Fresh Frill arrives Thursday!

At some point, the enterprising, creative minds on our Product Development team decided that the interior prints of our Signature lines were so beautiful, they should have their time to shine as well. Enter Frill, and a whole new colorful collection with which to fall in love.

The Frills of Summer arrive in softly laminated cotton and a focus on functionality. With eight brand new styles, including the versatile Two for One Shoulder Bag, Ruffle Wristlet and Vanity Box, these pieces add a touch of flair to punctuate any ensemble.

Available online and in stores this Thursday, April 21

Bridge Tote in Deco Daisy

Care for a little free Frill? We thought so! Comment below and we will randomly select one lucky person to receive a free Bridge Tote, in the color of their choice. Good luck, ladies!

*This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for commenting, and congratulations to Dominika, whose comment was randomly selected to receive a free Bridge Tote!

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1,068 Responses to Fresh Frill arrives Thursday!

  1. jo says:

    Love this bag!! Its perfect for me!

    • kerry says:

      I love love love Vera Bradley! That bag is so precious! I would love it!!!! In my fav colors too!:)

    • Terri says:

      Love the new Frill line and so will my daughter.

    • Janice Busch says:

      I love this bag and I want to win it so badly for my mom for mother’s day. I cannot figure out how to post my own comment so that I can enter:( I had to reply to one that exists and I hope that will work for an entry!! PLEASE!!

    • Leslie Beebe says:

      The frill bags are so cute. I gave them to my daughter & daughter in law last Christmas. The new frill bags are big enough for me & they’re very nice in the new patterns.

    • pam harper says:

      I really love this bag, it would be great to get it free don’t have the extra money cause daughter is getting married in a month lol there goes my vera cash 😦

    • Linda says:

      Love this bag…all the Frill things are soooo cute and not just for the younger girls!!!

    • Lydia Rutherford says:

      Vera Bradley Frill collections just keep getting better all the time! Just when I think they couldn’t get any better, they do!! 🙂

  2. Erika B says:

    Can’t wait to see the vanity boxes in person!

  3. Megan says:

    Love this bag! I want it! 😀

  4. Whitney B says:

    I love Frill!!!

  5. Shelly says:

    Looks like the perfect bag for me. I love it!

  6. Too stinkin’ cute! Love it!!

  7. Tracy H. says:

    Frill is so cool! Would love to win this 🙂

  8. Katie says:

    So cute! I love the frill! This would look so cute with sperry’s and white Bermuda shorts! 🙂 🙂

  9. Carla m says:

    Love it

  10. Deanna Hunt says:


  11. Cheryl L says:

    Now that’s an adorable purse!! Love it!!!

  12. Rachel says:

    I just recently purchased my first frill and I love it! I can’t wait to see the new line!

  13. Kerri says:

    Cute!!! 🙂

    • Lynn says:

      I can’t figure out to comment myself to I am replying to this post as my comment to win the bag. I love it! The ruffled wallet is sooo girlie! I want them!!

  14. Lindsey says:

    Love it!!!

  15. Amber Geer says:

    Wow! I need that vanity box!!!

  16. Leigh Clark says:

    Absolutely Love This Bag!!!

  17. Tracy says:

    Having this bag on my shoulder would make me feel young and sassy again!!!

  18. Missy Leis says:

    I love the frill for my 12 year old daughter and this would look so cool for me:) Thanks Vera!

  19. Nora Porter says:

    I always love black, red and white together!! Gorgeous!

  20. Jennifer W says:

    Awesome bag!!!

  21. Savannah says:

    Love this! Would match my new hipster I bought this weekend!

  22. tiffany says:

    So pretty!

  23. Brianne says:

    I love the frill collection! They’re so stinking cute…and this bag fits taht same bill….can’t wait to ahve one of my own!

  24. Carolyn H. says:

    Love the houndstooth print!! Can’t wait to see it in person later this week!

  25. Katie says:

    I need a new summer bag! Cuuute!

  26. Paula Vargas says:

    I LOVE houndstooth…and black, red and white are great together! As a matter of fact…my golfbag is the same colors as this bag! i’ll have to get it so they can coordinate! 🙂

  27. Jan C. says:

    Has “ME” written alllllll over it!

  28. Carol says:

    Cute bag! Can’t wait to see the other colors!

  29. Mindy says:

    Love this bag!

  30. Brande says:

    Yet another beautiful bag!

  31. Carol Woebel says:

    This is a really cute bag. I would love to own it. I’ll have to stop by my Signature Store.

