Happy Snails

Trend Reporter Liz takes us color by color through Fall 2011.

Are you ready for something really fabulous? Seriously, are you ready? Because the Fall 2011 line is a knockout and I am not just saying that because I work here. (Ok, maybe a little …) Let’s start with a little joy, shall we?

This print offers more than just a palette of turquoise, coral, red and golden yellow on a season-perfect navy ground. It also boasts a whimsical floral pattern we know you love (reminiscent, perhaps, of Purple Punch). We saw an outrageous amount of florals when scouting trends for the season, all in various styles. We chose these colors for our burst of seasonal blooms, and included one element that we think is the bee’s knees (or the snail’s, I suppose, assuming they have knees). We tucked a parade of these cute little shell-bodied friends along the border and lining.
Happy SnailsI’m sure you’ve noticed the abundance of animals, birds, insects and other creatures on clothing and interiors in the last several seasons. This trend is a little about connecting with nature and a little about humor, because after all, that cute little snail does make you smile!

Add this pattern to your spring and summer wardrobe by pairing it with a navy or red stripe. Rest assured, those preppy stripes will be moving right into Fall. Feel free to pair it with a neutral-toned blazer or jacket when the weather turns cool, and you’re good to go!

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41 Responses to Happy Snails

  1. Erica says:

    I heart happy snails, thanks Vera

  2. ajergaerg ergheiurth says:


  3. ajergaerg ergheiurth says:

    Very funky

  4. ajergaerg ergheiurth says:


  5. boilerup!! says:

    i think this pattern just might be my favorite!!!

  6. I’m considering this pattern for my diaper bag for my new baby boy (arriving in Sept)!

  7. Emily says:

    Love it, love it, LOVE IT! 🙂

  8. Janis says:

    I have been looking for a pattern–this is it! thanks. Can’t wait to get “Happy Snails.”

  9. Kim Babson says:

    ooollllaaallllaaa I like this…

  10. Gwen Smith says:

    I am so in love with Happy Snails!! I already have a 21 item wish list created!! Sent off to family for my Birthday. How fitting Happy Snails comes out during my Birthday Month?! Yippee! I am so excited!

  11. Sparky says:

    I really like the designs that are whimsical and kind of quirky. We’ve seen a lot of birds (Sitting in a Tree, Night Owl, Yellow Bird, and the Twirly Birds), but have only had elephants once, and now snails. Floral Nightingale (winter 2011) is going to have birds as well. Are there any plans to do other animal patterns with say frogs or alligators? Other animals would be nice, even ladybugs would be cute!

  12. Dana says:

    love that you added an animal to the print. I agree with Sparky, that we need to see more animals. A sand dollar, shell or starfish print would be awesome too. ooh and palm trees!

  13. Bri says:

    I always told myself that I was waiting for winter for new Vera.. but Happy Snails has won me over. I love the palette!

  14. CJ-VERA OBSESSED! says:

    The colors are so cheery and I love floral prints, so that’s a bonus! Happy Snails definitely reminds me of Fall. LOVELY!! SERIOUSLY, how can you look at those cute little snails and not SMILE??!!! 🙂 Happy Snails is a HAPPY pattern!

    • Annette says:

      I agree! This 66 year old grandmother of three can hardly wait to get her Happy Snails tote. And, more animals please.

  15. Cris says:

    There are actually 2 elephant prints…. Pink elephants and citrus. Citrus is my favorite pattern ever!!

  16. Linda K. says:

    I’m really loving this pattern……..BRING IT ON!!

  17. Anne says:

    Haven’t decided if I like it or not yet….I am sure it will grow on me 🙂

  18. Karen says:

    It’s just ok.

  19. MoriahN says:

    I agree with Karen! It’s just okay! Really snails! Unless your 10 years old or a mom with a 2 year old, why would you carry something in this pattern?! Its a great diaper bag patterns, Wendy Beasley Whittington! But if I ever see anyone else carrying something in this pattern, honestly I will not think very highly of them! : )
    No, I’m not against animals in the patterns! I can’ wait for Floral Nightengale! And I love the colors! So bright! But sorry, Vera, the only thing I might get in this pattern is a binder that will hold my papers at home!

  20. MoriahN says:

    And maybe the shopper tote! I wouldn’t mind carrying that into Walmart!

  21. Brooke says:

    Very cute! And to those with all these print ideas… that all sounds rather like Lilly Pulitzer! She makes bags too… Vera is a bid different 🙂

  22. Elizabeth C. says:

    These colors are a little too bold for me- I like to carry the older patterns. But with Vera there is something for everyone! ^_^

  23. Sparky says:

    Cris, I remembered Citrus right after I posted. I wish I could get a Vera Tote or Reversible Tote (or any tote really) in Citrus. Alas, I discovered Vera Bradley after the pattern went out of print, and I have never heard of them reprinting any of the older patterns.

  24. JoAnn says:

    I LOVE the new Happy Snails!!! I love that you have birds,elephants, snails but what I would love to see is a pattern with dragonflies on it! Pretty Please! 🙂

  25. Rosanna says:

    I’m a senior citizen and I love this pattern. It is my favorite of your new fall colors. I will definitely purchase something in this color. It’s wonderful to be young at heart regardless of your age.

  26. Lauren says:

    I absolutely love this pattern. I’m not really a floral girl but this is floral with a twist; not just flowers. I adore the colors-so me! And I like the touch of snails, without it being all snails. They are barely visible but still hiding in the print. I cannot wait for Christmas to get a gift card. This print will be on my list!

  27. Sparky says:

    JoAnn, if you can wait until about September (I think that’s when the Winter colors come out), Floral Nightingale has birds in the pattern, but also has dragonflies in the border pattern.

  28. Becky says:

    This is my favorite pattern coming out this fall! How can you not love the little snails, they add a fun unique touch to this pattern!

  29. Shashe says:

    I can almost smell the old lady perfume. Thumbs down.

  30. Sandy Hockersmith says:

    Happy Snails is beautiful!! I just love all the bright colors!!

  31. isabella says:

    WOW. I absolutely LOVE this new pattern. I always thought my favorite was baroque, but then lemon parfait came and now this! Thank you vera you have outdone yourself yet again with happy snails!

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  33. Debbie says:

    Love the brightness of the colors with the dark background. In “happy Snails”‘ Another pattern and new bags for me to obsess about!

  34. Sarah says:

    This is a cute pattern. I heard there is a real snail that was used as a model for the pattern. Does anyone know the name of the snail?

  35. pophopekins says:

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