Here comes the bridal party

The time for beautiful, outdoor summer weddings is upon us. We love it all … the flowers, the gorgeous backdrops, the bridesmaids boasting subtle touches of Vera Bradley.

Gifts for bridesmaids

Sharing a bag or accessory on your special day is a common trend around these parts, but what makes the best bridal party gift? We would love it if you weighed in.

As the season for warm-weather nuptials marches on through June, we want to showcase some of your snapshots. If you have gifted your wedding party with Vera Bradley, please share your photos by emailing them to us at:

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3 Responses to Here comes the bridal party

  1. Jane S. says:

    I’m not getting married until next summer, but I would LOVE to see a sunflower pattern come out then (or something with green & yellow with brown, not gray as the main colors). There would be no stopping me from decorating the whole reception in VB!

    I love the idea of gifting my bridesmaids either the jewelry they will be wearing in a VB jewelry box or an “emergency kit” in a VB cosmetic case. =) Only if I can match my colors though!

  2. Maria says:

    My husband just bought me a jewelry box in Deco Daisy for our 3-year wedding anniversary!! I love it, and I think it would make a great bridesmaid gift. Now I’m just hoping to collect all the travel accessories in that pattern. =)

  3. Megan P says:

    Wristlets would be cute as well – bridesmaids could wear them to hold tissues and lipstick instead of a purse!

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