  32. It’s gorgeous! I love this season’s frill 🙂

  33. Heidi Blair says:

    This would be a great Mother’s Day present! Love the new take on the classic look of the black&white check with red accent.

  34. Anne Mostella says:

    I adore this bag! Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Tara D says:

    Love it…can’t wait to see it in person!

  36. Mandi Deputy says:

    In L-O-V-E!

  37. Amanda says:

    Houndstooth with red trim…I love it!!

  38. Jill Ryon says:

    Can’t wait to see this… Love it!

  39. Chelsea DuPree says:

    So cute! This could be my favorite Frill bag yet!

  40. Heather White says:

    Looooove it!

  41. Stephanie says:

    Super cute bag. Love the houndstooth print.

  42. Kimberley o says:

    Would love this

  43. Berdetta says:

    Would love to own this one!

  44. Tiffany Light says:

    Wow. Love the bag. You guys come up with the best stuff. Very Creative minds!!!! Would love to have this bag. Thanks for doing this contest.

  45. lauren says:

    As a die-hard Alabama alum and fan, I have to have the deco daisy/houndstooth bag shown in this post. LOVE IT!

  46. Julie Jones says:

    My girls carry Frill backpacks to school every day! LOVE FRILL<3

  47. jill says:

    very cute bag. like the different pattern.

  48. Kimberly Evans says:

    Oh how I love Frill!!! This tote is fantastic!

  49. Rel says:

    LOVE it!! it’s elegant and fun!

  50. Linda Kowal says:

    What a cute bag! This would be a great tote for me for work and shopping for more Vera! I love THE FRILL LINE, one of my very favorites!!

  51. Allyson says:

    Love the Keeping Tabs wallet. Perfect for night out on the town when you don’t want to be worried about a huge purse. I have the turn lock wallet which is great for traveling and this will be a great addition to my addiction!

  52. Maryka Napier says:

    Oh I love this, so sophisticated!

  53. Lauren says:

    Love this bag! Love frill! And love love love Vera Bradley!

  54. Sarah W says:

    What a beautiful bag!! I would love to win one!!

  55. Trish Prather says:

    Love it! A perfect mom-of-three bag. 🙂

  56. Ashley jones says:

    Love the look, need to get one!!!

  57. Sonya says:

    Cute bag!

  58. Nicole says:

    This looks like it would be the perfect summer bag!

  59. Heather Davis says:

    Love this bag , fits my personality to a t!

  60. Suzanne says:

    I love the versitility of Frill and that you get to see the inside patterns! Such a cute all around bag!

  61. Chelsea M. says:

    Love the Bridge Tote, perfect for summer!

  62. Linda Maloly says:

    This one is great in black/white/red – so glad the interiors will have a chance in the spotlight!

  63. Tina Steward says:

    Love it!!!

  64. Amanda Goins says:

    Adorable!!!! Loving the bag and the beautiful fabric!!!!!

  65. Bev P says:

    This bag is amazing and love the frill !!!!! Of course i love ALL Vera Bradley purses !!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  66. Abby says:

    Love it! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  67. Jody Z. says:

    Swoon!!! I love the houndstooth and the size is perfect!

  68. Deanna Michalewicz says:

    Love it!

  69. Brittany W says:

    so cute! love it!

  70. Regan says:

    Adorable! Love the houndstooth!

  71. Joslynn says:

    I love it! and so would my sister! She would fall in love with it!

  72. Sandy Combs says:

    I love that bag!

  73. Samantha Kostrzewa says:

    I love Vera Bradley! The fresh new designs are always so pretty!

  74. Michele says:

    I love this collection!

  75. Jenna says:


  76. Erika says:

    Fun! Going to have to head to store to see these in person. I’m really starting to love the frill line. The vanity box looks very intersting…

  77. starazian says:

    all the inside patterns are beautiful, glad to see its getting its shine on 🙂 Yay!


    I love the new frill….Cant wait till I get to the vera store….

  79. Heidi Mages says:

    Love this Frill bag, black and red, elegant yet fun!! The deigner look!!

  80. Patsy Schmidt says:

    Your purses are so versital I love them all. Wish I could get on of each style. But my husband would not understand my thinking. Keep creating.

  81. Leigh says:

    LOVE this bag!

  82. Julie Stewart says:

    I love this, it is so sharp. It would look fabulous on my shoulder.

  83. Morgan Hampton says:

    This is such a cute bag! It would be perfect for school 🙂

  84. Jen P. says:

    That is adorable!!!

