Liz on Inside Stitch!

Liz Money, Trend ReporterEver wonder how we develop our Signature collections? Or maybe how long it takes for a style to be approved, from start to finish? We know you have questions about Vera Bradley, and Liz, our Trend Reporter, likely has the answers.

We’re inviting readers to submit a question to Liz in the comments below. She will select
a handful to answer in a post coming to Inside Stitch later this week. No inquiry is too silly,
so fire away!

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47 Responses to Liz on Inside Stitch!

  1. Celyna says:

    When to quilt and when not to quilt? Each bag is quite unique but somehow linked by a commonality. How do you do that? Who (or what) decides on what stays and what goes (such as signature quilting or highlighting colors)?

  2. Paula Fisk says:

    Can a suggestion be submitted? How often are customer suggestions used? Thanks

  3. Dena says:

    Seeing as how the inside patterns are often as well-liked as the outside patterns, how are the inside patterns chosen or developed? Any instance where an inside pattern came first?

  4. Chelsea says:

    Are there going to be more bags that will be reversible? I love having the option!

  5. Tracy H. says:

    How do you decide how many new patterns to include in each season’s collection? I’ve seen as many as 8 before and as few as 1.

  6. Hanna says:

    How are the styles of bags thought of?
    Do you have people test bags before you begin to well them?
    How long does it take to create a pattern from start to finish?
    What does your daily routine at Vera consist of?

  7. Lisa Q says:

    How do you decide the sizes you will make? I love, love the dockside collection! Absolutely love my large bag but think I would love it more if it were a wee small but not as small as the small one!!

  8. Renee Clady says:

    How are trends normally decided? Do Vera Bradley’s trends sometimes follow what is being done in the European or American fashion industry or does Vera Bradley normally set the trend?

  9. Sr. Elaine Brothers says:

    Our organization just changed it’s name. Does Vera Bradely ever make a special collection for an organization? Ours would need to be a brown paisley print or the plain brown from several years ago…with Franciscan Alliance sewn on it.

  10. Jasmine Jordan says:

    How do you come up with such inspirations on such a schedule? Do you guys ever experience “designer’s block” like a writer experiences “writer’s block”? Also, will the design ideas of the fans ever be considered in a contest or something?

  11. lelia says:

    Any chance for a messenger bag? I could use a new one ; )
    Also, a larger laptop bag? I could use one of those, too ; )

    A blue-jean, demin bag would be really fun.

    And, I miss that special hook in some of the older styles for key rings. It was very useful.

    thx for reading + keep up the fabulous items.

    always, Lelia

  12. Lydia Strain says:

    Does customer feedback on social media sites ( such as Twitter , Facebook , etc .) impact what you come out with in the future ?

    Also , is there any chance that VB will make snap on cases for ipod touches ?

  13. Kendall B. says:

    Will there be a frill backpack sometime soon? If so, will it be in all of the patterns like Very Berry Paisley? I love Vera Bradley!!

  14. Jamie A. says:

    How do you decide where to test market patterns? I was lucky enough to pick up one of the test patterns for this fall from a store here in IL.

  15. Kendall B. says:

    One more thing– Will there be snap on cases for iPad2’s or iPod’s? That would Rock!!

  16. Elizabeth C. says:

    Would Vera Bradley ever consider making the teddy bears again? I think they would be a great seller and I would love to buy some!

  17. Lilac Wolf says:

    What makes Vera Bradley decide to retire a pattern? I love the Java Blue, and thought it was fairly new, but I just heard it’s getting retired. 😦 I just wonder when that decision is made, I get why, you can’t have unlimited patterns. lol

  18. Tina says:

    Does VB have any fabric picture frames planned for the future?! I think a 3×5 or 5×7 would be popular.
    Love all the VB! = )

  19. Mary says:

    Will you have cases for Ipad and Ipods?

  20. Kendall B says:

    Hey! Will there ever be a Vera Bradley Pillow Case or even a blanket?? That would be awesome! I would buy one to match the other!! Vera Bradley rocks!!

  21. Natalie E. says:

    I’ve been purchasing Vera Bradley bags for over 10 years now and am always excited when new things come out. My favorite thing about the bags are the pockets. How do you decide what pockets would be most useful where and how can we as long time customers make suggestions about places where pockets(or the size of some pockets) might be better for us? I have answered every survey I believe I have gotten and tried to be a part of test groups but have never been a lucky pick.

    Oh an when patterns retire what do you do with the left over fabric? I have seen where I can purchase fabric on ebay and such but I would really like to patch a few of my older bags such as my Black Walnut stuff. I have also wanted to make a Vera Bradley quilt for years and can never find the stuff I would need.


  22. Lisa Ouzts says:

    How do you find all the colors and patterns for all your styles of handbags, totes, and everything!! 🙂

  23. Lisa Ouzts says:

    Oh yes!! Could you put a Vera Bradley store in Tampa, or Brandon Florida!! That would be sooo nice!! Thank you

  24. Deb says:

    I recently purchased a Vera laptop bag in your largest size…after measuring my laptop and reading all the reviews. Unfortunately, mine didn’t fit in the bag after I received it (many said theirs fit and others said theirs didn’t).

