Howdy, (west coast) partners!

Vera Bradley has so many amazing and unique retail partners that the opportunity to show them some love just doesn’t seem to arise often enough. So, on this first official day of summer, we would like to send a shout out to some of these great shops on the sunny west coast. Looking good!


Carried Away

Carried Away Boutique
612 Lighthouse Avenue
Pacific Grove, California
(831) 656-9063


Paper CaperPaper Caper

Paper Caper
1442 Burlingame Avenue
Burlingame, California
(650) 347-4566


Sadie DevaneySadie Devaney

Sadie Devaney
269 Forest Avenue
Laguna Beach, California
(949) 494-2233


What's Hot Clothing

What’s Hot Clothing
110 West Center Street
Provo, Utah
(801) 377-5212


Mayfair House

Mayfair House
8844 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, California
(310) 273-1988


Hubbs Stationery

Hubbs Stationery
956 Mangrove Avenue
Chico, California
(530) 892-4940


The Farmer's Wife

The Farmers Wife
28459 Old Town Front Street
Temecula, California
(951) 506-1606



862 Butte Street
Redding, California
(530) 242-1234


Cranberry Cottage

Cranberry Cottage
490 South Knik-Goose Bay Road
Wasilla, Alaska
(907) 373-5576


Do you have a favorite Vera Bradley retailer in your area? We’d love to hear about them. Leave us a comment!

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13 Responses to Howdy, (west coast) partners!

  1. Fugate’s in Boca Grande, FL is a GREAT shop for all things Vera. But, shhh! Don’t tell anyone about this island paradise! It’s small and perfect and almost unknown!

  2. Pam says:

    Heritage Home Accents in Kennewick, WA is my favorite (and really, the only local) Vera Bradley store. Western, without the coast 😉

  3. Pat McMorran says:

    One place that deserves a shout out is Newbury Place in Southbury, CT. It is a charming store offering a wide variety of products in addition to those from Vera Bradley. The owners and staff are very friendly and go out of their way to make you feel welcome. One great bonus that you don’t see everywhere, gift wrapping is free with your purchase.

  4. Lisa Marie says:

    Molbak’s in Woodinville, WA – I found my first pieces here years ago and just this afternoon, I picked up the Weekender in Twirly Birds Navy (currently sold out online and at the VB store in Bellevue Square). I can always count on Molbak’s!

  5. Deb says:

    Our local store is Fashion Gallery in Verona, VA….just a spot in the road actually. It was hard to believe when we first moved here that this great store was located in our area! Folks from all over come here to shop! It’s a great store….and of course there’s the sign at the front of the store that says, “Your husband called and said to buy anything you wanted!”

  6. Alison says:

    I have been to the Farmer’s Wife in Temecula! They had a lot of Vera to pick from plus a lot of other really lovely items like gifts and apparel. My sister and I went when we visited my cousin. It was my cousin’s first time purchasing anything from Vera Bradley! 🙂

  7. Stephanie says:

    I buy a lot of my Vera products from The Paper Store in MA. There are a bunch of them around the state, and they all have such a great Vera selection, along with some other really cute stuff!

  8. Jen@MamaZen says:

    I am interested in becoming an affiliate, but when I click on “Join Program” it directs me to the main Vera site where there appears to be no Contact info. Is there someone I can contact?

    • CourtneyVB says:

      Yes, of course! Please email me through Inside Stitch and I will put you in touch with the appropriate contact. Thank you!

  9. Margo A. says:

    Excuse me, but the end of the post says to comment about a favorite store “in your area.” I think it’s awesome that we can share our favorite home-town stores!

  10. English says:

    Since we are being irrational, I would just like to point out than an ellipsis has 3 dots, not four. Just saying…

  11. CourtneyVB says:

    Thank you for sharing your favorite retailers! We love hearing about where you shop.

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