  85. Cindy Snelling says:

    The bag has some great curves and movement to it! The color is great too! How cute to carry this bag with a pair of jean and flip flops. Love it 🙂

  86. Rebecca Free says:

    LOVE IT!!! Love VERA!!! ❤

  87. Kimberly says:

    OMGG!!! This is such a cutee pattern!!!! i absolutly LOVE it!!!! i would bring this bag everywhere with me and show it off!!! and plus its perfectt because pink is my favorite color!!!!! ❤

  88. Amanda L. says:

    The Deco Daisy Frill looks fab!

  89. Kelly D says:

    Love the shape of the bag. The Frill selection is a wonderful change. Keep them coming!

  90. andrea says:

    GORGEOUS!! I love it!! 🙂

  91. Carole Hooper says:

    Great bag!!!!!

  92. Jill Jones says:

    I’m addicted to Frill!!!

  93. Maggie says:

    I think I “need” a vanity box!!!

  94. cynthia maloney says:

    OH M’GOSH! That houndstooth bag is to DIE4! I can’t wait to tell all my VB friends about it 🙂

  95. april says:

    I love it! I need a new bag with red in it, and I love the Frill line. I’m using my wallet right now.

  96. Teresa Young says:

    I absolutely love this….very classy looking, light weight, versatile, and a place for everything too….Best thing is it’s beautiful and feminine. I only carry Vera!

  97. Courtney Nicholas says:

    This bag is adorable! I love the red, black, and white scheme!

  98. Stephanie Gilmore says:

    The Frill Collection is my favorite!!! But my local store is very limited on what they carry from this collection. Want to see more, please!!! I love this bag! It would be great for work!!!!!!!

  99. MELISSA says:

    SO CUTE!!

  100. Pam Hoyt says:

    So cute, would love the new bag!!

  101. kristen skwirz says:

    GOtta Have it!!!

  102. KAREN SMITH says:

    Would love this purse to take to a BAMA game!!!

  103. Laura Cuthbert says:

    I love houndstooth + red!!!

  104. Liz G. says:

    Oh I really really love this tote! Id be so very excited and grateful to win one!

  105. Judy Wilkerson says:

    I love the frill! I would really enjoy carrying this purse. Thank you!

  106. Destiny says:

    I absolutely loveeee this! It’s perfect for an ALABAMA fan (*cough cough*)…I’m a big purse kinda girl & they get on my husbands nerves, but I’m pretty sure he’d like this one! =-)

  107. Amanda says:

    love this ❤ !!!!!!!

  108. Kyndra says:

    Super cute! I would love a little free Frill!

  109. Dominika says:

    SWOON! The bridge tote in Deco Daisy has stolen my heart! LoVe LoVe LoVe!

  110. Jenny Dickens says:

    Very cute, love it!

  111. Janice says:

    TOTALLY love it !!!!

  112. linda says:

    I like the colors – could be used for casual night or day.

  113. Melissa says:

    What a great tote!!!

  114. Sara says:

    Wow!! Soo awesome it looks fresh and fabulous !!

  115. Jasa says:

    I love the Frill collection!

  116. Melanie Nguyen says:

    I want it all (: !

  117. Looks very good. I love Vera Bradley

  118. Lora Golden says:

    Love it, I want one. Looks like a great a great bag to add to my collection.

  119. Sonia Davis says:

    Omg I Love this bag…it’s been sooo long since I’ve got to buy me a new one..I would love to win this!!!!!!!!!

  120. Kimberly says:

    I love it!! It looks like the perfect size for me! 🙂

  121. Nicole Ruge says:

    Love this bag…can’t wait to get one.

  122. Rebecca says:

    Cute! I love the houndstooth.

  123. Melanie A Wolfe says:

    Love Frill! So cute and easy to keep clean.

  124. Alison says:

    I am excited about the Frill line! I want to pick something up in Deco Daisy!

  125. Angela Bushatz says:

    That is too cute!!!

  126. Edra Zittrauer says:

    Love, love, love this new bag

  127. Sue in Grapevine says:

    Love!!! that vanity box!

  128. Beth says:

    Super smart and cute! Love it!

  129. KAREN SMITH says:

    Would love this bag to take to a BAMA game!!

  130. RenaeH says:

    So eye-catching! This would be perfect for all my traveling this summer!

  131. Regina McCullough says:

    I love it! I want it! Pick me please! !!!!

  132. Terecille says:

    Ironically I am wearing a black-and-white houndstooth scarf and a red sweater today – the bag pictured matches me perfectly! I will be sure to get one as soon as I can 🙂

  133. Karen Rosson says:

    ooooohhhhhhh I L- O -V -E this!! AND in my ALABAMA colors….I just KNOW you were thinking of me when ya’ll made this :0)!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!

