A Colorful Day in Charlotte

Liz Money, Trend ReporterOur lady on the scene, Trend Reporter Liz, shares her experience at our recent consumer event, A Colorful Day: The Ultimate Vera Bradley Experience, held at the Westin in Charlotte, NC, on April 30.

My job, as most would agree, is very fun. I have the pleasure of working with amazingly talented people to develop a product that our consumer will hopefully think is innovative, functional, of good quality and that, most of all, makes them feel good. The feeling of reaching this goal is one only matched by that of actually seeing you enjoying it.

I had just such an opportunity a couple weeks ago, in Charlotte, North Carolina, at A Colorful Day: The Ultimate Vera Bradley Experience. I can’t explain the joy it brought, watching women and girls of all ages sharing in our passion and excitement about the products we love.

We began A Colorful Day as all days should start, with a great, hearty breakfast! And, trust me, with all the surprises and excitement we had in store, we needed the energy.

We then moved over to the theater, where our Co-founders Patricia R. Miller and Barbara Bradley Baekgaard shared the inspirational, hilarious stories about our brand’s beginnings. You know, no matter how many times I hear these recounts of their friendship and early days I smile and feel blessed to be a part of it!

A Colorful Day in Charlotte, NC

Vera Bradley Co-founders Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller

Next, Heidi Floyd, Ambassador for the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer (as well as breast cancer survivor) shared her soul-lifting story. Finally, it was time for yours truly to reveal some behind-the-scenes dish on our design team and how they turn out those collections you crave.

Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer Ambassador Heidi Floyd

Barbara Bradley Baekgaard with Trend Reporter Liz Money

The next several hours were a whirlwind of constant surprises, gifts, shopping, erupting streamer cannons, entertainment and even an impromptu Liz on Location filming that included the entire audience!

A Colorful Day: The Ultimate Vera Bradley Experience

A Colorful Day: The Ultimate Vera Bradley Experience

A Colorful Day: The Ultimate Vera Bradley Experience

A Colorful Day: The Ultimate Vera Bradley Experience

But I don’t want to give all the details away. I want you to come and experience it all for yourself. Be on the lookout for the next Colorful Day event, scheduled for October 13 in Chicago, IL, and you could have a front row ticket to The Ultimate Vera Bradley Experience!

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40 Responses to A Colorful Day in Charlotte

  1. Lisa Ouzts says:

    Would love to go to a Vera Bradley event!! I think I need to do that soon!! 🙂 looks like everyone is having fun!!

  2. Allegra says:

    This looks like an absolutely amazing event. I hope to make it to one of these days next time!!

  3. Amber Geer says:

    This was so close to me but my husband is in Iraq and I don’t know how to drive 😦

  4. Shaiya B says:

    Please bring on to Fort Wayne, Indiana!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Alison says:

    What a wonderful event! I hope to be able to attend someday!

  6. Ronnie says:

    Hope my daughter and I can attend an event near us some day!

  7. Jamie Beck says:

    I was there!!! I had a GREAT time!!! It was so much fun going with my two best friends and getting surprises from Vera Bradley was the best!! I spotted Liz on Location….right off the bat when I saw her at breakfast that morning and I can’t wait to see the video we helped her make.

  8. I just want to thank the entire Vera Bradley team for such a wonderful time in Charlotte. My mom and I enjoy every moment we get to spend with you all, and we look forward to making more memories at the next A Colorful Day in Chicago! Thanks again for everything.

  9. Heather Marsh says:

    I had the amazing opportunity to attend this fantastically fun event with my little sister–we had a wonderful and memorable time! The VB team did a top-notch job sharing stories, ideas (and awesome products!) in a personal and classy way–sticking true to the Vera Bradley brand. I walked away an even bigger VB fan and find myself inspired ambassador! I hope to see the team, especially all the social media/marketing mavens, again soon. Please post more photos (and video) for us to enjoy. Best wishes to an amazing group of people!

  10. Crystal says:

    I feel so lucky to have been a part of this experience. I had an even more wonderful day than I expected. It was definitely worth the trip (all the way from CT)! It was a pleasure meeting Barbara and Pat and the whole gang from Vera Bradley.

  11. Debbie says:

    I had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun in Charlotte!! Thank you for this amazing experience 🙂

  12. Brooke says:

    I wish I had known about this! I live in CLT!

  13. Kim D says:

    Thank you again for having this awesome event. My daughter and I had a blast and we hope to go again and bring my other daughter with us.

  14. Tina = ) says:

    I am dreaming of the Day! I too can attend such a Colorful event!

