Shannon carries …

Retail Marketing Manager and mother of three Shannon Blue, is a hard person to pin down. Whether she’s jetsetting off for an in-store event, organizing and managing a street team to generate excitement about Vera Bradley, scouting out possible locations for future stores or tweeting from the most recent opening of one, there is always something on her agenda. And it wouldn’t be surprising if she looks a bit familiar to you. “When I’m at the stores, I love meeting the fans, hearing their stories and finding the best ways to make their store experience extra special.”

Shannon grew up in the Chicago area, and while she loves her new home in Angola, Indiana, it does present a slower pace. “I miss the big-city hustle and bustle,” she says. “Some of my favorite cities to visit are San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Miami and, of course, Chicago.”

Globetrotting to these and so many other cities, has made Shannon somewhat of a traveling guru. Her favorite piece of luggage? “The 22″ Expandable Upright. (Pictured below with a 22″ Roll Along Duffel) Clothes lay inside so nicely, and there’s plenty of extra room, in case you have time to shop.”

Shannon Blue, Retail Marketing Manager

She recommends only limiting yourself exclusively to a carry on if you are traveling for 2 nights or less. For checked luggage, she suggests packing pants, skirts, tops and sweaters you can mix and match. “That way you carry less but feel like you have several outfits.”

Shannon always has the security line in mind. “I choose cute, comfy shoes that slip on and off easily, avoid shirts with lots of ruffles or big jewelry. I stick to the classics and use our bags to add color. I also use a key chain with a dog clip, like our Have a Ball Keychain, and clip my keys inside my purse or carry-on bag so I’m not stuck fumbling around for keys after I land.”

Flights are spent playing Tetris and Freecell on her iPad and chatting with Vera Bradley fans. “Its amazing how often I sit down on a plane and the woman next to me is carrying one of our bags, or someone’s husband notices mine and mentions how much his wife loves us. It’s pretty cool finding that connection with a complete stranger.”

We caught Shannon before she took off, to ask her what she was carrying for this particular trip. Here’s a glimpse inside her carry on …

Shannon carries ...1. Tech Organizer in Deco Daisy with business cards and various tech accessories.
2. Mint Tin in Poppy Fields and Petite Pouches in Summer colors used to gift fans on the road.
3. Opera Wallet in Twirly Birds Navy and Umbrella in Deco Daisy.
4. Mini Notebook with Pocket in Baroque, iPad, Summer 2011 catalog and Brush and Pencil in Night & Day.
5. Metropolitan in Deco Daisy.

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15 Responses to Shannon carries …

  1. Linda K. says:

    I love the Metropolitan. It holds so much and really looks good. I’ll have to put that on my “WISH LIST”!

  2. Linda Schulte says:

    Love my Angle Tote in Deco Daisy! Next is the Weekender!

  3. Heather Carter says:

    I learned to “pack light” a long time ago. VB has helped me continue with the great slection of light weight, easily packable purses and bags. I’m just getting started. My husband bought me my first VB purse in February, and already my collection has grown to about 20+ pieces. I also have my Mom & Aunt hooked! Looking forward to getting luggage and really eyeing the duffel bag! My favorite piece is the Double Kiss Lock, so cute for running to the vending machine or in the gas station! The only way this could be better is if it had a wrist strap! I love all of my Vera Bradly!

  4. mj says:

    Which VB piece does the Ipad 2 fit in?

  5. Christi says:

    I love the tech organizer! Wish it came in black microfiber! I have the entire yellow bird collection that i travel with including the rolling luggage and this would be a needed addition.

  6. BarbaraA says:

    Love, love, love my Very Berry Paisley Metropolitan as a carry on piece. Actually, I use it as a purse in-flight and it fits well under the seat. I find it has room for all the things I want to have on hand while in the air, including overflow from my other, bigger carry on that goes in the overhead. Kudos to Vera Bradley for another great piece with style and function!

  7. Vickie says:

    I use my differant size duffle VB bags for
    car trips. They mold better to fit in odd shape spaces.. than a suit case type luggage.

  8. Sparky says:

    The petite pouches are too adorable!

  9. i can’t tell if she likes vera bradley or not…

  10. carol says:

    I like the tech organizer, I should probably have one — and could probably use one — perhaps I can pick one up soon!!!

  11. Karen says:

    I also love the pleated tote for an under-the-seat plane carry-on bag! The zipper closure is a must, and love all the pockets, too!

  12. Mimi says:

    The larger interior pockets in the Miller will hold an iPad2 with a smart cover and a Belkin Softtouch snap on cover! I was at my local store for half an hour with my iPad trying to figure out the best way to carry it without adding any weight (I have neck and back problems from a car accident) and the Miller is perfect, plus it zips! My wireless keyboard+case fits in the center and I still have plenty of room. I bleieve the Miller will work as a “personal item”, too. Great bag!

  13. J. Boitnott says:

    Why did Vera Bradley have to leave the USA? Lost a customer here!

  14. Danielle K. says:

    I have the metropolitan in Mocha Rouge and I absolutely LOVE it! I am patiently waiting for the Mocha Rouge 17 in. rolling to come out so i can have that for a carryon along with my metropolitan. I must add the tech case to my wishlist!

  15. I certainly wish that you still had your beautiful dog collars like you used to. You know people are spending more on their pets than they did a few years ago! It might work!

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