  134. Joylynn says:

    I’m amazed! This is gorgeous. I would use this a lot!! ❤

  135. Kim Tipton says:

    Love this bag!!!!! Too cute!!! Would love to add it to my collection…..

  136. Amy Edwards says:

    Pick me! Pick me! I’ve been a Vera Bradley addict for 12 years now!!!

  137. Valerie says:

    I love Frill, always look forward to see what’s new.

  138. Michelle says:

    Cute bag! It would be great to add it to my collection. 🙂

  139. Lydia Strain says:

    I love the Chic style of the Bridge Tote !

  140. Laurie Parker says:

    Super super cute. Love the styles and fabrics. Very nice for a little change of pace. Keep up the great work!

  141. Alicia Hall says:

    The Frill items are always so cute and fresh!!!

  142. Lisa says:

    I’d be sooo happy to win this one!!! 🙂

  143. Christin Wallace says:

    I’m currently in rehab for a VERA bad addiction. Lol. Get it?? “Vera”??

  144. Nancy says:

    Looks so cute! Cannot wait to see it in the store!

  145. Deb LaValley says:

    This bag is marvelous!!! Just love the houndstoooth with the red trim!!!

  146. Dan d says:

    My fiance would love this

  147. Liz says:

    Me please! Very cute 🙂

  148. Rachel Whitman says:

    I love the frill collection…it’s super cute!

  149. Kim Burke says:

    Great bag!

  150. Sonya says:

    Amazingly Adorable!

  151. Stephanie Kirk says:

    How cute! Can’t wait to see it all!

  152. jeannine m says:

    Perfect for me

  153. Jillian Donoghue says:

    LOVE this bag!! So cute! 🙂

  154. Amy Rodriguez says:

    Love the Bridge tote! I get tons of compliments on the Frill tote that I have now!!!

  155. Sandra Hunter says:

    I love this bag. Perfect for a “Go DAWGS” football season!

  156. Shannon says:

    Oh my gosh, love, love, love this! Why do you have to tease me so?

  157. Kira Holley says:

    I LOVE the little houndstooth print!

  158. Cynthia L. Pankratz says:

    I love Vera Bradley…Can’t have too much !!!

  159. Jen Landeen says:

    Beautiful! Can’t wait!

  160. Melody says:

    What a great color combination. I think it would work well in the fall again too. (The red and black.)

  161. Kelly Thelen says:

    This is adorable! It would make a wonderful addition to my Vera collection… hint, hint! 🙂

  162. Kim says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  163. Leah says:

    Loving the colors this season!

  164. Morgan says:

    The Frill line is great for me as a nanny! No matter what spills or leaks or gets crammed in there, it wipes clean! And the Bridge Tote is big enough for Tonka trucks, diapers, a change of clothes AND my neccessities! Love it!

  165. Ellen says:

    Love the bridge tote!

  166. Kari Lemon says:

    OMG, I LOVE this bag. Can’t wait to see it in person. Keep up the great work VB:)

  167. Suzie says:

    these bags look super cute!!

  168. Kimberly says:

    Love it!!

  169. Mary Poletti says:

    I just love the Frill version of Deco Daisy! The houndstooth is so cute and classic.

  170. KristenK says:

    I love the combination of houndstooth and red it looks so sophisticated! Can’t wait to add this bag to my frill collection!

  171. Elizabeth Brooker says:

    That bag is so practical! I love the deco daisy print and i feel like the size is perfect! Would make a great purse or bag for my project stuff!! And I don’t have any frill things yet so this would be the perfect start!!

  172. Stacie says:

    Love love this bag!!! ❤

  173. marlynn says:

    want want want!!!

  174. Melissa S. says:

    I can’t wait until these and the criss cross come out!! 😀

  175. Stefanie says:

    Too cute, can’t wait to see everything!

  176. Becky Adams says:

    This is so me!. I can hardly wait!!!

  177. Redawna says:

    Black and Red. LOVE it, so classic and clean. Yes, please. ❤

  178. Judy says:

    I love this line. Love that you can carry a bag in the summer that you can carry anywhere and not have to worry about stains/dirt as all are able to wipe clean. Can’t wait to see them in person.

  179. Jung A says:

    cant wait to have one of these bags!!

  180. KLaster says:

    Black and white houndstooth! Great!

  181. carolyn baker says:

    Frill is a thrill to own.

