Marking the milestone

For so many young women, the early days of summer bring the familiar tradition of caps and gowns and the start of the next chapter in their lives. It’s graduation season, and, while we have our opinions, we want to know what you think makes the best gift for the graduate.

Graduation gifts

Did we miss something special? Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts on gifting the grad.

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34 Responses to Marking the milestone

  1. Jamie Coulter says:

    I think the pleated tote is an amazing piece for campus. Miss the old large backpack. Also, the tech organizer would be fantastic! You could keep all your essentials in one place. Just grab and go, if needed.

  2. Lisa Ouzts says:

    I think any of the totes, and tech cases are good for school, and college!! I also think the daily planners are nice!! Love Vera Beadley

  3. Lisa Ouzts says:

    Ooops miss spelled Vera Bradley!! Would of love one for college!! 🙂

  4. Tricia says:

    I love the pleated tote. It’s classy and roomy and great for college campuses, or to bring to that new job!

  5. Day says:

    I actually think that the garment bag is an excellent choice for a college graduate. Good garment bags are hard to find, and the cheap ones just do not hold a candle to the good ones. Also, a garment bag is one of those items that a person isn’t as likely to buy for herself, but which comes very much in handy.

  6. Sue in Grapevine says:

    My daughter & her friends really love the Weekender for short trips.

  7. Carol Tootalian says:

    My daughter just finished her freshman year of college and she used her weekender every time she came home for a visit. She also used a lanyard for her dorm room key, and an All In One. She said she always took the AIO when she went out because it was small and she could just have it hang on her wrist. She has an iphone now and she says that she really has to shove it in the AIO and she doesn’t like that she has to keep her money all folded up. We tried out the Carry It All and since she has a cover on her phone, the snap would not close. She did like the section for bills, but wished the pocket for the phone was a bit bigger to accommodate a case.

  8. Rose says:

    The Vera is the perfect backpack alternative. It fits so much stuff without being bulky, and the straps are so comfortable. I love my Vera as a college student because I can pack waterbottles, extra shoes, books, a sleek wallet, medium cosmetic, gloves, hat, and still have room.

  9. Audrey Lane says:

    YES, you forgot to mention they always need a NEW CAR!!!! Every graduate deserves and earned themselves a new vehicle to get to get to them to COLLEGE!! They also need MONEY or a WAL-MART/TARGET gift card. To use for purchase of any necessaries items .

  10. Laptop backpack! It works for college students or in the professional world.

  11. Elizabeth C. says:

    The Vera is great for school and many other uses- it’s roomy, organized, and comfortable to carry. I also think the Coin and Key, Wristlet, or Zip ID Case would make great graduation gifts!

  12. Debbie says:

    The Metropolitan would make a great gift for a graduate, especially a college graduate. It would make a great work bag to carry your laptop, etc. back and forth to work. Also, the Lets Do Lunch would be a nice gift for carrying lunch to work. The All In One wristlet or Carry It All wristlet, lanyard, and ID cases would be great for high school grads – they will get a lot of use out of these items in college.

    • Sharon says:

      I love the Metropolitan and the laptop backpack, but neither of my laptops will fit and I went shopping to find one that fits and because they are now putting keypads on all the laptops, the only thing that fits is the small 14 inch screen. The rest are usually 15.6 and will NOT (I’ve tried) fit into either case. The tech guy at work said he had bnever heard of any9one shopping for a aptop to fit the case, but I still am.

  13. Allegra says:

    Is this a trick question? As a recent college graduation I think ANYTHING VB is a prefect gift! Can you really go wrong with a gift of color from VB? I think not!!

  14. Melanie Nguyen says:

    Definitely the Vera, it’s probably the most versatile bag out there from school bag to work bag. Also the Zip ID Case and matching Lanyard to go with it, would be the besttt 😀

  15. Ronnie says:

    The gift I give to a High School Graduate going to College is the Large Duffel. Every recipient loves the bag to pack clothes to college & back home.

  16. Deanna :) says:

    i got the large duffel when i graduated last year and i packed it to bring my clothes to college, and am now packing it again for my trip home!

