:

    I love the new Stadium Blankets–so cute and snuggly!!!
    My favorite is the Mocha Rouge.

  117. Madeline D. says:

    I love the stadium blankets! I love Vera Bradley, and I would love to win a stylish stadium blanket in Mocha Rouge or Happy Snails!

  118. Sherri Lott says:

    Was visiting my local boutique yesterday and got my first glimpse of this new blanket! My daughter would love to have this …she will celebrate her 13th birthday on Sept 15th. Her favorite pattern is HAPPY SNAILS!!!! What a wonderful gift to receive from Vera Bradley!!!!!! Hope she wins!!!!!

  119. Michelle says:

    This blanket is great! A VB pattern on the outside and warm fuzzy fleece on the inside!
    I want one in every flavor but my first choice would be Mocha Rouge
    : )

  120. emily metzger says:

    They are all just gorgeous! I have looked at each one several times and couldn’t decide my favorite. I would be thrilled with any of the choices.

  121. Allison Chan says:

    I love the stadium blanket! You can use it for everything else too! Safari Sunset is my favorite new color! I love the rich colors!

  122. Madeline D. says:

    I love the stadium blankets! I would love to win one in Happy Snails or Mocha Rouge.

  123. Logan Herod says:

    I bought one in Mocha Rouge, and it is the softest blanket ever! Best purchase I’ve ever made.

  124. Jeanne says:

    THis stadium blanket is ADORABLE! So soft and cozy and just the right size to bring to a game. My girls and I love Happy Snails!

  125. Emma says:

    The stadium blankets are so cool. I hope to win one in mocha rouge!

  126. Michelle says:

    Love it, The girls like the Mocha Rouge!

  127. Kristine Razon says:

    The stadium blankets are so cute! I wanna have them all! But I like Happy Snails the most! πŸ™‚

  128. Linsey says:

    What a fun, cozy blanket! I’d love a stadium blanket in Happy Snails to tote around to all sorts of fall activities!

  129. Brittany says:

    I absolutely LOVE the new stadium blanket! It looks so warm and cozy for me and my kids to cuddle under! Either for my daughter and I at her brother’s games or all of us for all of the games we attend!! Not only do we love blankets on the road but we love to snuggle at home and watch movies together. This would be the perfect and soft blanket for us!!!
    I love it in Safari Sunset! Another addition to my Vera family!! Purple is mine and my daughters’ favorite color!!

  130. Kelly Olson says:

    I lovvveee Happy Snails!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  131. Celyna says:

    Oh my word! How stylish…..Safari Sunset is a fave for sure!

  132. Jennifer Richardson says:

    Safari Sunset is my favorite, I love the rich colors

  133. Jennifer says:

    Love these! The Mocha Rouge would be my favorite. What a great way to stay warm at games!!

  134. Rhonda J. Kutler says:

    I love Vera “anything” – and love seeing Vera wherever I go – on the train and boat I take to work, in the supermarket, on a trip – it seems everyone LOVES Vera!

  135. Mel says:

    These blankets look awesome. I haven’t been able to see one in person yet. My daughter cheers for Football and we camp so we spend many chilly nights outside. That Mocha Rouge blanket looks like it would be the coziest way to spend those nights.

  136. Rhonda J. Kutler says:

    But Plum Petals is my favorite!

  137. cute and cozy! I love the purples in the Plum Petals!

  138. Monica says:

    I just bought my first VB bag, and I think I’m hooked! I love the Plum Petals stadium blanket. It’s the perfect color to go with the Ravens!!

  139. Debbie says:

    I don’t go to any sporting events, but I would love to have a Vera Bradley stadium blanket to curl up under on a cold day while reading a good book. While all the new fall colors are pretty Happy Trails is the one for me.

  140. Kathleen Cooper says:

    I love the stadium blakets – Kudos for a great new idea!!! I love Safari Sunset – I have always been drawn to the paisley and abstract flower prints – so far my favorites are Mesa Red, Bali yellow, Paprika and now Safari Sunset! Looking forward to seeing all the new pieces. I have been big Vera Bardley fan – since 2003!!!!!!

  141. Kim Lambert says:

    Love the blankets! Happy Snails for me… πŸ™‚

  142. Cheryl says:

    I would really love to have a Vera stadium blanket! Any color would be great!

  143. Molly :) says:

    Wow…what a great blanket! I could use this warming on the soccer sidelines… warm and cozy until it’s time for me to go back in the game!!

  144. BETH says:

    What a great idea – would love to see it in my school’s colors – red – white and black like Deco Daisy. Plum Petals is lovely.

  145. Rebecca Wilcox says:

    I love the new stadium blankets! My cousin is 8 and in a pee-wee football league, this is the perfect blanket for our family to relax on while we cheer him to victory! I love the Mocha Rouge, pink and brown are a great combo!

  146. Melinda Wilson says:

    This is an awesome idea and so glad this is a reality! I love the Happy Snails pattern!

  147. Summer Kostelnik says:

    Perfect blanket for cold Pittsburgh Football games! Love the safari sunset!

  148. Justine says:

    Not only do I LOVE football, I love fall also. What better way to watch a game than to have a warm & oh so cute blanket to keep you warm. I adore the Safari Sunset print, fall screams deep purple, so this is my favorite πŸ™‚

  149. Stephanie Shetler says:

    These are fabulous! Love that it has a fleece side AND the beautiful, colorful side as well! I think they are awesome in any color!

  150. Melinda Cook says:

    Love that Vera Bradley has come out with a blanket!! A great addition to the entire line!! Happy Snails would be my favorite!!

  151. Kristen says:

    Oh my gosh, this stadium blanket is SO cool!! It looks so warm & cozy! My favorite print is the Safari Sunset! πŸ™‚

  152. Maggie Zellner says:

    There’s nothing better than sitting someplace chilly all cuddled up in your favorite blanket. And there isn’t any other brand purse than Vera Bradley!! Cuddling up in the Safari Sunset Stadium Blanket would truly be the best of both worlds!

  153. Jessie Metzler says:

    The stadium blanket is SO cute! And I love that it’s big and cozy, perfect for those cold game days! Functional yet fabulous. My favorite pattern for the blanket is Happy Snails, because it has blue & yellow in it for my Pitt Panthers!

  154. Margaret says:

    So cool! I love the blanket in Mocha Rouge and Happy Snails:)

  155. Ashley says:

    I love Vera Bradley and I was so excited for this stadium blanket! This blanket is perfect for those chilly football games and much more! Mocha Rouge is my favorite fall color in the Vera Bradley lineup! I love pink and brown together. I am a huge Vera Bradley fan!!!

  156. Jenny McClung says:

    WOW! What an amazingly wonderful idea! VB is always coming out with fabulous new products! I would love to be sitting under one of these blankets in style at a local football game! My favorite is Happy Snails. Thanks again for another wonderful line! πŸ™‚

  157. Elena Eaken says:

    I would love to take this beautiful stadium blanket in Plum Petals to Mount Union Stadium to cheer on my Purple Raiders!!!!

  158. Christine Haas says:

    I just love the stadium blanket … fashionable, yet useful ! I would love one in plum petals to use each week when I attend the football games this season. 😎

  159. Sydney says:

    Just looking at the stadium blanket makes me think about warm cozy nights with hot cocoa and good friends. I’m definitely a fan. I’m digging the Mocha Rouge print.

  160. Tina Williams says:

    Love, love, love, the blanket in safari sunset of course, except, I also love it in mocha rouge and plum petals and how could you not want it in happy snails? Oooo dear, now what???

  161. Mandy B. says:

    I love the Stadium Blankets! I think they are beautiful and cozy. I would love to have one in Plum Petals to take to my 10-year College Homecoming game in October!

  162. Wendy Morris says:

    This stadium blanket is such a great idea! As an assistant principal of a high school, I attend many outdoor games – football, baseball, and soccer. This would come in so handy for me!!! I love both the Happy Snails and the Safari Sunset one. thank you for this opportunity to try to win one!

  163. Ashley says:

    The stadium blanket makes tailgating even more fabulous! Safari sunset! happy snails! love them all

  164. me says:

    Mom on the go with so many teams to cheer for – football, soccer, and track. Love Plum Petals! The stadium blanket looks so cozy and comfortable. AND I love that I can be fun and fabulous while I watch my boys do what they love! So many other uses all year round for a great stadium blanket to keep in the car or at home. GO VERA!!

  165. Whitney A Tinsley says:

    Happy Snails would be great!!! Love, love, love the new stadium blanket!!!

  166. ColleenMarie82 says:

    I love it, it looks so comfy!

    I would choose the Happy Snails!

  167. Kylie says:

    I’d love a Mocha Rogue blanket– more to display on an arm-chair than for a big game! I can imagine cozying up in it while watching movies in the winter!

  168. Mary LaVaque says:

    I really love the stadium blanket! My daughter and I would love to cheer on her brother’s team nice and warm in the Safari Sunset blanket.

  169. Rachel D says:

    Love it! It would be my couch potato blanket too! Id love it in Mocha Rouge! Adorable!

  170. Shannon says:

    what an awesome addition to your line up! I think the Mocha Rouge is fabulous! Def. my favorite! Yay Vera!

  171. Kayla Martin says:

    omg I love it!!!! They would be great for when I go to our years tailgating partys and they would even be great for camping!!

  172. Jan says:

    Mocha Rouge for me! The stadium blankets are great whether they are used at the game or for snuggling on the couch after a long day!

  173. roohiawan says:

    splendid idea for moms and kids sitting outside in the fall and spring sports.You go Vera!

  174. Julie says:

    The stadium blankets are great! I would love one in Sunset Safari, but all the patterns are beautiful!

  175. Mary says:

    Happy Snails is the best pattern yet!! Would love one of these adorable blankets to curl up in at my favorite football games!!

  176. Kortnie says:

    I love the stadium blankets!!! I saw one in the vera store and they are just the perfect size for a college game! I would love the mocha rouge because it would match my purse perfectly!!7

  177. Jennifer says:

    I would love cuddling up with the Happy Snails blanket, it’s super cute and looks super comfy!!

  178. Melissa Knollman says:

    This is such a great idea! I love happy snails–the colors are vibrant and red and blue (my team colors) are both in there! I love football games in the fall but my only complaint is when it gets too cold. A pretty, cozy, Vera Bradley blanket is the perfect solution! πŸ™‚

  179. Retse says:

    The stadium blankets are great. I would love the Mocha Rouge!!!

  180. Breanna says:

    This blanket sounds so cozy for a perfect fall day! I love football and would love to be able to curl up with one of them! I love how they have a fleece side! The pattern choices are great too πŸ™‚ I just recently purchased items from the website and im looking to buy more! would love to have one in Happy Snails! πŸ™‚

  181. I love it!! I am an avid football gamer and the stadium blanket would be perfect for the fall weather! My favorite colors are the ones in Mocha Rouge but Happy Snails matches my team colors. I would be perfectly happy with either pattern.

  182. Kylee D. says:

    I love that one side is one of the awesome new prints, and the other is fleece. Totally cute! I would loveee this blanket in Safari Sunset. So pretty!

  183. Hannah says:

    It does look cozy and colorful! I’d love the Safari Sunset version.

  184. Stephanie Pate says:

    Safari Sunset is my favorite stadium blanket! I love the beautiful fall colors- anyone would look great snuggling underneath one! What a stylish way to enjoy a game or curl up on the couch with your loved ones! Thanks Vera!

  185. Linda Geary says:

    I love the size of this blanket and so glad it comes in Plum Petals. It will be perfect for my daughter’s dorm room.

  186. Liz Benton says:

    What an awesome idea! I love how cosy it is, and Happy Snails is such an adorable color!

  187. Caroline S. says:

    love the idea of a blanket. Just the right size to cuddle up in on a cold day! Love Plum Petals!

  188. Elisa Morgan says:

    The blanket is so pretty! Would love one in Plum Petals.

  189. Nichole says:

    I think my son and daughter would love to snuggle up with me under a Happy Snails blanket – it’s pretty for my daughter and it has snails for my son. How perfect!

  190. kelkins0904 says:

    I love Vera Bradley and definitely love this stadium blanket! I would love it in Mocha Rouge, so that I can show it off at the games while keeping warm in style!

  191. Nancy Smith says:

    Just recently purchased my very first Vera Bradley purse and I LOVE it! A stadium blanket would be just awesome! I love the safari sunset! I love Vera Bradley!