  182. Hannah Walker says:

    I’m a HUGE Bama fan and when I saw this bag I almost went crazy! LOVE IT! 🙂

  183. Sandra Hunter says:

    I love this bag! Perfect for a “Go Dawgs” football season!

  184. wanda says:

    I love FRILL- so fun, so fresh!!!


  185. Sarah Albert says:

    I love the bridge bag and I think it may come in purple which would be the perfect summer bag for me! 🙂

  186. Becky says:

    I’d love to have one!

  187. Joyce Jones says:

    Just Thrilled about…the New Frill! Love It!

  188. Chelsea says:

    I love houndstooth, so the Deco Daisy Bridge Tote is definitely for me!

  189. Virginia says:

    Love the houndstooth with red trim!

  190. JEM says:

    Great looking bag and in out school colors. Would be great for my little gal for a book bag. Daughter, co-workers and myself have many Vera bags and have sent them for gifts. Love, love, love Vera. Thanks.

  191. Tara says:

    Too cute! I’m excited to see the new products :o)

  192. Jenna says:

    I love the Frill collection. It’s so stylish. Thanks for the contest!

  193. Debbie says:

    Can’t wait to see the collection in person. Must have a vanity box!

  194. Manda says:

    I love this bag!! Would look perfect on my arm!!

  195. Kacy says:

    So cute!! Love all the frill stuff – it’s what got me hooked on VB!

  196. Heidi Drake says:

    I would love to win this!!My husband is in Basic training for the AArmy and we have 4 kids…I need something new for myself!

  197. Nancy says:

    Great style! Would love to have it.

  198. Carol Prazan says:

    I check the Vera Bradley website every day to catch what’s the latest and greatest. LOVE this bag!

  199. Amanda P says:

    the bridge tote is absoutely adorable!

  200. Leslie says:

    What a great bag! I’d love a new Vera!

  201. Laurie says:

    I absolutely love the color contrast!

  202. Jen says:

    I LOVE THIS BAG!!!! I have 2 Frill bags and just love love love them!!!!!

  203. Carla Allen says:

    We love, love, love houndstooth at our house! All three girls!

  204. Julie Parlin says:

    The frill line is my favorite of all the Vera collection. I love the youthful feeling of that collection. I don’t like feeling grown up all the time.

  205. Regina Esteban says:

    Frill ~Frill oh what a trill! Bridge Tote is new & has the look… Doesn’t take long for a girl to be on the hook!

  206. Hilary Todd says:

    Love the bridge tote! Can’t wait to see it in person

  207. Cindy L. says:

    All I can say is TOO DARN CUTE!

  208. Kimberly says:

    Love it!

  209. Terri Keller says:

    This new Frill gives me great thrill !!! I will be looking for the new line. Glad it comes in my FAV colors: Black, White and Red
    Thanks for the color choice.

  210. Kaitlynne L says:

    love the frill collection!!!

  211. Krista Pomeroy says:

    I love this bag and would be honored to win it. It is beautiful.

  212. Jennifer K says:


  213. Anne Risser Lee says:

    Houndstooth is the new black! Love this!

  214. Jennifer Voigt says:

    LOVE the bridge tote…so cute and perfectly sized!

  215. Kelley Antcliff says:

    Oh how cute!!!! 🙂

  216. lesley sanders says:

    OMG! soooo trendy! LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag! definite must have! ❤

  217. Susan Peeler says:

    That is a gorgeous bag and I just love the color’s. I have been looking for a new bag and this one is fantastic!

  218. Carolyn Williams says:

    What a Thrill for Craewill to have a Frill !

  219. Kimberly Rose says:

    I love this bag! I do have a Birthday coming up…

  220. Connie says:

    Great for taking everyone’s items to all the kids games!

  221. Tonya Stucke says:

    I’m a big Frilly Vera B. fan:-)

  222. Colleen Turowski says:

    I can totally picture me with Frill!

  223. Windi Hornsby says:

    This bag is too cute!

    Maybe Product Development will consider a iPad bag/sleeve/case, as well as dog accessories (collar, leash, harness)?

  224. Deb Kennedy says:


  225. Harriett says:

    I love the Bridge Tote in Deco Daisy!

  226. Teresa Smith says:

    I love the frill collection!

  227. Tina McGinn says:

    Love Frill! And I love this bag you are giving away! If I don’t win it I will have to buy it! LOL

  228. Deb Sprague says:

    Love the Frill line and happy to see more is coming out!!!

  229. MARY ROBERTA DEW says:

    I need this bag!!!!!!! I so love it.

