Web Team Warriors

What better way to spend a Saturday than scaling giant walls, leaping over fire, and scrambling through a murky mud pit? That’s how members of our Web Team, along with a few other Vera Bradley employees, spent their Saturday as they completed the 3.1 mile Warrior Dash in Crawfordsville, Indiana. There was a lot of mud and a few bumps and bruises, but somehow everyone managed to survive.

Vera Bradley does Warrior Dash

Vera Bradley does Warrior Dash

Vera Bradley does Warrior Dash

Vera Bradley does Warrior Dash

We’re extremely lucky that Vera Bradley is a big supporter of employee health. Between our Virgin HealthMiles program, our corporate gym and sponsoring us in events like Warrior Dash and Fort4Fitness, we really have no excuse to not be active. Signing up for Warrior Dash proved to be the extra push we needed to get ourselves in top form, and it didn’t hurt that training for the race resulted in a combined weight loss of 62 lbs. between 4 of our Web Team members!

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2 Responses to Web Team Warriors

  1. Libby says:

    Great pictures! Everyone looks awesome. I knew there was mud in these races, but the fire looks a little scary… go web team! And I love the matching shirts– did the mud wash out?!

  2. -- S says:

    The real question is: did the mud wash out of their handbags?

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