  17. Megan P says:

    I would vote for the Pleated or Regular Tote! Holds all the essentials a girl needs and books to boot – I used the regular tote all through college and even five years later, I am using VB totes and pleated totes for work! You can’t beat the storage space and how adorable they are! The regular tote is so affordable, I can buy one to match my outfits for each season … today it’s Deco Daisy 🙂

  18. ianna says:

    an iPad sleeve would be nice! or a chic planner!

  19. Lauren says:

    As a new college grad, I would love a tote bag to carry all my essentials to work-Tote, Vera, Pleated Tote, Villager, Perfect Pocket Tote…I would pick a tote in Deco Daisy, since it is my school colors!

  20. Faith says:

    Definitely the weekender. I bought one for my great niece last year when she graduated. I have one myself, and it comes in very handy for all those overnight trips.

  21. cindy says:

    Last year I got my daughter a Backpack, an All in One Wristlet and a Mini Hipster all in Buttercup. Since she is a cello player, she needed her hands free to carry her instrument. She used them everyday. I would love to get her the Laptop Portfolio or the Laptop Sleeve for this coming year to protect her Macbook.

  22. Sherri Bonar says:

    I gave 3 agendas to graduating girls this year and they all loved them.I liked the fact they could refill them next year.

  23. Dot says:

    Definitely the all in one wristlet! It works great for college students. My daughter and all of her friends have one and they love it! They all said the wristlet is their all time favorite Vera Bradley item. 🙂

  24. Janet Althauser says:

    I always try to give a piece of luggage to the H.S. or College graduate because they are always moving forward in their life and will need something to carry their clothes in along the way!!

  25. Lorraine says:

    The Lizzy is my favorite! I have it in Blue Lagoon & absolutely LOVE it! So cute & ready for summer!

  26. Nancy B says:

    Without a doubt….the large duffle is not only a great gift for the high school grad but it’s perfect for the high school grad’s mom & grandmother! I think that it’s the #1 design that Vera Bradley has ever come out with. I would not be without mine.

  27. Jasmine Jordan says:

    I think the Vera Bradley laptop backpack would be a great suggestion for school.

  28. Priscilla Garces says:

    i think for a college graduate, the laptop portfolio. Mainly because of job interviews being always present. I can really benefit from a laptop portfolio myself mostly because I’m planning to work someday. Now that i got my macbook Pro as a graduation gift, i need a cool case to carry my laptop in. I have the carry it all wallet and love it because i can just stash it all in and just put it in my laptop case. I can also put a lipgloss and other essentials and with the wallet including my iphone i can just go out and not carry a purse in addition to the wallet

  29. I think the Vera Bradley laptop backpack or the Get Carried Away Tote would be perfect for a college graduate. The Get Carried Away Tote has so much room and you can even put your laptop inside. It has alot of pockets inside too for all the extras you need to carry around on a daily basis and great for organizing your essentials as well.

  30. sl says:

    I think the perfect one would be the laptop bag if you had to choose one. I love all vera!!

    • Priscilla says:

      yeah that might be the perfect one for me. I’d like the get carried away tote because i don’t have to take more than 1 bag to work. I’ve heard that taking a briefcase in addition to 2 other bags makes a professional look rather sloppy and especially for us very petite ladies it makes us look like bag ladies. I don’t know if it’s true, but i think that’s what i heard. + having 1 carry all bag that transports your laptop in addition to your other personal goods makes you look neat and tidy and also simplifies things even more. I like when i can put everything all in 1 organized bag. it is challenging enough for me to carry too many bags since i’m very petite, let alone finding professional clothes that are not made for young teenagers.

  31. Sara M. says:

    Personally, I love my small backpack. It’s perfect for my laptop a couple of books and some paper and pencils, and doesn’t take up too much space at my desk.

  32. Mayuraporn Crittendon says:

    My opinion I thinks all the tote is suit for the women because they have lots of space to put everything that we can think of for ourself and sometime plus baby’s stuffs. But the perfect one that I really like is carried away tote ! Super perfect !

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