  230. Jackie Branscum says:

    I love the new Bridge Tote!!! Would love it in EM or VLV!!!! Good Luck Everyone!

  231. Hillary says:

    can’t get enough Frill! Love it.

  232. Bonnie Kaye Schulz says:

    I love this Frill print! I love all Vera Bradley. Wish there was a store near me!

  233. Adrienne Beiler says:

    Love it!

  234. Rachel Davis says:

    I would love to win this! It is so cute! I would love to give it as a Mother’s Day gift!

  235. Kristy says:

    Gorgeous and Fresh!! Love it!

  236. Kim says:

    I love the bridge tote it is super cute 🙂

  237. Robin Clinefelter says:

    Love the colors!

  238. Jolanta says:

    So cute! So adorable! So unique!

  239. angela says:

    9an’t wait to see them all!

  240. marla says:

    I can’t wait for this one! Adorable!

  241. Shana Bryant says:

    My sweet mama would LOVE this bag for mothers day !!

  242. MARY ROBERTA DEW says:

    I so love it! I NEED IT!!!

  243. Chris Briney says:

    My wife would LOVE to have the bridge tote!

  244. Tiffany says:

    How cute! I can’t wait to see more!

  245. Amanda S says:

    This is definitely my favorite piece in the Frill collection so far! Love the black and white houndstooth with the red trim! So cute!

  246. Karissa O'Guinn says:

    OH. This is adorable. & I would love to be the one carring it! ❤ Vera Bradley! =D

  247. Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE that!

  248. Sarah C. says:

    I love all the Frill! 🙂

  249. Joan Hanson says:

    I love frill!! Cannot wait to see all the new styles that are coming out this week!

  250. Lane says:

    Love the box and the tote, so cute! 🙂

  251. Christi says:

    This bag is adorable!!

  252. Ashley Czerwonka says:

    I love this bag!! Makes me want to start cheering “Roll Tide!!”

  253. Sarah Gonzales says:

    Love…love…love 😉

  254. Marie says:

    Cute!!!!!!! love it

  255. Sunny says:

    Oh please pick me! I love the Watercolor frill look sooOOOOooo much! 🙂

  256. nectar says:

    omg! i’ve been looking for a bag like this!x

  257. Diana P. says:

    Love, love, love it – would love to have as part of my collection. Yay Vera Bradley!!

  258. Stephanie Diaz says:

    i love this bag!!!

  259. Amy K says:

    this new frill with the houndstooth and red is my FAVORITE!!

  260. Jaclyn Eichelberger says:

    The bridge tote is super cute! Hard to choose between those 3 patterns!

  261. Melinda says:

    The red and black is awesome, a great tote to carry around all summer long.

  262. Gina Klepikow says:

    Yet again, another chic and sassy flair to the frill!!!
    Can’t wait to get some… Hopefully for mothers day!!!

  263. Jane says:

    What an adorable bag! It’s so classy!

  264. Laura says:

    Nothing says class quite like black and white houndstooth with red accents. Nice, very nice.

  265. kim says:

    love this bag….would LOVE to have it!!!!!

  266. Laura J says:

    Perfect looking bag!! Can’t wait to see it in all the colors 🙂

  267. Jamie says:

    Love the bag in the picture!

  268. Maria Woodworth says:

    Love it!! Can’t wait till April 21 to see it in person!!

  269. Michelle says:

    i love frill! it’s so girly and it makes me happy!

  270. Meredith Davis says:

    I love this bag and love the colors!! Roll Tide!!!

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    This is sooo cute! I love the colors, style and size of this bag!

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    Love this bag! Frill is thrilling! Thanks, VB!

  273. Holly Hall says:

    Love the trim. Black and red always good together.

  274. Jennifer says:

    This bag is adorable! I love the Frill line!

  275. Stephanie says:

    The new Frill line is adorable. I LOVE the houndstooth pattern 🙂

  276. Tamara says:

    This bag makes me smile, therefore it needs to come to my house- don’t worry, I’ll take VERY good care of it!

  277. Amanda Greene says:

    I love this bag! I am an Alabama fan and would wear it proudly…Pick Me:)

  278. Elizabeth says:

    I love love love love love Frill soo much!! Its the best to carry to and from classes and I love how you can just wipe it down! I just bought a bunch of Frill form the VBO, and all of my friends want some now! This bag is just super cute and would love to add it to my collection!!

  279. Denise says:

    Way too cute……love it!!

  280. Lindsey says:

    I love love LOVE this bag!!!!! It sure is perfect for this Alabama fan!!