  192. Leiden says:

    What a great feminine touch in a stadium full of regular blankets! Would love one in Safari Sunset for the chilly fall nights.

  193. Andrea R. says:

    I would love the Plum Petals stadium blanket! It looks great for curling up at a game or even just to study.

  194. Essie Jazmyn Armstrong says:

    These blankets are absolutely GORGEOUS! I love all of them, but particularly the Safari Sunset. Definitely would help my team score a winning touchdown!

  195. Carolyn Fodel says:

    What a great blanket. I would love safari sunset

  196. Cindy says:

    I love the new stadium blanket! I would be the warmest and in style mom while watching my sons play soccer wrapped in a Mocha Rouge stadium blanket from Vera Bradley!

  197. Katie says:

    Holy cow this blanket is amazing!!! I love it!! I love that Vera is coming out with so many wonderful things! I am waiting for Vera skirts…:) I love all the colors of this blanket but I think I like Safari Sunset the best! πŸ™‚

  198. Christine G. says:

    Safari Sunset is what I’m drooling over! My friend and I have this ongoing thing that we try to outdo the other one with our VB goodies. Plus, with our season ticket package to the KU Jayhawks games I’ll need to stay warm with some serious style. My best friend will be unveiling her own VB blanket at the next game, and she will be lording it over me until I get one of my own. Help! I just got the weekender…I’ll bet anything she’s got one on the way already. Of course, she doesn’t know about the hobo I just got πŸ˜‰ Were I to attend the next game with my new hobo AND my new blanket, I would win. And I much prefer to win, especially when it’s Vera Bradley!

  199. Amy Hinojosa says:

    I love Plum Petals! These blankets will be great monogrammed!

  200. Liz Upton says:

    I love the idea of staying warm while being stylish. I really like the Happy Snails color…reminds me of autumn

  201. My favorite thing about Vera Bradley is of course, the gorgeous prints! I like the stadium blanket because it allows me to wrap myself in beauty. I have a weekender bag in Happy Snails, and I would love a stadium blanket to match!

  202. Liza says:

    I would love the new Stadium Blanket in Happy Snails. This blanket is a great item and the patterns are so cool.

  203. Krista says:

    This stadium blanket is so cute! I absolutely LoVe the rich colors in the Safari Sunset! A must have for fall – ToUcHdOwN!

  204. Jean M. Lee says:

    Love the new stadium blanket! Great for those cold nights here in the midwest. It’s both cute and practical. It’s nice that it’s machine washable. Good for picnics and riding around in the car, too. Vera Bradley should always make these blankets in the new patterns. Looking forward to wrapping myself up in this cozy blanket. Good for V.B. for making this available.

  205. Shara says:

    I’m so excited to finally see a stylish blanket that keeps you warm and looks great at the same time! I love the Mocha Rouge! I just love Very Bradley!

  206. Loveing the blanket, loving Fall. Plum Petals is definately my favorite color combination, looks fallish. Staying warm in style is the big bonus…..looking “cool” while staying warm!

  207. Amber McCoig says:

    I want it sooooo bad!!!! Tennessee Football here I come

  208. Elisha says:

    A stadium blanket in Safari Sunset would be amazing. I love the colors of this print and a stadium blanket would be great with all the football games and baseball games that I attend during the fall.

  209. Amy Tyler says:

    Safari Sunset just screams Autum to me – I love the orange, gold, plum and eggplant colors – Would love to have this in the car and for use at football games – I’d be the most stylish spectator there!

  210. Andrea Boley says:

    I cannot believe Vera Bradley has finally madea blanket! I have been wishing for Vera Bradley bedding for years! The blanket is a great idea to celebrate the beautiful fall prints while also enjoying the fall weather! I personally love the Plum Petals. Purplehas alwaysbeen the ultimate fall color for me!

  211. Alyssa Bormida says:

    I love the stadium blanket, my aunt just got one for my cousins football games. They’re so stylish and warm, just as vera is. Its big enough to cover me and my best friends at our senior year football games! I would love one in Mocha Rouge to match my new tote bag!

  212. Samantha says:

    I would love to have a Vera Bradley stadium blanket with me at school. It would be so great to bring to hockey games and share with friends here in Boston since the stadium is usually chilly. A stadium blanket in plum petals would be great to cheer on the Terriers!

  213. Jean M. Lee says:

    Ooops. Just left a comment re. the wonderful new stadium blanket, but forgot to mention which one is my favorite. I have many V.B. items in both Mocha Rouge and Plum Petals, so either one would be great. Love both the patterns and the colors. Hot pink and purple are my favorite colors. Hoping to win one!

  214. Brenda says:

    Blanket rocks – nice to be warm without looking like you are camping. Like all colors but favorite is Mocha Rouge

  215. Lisa says:

    Love this blanket – a cozy easily portable size, I think. Mocha Rouge is my favorite of the new prints but honestly I don’t think there is a Vera print that I don’t like!

  216. Melanie says:

    The stadium blanket is going to be the perfect gift for high school graduates. I don’t like football myself, but if I had a stadium blanket in Safari Sunset, I might just change my mind! πŸ˜›

  217. Susie Schuck says:

    The new stadium blanket combines two of my most favorite things: Vera Bradley and Blankets!! I was so excited when I found out about this that I texted all my best friends (and woke a couple of them up)! I really like the Happy Snails pattern and think it would be awesome to bring with me when going to watch my fiancΓ© as he is reffing high school football this fall. Can’t think of a better way to kick off my favorite time of year than with this blanket! Go team Vera!

  218. Natalie says:

    I LOVE the stadium blankets a gorgeous look for an ouside blanket other than just plain old colors and the mocha rouge is my newest favorite pattern!

  219. says:

    My daughter has a pile of her favorite blankets, and I know that the Vera blanket is Plum Petals would be her very, very favorite!

  220. Debbie Buescher says:

    i have 2 blankets for my girls for christmas i would like one in plum petals

  221. Samantha manucci says:

    Love the Mocha Rouge!!

  222. Elizabeth says:

    Vera blankets are such a wonderful idea! I would love to win! Plum Petals, please!

  223. Marilee K says:

    Plum Petals is my favorite! I’m not sure I would wait for game day to use it though – its too soft and cozy to not use on a daily basis!

  224. Rebecca says:

    Looks like a great blanket for fall! I would choose Happy Snails. πŸ™‚

  225. Dana Veasman says:

    I love VB bags and would love to have a blanket – Happy Snails is my favorite of the new fall prints. πŸ™‚

  226. Barb says:

    Kids just started high school – football games are a MUST now! Happy Snails would keep us cozy in style!!

  227. lisabeth says:

    As a fashion aficionado, the stadium blanket is the perfect way to keep warm while doning a beautiful Vera Bradley pattern! My favorite is Safari Sunset…let’s start a new trend as spectators in the stands! :o)

  228. michelle glanzer says:

    I think the blankets are beautiful. Sitting at the stadium, wrapped in Safari Sunset blanket my kids would be able to find me in the crowd and I would look good sitting underneath a Vera bradley blanket! Safari Sunset is my choice

  229. Beth says:

    I love the Mocha Rogue, but they are all so cute!!

  230. Karen says:

    Love the blankets– beautiful!! I like Plum Petals!

  231. Andrea Durham says:

    Leave it to Vera to come up with a gorgeous comfy blanket so my girls and I can still be stylin at the game!!!

  232. Kat says:

    I would love love love to surprise my sister with a safari sunset one. Its her favorite pattern and would be perfect for her winter birthday.

  233. Sarah G. says:

    Oh, that looks like such a comfy warm blanket! I want one! πŸ™‚

    I would choose Plum Petals.

  234. linsey says:

    What a wonderful idea!! Love the blanket!! I would want the Mocha Rouge

  235. Heather Weinstein says:

    What a great blanket for my daughter to share and have to bring to soccer games!

  236. Kelsi V. says:

    I’ve only just recently gotten into the Vera “craze”. I admit it…I’m hooked. This blanket looks like it would be perfect for me. I love the fact that one side is fleece. Will definitely keep me warm at the high school football games. Vera makes a wonderful ice breaker. No matter what pattern you have, someone will have some comment about it. Help me make new friends by picking me to win one of these adorable yet functional blankets in PLUM PETALS. Thank you!

  237. Esther says:

    New Blanket looks nice. I would love to have this on my couch to cuddle up with and watch the game. Plus since it looks nice I can just keep it laying on the couch for me when I get home from work. No need to fold it up and put it away.

  238. Linda P. says:

    My granddaughter would just love to have this in Plum Petals!

  239. Plum petals, definitely. Also, this is part question actually. I don’t really plan to use thus asa stadium blanket, I was thinking more of a concert in the park type quilt-is there any reason it wouln’t work for this? Anyone have any tips to keep it clean?

  240. Jennifer Lilly says:

    I love the Happy Snails pattern. Each season’s Vera patterns just keep getting more beautiful!

  241. Aurora says:

    I love love love the new stadium Blankets. What better way to Bleed Burnt Orange and cheer on my favorite team than to be wrapped up in the new Safari Sunset print with a few of my closest friends?? In a crowd of burnt orange you’ll surely be able to spot us as we cheer on our team while rocking the very best, Vera Bradley. (:

  242. Caitlin says:

    I love how pretty these blankets look! Mocha Rouge, Pink, White and Brown are my colors! πŸ˜€

  243. lisa eisenhart says:

    The beautiful blanket would be great to watch a football game, or
    Sit and watch the kids play with my dogs. Or a romantic picnic
    With my husband. Plus its is reversable so fall or spring plum petals
    Will always be in style…

  244. Sheila says:

    Love the stadium blanket in safari sunset.

  245. Ashley says:

    I love the new stadium blanket!!! Since I have picked Mocha Rouge for my baby’s, due November 21st, I would have to say that is what I would choose.

  246. Carly Roark says:

    What a great way to stay warm at chilly football games!! Supporting your team and your Vera Bradley pride!!! I would have to pick Plum Petals, since it would match my tote bag!! πŸ™‚

  247. Agnes Espinoza says:

    They are awesome. I love the happy snails one.


  248. Catherine K. says:

    Love the blanket. Awesome at a game!

  249. samantha says:

    Fall is here! The perfect time for a stylish new Vera Bradley stadium blanket. This blanket is great way to stay warm and cozy while watching your favorite sports team play. I love how unique and colorful it is, all my friends will want one just like me. All four patterns are goreous, especially happy snails that matches my recently bought Vera Bradley purse. I’m all Vera all the time!

  250. hannah fillmore says:

    I ha ve been waiting forever for VB to come out with a blanket- and they finally have! Safari sunset would be the perfect pattern for my new stadium blanket because it is the only pattern that I do not have out of the new collection!

  251. Jill D. says:

    Just recently discovered Vera Bradley and I am hooked!! Love them all, but would have to pick Safari Sunset!

  252. Susan says:

    What a great idea!!! Love the Happy Snails. Those darn hidden snails just can’t help but make you smile when you find them. I love all things Vera and so do my 16 and 9 yr old daughters. It’s hard to get multigenerations to agree on anything but Vera – you’ve achieved what I thought was impossible – products that appeal to all of us! Thank you.

  253. I have a bit of a blanket obsession and this one has it all! Cozy – comfy – and so CUTE!! I would love one in Safari Sunset

  254. Hillary S says:

    Beautiful! I think I would like it best in Safari Sunset, though Plum Petals is a close second. Now for some cold weather here in LA . . .

  255. Dana Zwick says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Safari Sunset Stadium Blanket! The purples and yellows are perfect for fall sports events and the cozy fleece on the inside will keep me warm when games go into the night. The Safari Sunset pattern would be perfect for me because it represents the purple and white college football team that I love!

  256. Mary T. says:

    I ADORE the new VB stadium blankets! Even at my beloved southern school, night games definitely get pretty chilly, so I would adore one of these!! The Happy Snails is my favorite – I love the combination of colorsimto one fun floral.

  257. Cheryl says:

    Another great idea from Vera! Love the stadium blanket would love to have it in Happy Snails. I wonder how long I could hang on to it with two daughters and three granddaughters? πŸ™‚

  258. Brande says:

    The Stadium Blankets are just beautiful, it was hard to decide which one I loved more! But, Plum Petals is my favorite!!!

