Vera Bradley hits Japan!

Congratulations to our team overseas, who celebrated the launch of Vera Bradley in Japan with a beautiful pop-up store in the Isetan shopping complex yesterday, April 20.

While the events of the devastating earthquake on March 11 greatly impacted the community, it has been with great joy we have watched our team and the Japanese community pull together, move forward and continue to thrive.

For more information, visit our Japanese E-commerce site,

We hope you’ll enjoy a few snapshots of the scenery from our team …

Vera Bradley launches in Japan

Vera Bradley launches in Japan

Vera Bradley launches in Japan

Vera Bradley launches in Japan

Vera Bradley launches in Japan

Vera Bradley launches in Japan

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14 Responses to Vera Bradley hits Japan!

  1. Tracy says:

    Wonderful News!!!

  2. Libby Bates says:

    Yahoo!! been following the tweets… wayyy cool!

  3. Tracy says:

    That is so great!

  4. Melanie Nguyen says:

    Looove Japan ❤

  5. sandy shattuck says:

    This is incredible!

  6. Gwenith Smith says:

    Looks so beautiful! Good to know if we travel to Japan we can shop for Vera!

  7. Rebecca Domin says:

    I was so happy to hear some thing good for Japan. A life time once was a pen pal now very much like my sister from Japan, havent heard from her or family since the earth quake. Although not in exact area, I still am worried. Love the Vera Bradley collections have one hand bag of my own. Is there any way the selling of purses for a short time period, could there be donations given to the Japaneese people that were effected. And would be super nice to put that in the Niina’s family name… Thank you so much, an love your hand bags an many other items….

  8. Yuki says:

    Vera Bradley makes me happy :))

  9. Lin Will says:

    Love this! My daughter lives in Japan and she often gives Vera for gifts because the bags are made in the grand US of A !!!!

  10. DP says:

    amazing view of Japan…hope people who experienced the devastating earthquake feel better through vera bradley! 🙂

  11. Amber Belcher says:

    Wonderful news to hear in the wake of such a tragedy!! Japan, you are going to LOVE Vera!!

  12. Lisa says:

    Congrats on the new store. It will bring more color to a colorful city.

  13. Caprice Robinson says:

    That is good news but what about getting a store in Calgary, Canada

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