  15. Nancy McKenzie says:

    My 2 daughters and I attended this event and had a fabulous time. It is a great experience, lots of surprises, and the VB staff are wonderful!! We hope to be able to go again to the next Colorful Event!!

  16. Sandy Powell says:

    I hade more fun than the law allows!! Already planning on going to Chicago!

  17. Elizabeth C. says:

    Looks like a wonderful experience. I wish I could have attended!

  18. Lauren Edgar says:

    My best friend Ashley and I attended this event and I can’t express the excitement and “colorful” day we had! I can’t wait to attend another event. We basically compared this to a operah show! Haha so much fun! Thanks Vera Bradley for all the goodies I use my bag everyday! Ashley and I made it in the photos on this page. We can’t wait to see the video. Hopefully cyah in October VB! can’t wait to see “LOL” video we helped her film. Thanks again Vera! I take my color everywhere! :]!

  19. Alice Keeley says:

    We had the best time ever!! Had a great mother/daughter day with Vera Bradley and left with a great feelings about the company. I am proud to say that I am a Vera Bradley fan because of the amazing attitude and people who work for this company as well as the beautiful products. It did feel like we were on the Oprah favorite things show. Loved every minute of it and plan on going to many more of these events. Please have more of these events ;o)

  20. Melissa says:

    I attended the Charlotte event, and I’m still telling everyone I know how wonderful it was! My friend couldn’t come with me, so my sweet husband took her place at the last minute. He is such a good sport! Once he saw he wasn’t the only guy attending, he got into the spirit of the day—and even wore his English Meadow lanyard! We were both moved by Heidi’s story and by the obvious friendship between the great VB folks we met. I loved the purses before I attended the event, but now I am a huge fan of the company and its people. I’ve been performing Random Acts of Color ™ with some of the freebies generously handed out at the event. It’s a way of keeping that Colorful Day alive! Thanks to all for an amazing, uplifting day! xoxoxoxox!

  21. Patti Michalak says:

    I was so happy to share this event with my Charlotte friend. We had such a great time. Everything was top notch, as usual! Thank you to all the VB family for a great day, full of fun, food and awesome giveawways!!! thank you…thank you… thank you… your hard work was appreciated!
    We can not wait for the warehouse sale in 2012!!. Already making plans!!!

  22. Cathy says:

    My daughter, granddaughter and I attended the event and had a fabulous time. The event far excedded our expectations. Your entire staff is amazing. Thanks so much for the fun, excitement, gifts and thrills of the day. Hope to make another event soon.

  23. Cathy says:

    My daughter, granddaughter and I attended the event and had a fabulous time. The event far exceeded our expectations. Your entire staff is amazing. Thanks so much for the fun, excitement, gifts and thrills of the day. Hope to make another event soon.

  24. Hope says:

    Thank you for such a great day in Charlotte! I am so happy that I was able to attend and meet the Vera Bradley Team! I feel like we were all part of the Vera Bradley family. I have shared my experience with my friends and co-workers and they cannot believe that we were that close to the company founders and the staff. I loved your product before the event, now I have a new appreciation for the thought and processes that happen behind the scenes. Thank you again, and I hope to see you again in Chicago.

  25. Kathy says:

    Would love to attend, may have to travel solo…. Any one interested in sharing a room? I am very low key. Kathy ~ Florida

  26. denise says:

    would love to have you visit cleveland or columbus, ohio!!! would love to take my daughters to one of these events!!!

  27. Amanda E. says:

    Can you still book a room at the Sheraton even if you have already registered online? I changed my mind and may want to stay there. Please let me know how to do this.

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  29. Dot Moody says:

    I want to go soooo bad!! 😦 Had a great time in Charlotte and Chicago!!

  30. Shannon says:

    Please, please, PLEASE plan a Colorful Day event for Orlando!!!! I’d be there in a heartbeat! We Southern Ladies NEED to experience something as wonderful as a day devoted to all things VERA!

  31. VB fan says:

    Please Please PLEASE bring a Colorful Day event to Maryland or Virginia!!! I would love to go I am a huge VB fanLLL 🙂

  32. Marzia says:

    Please Bring COLORFUL day to Katy, TEXAS!!! this event BRIGHTENS my day!

  33. Abbs says:


  34. Patricia.randall@hotmail.com says:

    Please do other vera bradley expirience please in june do other colorful day. Please

  35. Sayuri says:

    Please come to Maryland or Virginia or anywhere close

  36. laura says:

    I was going to buy tickets but it’s sold out:( do you ope any more spaces up when it gets closer?

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