  259. Kelly says:

    These stadium blankets are so pretty! Also, great to have! As a University of Florida student, I would love Blue Lagoon to represent the blue in our orange and blue colors. Go Gators!

  260. Jennie says:

    Just ordered the Plum Petals for my 11 year old daughter to celebrate “adoption day”. We love to cuddle up in a nice warm blanket on cold winter evenings and watch movies together. I would love another one for myself!!

  261. It would be perfect for school days! sometimes the train is freezing! i love safari sunset!

  262. Lisa wolfson says:

    I am what my friends call an avid blanket collector. So that and my love for vera bradley made me thrilled about the stadium blanket! It will definitely be the member of my blanket collection probably in safari sunset. So excited!

  263. Sarah says:

    The stadium blanket is a great product, Vera Bradley! I would love to have one in Mocha Rouge to match my bedroom.

  264. Stephanie says:

    I love cozy blankets! And even though I go to school in Arizona, it does get chilly here later into the fall! I’d love one in Safari Sunset!

  265. Dana Remaley says:

    My kids are blanket snobs…..knowing that they would absolutely love one of the new stadium blankets!! I think they would choose…..if they had a choice…..plum petals! Me on the other hand — I wish it was available in Baroque — it’s my new favotite pattern!

  266. Robin B says:

    Plum Petals or Mocha Rouge…do I have to choose? :O) I have several of the plum petals pieces and I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for making a blanket!

  267. Kelly Dressel says:

    Wow. This is an idea WAY over due. And it’s only available for these 2 weeks? Oh my! My friends that miss out on it will be SOOO disappointed. I want all the patterns (or Plum Petals if I have to pick), it will make me the envy of all my friends. πŸ™‚

  268. Michaelanne says:

    I love the new stadium blankets! Id love one in safari sunset!!! My mom and I LOVE Vera! πŸ™‚

  269. Being a student-athlete at The College of New Jersey, this stadium blanket will come in handy for several sporting events, as well as just lounging around! I love sporting my newest Vera Bradley items around campus and I would love this blanket in Mocha Rouge πŸ™‚ It is time to show the other sports teams in New Jersey what Vera is all about.

  270. lauren says:

    I absolutely love this blanket. What a great idea! I have a feeling I would definitely get some use out of it…at the ballgames, around the campfire, snuggled on the couch with a good book in front of the fireplace…oh yeah, I’m feeling it already. And Happy Snails — not only is it super cute (and probably my favorite fall pattern), but it also sounds like a pretty good description of what I would be wrapped up in one πŸ™‚

  271. S. Ng says:

    Just love the Happy Snails print !!! The stadium blanket would be great to put in the car for long trips.

  272. Kristina Price says:

    Another way for me to show my Vera love! Stadium blankets are an awesome idea! I’d have to say Happy Snails. The name and the pattern just make me smile!

  273. Stephanie says:

    As a hockey fan, the Safari Sunset blanket would keep my family warm on game nights in Buffalo, NY!

  274. Karen says:

    With three boys who play sports year-round, how could I not get one of these blankets? love the Plum Petals!

  275. Melissa says:

    the plum petals print is such a cute design!!!!!!! i would use it when i watch tv or when i hangout with my friends outside when it’s cold! πŸ™‚

  276. Cynthia says:

    The stadium blankets look awesome, very warm and cozy! Would be fantastic to have at games as the weather starts to get cooler. I enjoy that Vera keeps coming out with things I can use everyday like the yoga mat, apron and calender! I have never won a contest before (no joke) and would love for my first win to be a stadium blanket in Mocha Rouge!!! Pick me pick me says the Vera fan hoping to be louder than all the others saying the same thing LoL πŸ™‚

  277. elissa swicord says:

    This is a GREAT Idea! I love Safari Sunset!

  278. Pam says:

    I love this idea — and Mocha Rouge is my fave of the new fall prints. BUT, I might choose Happy Snails if I was giving it to my daughter to use when she waits for basketball tickets at Gonzaga!

  279. Allison Hughart says:

    Happy Snails!

  280. I love the stadium blanket. Looks so pretty and warm. My daughter is away at college and what a perfect gift for her to go to the games…:)

  281. danielle harbaugh says:

    This is perfect! i’m so glad vera came out with this! ITs beautiful and so useful! this would be perfect to take to the games all fall! and snuggle with in the winter! i would order this in safari sunset! gorgeous!!! πŸ™‚

  282. Jasmine Jordan says:

    These blankets are so beautiful. I was wondering when vera bradley was going to introduce quilts or blankets to us! Thanks Vera Bradley!:)

  283. Flora says:

    I’d love the Happy Snails! I’m a huge quilt fan and have them all over my house in random areas just for their comfort. No VB ones- never seen them. My
    Baby loves bright colours and soft cosy blankets, so Happy Snails would suit him nicely!

  284. Laura Sharkozy says:

    Love the stadium blanket. A great way to enjoy the fall weather in style. Mocha Rouge is adorable. Would love one to stay warm with this fall and winter.

  285. Michele says:

    Love your new stadium blankets, especially the Safari Sunset one. Everything Vera is made so well & it looks like this is another example of great quality.

  286. Rachel Glover says:

    I would love a comfy, warm and very cute stadium blanket by Vera Bradley! This blanket is good for a lot of things. Camping, Football games, Picnics and Outdoor concerts! It keeps you warm while you look great! Happy Snails is the stadium blanket I would love to show off!!!

  287. Kara says:

    I absolutely LOVE the stadium blanket! Its perfect for staying warm in the fall weather, and the colors are so fun! My favorite is Safari Sunset!

  288. Sarah Olszewski says:

    I love this blanket! This would be perfect to use when my mom, sisters, and I are at the Vera Bradley outlet sale each year. We usually have to stand outside for quite a bit and this would be the perfect blanket to have! Love the Happy Snails!!

  289. Kristie says:

    Mocha rouge, I love the colors!

  290. MOCHA ROUGE!!! The only bags I’ve been able to buy for the past 3 years either had Batman or Spiderman on them, Mommeii needs her own bags now!! I would really love to win this set in that delightful Mocha Rouge pattern! πŸ™‚

  291. Rachel says:

    These are fantastic. I would love to have any of them, but I think my favorite is Happy Snails. Safari Sunset is a close second for me. They are all great! I love that these are available!

  292. Olivia S says:

    This is amazing. I would love this is a happy snails!

  293. Liza says:

    I love this idea so cute!

  294. Elaine says:

    Great looking blankets! I just love Safari Sunset!

  295. Shannon Cosgrove says:

    LOVE the new stadium blankets! I would love one in Happy Snails πŸ™‚

  296. amy barrett says:

    The Stadium Blanket looks like the perfect keep warm in the chilly autumn air blanket. The bonus is that it is adorable too! I’m love the Happy Snails print.

  297. Jordan F. says:

    I love these! Would be great for a tailgate or a fall picnic! My favorite pattern is Happy Snails, I love the 60s/70s retro look. πŸ™‚

  298. Lindsay Lown says:

    What a great idea! I’m a huge vera fan and cuddly blanket connoisseur. Put that together for a perfect combo! I just had surgery and would enjoy nothing more than cuddling up with one these while I get better πŸ™‚ mocha rouge is awfully nice!

  299. Cassandra Tierney says:

    I love the mocha rouge!! Finally a fashionable way to stay warm at all those fall games and backyard bonfires!! It’s the perfect fall accessory!! Love, love, love it!!

  300. Valerie says:

    I’ve been feeling “pink” lately…love the Mocha Rouge!

  301. I looooove blankets so much, im always buying new ones all the time and I would looove to have a vera bradely blanket!!! It would be used for soo much more than just a stadium blanket for me. Please please please safari sunset!!!

  302. Love this!! I see it staying in my car as a handy wrap for spontaneous occasions and for traveling when you want an extra layer or a picnic spread. So many uses, so cozy and so cute! I love Plum petals.

  303. Ooo how fun!!! I would love the Stadium Blanket in the Happy Snails fabric. Love Vera Bradley–I have a Very Berry Paisley bag and I get compliments every time I have it out (which is almost daily πŸ™‚

  304. Laura Blair says:

    One of my favorite things to do in the fall is curl up with my favorite blanket and watch movies with my loved ones. I can definitely see myself curled up with the stadium blanket in Mocha Rogue! Too cute!!

  305. Mocha Rouge and a warm coffee (with Bailey’s?) would be a GREAT combination on a cool fall night!

  306. Allie Benson says:

    Happy Snails is adorbs! At first glance, the print looks to be very springtime, but I’ve totally fallen in love with it for EVERY SEASON! This Stadium Blanket would definitely make any Vera girl stand out in a crowd (of football fans!)

  307. Gail says:

    So beautiful and perfect for a crisp, fall day outside or a cold, rainy one inside! Love the Safari Sunset!

  308. Hannah says:

    I love the new fall patterns- especially the Safari Sunset, and what a great way to show them off! I am a cheerleader and I recently broke my foot so I have to sit on the sidelines. I’ve been worried about the cold getting to me as fall and winter approach- a stadium blanket would be a stylish and warm way to make sitting out much more comfortable!

  309. Sara says:

    Love, love, love this blanket! Looks so warm and cozy! I would pick Plum Petals! Love my purple!

  310. Joyce Jones says:

    Love it! Hope to be able to find one.

  311. Joan Blake says:

    Love blankets and love Vera Bradley so a Vera Bradley blanket is perfection, I would choose Safari Sunset!

  312. Susan Ferland says:

    Beautiful blankets! Love the Safari Sunset!!

  313. Teri Reed, Whitman, MA says:

    They are sooo beautiful! How stylish would I be sitting in the stands every week ~ cheering my daughter on. She is a cheerleader for the town football club. It is so hard to choose a favorite, but I would choose…..Mocha Rouge!

  314. Vania says:

    I love the versatility of this blanket! Not only is it cute and fashionable, it is also practical and cozy! The perfect blanket to take with me on the go: to a game, to the beach, or just to cuddle up on the couch! I’ll take one in Mocha Rouge please!

  315. Lisa Berry says:

    The stadium blanket is perfect! Finally a way to keep my babies (1 and 2 years) and myself fashionably warm at our hockey games! I love it in Mocha Rouge!

  316. Debbie says:

    Oh my goodness, those would really make the sidelines of my sons’ soccer and baseball games look so much prettier!! The Mocha Rouge is my favorite!

  317. Lelia says:

    This might be one of the most brilliant Vera Bradely products yet! I hope to see more like it in the future. Such a hard decision to pick a favorite pattern, but I guess I’ll have to go with Happy Snails! =)

  318. Amanda says:

    Love this blanket! Safari Sunset is my favorite, but they’re all beautiful! Vera Bradley you’ve done it again! Awesome blanket…I would LOVE to have one!!!

  319. Ashley says:

    LOVE the stadium blanket! Safari Sunset matches our purple Roosters! Fabulous to keep a momma warm at those early morning football games!
    I would love to have one and share my love for Vera to all the moms!

  320. Melissa Foltz says:

    These stadium blankets look so warm and cozy on a fall day. I would choose one in Plum Petals.

  321. Meaghan says:

    This blanket looks so cozy and the colorful, fun fall colors don’t hurt! I want one!

  322. This blanket is so cute!! Nothing like staying warm with a pretty blanket… what makes it even better is that its Vera Bradley!! My favorite color is Happy Snails…

  323. Kristi says:

    Super smart idea! Now I can be snuggly AND fashionable! Love the Mocha Rouge.

  324. Abbey says:

    Oh My Goodness! These are ADORABLE! My fellow Kindergarten teachers and I might just have to purchase these for our late nights of wine drinking…urm…I mean lesson planning. Mocha Rouge for me, Happy Snails for Kelle & Plum Petals for Gerry-Louise!

  325. Jane Rupprecht says:

    love the Plum Petals!!!

  326. Lynda says:

    Love, love, love the stadium blanket!! What a stylish way to stay warm while doing my favorite thing – watching my son play baseball in the fall and spring months. I love all the patterns but my favorite is Safari Sunset, its just so vibrant! Way to go on this design.

  327. Oh gee what a great idea! I looooooove the stadium blanket!
    I’m a busy mom that keeps a blanket in every car (I sit at many outdoor events)!
    This would be precious to snuggle under!

