Liz on Location for Fall 2011

Trend Reporter Liz shares tales from the set of the Fall 2011 catalog photo shoots.

The Fall 2011 catalog photo shoot took us from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Atlanta, Georgia, with a barrage of memorable stops and folks in both locations.

First, in Vera Bradley’s Hoosier hometown, we visited some local landmarks, including Power’s Hamburgers, a small dive serving up some of the best sliders you’ve ever had until the wee hours of the morning. We also snapped some shots at another local gem, Hyde Brothers, Booksellers, a used bookstore stacked with countless pages to browse and titles to inspire a little fall reading. Since we were celebrating back to school, we stopped by a local elementary school and of course snapped a few pictures on a school bus.

Fall 2011 Behind the Scenes

Next up, Atlanta, Georgia, and the Emory Oxford and Emory Atlanta campus. We fell in love with the area and took in several of the local hidden gems. We were lucky to discover Java Jive Coffee House and Cafe, where we rejuvenated with some amazing iced coffee and got to visit with the owners, who shared how they acquired the vintage pieces that made up the coffeehouse’s hip décor. Then we were off to tempt our dancing shoes at Wax n’ Facts, where there was so much vinyl (well a lot less since our visit) to thumb through we could barely restrain our nostalgic hearts and twinkle toes from doing the moonwalk or mashed potato!

Fall 2011 Behind the Scenes

Fall 2011 Behind the Scenes

Fall 2011 Behind the Scenes

Of course we always leave room for a few silly photo ops of our own. We took a break to shoot our own version of a fashion shoot with hair and makeup artist Rick playing model.

Fall 2011 Behind the Scenes

Last but not least we shot at The Fox Theatre in downtown Atlanta, which was located directly across from our hotel. The set was an amazing backdrop, especially in the evening, with the twinkling lights and gorgeous architecture. As an extra treat, the reality competition So You Think You Can Dance was hosting its Atlanta auditions at the same time and invited us inside for a sneak peek!

This beautiful trip didn’t lead us too far from home, but it certainly provided plenty of inspiration for Fall. We hope you enjoy!

p.s. Just so you know what it looks like to be Liz on Location, meet Byron the man behind the camera.

Fall 2011 Behind the Scenes

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7 Responses to Liz on Location for Fall 2011

  1. Ann says:

    So happy that you had a chance to experience some of the best places in my favorite city, ALTANTA, GA!

  2. summer says:

    Liz – I love your sunglasses! Where are they from?

    • CourtneyVB says:

      Thanks! These were actually a local Atlanta purchase. Sadly I can’t remember the name of the store but just a few doors down from Wax N’ Facts in Atlanta there were some great vintage stores, I scored these there (for a mere $10) along with some inspiration for our spring line! -Liz

  3. Sparky says:

    You should totally have Rick model more!

  4. Pauline says:

    Loved seeing all the pics of your fall shoot at Emory!!!!
    They brought back many happy memories of my alma mater….and the Vera Bradley bags I toted around while there !
    ~Pauline Maietta
    class of 2007

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