Bliss carries …

Bliss carries ...

Bliss Cook, Vera Bradley Financial Analyst, is quite the girl on the go. When she’s not busy providing analytical support to our creative teams, she can often be found doing something active (she loves running and yoga) or volunteering in the community.

“My family has always taught me the importance of volunteering (I started tying bows for the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer at age 8), and I have seen the value it can bring to my life today. I am currently the VP of Membership for the Junior League of Fort Wayne and love having the opportunity to learn more about the community I’ve grown up in and give back to women and children in need.”

Quite the fashionista, Bliss’ look is always perfectly polished and put-together. “After visiting London in May, I am hooked on British street fashion, and am always on the lookout for fun and unique dresses and heels.” Naturally, we just had to take a peek inside of her Chain Handbag to see what keeps this busy girl looking good and ready for just about anything.

Bliss carries ...

1. Chain Handbag in Happy Snails.
“I love handheld bags. The Chain Handbag is easy to carry around, looks chic on the arm, and is versatile as a handheld or a shoulder bag.”

2. Let Me Check in Folkloric, digital camera and Tech Case in Blue Lagoon.
“I am a ‘To-do’ list person. If I didn’t have my daily tasks written down, I wouldn’t get them done! The Let Me Check is great because of the organization provided by the different sections. I have one for work projects, Junior League tasks, and gifts that I need to purchase from the Vera Bradley Store.”

3. Sunglasses, Nars makeup and Brush and Pencil in Happy Snails.
“The Brush and Pencil is great for carrying the essentials.”

4. Cards for writing thank-you notes and a hair clip.
“It’s still fun to get ‘snail mail.’ My mom has always told me that a handwritten thank you note makes a lasting impression. I use my Junior League stationery to say thank you to my chairs and other members and my i heart eco notecards to write notes to friends and family that live out of town.”

5. Zip Around Wallet in Happy Snails.

6. My Tagalongs Foldable Flats and Mentos breath mints.
“When going out for a day full of shopping or when on vacation in a big city, it is great to toss these foldable flats in your purse and pop them on whenever you need a break from heels. I used them in Chicago a few weekends ago and my feet were grateful.”

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7 Responses to Bliss carries …

  1. Monica says:

    A fellow JL Membership VP! I was Membership VP of the Junior League of Richmond (VA). I’m also happy to share that ladies in our League love VB!

  2. Nancy says:

    This doesn’t have to do with this post but you should make Vera Bradley Duck Tape.

  3. nora says:

    i love her dress. Where did she get????????????

  4. Pam says:

    Where can I find the Let Me Check ?

  5. priscilla says:

    Oh, can you tell me how to get to the let me check section? I have a few vera bradley colectibles myself. I have 1 toatbag, a purse which looks like a doctor’s bag with 2 long straps, 2 wristlets, 3 Id cases, 2 laniards, 2 all in 1 wristlets, 1 euro style wallet, and a cary it all wallet which i’m currently using which i love. I have classes and i’m currently using that wallet as my main wallet which fits my 3g’s iphone. note that i have to put my iphone with the screen facing towards the front of the wallet so my keys and stuff doesn’t scratch the screen.

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