    It was the hardest thing sending back that beautiful purple fabric laptop bag! I still haven’t ordered a case from anyplace else. I guess I’m waiting for Vera to make a larger size–like 18″ that would fit all the over-sized 17″ ones.

    So I think a similar question was asked above…any chance that you’ll make one bigger?

  25. Christine says:

    Vera Bradley patterns would look great on ballet flats or summer sandals. Then, our shoes could match our bag! Any chance of expanding to shoes other than just flip flops?

    Why no iPad friendly small slip cases or iPhone/iPod covers?

    Vera patterned 2-sided pillows and throws would be nice. Also, an umbrella stroller would be fun! Or, better yet, partner with Graco/etc. for a line!

  26. Lynn says:

    Why are patterns retired so quickly after release? If all that work goes into developing a line – if it proves to be popular why retire it (ie, “Pinwheel Pink”)

  27. Kath says:

    Hello! Will you be coming out with an iPad case similar to the eReader case, and an updated all in one case to accommodate the larger smartphones? Thanks!

  28. Pam says:

    How do you choose your colors (not just the key colors – but the whole array) in a print so that they work with so many things? — I’m always amazed at how my Vera Bradley bags fit with my wardrobe, even when I don’t expect them too.

  29. Cathy K. says:

    While I love to get something new and fresh, there are a few retired shapes that I really liked, does VB ever bring back retired styles?

  30. Susan Scheungrab says:

    How long does it take for a new concept to go from thought to finish? Are the pieces and the fabric conceived together, or are they different teams that ultimately come together to form the perfect items?

  31. Paula Ford says:

    I love Vera Bradley, especially the items done in solid colors. Any chance of seeing bags with items like palm trees and beach themes in the future?

  32. Susie Patton says:

    How do you come up with the different styles? Is it something you see that inspires you or do you take suggestions from consumers?
    Thank you-

  33. pnk326 says:

    since vera bradley has a store in japan, do you have any plans of opening another store in other countries?

  34. Steph says:

    Is it possible that there will be bedspreads made again in the future????

  35. Chas says:

    My sister loves the frill line and I’m looking for somethine waterproof for cell phones, Ipods, etc. Do you carry anything water proof – you know for boating? Great job on Liz on Location! You get a ton of hits on you-tube I noticed! Great marketing for all ages!

  36. Fran Curran says:

    VB currently has a tech sleeve for the Kindle. Will VB have a tech sleeve for an iPad?

  37. Tricia says:

    I can’t figure out which color the Weekender is that is pictured in today’s email (Thursday 5/19). I love it! Is it a sneak peek of a color in the works, or is it an older one that I just don’t remember???

  38. Kelsey Batey says:

    Vera Bradley has so many different items and it seems like so many more keep coming out! Will they ever develop a Vera Bradley bedding collection – ex. comforter, sheets, pillows, etc. I would LOVE that!

  39. Dot says:

    When will tickets be on sale for the Colorful Day in Chicago? My daughter and I had such a great time in Charlotte we can’t wait to go in October!

  40. PJ says:

    I notice that nearly all of your advertising is now geared toward young women…college age, etc. instead of the older ladies (say…35 and up) who were once, and perhaps still are, the core group who buys VB. Are you trying to appeal to every age group now or primarily the younger buyer? I would think future sales would mainly come from the “aging” baby boomers.

  41. Hillary says:

    Are decisions about when a pattern or style is retired driven entirely by sales volume? Also, how do you decide how many styles to carry? It seems like the number of styles and the introduction of new patterns has accelerated over recent years- is this an attempt to expand the brand? Thanks!

  42. Julie K says:

    I like the “how do you guys decide when to retire a pattern” question. I also thought of Java Blue. Do sales level off and that’s when it’s time to go.

    Also, any plans on more jewelry? I bought 2 of the Mother’s Day bracelets and I love them!

  43. Callie Karen says:

    I second the question of when the tickets will go onsale for the Colorful Day in Chicago! It’s my birthday, and I’d really like to go! What is the creative process like? How early do you start on the next season?


  44. Crystal says:

    How do you predict (and so accurately too) what patterns will be on trend for the time period they come out when it must take time to order the fabric, develop the final product?

  45. Kelona says:

    When will St. Louis get a Vera Bradley store?

  46. Nancy Hegedus says:

    I love Vera Bradley handbags and all the accessories! There is one thing I wish you would bring back! The watch bands! I purchased a watch and 4 beautiful bands in different fabric patterns about 5 years ago. I look for them everywhere I see VB merchandise hoping you will do it again! The ones I have are worn completely out and I can’t wear them anymore. I always got compliments on them and people always asked me where I got them. Please bring back the fabric watch bands!!!

  47. Natália Almeida says:

    About the quilting, is it hand-made or do you use machines for that? Are the sales of Vera Bradley’s products seasonal?

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