  328. Angela J says:

    I have always wanted for vera bradley to come out with a blanket and it finally happen. My favorite pattern is the happy snails in crazy about it. Also me and my family are big on bonfires so the blanket will be perfect for that and games.

  329. Laura says:

    Loving the Stadium blanket..which is also the couch blanket, the picnic blanket, the outside-by-the-fire-pit blanket, or anywhere chilly you can think of blanket. πŸ˜‰ I would loovee me some Mocha Rouge!

  330. maggie says:

    omg i would looooove a stadium blanket my brother left for college and is in the band so we will be going to lots of games. i am a huge vb fan and have 16+ bags and am only collecting for 1+year

  331. vargas says:

    What better way to cheer your children on at their sports than with a cozy yet stylish blanket.I love Happy Snails but all of the patterns are beautiful.What a great addition to any Vera Bradley collection.

  332. Heidi says:

    I love everything about it, especially in plum petals!

  333. Amber Swaney says:

    I love the new stadium blanket! What a better way to support and show off your Vera Bradley while also supporting your favorite team! I love the Plum Petals pattern! So matches my University’s colors!

  334. These Stadium blankets are gorgeous! My sister just moved to a college town, and I think I need to get her one for Christmas for all the games she will be going too…and me too!

  335. Beth says:

    These are a great idea! I love the happy snails.

  336. Theresa1587 says:

    Finally a stylish way to stay very warm while watching my MANY sporting events! Mom to three little boy athletes, I need a girlie blanket all my own to take to soccer, hockey and lacrosse. Would love Safari Sunset.

  337. Holly says:

    Love the stadiums blankets! They look like a great blanket for fall football games! Love the safari sunset!

  338. Alison L. says:

    What a great way to show your “Vera Spirit”with the new Stadium blankets. Happy Snails is my favorite!

  339. Leah Howard says:

    I love the stadium blankets! They are too cute! Perfect for outdoor movies, and weekend football games this fall at my campus! Wish I had one tonight! I’d definitely pick Mocha Rouge! Pretty πŸ™‚

  340. Erin says:

    I love love love the Mocha one! As the only female in a house of men I have to take my little bits of pink when I can :)!

  341. Carissa Calhoun says:

    Mocha Rouge, all the way! I’d LOVE a chance to win! Thanks!

  342. Barbara says:

    The stadium blanket looks like a very fashionable way to stay warm at games. Would love to have plum petals.

  343. Oh wow, What another great idea by vera braldey! I absolutley love the safari sunset print. That one is probablly my favorite out of the four, but then again it’s so hard to pick just one

  344. Joy Turchie says:

    It is gorgeous; especially in Happy Snails!

  345. Mitzi says:

    I love this cozy-looking blanket! My favorite print is Happy Snails!

  346. Jean J says:

    Since I tend to freeze at my team’s home games, I’d love to wrap myself in a Plum Petals stadium blanket! Not only is it in my team’s colors (purple and white) it looks like the perfect size to snuggle up in both at the game and while sitting by the fire watching all the replays after the game!

  347. Shannon says:

    I love everything Vera. A blanket that is right up my alley. I just wish it was going to be around a little longer. I love the Happy Snails to match my tote bag. I will definitely be ready for the game.

  348. Rosemary says:

    What an awesome idea! I’m going to get one for my niece who just left for college. She’ll be the most popular girl in the stadium! I love Safari Sunset. (Thanks for making Christmas and teacher year end shopping so easy!)

  349. Bet says:

    Loving the Happy Snails stadium blanket! But they’re all really pretty. Cosy!

  350. CJ-VERA OBSESSED! says:

    The Stadium Blankets are Great for this time of year, so warm and incredibly Stylish!! Great idea Vera!! I Love them all, but my Fave pattern is Plum Petals! πŸ™‚

  351. Autumn says:

    Blankets are one of my favorite things! I love the mocha rouge. I just wish it was available longer!

  352. Billie Dean says:

    Just tuned in to Vera Bradley recently. Love everything I’ve gotten so far. I think the stadium blanket is a home run and would love to have the “happy snails” for my daughter who is a huge Vera Bradley enthusiast!

  353. kerri ward says:

    I bought the Mocha Rouge and I love it for snuggling on my screen porch. Now my daughters wants a Plum Petals blanket for herself. I hope you will have these every year! I can see myself starting a collection…

    Kerri W.

  354. Marianne says:

    Love the stadium blankets! Mocha Rouge would be my first choice.

  355. Niki says:

    Love this idea! I’ve been wanting to make my own forever, especially since these colors have made their debut!! Mocha Rouge is definitely #1 for me!!

  356. Dawn W. says:

    LOVE the stadium blanket! So warm and cozy on an autumn night to keep the chill away. Pretty Plum Petals is my Pleasure!

  357. Ariel B says:

    I love the Safari Sunset and since I’m cold Sept through April I know it would get a lot of good use in this home!

  358. nicole Rogers says:

    Love it! Happy Snails is my fave.

  359. My Duyen says:

    LOVE the stadium blanket. So warm, comfy, and most importantly… COLORFUL!!! Not only good for stadiums, but anywhere. Would love one in Happy Snails- fav. pattern from Vera Bradley!!!

  360. Deanne Belkin says:

    ahh, Plum Petals would be my favorite stadium blanket…but I love everything Vera Bradley…who wouldn’t ? Vera Bradley designs are made with the most awesome color combinations to fit all your styling needs. Getting something from Vera Bradley is like comfort food always pleasing to the soul πŸ™‚

  361. Emily says:

    I LOVE this blanket!!! It is soooo cute and looks like it would be nice and cozy for fall and winter!! (especially if you live in South Dakota like me) πŸ˜‰ If I would win this blanket, I would want Plum Petals πŸ™‚

  362. Jessica says:

    Absolutely love this!! Mocha Rouge is my favorite color this season! Will hopefully be tailgating with one of these when the weather gets a little cooler πŸ™‚

  363. Denene Sikora says:

    Now we can be warm in fashion! Need one of those for those cold Buffalo NY football games! Love the Mocha Rouge!

  364. Vicky says:

    Were I to get one, I’d get Plum Petals! It’s soo cute! They look super warm and comfy! I like!!

  365. Jennifer says:

    I think the stadium blankets are absolutely gorgeous! They look so warm and cozy, too!

    If given the chance, I’d choose Plum Petals because it has a lot of purple in it, and that’s my favorite color.

  366. Katelyn says:

    Love the stadium blanket! Fall would be complate with one in Mocha Rouge!!

  367. L. Brown says:

    Football, soccer, playground, picnics, with my kids there’s always something going on and the stadium blanket would be great to have with us! Love one in Happy Snails…top of my birthday wish list!

  368. Shawn King says:

    I love the blankets! What a great way to stay warm when I watch my boys play their sports. My 15 year old plays JV Football, my 13 year old is running on the modified cross country team, and my 9 year old plays Pop Warner Football! Having one of these will make the other mom’s run out to get one!!

  369. Helen says:

    The stadium blanket is perfect for watching games outside and even for movie nights inside. Happy Snails is my favorite. Whooo! πŸ™‚

  370. Samantha Hess says:

    Oooomg!! Soo cute!! Me and my hubby are always out and about at festivals all fall! This stadium blanket would be perfect and match my backpack and purse in Happy Snails!! I love my Veras!!

  371. ClaireBear says:

    I love to cuddle up with a blanket and a good book. The Stadium Balnket looks so comfy! I absolutely love it in Mocha Rouge!

  372. Mandy says:

    My husband is a highschool coach so the kids and I go to alot of games…Would love to snuggle w them under one of Vera Bradley’s stadium blankets. Love them all but Happy Snails is my favorite!

  373. Rebecca says:

    Looks so cozy. I’d love it for my indoor stadium (my couch) and for fall baseball games outside!!! Plum petals is so pretty!!!

  374. Catherine says:

    This blanket is so awesome! I think im in love! This blanket would be perfect for all sorts of fall activities from football games to just cuddling up on the couch and hanging out with friends. I would love to own one, especially the Safari Sunset!

  375. Chrstine Canning says:

    Oh my gosh! Obsessed! I would love one in Mocha Rouge! So fantastic!!

  376. Bryanne says:

    I love that there’s finally a way to dress up a stadium (or as I would also use it~ my bedroom!!) with some of Vera’s prettiest colors. I would love the mocha rouge color. It is so sophisticated! All my friends would be jealous of me at the Illini home football games!

  377. Emily says:

    The new stadium blankets are adorable and functional. They are perfect for the chilly autumn weather! I love the Mocha Rouge pattern!

  378. Tara S. says:

    Such a great idea! This would be perfect not only for watching games. It would be adorable for a picnic, or even to use when camping. I love the mocha rouge, it’s so beautiful and of course looks very comfy and warm! What will you come up with next?

  379. Susan Bobbitt says:

    I would like a nice cozy stadium blanket in plum petals to snuggle up with my honey next to a warm crackling fire on a crisp, snowy winter evening with a mug of steaming dark cocoa.

  380. I love that Vera is making a blanket! It looks very warm and cozy, and would get a lot of use in my house!

  381. Emily says:

    This blanket is perfect for all occasions and it looks great too! My favorite look is the Safari Sunset!

  382. Linda Schmitt says:

    Would love to use cheering on the team or cuddling with my honey….in Safari Sunset of course!!

  383. Love, love, love Happy Snails stadium blanket. Perfect car blanket so it is ready for anything, anytime.

  384. tori says:

    I love the stadium blanket so much! my favorite color in it is happy snails. Me and my family love to cover up in blankets while watching the foot ball game!!

  385. Buckeye Mom says:

    Mocha rouge! I’d redo my daughter’s bedroom to match!!!

  386. Brenda S says:

    I would love to have one in plum petals. It would be so perfect for after I had my daughter in Feb. Then when I’m out and about with her and I need to feed I have something very lovely to cover up with. Then when she gets bigger picnics at the park. Oh I would so love one.

  387. Elysa says:

    My daughter is on the HS dance team so I will be at all the football games this year! Would love a blanket to keep me warm! Safari Sunset is my favorite.

  388. Brooke Wendt says:

    So cute and cozy. I would love plum petals~

  389. I love the simplicity of the mocha rouge… beautiful pattern without being too busy. Gorgeous!

  390. Margaret Mead says:

    The stadium blanket looks warm and snuggly. I’d choose plum petals.

  391. Sarah says:

    I can definitely use a stadium blanket!! I’ve sat through many football games in the cold. Love the Happy Snails!!

  392. Paula Owen says:

    How good would a grandmother look at her grandchildrens soccer, football and softball games, all wrapped up in a Happy Snails stadium blanket! They would think I was so “cool” while I was so “cozy and warm”!

  393. Deborah Simonick says:

    I just love the Mocha Rouge, As a breast cancer survivor anything pink just thrills me. But this stadium blanket looks like just the thing to curl up with and enjoy the chill in the air.

  394. Mary says:

    I love the new blanket! I NEED one for my “happy place,” watching my son play fall ball! Mocha Rouge is my new favorite pattern, as I’ve already got the tote and another piece.

  395. lindsy says:

    Oh my. I was soo excited to see a vera blanket! I have my kitchen and dining room all vera’ed out and am definitely going to have to buy a couple of blankets for my living room. I love the plym petals!

  396. Janis Curran says:

    I love the new STADIUM BLANKET!!! I think I would like to get one in either Safari Sunset or Happy Snails! Good job Vera!!! πŸ™‚

  397. Allyson bure says:

    I have been awaiting the arrival of these blankets! They look so cozy! I absolutely love the plum petals design =]

  398. Marie O'Neill says:

    I love this blanket. It looks so cozy. I especially like happy snails.

  399. The Stadiom Blanket is absolutely awesome, and a fantastic idea. I would love to have one in Safari Sunset. Safari Sunset has an amazing color coordination and would look great over me on air travel, cuddling on the couch, or comfort for my upcoming surgery! Thank you so much for the chance to enter for one!

  400. Liz says:

    Mocha Rouge is my favorite, though I wish it came in cardinal and gold (my school’s colors)!

  401. ALISON P. says:

    I have always LOVED Vera Bradley and my dream came true when I saw the stadium blanket! Whats better than having your blanket the same pattern as your purse?! NOTHING!! I would LOVE a plum petal stadium blanket because its purple and my favorite team is purple (TCU!!)
    Love ya Vera Bradley

  402. Nancy says:

    I love that Vera Bradley finally came out with a blanket! I would love a Mocha Rouge.

