Mocha Rouge

Trend Reporter Liz takes us, color by color, through Fall 2011.

The line work in this print was deeply inspired by the hand-drawn style of graphics and illustrations proving to be so prevalent this season. We love incorporating trends from the art industry and adore the free-flowing feeling conveyed in this pattern.

Mocha Rouge

With the strong reemergence of lingerie on the runway, there are a lot of seductive fashions and colors hitting the mainstream market. You’ve probably noticed a sea of lovely peachy-pink colors at your favorite store, and that’s exactly where the color inspiration for Mocha Rouge came from. We blended those lipstick pinks with a softer brown and black to make it match your little black dress (I picture a clutch wallet at a fall wedding) or your favorite jeans and a white T-shirt (insert cozy chocolate brown sweater). So cute!

Fall 2011 colors and styles officially arrive online and in stores Thursday, July 7!

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18 Responses to Mocha Rouge

  1. S. Greiner says:

    MUST PURCHASE!!! This is my favorite pattern so far!!! Love these colors!!!

  2. MoriahN says:

    This is my fav fall pattern! I want a laptop backpack, pencil set, 2012 student agenda, and umbrella in this pattern! : ) Love it! It’s in my top three fav patterns! : )

  3. heather says:

    Love love LOVE!! 🙂

  4. Jenn says:

    This is my absolute favorite pattern – probably ever! I am definitely getting the Weekender, an umbrella, an agenda, and that beautiful blanket I saw inthe sneak peek in this pattern!! Sooo gorgeous!!

  5. Sparky says:

    I think this pattern would be nice for something small, like a makeup bag or wristlet.

  6. anne says:

    This is my fav out of the new ones….the others are a little too much for me this time. Maybe they will grow on me!

  7. Sara says:

    Does the agenda just have a monthly breakdown or a weekly one as well? And since it is a 3-ring binder, can you buy “replacement” years from one year to the next if you don’t want to buy a new agenda each year? New to Vera – thanks!

  8. Emily says:

    I bought the Carry It All wristlet in this pattern back in March when Vera Bradley was testing it. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it! The contrast between the bright pink and darker browns and blacks is what really makes this pattern so amazing.

  9. melissa says:

    It’s so unfair to have to wait till the FALL to get this wonderful pattern!!!! I MUST have it!!

  10. mary jane Lain says:

    why do the stores in my area not have the ON THE GO styles?

    • says:

      It’s easy to order from any store. Just call any one and they will ship. Greatest customer service ever!

  11. CJ-VERA OBSESSED! says:

    Very Pretty! The Subtleness and Simplicity of the pattern makes Mocha Rouge so Attractive! The Splash of Pinks appears soft, yet so COLORFUL! Just love the way the flowers POP! LOVE the versatility of the brown with black background. Another WINNER!! 🙂

  12. marlys bridgeman says:

    this is so pretty! my favorite of new colors!

  13. sherry says:

    This has to be my favorite so far! I live these colors. I must have it!!

  14. isabella says:

    Love it!!! I especially like the inside pattern.

  15. Nan Walvoord says:

    Love it. Can’t wait to carry it.

  16. Michelle says:

    Mocha Rouge is the style I want for my next planner! 🙂 Love it!

    I wish the planners weren’t all from June-December though, since when I buy a new planner for this January 2012, I will be unable to use the first 7 months (June ’11-December ’11) due to the fact that I have already used them in the planner I have now and it will be too late anyhow.
    Wasted months 😦

    Still, even though they should start on the month the last one ends, I love them and in January 2012, I will be buying my 2nd planner 🙂

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