  281. lesley sanders says:

    OMG soooo cute! LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag! super trendy, definite must have!

  282. Kat McKerrow says:

    Cute vintage-y tote!

  283. Dianne Steinman says:

    My daughter and I both LOVE Frill!

  284. dawn says:

    Frill is my favorite part of the entire line of Vera Bradley! Would love to carry a new Bridge tote this summer.

  285. Anna Rudolph says:

    Yay for Frill!

  286. Jamie says:

    Love that bag in the picture!

  287. Stephanie Vining says:

    What a beautiful purse…..this can go with every outfit.

  288. Melinda Reid says:

    this bag is so cute~would love to win..

  289. Michele says:

    I’ve always loved the fabric patterns on the inside as well as the outside!

  290. Angi says:

    I’m becoming an addict!!!! ❤ this bag!

  291. Natalie Loy says:

    I cannot wait to see these bags in person! I’m a huge Vera fan and have been for many, many years!!! 🙂

  292. Janna says:

    Love the bridge tote and vanity box!

  293. Emily Hanke says:

    This bag looks like it is the perfect size!!

  294. Zara says:

    I would LOVE to win this bridge tote – it’s definitely the item I have my eye on!

  295. Carie T says:

    Love FRILL! Have the Sugar & Spice Crossbody in Folklorico! Soooooooo CUTE :-). I HEART VERA!!!

  296. Audrey Lane says:

    That Bag is just absolutely beautiful and I bet it’s s even better on the Inside!!

  297. Amy Crawford says:

    How very cute! Love it!

  298. I LOVE the frill lines and the bridge tote is GORGEOUS in deco daisy. I hope I win!

  299. jay says:

    This would make a great anniversary gift for my wife.

  300. Tina says:

    love love love it – one of my favorites color combos!! Sweet!!

  301. Kelly says:

    Super cute and so stylish – would love to win one!

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    I would love the Frill. What a cute bag!

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    I LOVE these bags! Cant get enough of them!

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    I really like the frill line, would love to win this bag! 🙂

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    Gorgeous! Can’t wait to order mine now!

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    What a cool bag! Beautiful classic colors in a fresh new design! Love it!

  313. Maria says:

    I might have to pick up that cosmetic box – guess I know what I’ll be doing on Thursday!

  314. Melissa Wisniewski says:

    Classy colors, I love it.

  315. Dana N. says:

    LOVE that style. And in my favorite new pattern. New addition to my must have list.

  316. Katie E says:

    I love this bag!!

  317. Andrea says:

    Great job vb!

  318. Stacy Bassett says:

    Absolutely love the Frill collection especially for those outdoor related events. The collection is so easy to keep clean and is water-resistant on the outside when you happen to be near water. Love them! especially the totes.

  319. Felicia B. says:


  320. Amy says:

    Love this bag!

  321. Katie Embry says:

    I love this bag!

  322. Leslie Pressey says:

    I just ADORE this bag!!!Crossing my fingers…..

  323. Elizabeth White says:

    I LOVE this bag!!! Please Please Please Pick ME!!!!!

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    I love frill

  325. Brenda Newman says:

    I always thought some of the inside designs were just as pretty as the outside ones! I especially love the purple ones! 🙂

  326. Jennifer Diaz says:

    Love it, Gotta have it!

  327. Angela Taylor says:

    I’d love to win a new bag for summer!

  328. Cynthia M. says:

    Pick me! I think this bag is so cute!

  329. Amy says:

    Love this bag! Perfect for my summer weddings!

  330. bluejay says:

    Ooooh I have been waiting to see more of that great houndstooth. Good luck everyone.

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    LOVE the viva la vera! Would be the perfect addition to all my FRILL goodies I just got at the VBOS!

  332. Adrianna Rudzinsky says:

    I love the shape of this bag…perfect for carrying my summer essentials!!!

  333. shannon holzem says:

    Very cute line. I would love one!

  334. Renee Jean Millman says:

    really like the bag. looks like houndstooth. my fav

  335. Julie Wilson says:

    If I am randomly selected, I will scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  336. Mel says:

    What a beautiful bag! I hope I win!

  337. Junie says:

    Although I have over 35 signature pieces of VB, I have only one “Frill” item. I would love to add to my Frill collection. In fact winning a Frill would be a Thrill. Thanks VB. I love you! ❤ ❤ ❤

  338. Sarah Stokes says:

    Things women can never have enough of: chocolate, shoes and totes! I love it!

  339. Heather says:

    I would LOVE to win this bag!