  403. Caitlyn says:

    The stadium blanket seems amazingggg! I especially like it in Safari Sunset, my favorite fall pattern. Although my my high school’s football team is horrible, i could se myself using this!

  404. Kelcie says:

    I simply love the look of having the pattern on the front and having the fleece solid on the back. They look absolutely perfect for game day (or traveling) since they can be rolled up and are light weight too! I simply love Happy Snails! It is so beautiful to see those flowers in large print!

  405. Courtney says:

    SO cute! I’d love to have it in Mocha Rouge!

  406. christine simmons says:


  407. Carrie says:

    Ooh, love it! Mocha rouge is the pattern for me!

  408. Davis says:

    My sister would love this! She loves pink, so she’d probably want it in mocha rouge.

  409. Gary says:

    I hope to win this for my daughter! Mocha Rouge!

  410. Tami says:

    Happy Snails for sure…

  411. Cathy-Lynne Miller says:

    Hi, I have recently found and fell in love with Vera! I bought the East West Tote in Safari Sunset and thought I would just use it for travel. I use it for everything! My phone and sunglasses have their own space in their own inside pocket and do not get beaten up by anything else that I am carrying. It has a flat bottom and never falls over. The straps are the perfect length! The pattern is ultra cute and would love the matching stadium blanket. It would be perfect timing as my son has just recently started his University journey! Thanks for making such pretty things!

  412. Bobbi says:

    OH! I LOVE happy snails…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ They look so warm and soft!

  413. Natalie says:

    I think your new stadium blanket was a great idea! It would come very much in handy when our JV soccer team at my school stays to cheer on the varsity games… It can get pretty chilly! Anyways, LOVES the blanket (and Vera of Course!) and to have it in Happy Snails would certainly be a lovely blessing(:

  414. Katie McGinnis says:

    Oh, to have a Vera Stadium Blanket in Mocha Rouge right now!!! On a wet, rainy Friday night in Florida, I’d sure love to snuggle up with one while watching a cute chick flick!!! πŸ™‚

  415. Allie M. says:

    VB does it again with the uber-cute stadium blanket! My fav is the Safari Sunset – gorgeous pattern and rich autumn colors. I’m a starving grad school student, so I’ll put this on my birthday wish list…but if I got lucky enough to win one, well, that would make my year!

  416. Hanna says:

    My favorite is Happy Snails. I absolutely LOVE this new pattern and the new stadium blanket. I love the blanket for fall because it would be great to transport to a game, use in the car, or just have around the house.

  417. Wendy says:

    My daughter would be thrilled if I won this stadium blanket in Plum Petals…..or it might make a nice surprise under the Christmas Tree!! Plum Petals all the way.

  418. The stadium blanket is a fun, comfortable and very cozy way to jump into fall! Its great for outdoor sporting events as well as curling up next to the fireplace on a cold winter night! I can’t wait to get mine! I would love to get it in the Happy snails! Kudos to Vera Bradley for coming up with this fantastic blanket!

  419. Laura P says:

    Wow! I love these blankets and would be perfect to watch our teams win this season! They are all beautiful but Safari Sunset is my fav. Thanks for the chance to win!

  420. Raven Pettry says:

    Vera Bradley is absolutely my favorite everyday thing and this just adds to it. I really like the mocha rouge. This is def. On my wish list!

  421. Kim says:

    The stadium blanket is gorgeous! Just the thing to stay warm on chilly fall days or at football games! I’d love to have one in Safari Sunset!

  422. Tabitha Carver-Roberts says:

    Let decadence abound with the new Vera Bradley Stadium Blanket. Whether you are snuggling with your loved one watching the big game or keeping warm by the fire pit, this beautiful blanket’s vibrant colors will keep your spirits lifted. I hope to get mine in the tropical colors of Happy Snails, allowing my mind to wander to the sunny beaches of Hawaii while my husband cheers on his team.

  423. Hanna says:

    Love it! Would be fun to use as a bedspread for those cool nights! I love mocha rouge while happy snails is a close 2nd!!!

  424. Jessica Stevens says:

    The stadium blankets look so vibrant and warm. I go to high school football games all the time so one would definitely com in handy. My favorite color is the Plum Petals because I love purple and the little flowers are so cute!

  425. April says:

    The new blankets are gorgeous! I would love to have one in Safari Sunset!

  426. Ginny says:

    Love love love these! Especially mocha rouge!

  427. Jennifer says:

    These stadium blankets are so inviting and perfect for Fall’s cooler weather. Not to mention the great colors to pick from. My favorite would have to be safari sunset. So bring it on fall, cause Vera Bradley has us ready! Don’t be left out in the cold, pick one up today.

  428. Rhianna says:

    The stadium blanket looks so comfortable and warm that it could be a big use to me anywhere. i go to games all he time, I travel a lot, and I love Vera Bradley so much! I really like Plum Petals, because purple is my favorite color, and the stadium blanket is adorable!

  429. Amy says:

    I love all four new colors! As a high school administrator, I spend every Friday night in the fall at a varsity football game and one other night a week at a varsity Soccer game. A Vera stadium blanket would just perfect for those cold fall nights.

  430. I love Vera anything! This blanket looks great and is a wonderful addition to the Vera collection. It’s sad that it is only available for a limited time.

    I really love all the fall colors, but I think my favorite that I would like for a stadium blanket is Mocha Rouge.

  431. Maryjo says:

    All the colors are great. I love plum petals. Thinking of using this blanket gives me a warm cozy feeling!

  432. Jan says:

    Plum Petals… purple!! Wish the blanket came in more patterns…..

  433. Karen says:

    I have been saving Vera placemats so I could sew them into a blanket someday! I would be grateful to win an official Vera stadium blanket! I especially love Happy Snails and Safari Sunset. Then when I go to University of Maine football games, I could go over to the marching band and cover up my frozen daughter and her flute!

  434. Tracey Capalbo says:

    A football haiku

    “Stadium blanket
    Keeps me toasty at the game
    Love to watch football. ”

    I especially love this blanket in Safari Sunset but would live any of them.

  435. Denise says:

    I love the stadium blanket – especially in Happy Snails! It would be great to take and wrap up with watching soccer games this fall!

  436. Donna M. says:

    Would be great to have on a cool evening.

  437. Kay S. says:

    What a stylish way to keep warm when watching a football game! The stadium blanket is a great product! I especialy like Plum Petals and Safari Sunset.

  438. CJ says:

    I’d love a stadium blanket in Happy Snails! Perfect for football games!!

  439. These stadium blankets are so cute! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I really love Happy Snails. I’d probably have to get 2 of them because my girls would fight over it!

  440. lily says:

    i love the stadium blanket so cute would want to go to a football game right now love it in happy snails

  441. Krissy says:

    The Safari Sunset Blaknet is so colorful and the colors are so beautiful fall-like!..I’d love to have one to use at the many sporting events and outdoor events during this time of year. Thanks Vera for such great colors!

  442. Eva Collins says:

    Love, love, love these colors! A beautiful way to stay warm– while watching my son play soccer for the first time. Happy Snails would make me very happy. πŸ™‚

  443. Dolores says:

    Safari Sunset looks like FALL! Great, practical blanket that will keep you warm during a crisp fall day!

  444. Victoria I. H. says:

    So cute & cozy!

  445. Sonya says:

    I think I would sleep with it every night! I love the mocha rouge!

  446. Emily says:

    The Mocha Rouge Stadium Blanket would match my dorm room P.E.R.F.E.C.T.L.Y! I gotta have it. πŸ˜€

  447. Lisa B says:

    The stadium blanket looks sooooo cozy! Great for going to a game, but just as great for curling up and reading a book on the back porch. Love the warmth of Safari Sunset!

  448. Tori says:

    I love the Mocha Rouge pattern it’s awesome Pink and Brown colors. My favorite color is Pink and the brown reminds me of fall. I would love to have a stadium blanket to use at my brothers football games and be the envy of everyone! Thanks, Vera

  449. Stephanie Bradfield says:

    I am so excited for the new Vera Stadium Blankets! I can’t wait to get one in plum petals! It will be great for staying warm during football games under the lights, or having picnics, or watching fireworks! So many ways to use it and they are sooooo cute! Thanks Vera!

  450. Stacy says:

    This almost makes me wish my kids were playing soccer this fall so I would have an excuse to buy this!! I like Safari Sunset and Plum Petals!

  451. Lisa Rule says:

    I love the stadium blankets. Mocha Rouge is my favorite pattern.

  452. Victoria says:

    i would love to have obe of these blankets they look so cozy!!!!if i have the greatest honor i would love the mocha rouge one!! To watch my brothers football games thx!!
    Love vera bradley!!!!!
    — victoria! !<3

  453. Victoria says:

    I would love a mocha rouge one!!!

  454. Kate Isert says:

    I love these blankets! Perfect for fall football games! I’d choose the Happy Snails for all the bright, primary colors!!! πŸ™‚

  455. Jennifer says:

    Me too, please! love!

  456. June says:

    While cheering my daughter on at her games I would be stylish and warm with a beautiful Happy Snails blanket to match my Happy Snails bag.I would be the envy of all the Moms!!!

  457. Kim D says:

    I love these blankets and would love one in Happy Snails!!!!

  458. Bobby says:

    I would love to get a Stadium Blanket in either Happy Snails or Mocha Rouge for my wife who bothers me on a daily basis for a new Vera Bradley.

  459. Rebekah says:

    This is so cute! Perfect for football games! Especially in happy snails or Mocha Rogue:)

  460. Debbie says:

    Love the stadium blanket – only problem is picking which color I want!

  461. Holly says:

    I love the new blanket, mocha rouge would be great. We should have our first snow in a week or two, this blanket would be great to keep warm at soccer games.

  462. allyson says:

    I love a good cozy blanket! I can never have to many because i use one everyday because i am always cold. I would love one in happy snails.

  463. I would LOVE the staduim blanket for the games…but also for a little snuggling on the couch!! I mean, why save the BEST blanket just for the bleachers? It’d be hard to pick one pattern…but I guess it’d be Mocha Rogue for me; there’s just something about Vera and pink! πŸ˜‰

  464. Patty Busby says:

    I LOVE the SAFARI SUNSET print. It’s so rich and looks like royalty. I could definitely use this gorgeous and cuddly blanket!

  465. Callie says:

    Happy Snails is BY FAR my favorite pattern!! I have a backpack, wristlet, and coin purse in that pattern and love it so much! I love the bright colors and the snails on the inside of the print. My favorite Vera Bradley pattern without a doubt!

  466. Trudy Bledsoe says:

    I love the Plum Petals pattern. it would look awesome as a stadium blanket this fall.

  467. Callie says:

    ALSO, love the blanket because of how large and warm and cozy it is! REALLY would love one! Especially for my college dorm!

  468. Aubrey says:

    I love the happy snails pattern! it’s beyond cute!

  469. I just positively adore the new stadium blankets!! I think they are the cutest thing. It would be prefect for not just sitting at the game on those chilly nights, but for the car ride up there as well. The Happy Snails pattern is to die for. It’s bright and colorful, everybody will have to take notice of the stylish blanket.

  470. Kathy says:

    A plum petals blanket would go great with my plum petals east west tote at my son’s JV soccer games. I would be all coordinated for the next 4 years of high school

  471. I LOVE the new stadium blanket. It looks so cozy πŸ™‚ I’d love it in Happy Snails. I adore the pattern!!

  472. Rachel Colon says:

    My daughter just loves everything Vera Bradley!!!! She would definitely love the stadium blanket in plum petals but honestly thinks all of the styles are great. Looking forward to seeing what other new items/styles are being released.

  473. Lani T says:

    Safari Sunset is absolutely beautiful! Actually they all are.

  474. Hugh H. says:

    My wife says she needs one of these for our kids’ soccer games.

  475. Barbara says:

    What a great blanket to have for outdoor fall events. The Happy Snails is the perfect print for autumn.

  476. Cheryll Rose says:

    My daughter & husband got me my first VB for Mothers Day 2 years ago & now it’s the one gift they know I will be happy with no matter what the occasion. I would love the blanket in Happy Snails because it’s my daughter’s favorite & we could snuggle all winter long with it!

