Camp like a champ

The season for beach volleyball, canoeing and capture the flag has arrived, and that means Summer Camp! A young Vera Bradley fan offers fellow campers (and their parents) tips for packing for a fun, memorable summer.


Dear Future Camper,

Hi! My name is Nicole and I am a 12-year-old girl who loves camp. In fact, this will be my fourth summer attending camp in Minnesota, one of my favorite places.


As I get ready for my big adventure, I thought it would be nice to share a few tips that helped me, for those of you going away for the first time.


Stuffed animals
Always bring one. Don’t be afraid to pack your favorite stuffed toy, because everybody does. They are fun to talk about.


Being homesick
At some point, it seems like everyone misses home. Hug your stuffed animal and take three deep breaths. I promise, it will pass.


Write home
Your family and friends will really miss you when you go to camp. Be sure to pack some cute stationery and send a letter describing all of the fun things you’re doing.


You will be so busy you won’t have much time to do your hair. Keep it easy and pack hair clips, a hat and plenty of ponytail holders.


Try new things
Go for it! I’ve tried fencing and lots of other new activities, and I loved them! You can learn lots of new things and then share them with everyone when you get back home.


Address book
You are going to meet lots of new friends at camp, and throughout the year, you will want to stay in touch. Especially as you get excited about going back. Be sure to write down their addresses. (Getting real letters is so much more fun than emails.)


Even if everyone says it looks gross, you have to try the food. The cooks know what they’re doing.


Last but not least, don’t forget your Vera Bradley Duffel! It’s spacious and cute, and makes a great icebreaker in your cabin.


Have a great time!

Fort Wayne, IN

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2 Responses to Camp like a champ

  1. Liz says:

    Nicole! I went to summer camp for several years in MN too!
    Loved your advice!
    Enjoy! ~Liz

  2. hisami.sakata says:

     日本語(和訳)でも 見たいです。

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