  477. Erin Dobrzyn says:

    Happy Snails is ADORABLE!! Having one of these blankets would make watching sports actually enjoyable!! They are great! I would brave a football game with my dad with one of these!

  478. Michelle BC says:

    I love the new Stadium Blanket — it will be the perfect thing to snuggle under in the fall while reading a book or going to a football game! Happy Snails is my favorite!

  479. sam says:

    i would love to have a vera bradley happy snails blanket because i recently had a kidney transplant and it was very painful so i feel i deserve one to keep my three kidneys very warm

  480. Mary Havasi says:

    Purple is my favorite color so Plum Petals would be my number 1 choice. I went to my local Vera Bradley store and these blankets are so soft and cuddly. I’m quite sure they would keep me warm on those cold nights sitting outside enjoying football games this fall. Vera Bradley quality can’t be compared.

  481. Staci Reuter says:

    Darling blankets! Never cease to amaze me of the new items added at Vera Bradley. Happy Snails is my favorite!

  482. I love Plum Petals….it’s match my wallet and tote… I am already for the outdoor fun!!! This is a great blanket for one!!! May get 2 and sew them together to make a Bedspread for my bed…what a great idea!!!

  483. Julia says:

    I love the blanket in Happy Snails! It’s so bohemian! πŸ™‚

  484. T = ) says:

    Finally a beautiful colorful,fashionable and fun stadium blanket to cozy up with your favorite fan in the stands with! I am the Senior Quarterback’s mom and I definitely would love to show this off in the stands when I am cheering for our team! VB is # 1!! Go Vera!! You win this game hands down!!

  485. Abby says:

    I am a freshman at our high school and we just got a new state of the art stadium! I see Vera Bradley everywhere in school, I and many other girls use them to luge all of are stuff around! It is so fashion forward and trendy, a great thing to bring to football games and other sporting events! My new fav is happy snails- love it! I know it would be a great thing to have to cheer on the team!

  486. Jill Caffrey says:

    Love the blankets! Definitely loving the safari sunset!!

  487. Conchitina Nelson says:

    I would love to have the stadium blanket in Plum Petals for my birthday, it will be very useful while watching my daughter play soccer in those cold Saturday mornings…and I can show it off to all the soccer moms in the field πŸ™‚

  488. Cathy says:

    Time to get in the game! What a wonderful way to stay snuggly warm – a Mocha Rouge Stadium Blanket! What will Vera think of next??

  489. Amy Reid says:

    It’s really hard to pick a true favorite as I love them all, but if I had to choose, I’d go with Happy Snails!! The colors are awesome!

  490. Kim Smith says:

    Would so choose Mocha Rouge…love it!

  491. Charlene R says:

    Love these blankets! I would be soo happy with one (or two) in Plum Petals.

  492. Sonya says:

    I love the blankets & love all the colors… Safari Sunset is my favorite though since I am in ‘Big Orange Country’ & have to have a blanket with at least a little orange for UT games! :o)

  493. Kelly says:

    I would love plum petals!

  494. Michelle Patterson says:

    What a fabulous idea! Perfect for football season, picnics in the park, and watching my daughter’s soccer games! I absolutely adore the Plum Petals!

  495. I adore the new blankets! Would love to wrap myself in Happy Snails on chilly fall football nights!

  496. Sparky says:

    I love cozy blankets, and I love Safari Sunset! I think this blanket would be awesome in other colors too, are there any plans to offer the blanket in other colors?

  497. Libby Bates says:

    Would LOVE one in Happy Snails – so cute!

  498. Leslie says:

    I love the new blankets and I’ve been drooling over the Happy Snails! So cute!

  499. Karen K says:

    What a great blanket for football games and fall ball. I love the Happy Snails pattern.

  500. Sarah says:

    So stylish and yet so many uses! From cheering on my students at games to hopping on a plane to visit family- I would be warm, cozy, and cute! All the new patterns are beautiful, but I think Happy Snails might be my favorite in the blanket. It’s warm and inviting.

  501. Monica says:

    Mocha Rouge…… Blankets make me smile…..imagine my smile to get a new Vera Stadium Blanket! Monica

  502. Kate says:

    Very cool! VB seems to always have new ideas to incorporate fabulous pattern into our daily lives. Awesome quality and pricing too. I love the Safari Sunset best.

  503. I think this blanket is awesome- perfect for football games or just for laying around the house with! I love them all, but Happy Snails is my favorite. If I were lucky enough to win one, though, I’d take whichever one you wanted to give me!

  504. I have to say that I love all things warm and all things Vera Bradley… perfect combination! What better way to spend a chilly Friday night than snuggled up underneath on of the Happy Snails stadium blankets with my fabulous husband and my precious children at a high school football game!

  505. Shannon says:

    The stadium blanket looks to be the perfect size for cuddling up with the family to watch all the school games. I’d love one in Safari Sunset!

  506. Devon Zukowski says:

    I’m in love!! I would love to have the stadium blanket in Happy Snails..this just might be my favorite pattern to date! I would love this one especially for outside games, picnics and whatever else fall holds for my family time with husband, Joe, and busy 1 year old Jaxon! We know how fast this time will go and I know cozying up together under this beautiful blanket would help us cherish these times! Thank you for the opportunity.

  507. Ali says:

    I love the Happy Snails pattern for the stadium blanket! The size of the blanket reallyshows how beautiful the pattern is!

  508. Makes me happy to see such a large print fabric! πŸ™‚ Plum Petals would be the color for me! It’s starting to get cooler out, a blanket would be awesome!

  509. Gwen Miller says:

    My friends tease me that I secretly have a part ownership in Vera Bradley because I carry purses, totes, messengers, billfolds, umbrellas and everything Vera. I also gift Vera to all my favorite people…my mom especially. She is 74 and the hardest to buy for BUT since I found the Stephanie purse she has been IN LOVE. I’ve bought 4 colors for her and with the pockets and easy opening she is able to keep organized. I would love a stadium blanket to give to my mom/dad so they could carry it to my dad’s chemo treatments. Any color would be great!

  510. Rachael says:

    I would choose the Happy Snails blanket because it just so cheery with the different types of flowers it has on it, and the bright colors. I think the Stadium Blanket would be nice and cozy to wrap up in, and would keep me warm when I am chilly.

  511. Sharon Dahlerup says:

    All four patterns are beautiful. My favorite is Safari Sunset, Can’t wait for my latest online order of Vera Bradley to arrive.

  512. I love the Stadium Blankets! Could you make more cozy bedding options like sheet sets and comforters to match our bags? Who says adults don’t need a blankie!?

  513. Becca Fox says:

    The stadium blankets look amazing!! I absolutely love going to football games, and now I won’t be frozen in my seat!! πŸ™‚ I would definitely get a blanket in Mocha Rouge.

  514. Melody says:

    Love Love the Stadium Blankets!! perfect for all the fall football games. My favorite is Mocha Rouge. I really like them all πŸ™‚

  515. I LOVE FALL! It is clearly my favorite season because of the colors and the cool, crisp mornings and the sunny warm afternoons. I love your stadium blankets! I like the Happy Snails the best of the four. However, I would love it if I could purchase one in Buttercup or Puccini with the solid brown on the back side. These two fabrics just remind of fall the most! πŸ™‚

  516. Stephanie sweetbell says:

    Love the blanket! Would love to see you expand more in home fashions…bedding, tablecloths, etc.

  517. Sherry W. says:

    Coco & Zoe,
    It’s our “goal” to win a blanket for our cat mom, Sherry W. We love to sit on her lap & all of us cuddling up with Plum Petals would be purrfect! VERA is the cat’s meow!!

  518. Chelsea Gerberding says:

    I would love to have a Stadium blanket!!!! I really like the Safari sunset. It would be really nice to have on a cold night at the racetrack.

  519. Nancy Guevara says:

    love the blanket touch. saw in our local store, prettier in person. thank you VB for creating more beauty

  520. Nancy Guevara says:

    im sorry mocha rouge is my choice

  521. Sarah E says:

    I love this blanket because it feels so light-weight (easy to travel with), but the fleece makes it really cozy and warm!!! Mocha rouge would coordinate with my bedroom (really great usage in any location)!

  522. Genesis D. says:

    Because your colors are vibrant,
    Like excited fans + many a loud chant,
    Keeping me warm through a cold game,
    The flowers of your design remain wild & untamed,
    Dearest *Safari Sunset* blanket,
    I hope you consider me, albeit,
    You are loved and adored by many,
    Shining through the winds like a bright copper penny,
    But as I cheer for my school, family, and nation,
    If you joined me, I would be full of appreciation!

  523. Can’t wait to pick up my VB blanket, don’t know which one to choose. Love them all!! This fall I will be nice and warm all snuggled in it, and I can hardy wait to use it!!!!

  524. Cathy K. says:

    Plum Petals is my favorite pattern and the blanket looks warm and cozy!

  525. Judy Silvas says:

    The blanket is beautiful. I am a HUGE VB fan. I like Plum Petals.

  526. Michelle L says:

    Oh I’d LOVE one in Mocha Rouge. Nothing like having a Vera blanket to feel warm and cozy, as well as pretty at the same time!

  527. Mary Ellen Mazo says:

    Love, love, LOVE the stadium blanket! Happy Snails for me! Thank you.

  528. tsilvia says:

    My daughter loves anything VB, she’s a huge fan! I would love to get one of these blankets for her. She’s a cheerleader for our home town “Warriors” team and she could really use it on those cold days on the sidelines : ) I think she would love it in Mocha Rouge.

  529. Shiloh says:

    I love the new Vera Bradley stadium blanket in Safari Sunset! It’s perfect for any type of outdoor event, and its super cozy. I think this piece is the perfect edition to my collection. LOVE it! πŸ™‚

  530. Tammy P says:

    Love everything VB! The stadium blanket is so cute and compfy. With Happy Snails I’d be as snug as a snail in its shell! lol

  531. Dawn says:

    Love the stadium blanket – it would be great for HS football games this fall. My choice would be Mocha Rouge!

  532. Gina says:

    I love the stadium blanket! Would love one in Safari Sunset! Not only perfect for cheering on my son’s HS football team but also would be perfect on gloomy fall days to snuggle in with a book and spend an afternoon relaxing & reading!

  533. Judy says:

    Love the stadium blanket! Happy Snails!!!!

  534. Sarah Laufer says:

    Oh my this blanket would be perfect for cold days at our sister schools football games. It is stylish and so many people can use it at once! I love the happy snails it defines the perfect combination of colors!

  535. Sarah says:

    Love these blankets! I’d love a Mocha Rouge one!!!

  536. Suzy Post says:

    I love the stadium blankets, they are all so pretty, right in style with Vera!! I am home, disabled, and I my home is to eventually have at least two of the blankets, at least one in Mocha and the other in Petals, so pretty and really makes you feel better. Well done Vera, and here is a shout out to my favorite Vera store Key West Boutique in Ft. Myers, Fl. Vicky and the staff there have been a great support to me during this difficult time! Thank you all!

  537. Brittany says:

    Love the blanket! Safari sunset is so pretty! Was excited when I heard about the blanket!!!

  538. Candice says:

    Love, Love, Love Happy Snails! Would love to have a Vera Bradley blanket! I love all things Vera! All fabric swatches are absolutely beautiful! My first Vera Bradley purchases were 10 years ago and I am still using the entire set! Vera never goes out of style!

  539. Danielle Wauters says:

    I love this idea! This would be perfect for the night football games in Texas because I promise opposed to popular belief it gets chilly here in winter. I’d love this blanket to be in Safari Sunset.

  540. Christine says:

    I love the Happy Snails blanket. The pattern is truly happy and the fleece side is so cozy! My daughter loves this blanket and is anxious to take it to some Carolina Panthers games!

  541. Enjoli monier says:

    I love how the stadium blanket is quilted on the front that way it doesn’t get to messy I would chose happy snails because I adore everything in that pattern

  542. JessicaVDT says:

    I love the Mocha Rouge blanket… I think it is my new favorite color. These blankets look really cozy πŸ™‚

  543. Trista Estrin says:

    I love the stadium blanket in Happy Snails! It’s perfect for all our family outings to our favorite college games, and kid games! It would even be great to take with us camping! Fabulous!

  544. Lydia Jo Wolheter says:

    I love the stadium blanket because I love to watch football and snuggle up and be warm. I love the plum pattern.

  545. Susan says:

    What a great idea! It looks so comfy and cozy. I’d like it in safari sunset. πŸ™‚

  546. Cindy says:

    I love the outdoors in the fall and what a beautiful way to stay warm!! I love the Safari Sunset pattern. Vera never disappoints!

  547. Paula says:

    I would love to have this blanket in the Mocha Rouge. Brown and Pink are my two most favorite colors together. I am in high school band, so in the winter this would be great to have during all the cold games! Also, my birthday is coming up, and this would be a wonderful present! πŸ™‚

  548. Ashley Lyn says:

    I would love one in Mocha Rouge!

  549. Joan says:

    AWESOME Blanket! Great for Florida High School Soccer Games. Our football games are warm but soccer is quite cold for us Floridians. Would love to have the Happy Snails with all it’s pretty colors!
    Thanks for all your wonderful new products. I’m always excited to see what’s new and what I can add to my collection.

  550. Deborah Schoeneck says:

    I just discovered Vera Bradley this summer after my Father died. The joyous colors and patterns just jumped out to embrace me! I recently placed my 1st order for a pleated tote that I am eagerly awaiting. I would absolutely LOVE to win the stadium blanket in Mocha Rouge ( I’m GIRL who loves COFFEE).

  551. Lauren McCraw says:

    The new Stadium blankets are gorgeous. Vera Bradley is always coming with new ways to look great where ever you go. I’d love to have one in Safari Sunset because it’s the closest one to my team’s colors, not to mention look great in my house cuddled up on the couch. Thanks VB :0)

  552. Amalia says:

    The stadium blanket would be a great addition to a cool and brisk late season baseball game or the upcoming football season in Massachusetts. I’m always cold and have tons of layers on. So this blanket in Safari Sunset would make my layering a little more stylish, colorful, and add an extra layer of warmth.

  553. Carol Tootalian says:

    This stadium blanket is so adorable. Love the Happy Snails to match my purse and accessories. My daughter in college would love one of these to go with her Happy Snails laundry bag!

  554. Chelsea says:

    What an adorable to stay warm at all your fall games! I love the Happy Snails!

  555. Chelsey Holloway says:

    I LOVE ANYTHING VERA BRADLEY!!!! I especially love the new stadium blankets!!! They look very warm and cozy, especially at those cold nights at the football games every friday night!!! I would LOVE one in Happy Snails!

  556. Melissa Olsen says:

    I absolutely love the look of the Stadium Blanket. It would be perfect for bundling up for Fall Sports. Plus, it’s very girly and with a house full of girls it would be used time and time again! I think the Mocha Rouge would be the perfect one for us!

  557. Sherry says:

    This blanket is gorgeous! I’m partial to the Happy Snails pattern. πŸ™‚

  558. -- S says:

    Love the fall colors on the stadium blanket, would love to win one! Could you make some of these in the “inside” fall patterns as well?

  559. Jaimie says:

    Love this idea! You can never have too many blankets especially a fabulous VB patterned blanket. Definitley need one!

  560. SoneBale says:

    You really hit it out of the ballpark with the Fall 2011 patterns! They are all so beautiful. Who wouldn’t want a big blanket covered in any of them? Mocha Rouge is my favorite and a Stadium Blanket in that pattern would be a great addition to my collection. Thanks for all your fantastic products that brighten up our days and homes!

  561. Courtney Leonard says:

    I love the new stadium blanket! Very happy to see they are coming up with new products and lines all of the time! Maybe a camera bag for all of my lenses and flash is in the future?!?!

    Happy snail and safari sunset are my favorite! Either one would look great heading on my lap during football games!!!

  562. Lori says:

    This blanket is perfect for fall – anywhere or anytime – not just at football games! It looks so cozy and warm. What a colorful way to snuggle up. My favorite color is Mocha Rouge – love that pattern!

  563. It would be great for soccer games!

  564. Karina Ogunlana says:

    i love this stadium blanket! in october, the games begin to get chilly, and it would be awesome to have the vera bradley stadium blanket keep me warm!! my favorite print would have to be mocha rouge!! ❀ this

  565. Cindy says:

    Mocha Rouge is my favorite pattern and naturally my favorite color in the new stadium blanket! That pattern is the perfect mix of chocolate and cotton candy pink and would look so cute with my room!

  566. Sarah says:

    This blanket is so adorableI I would be insanely happy if I got the chance to own one of these soft things! Mocha Rouge would totally match my pink and brown bedspread and my Imperial Toile Ribbon Board! (along with my closet half full of Vera!) Keep up the good work and I hope I win! I would jump for joy if I did! This would be a great addition to my growing collection. And, my birthday is coming up too! πŸ™‚ Mocha Rouge is my all time FAVORITE pattern right now and reminds me of why I first fell in love with Vera Bradley: the pink and brown in Imperial Toile!

  567. Barbara Boso says:

    The stadium blanket is AWESOME ! It is a ‘genius’ idea and a perfect item to take to any football game this Fall! I LOVE the “Happy Snails” pattern because it has such vibrant colors and looks like it would keep me warm while cheering my favorite team on to a victory! I also will be the envy of all my girlfriends, as they all would be asking me where they could purchase one !! Love, Love, LOve the new stadium blanket!! πŸ™‚ Long live VERA BRADLEY !!

  568. Sue Tripp says:

    Way to go Team Vera – the stadium blanket gets the touchdown! I would love to score one in Plum Petals!

  569. Emily Semmelrock says:

    This blanket seems so versatile! It could be used for a game, a sleepover, or just hanging out at home with a book (or a Vera Bradley catalouge)! I love the Plum Petals pattern.

  570. Mutti says:

    I would love a Stadium Blanket in Plum Petals! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  571. Kris says:

    I love the blanket in the Safari Sunset – the colors look so vibrant on that big canvas!

  572. Megan Gerberding says:

    I love these new stadium blankets! They are such a wonderful idea! I love the Sunset Safari print!

  573. Cara Gerberding says:

    Cute blanket I would love it in happy snails!

  574. Kim Gerberding says:

    I love the blanket in sunset safari! Hope to have one to keep warm with this winter!!

  575. I ADORE the Happy Snails!! Its great for football games and the ve in movies! AND It looks great with my vera bradley hipster!!

  576. They all are soooo pretty! This would be the perfect thing to have this football season! I am a HUGEEEE Colts fan, and you should pick me because of my teams huge loss of Peyton Manning! This would certainly cheer me up! Cheers!!!

  577. Sandra Hopkins says:

    I love Vera Bradley…I have 20+ purses. I would love to have the Stadium Blanket in Plum Petals. What a perfect way to keep warm and cozy while watching my grandson’s football game. And wouldn’t all the other grandmothers be envious!! Thank you Vera Bradley!!

  578. Marai Esquivel says:

    I love the blanket, would love to win the Mocha Rouge. Recently, became a huge fan of Vera Bradley items.

  579. LorieR says:

    I love the Happy Snails but would have to go with Plum Petals for my daughter. She would be thrilled!

  580. Katie Kromer says:

    I think the Stadium Blanket is a great idea! I would love to have it in Safari Sunset. It would be perfect for keeping warm at games and on cold winter nights.

  581. I love Football! I love Happy Snails! Go Lions, Buckeyes, and Vera!

  582. Rhonda Pflugh says:

    I love the Mocha Rouge stadium blanket!

  583. I would pick Plum Petals of course because purple anything is my favorite!!! So please please pick me.

  584. Sarah says:

    I think they look awesome! I’m new to VB but have become obsessed since making my first purchase this summer! I love MOCHA ROUGE!!

  585. Megan P says:

    I think I need to cuddle up in a Happy Snails blanket for the Virginia Tech games!

  586. Tory White says:

    LOVE the stadium blanket! As the football mom of 3 rowdy boys, I’d love the girly plum petals~

  587. Katrina Dalbey says:

    I LOVE Vera Bradley and would love to add this blanket to my collection. I think the Mocha Rouge is the perfect color for this piece and would bring it to all my football/outdoor events!

  588. Becky Lee Carter says:

    Love the idea of the blanket, I am a grandmother and Aunt who attends several football and soccer games each week routing the kids on. I am indivudal who is always cold this would diffently keep me warm. My niece got me into Vera Breadly serveral years ago and 5 patterns ago( each has been discounted) and numerous purchases since. This Blanket would be a perfect addition!

  589. I absolutely love this blanket! I am definitely in love with the happy snails pattern and would love to have something so colorful to bring to Wingate sporting events! Go bulldogs!!

  590. Jen Morgan says:

    I love this blanket! I would love to win the happy snails blanket!!

  591. Cindy says:

    I absolutely Love the stadium blanket in Happy Snails!!

  592. Debera says:

    Safari Sunset is my choice for sure!! Love, Love, Love it!!!

  593. Jordan says:

    I would love to have a stadium blanket in Mocha Rouge because it’s starting to get cold here and nothing would look better in the stands.

  594. Lisa mumme says:

    I would love to have the happy snails blanket to warm my feet in the stands to watch my daughter cheer for LP

  595. Bonni says:

    I just saw the ad today for the Stadium Blanket in Happy Snails and had to call around to find a local store that hadn’t sold out already! Happy to say I got me one…but we have a large family and I’d ADORE to have another…my second favorite pattern is Safari Sunset…I love purples so much! But the bright colors in Happy Snails I just had to try to get…which will also look nice as a throw on my leather couch. πŸ˜‰

  596. Ashley says:

    I love the new stadium blankets because they are just a great way to stay warm and cheer for ur winning team. If I were to get one of the new stadium blankets I would choose the color or pattern happy snail. I really would love a stadium blanket for free!! πŸ˜‰

  597. Liz says:

    Vera blankets are “Vera” fabulous! I would very much love to have a Plum Petals!

  598. Katie says:

    I love the blankets, it’s a great thing to have for when you still want to cheer on your teams but it’s getting a little chilly outside. And it gives you a good excuse to cozy up to someone cute. πŸ™‚ I think my favorite pattern from this season would have to be Safari Sunset, the whole color scheme I love and the patten is very exotic and lovely.

  599. Janie says:

    I would love to have the new stadium blanket in plum petals. We are on the go right now with fall softball and football and this would help me keep warm on those nights when we have the late game. Not only would I be warm, but I would also look stylish too!

  600. Laura says:

    Perfect for football or staying warm in bed- love it!
    Happy snails is definitely my favorite of the fall prints

  601. Lisa Cianfrani says:

    I would be very proud to have a Vera Bradley blanket and any print will work especially when rooting for my tram. After all no matter what print we have we are all a part of the positive and that’s what makes a great team.

  602. Rachelle Lawlor says:

    The Stadium blanket is such a great idea. It’s tough to pick a favorite, but after much consideration, I would pick Happy Snails.

  603. Diana Gonzalez says:

    I dont have one yet, But would love to have a couple of them.

  604. Sara says:

    I love the Mocha Rouge. The blanket would be great to take my daughter’s soccer games this fall. I would be the most stylish soccer mom on the sidelines! πŸ™‚

  605. laura says:

    I love the new stadium blanket!! I’d choose the Plum Petals because it’s the perfect shades of purple to show my Royals pride at the University of Scranton! πŸ™‚

  606. This is such an adorable blanket! It looks so comfortable and I’d love to have one for myself since I’m probably going to be going to a lot of HS football games this season. If I got one, I’d choose Safari Sunset, I LOVE that color ❀

  607. Jenni Hatfield says:

    Ooh! A Vera Bradley blanket would wonderful while snuggling on the couch with those I love! As with all the Vera patterns, it is so hard to pick a favorite! However, if I have to choose, it would be Happy Snails! The colors are BEAUTIFUL! I hope I’ll get to snuggle up with it soon!

  608. Jean says:

    Not quite fall weather, but getting close in Michigan. VB Blanket in Plum Petals would look great and feel cozy while cheering on the Wolverines!

  609. Lydia S. says:

    I saw the Stadium Blankets at my local retailer and I was amazed how big they were ! I didn’t buy one yet , but I loved the Happy Snails blanket . πŸ™‚

  610. Elizabeth Conger says:

    What a great idea to have such a feminine stadium blanket! I am out numbered 3 boys to 1 in my house so I would love to get one in Happy Snails!

  611. Carole L says:

    Love, love, love the new stadium blankets. Living up north, I spend a good portion of the year cuddled up in a blanket and can think of nothing better than being wrapped in one of the new fall colors. While I love ALL the fall colors, I think I’d love a blanket most in the Safari Sunset because it would match my family room colors.

  612. Serena says:

    So cute! I love blankets so much. (I like them so much my parents gave me a blanket for my birthday.=)) Patterns are adorable….. but if i had to pick one i think it would be Safari Sunset!

  613. melissa says:

    I love the new stadium blanket. So pretty to see the patterns so large. I love them all but if I had to pick I think I would choose Happy Snails.

  614. Diana B. says:

    I love the stadium blanket! they look so warm, fuzzy and cozy on a crisp cold night! perfect to snuggle up and cheer for your team! and also perfect to curl up on the couch with a hot cup of coco watching the snowflakes fall outside the window!

  615. Johanna says:

    I really love all Vera Bradley products and this wonderful, cozy and versatile satdium blanket is not the exception!!! I can not wait to have my beautiful plum petals blanket!!!!!

  616. Becky DenDanto says:

    I wish I had a Stadium Blanket; the blanket looks so cozy and pretty. I would love to win one in Happy Snails print.

  617. Catherine says:

    I think the stadium balnket is amazing and very ideal. I have always wished that Vera Bradley made things like this. Its a dream come true. Mocha Rouge is my favorite, so I would love to get the stadium blanket in it.

  618. Ashley says:

    I love the idea of a Vera blanket! One in Happy Snails would be not only great for chilly games, but would look amazing on my bed during the cold winters here!!

  619. Karla says:

    I love the new stadium blankets – finally a fashionable way to stay warm and dry while cheering on your team! I would love one in happy snails

  620. Marcy Phillips says:

    I think the stadium blankets are so pretty. Would love one in Plum Petals. I can see it being a great Sunday afternoon nap blanket. I could use it while I watch football with my sweet husband.

  621. Traci B says:

    I would love this for cold High School Football games and I would absolutely love it in Plum Petals!!!

  622. Looks like a great way to keep warm! I’d love to have Safari Sunset!

  623. amber says:

    I love the blanket, saw it in a store but couldn’t afford that much for a blanket. The Mocha Rouge is my favorite, so very pretty.

  624. Julie says:

    This blanket is opening a whole new set of doors for Vera Bradley- one that will be very popular! I love its versatility-on a bed, as a decoration, and of course for function. As a Vera-loving UCF student I would use this blanket non stop! In my apartment, fall nights, and on trips to football games with my band! I absolutely love Safari Sunset, since it’s such a unique pattern.

  625. Lauren A. says:

    I am so excited for these new blankets!!! My favorite is Happy Snails!

  626. Nicole and Sophie :) says:

    i LOVE the idea of vera in a blanket, Mocha Rouge would look perfect for my baby daughter and to curl up with and watch a game or two. she gives two dimples out to these vera blankets, love love love πŸ™‚

  627. Beth says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw Plum Petals, was, ‘I’d never have to worry about the guys stealing THAT one!! It looks so warm, and would be perfect for watching my kid’s sporting events!

  628. Sierra Motley says:

    I absolutely love the stadium blanket idea!! I am in the marching band and it can get pretty chilly cheering on ones team. This blanket would be great to get warm in and also using it on away games on the buses. I would love to have one to share with my best friend who I have come to believe is one of Vera Bradley’s biggest fan! My favorite is Mocha Rouge the flowers are pretty and elegant and look amazing on the stadium blanket. πŸ™‚

  629. Vanessa says:

    I luv Plum Petals too! I scored the special edition birthday bag and a tech case in this print and so need this blanket to go with πŸ™‚ Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  630. kris says:

    I think these blankets would be perfect for keeping me warm during my fall picnics at the park. Plus the happy snails print would be a great bright way to perk up the fall weather.

  631. Shastine says:

    I love the fleece side! Mocha Rouge is the one I would choose.

  632. Michelle Childress says:

    I would love to have one of these for watching my son’s soccer games!! I would definitely choose Plum Petals. πŸ™‚

  633. Becky Meadows says:

    Just love the new stadium blankets!!!!! Now there is a way to promote Vera Bradley in a new whole way. This gives the oppurtunity to show off the patterns in a wide range of activites…..GO VERA BRADLEY!!!!!!! Love the Mocha Rouge =)

  634. Emily says:

    The Stadium blanket looks so cozy. I would use it for anywhere I went, just not for outdoor activities. Happy snails looks fun and is a fun color to say, makes me think of the song happy trails to you…Thanks Vera!

  635. Sandy S. says:

    The stadium blankets are beautiful! I would love to send my daughter off to college wrapped in Vera Bradley style – Safari Sunset, of course!

  636. Jan says:

    This would be a good gift for someone who enjoys pretty things and likes to be pampered. I love the colors in Happy Snails!

  637. Krista Horton says:

    I just LOVE this stadium blanket. You can’t go wrong with any pattern, but I think my favorite is the Happy Snails. My eight year old is obsessed with Vera Bradley and would be the envy of all of her friends at the Friday night games if we won! Thanks for such great products!!!!

  638. Lynn says:

    This blanket is gorgeous, practical, and looks super comfortable! I would adore one in Plum Petals – my college’s mascot and school color is purple! I am so glad Vera Bradley came up with another ingenious product that intertwines necessity with classic elegance. Thank you Vera!

  639. Meredith says:

    These are so fabulous!!! It’s hard to choose a favorite color…but I think Mocha Rogue is my fave!

  640. JoAnn says:

    These blankets are all so pretty. Love snuggling up in a cozy blanket. I love Happy Snails the most though. πŸ™‚

  641. carla schafer. says:

    I love the size of blanket perfect, in fact. My favorite is safari sunset.i

  642. Angela says:

    Great idea. Perfect for a freezing cold office…all year long. πŸ™‚ I would pick Mocha Rouge.

  643. Christine says:

    This stadium blanket would be perfect for any college student…especially a freshman! It would perfect to take the football games on cold nights or to lay out on on the grass on the warm days! Not to mention a great way to make friends. I would love to take a mocha rouge stadium blanket to college(:

  644. Erin E. S. says:

    Saw them at the signature store and they seem so perfect for the Fall, they look so cozy and snuggly! Perfect for when I’m on the couch either watching tv or reading πŸ™‚

  645. Kylie says:

    I love these blankets soooo much! They are beautiful! I would definitely choose Safari Sunset to add a certain flair to my dorm room!

  646. Mary J Riner says:

    I would love to have this in Happy πŸ™‚ Snails. I would be the envy of many, many people!!!!!!!!!!!

  647. Kristy says:

    Love love love the new stadium blankets. Finally something to use during our chilly fall months that keep you warm as well as look good. Perfect for my daughter’s soccer games. I would live one in Happy Snails! Great colors plus the navy reverse will hold up well.

  648. Megan Vesel says:

    This is absolutely adorable! I would LOVE one of these for the fall! The fleece on the back is such an amazing idea; this would be perfect for bonfires on the beach in northern Michigan. The “Happy Snails” pattern is my favorite!

  649. Kyle Wojtowicz says:

    My fiance would absolutely love this! She loves going out and spending the end of our days on the beach and watching the sunset! The “Safari Sunset” is my favorite!

  650. Leah Serraes says:

    Oh I am just in LOVE with the Stadium Blanket!!! Would love to get one in Plum Petals!! πŸ™‚

  651. Lisa says:

    I’m always looking for a new fun colorful blanket that could be used anywhere! I love the mocha rouge!

  652. Vicki says:

    Love these blankets! Safari Sunset is my favorite!

  653. Michelle Balvin says:

    I’m a HUGH fan of all the Vera Bradley Patterns and products. But I just love these new stadium blankets. This blanket looks perfect for cuddling with my honey next to the fireplace cozy and warm. My favorite pattern is currently the Plum Petals. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  654. Patty says:

    These stadium blankets are great. My son plays in the band so every Friday night this fall I’m in the stands watching high school football. A blanket is a must have and these are so cute. A blanket in Safari Sunset would be just the thing to keep me warm.

  655. Yvette says:

    This would be wonderful to have during my childrens games! All the patterns are just lovely!

  656. Izzi says:

    They all look so beautiful!

  657. Amber D Clarke says:

    I love this! It’s Happy Snails for me!

  658. Katy says:

    I love all of these blankets and they look so warm! Mocha Rouge is my favorite though.

  659. Lea Henricks says:

    I love the blanket!!! Definitely wouldn’t have to use my ugly snuggie anymore!!! Save this fashion don’t with a trendy stadium blanket. Happy Snails has this fan’s name written all over it!!!!!

  660. Joyce Palmer says:

    I’m new to Vera Bradley and I am having loads of fun ordering new products. My recent obsession is the Safari Sunset collection. I would just love a stadium blanket in this pattern to help me along with my collection!

  661. Yvonne J. says:

    For a girl who seems to be always cold, a stadium blanket would be wonderful. And Vera too, I’m in LOVE!

  662. Mary says:

    Hi! i love all things vera! i have all different purses wristlets and wllets landyards like i have tons! and love it all! its genuis! quilt bags i would chose happy snails or mocha rouge if i won i cant chose! they are both great! i luv how many different things there are you should make hampers! i would so get that p.s i also love the water color just got soemthign like that

  663. Cheryl says:

    I love the Happy Snails pattern!

  664. Diane says:

    I’d love a stadium blanket in Plum Petals to keep me warm watching TV this winter.

  665. Heather says:

    The stadium blankets are awesome! I would love one in Mocha Rouge to keep me warm!

  666. Brittany says:

    These are perfect for chilly nights in the football stands! I would love to keep warm with a Happy Snails blanket!!

  667. sheila casaburi says:

    i love the plum petals. i spend alot of time watching my grandkids play soccer,baseball and softball. i know this blanket would keep us all very cozy. I am a great fan of vera bradley and i know this blanket wont disappoint!!!

  668. Kristen says:

    I NEED that blanket for the end of soccer season!! Mocha Rouge for this mom of three boys. That way they won’t try and steal my pin floral blanket! πŸ™‚

  669. Christine C. says:

    The stadium blanket by VB would be great to have when my high school son has a football game on a cool fall night in Colorado. All the patterns are great,, but I think I like Safari Sunset the best.

  670. I am absolutely obsessed with happy snails! I have a tote, all my school supplies are in happy snails, and I just ordered a stitch letter shirt for my sorority in happy snails!! I would love at stadium blanket to cozy up under at home, especially going into fall and winter!! It sounds like heaven to snuggle under it, in sweats, with some hot chocolate! Also, I work for an college athletic department and work all our football games… This blanket would be fantastic to keep me warm on those cold evenigs!!

  671. Lisa says:

    I would love to have the stadium blanket in Safari Sunset! It would be wonderful for the UK football games this year on those chilly nights, not to mention looking stylish at the same time!

  672. anne says:

    LOVE the Safari Sunset — just my colors! and great purple fleece li WOW

  673. Judi says:

    Can’t wait to see these in person, and get one. Hoping that Plum Petals doesn’t look too busy and that they will work well as a comforter.

  674. Kristen says:

    Looks cozy! I’d choose Plum Petals, I think.

  675. Dena says:


  676. Carole L says:

    Just saw these in the store yesterday and absolutely LOVE the Mocha Rouge!!! Beautiful!

  677. Ronnie says:

    Love the stadium blankets! A perfect accessory for a college dorm. I love the mocha rouge blanket to coordinate with my daughters mod floral pink collection.

  678. Jamie Beck says:

    I have four boys, two play football and two play soccer. I NEED this stadium blanket very badly. πŸ™‚ I need to look fashionable at all of my boys games plus stay warm this season. I love the plum petals color because in my all boy household I need something purple to call my own!!!

  679. Kelly says:

    I want the blanket cuz my brother plays football and it get VERY cold at his games safari sunset is my absolute favorite fall color!!! I’m Sooo obsessed with Vera And I really hope this comment isn’t too late! πŸ˜‰

  680. Diana Curtis says:

    I have SO MANY Vera Bradley bags and accessories, so I LOVE the idea of a cozy blanket in my favorite prints by Vera Bradley, too!

    I’m a purple person; I love Plum Petals!

  681. Hello! I simply wish to give an enormous thumbs up for the
    great info you may have here on this post. I can be coming again to your weblog for more soon.

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