  340. EJ Morris says:

    Great new styles……as usual Vera Bradley(Very Essential & Rightly Awesome! )is the best! Great for any occasion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  341. Shelli says:

    Cute, summer tote!

  342. Izzi Hays says:

    Gorgeous new colors + beautiful frill bags = one happy customer!!!

  343. Alexa DeSocio says:

    The Bridge Tote in Deco Daisy looks so cute! And it matches my new red raincoat PERFECTLY!

  344. Jenny Jones says:

    This bag in Deco Daisy is any University of Alabama fans dream! I want one please!!!

  345. Congratulations and thank you for the NO location and the bayou. The south appreciates the attention.

  346. Vicki says:

    So very cute would love to win one! Looks like the perfect size and great idea for putting the inside patterns on the outside.

  347. jennifer says:

    So very beautiful!!

  348. Jennifer says:

    Love this bag!!! Perfect colors!

  349. Grace Ellegood says:

    I love the quality and care that goes into designing and making Vera Bradley bags. My friends always compliment my many Vera Bradley items!! I would love to add this item to my collection!!

  350. Pam says:

    Love black, white, and red together. Can’t wait to see this bag!

  351. hollydolly says:

    This bag is adorable!! I can’t wait to see all the new styles, frill is so awesome! :]

  352. I love of the Vera Bradley Summer colors. The Bridge Tote in Viva la Vera is so pretty. Also the 2 for 1 shoulder bag fits me perfect too. I would love to win something. I never have. I am always up to date with all the wonderful goodies. Nice work!

  353. Lori says:

    Very cute! I love how light the bags are – so nice for my back.

  354. Ruth says:

    I never win anything! Wouldn’t it be great if THIS were the first! ❤

  355. Eann Tuan says:

    So cute!

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    My wife loves the Viva La Vera frill.

  357. Kimberly R. says:

    Absolutely adorable! Love it to pieces 🙂

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    Nice style! Can’t wait to see it up close!

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    Love the new Frill color..Great Bag…

  362. Megan P says:

    Looking forward to Frill in English Meadow! Would have liked to have seen it in Watercolor, but I guess I can make do with the Criss Cross collection, right? 😉

  363. Jamie Beck says:

    I love the new Bridge Tote!!! I would love to have it in Watercolor… new favorite color!!!

  364. Victoria says:

    This bag is too cute…would LOVE it in Viva La Vera please!!!!!

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  366. Lauren B says:

    I LOVE this bag!!!! Looks like it will make a wonderful addition to my line up of go-to totes and diaper bags 🙂

  367. Brittany says:

    I love the bridge tote it would be SO perfect for daily errand running!

  368. Lori Stevens says:

    Absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!

  369. Dana says:

    Lovely design…I would so love to make this a part of my Vera collection!

  370. Audrey D says:

    LOVE the houndstooth/red combo…I’ve been looking for the perfect mother’s day gift for my mom and I may have just found it!

  371. maia hitchner says:

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  372. Megan says:

    Oooh…..looks like the perfect summer bag !!!

  373. Nancy says:

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    would love to win this for my wife!!!

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    Soooo cute!!! I want one!!! 🙂

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  379. i love everything vera bradley. This bag is awesome!!!!

  380. Libby O'Brien says:


  381. Karlyn VanDeusen says:

    Vera ROCKS! Love all of these bags especially the bridge tote! Perfect size handbag!

  382. Margaret says:

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  383. Amy says:

    This Alabama fan NEEDS this bag!!!

  384. jessica swartz says:

    Love Love Frill!

  385. Carolyn Lummus says:

    Love frill and love the tote.

  386. Vanessa says:

    Even my 8 month old daughter loves Vera. She has 2 already and likes to play with mine. The Fresh Frill Bridge tote, is so beautiful but I’m not surprised.
    I love getting new Vera, it gets me so excited! But, free Vera well that’s a dream come true!!!!

  387. i love everything vera bradley! I love this bag! would love to have it in my collection!!!

  388. Marissa says:

    LOVE IT!!!!! And so my VB collection grows…

  389. This is an awesome VB bag and I would love to win! Good Luck to all someone will be so lucky to win this awesome bag!

  390. Judy Pavarini says:

    Oh I love that Vanity box! It has soo many possibilities besides cosmetics. I want one to put on my desk!

  391. Kim says:

    love the new design !

  392. tammy middlecamp says:

    I absolutely adore this bag!! So fun and so fresh!! MUST HAVE!! 🙂

  393. Rose Varner says:

    OMG, The new frill is way to cute! Veras done it again! Can’t Wait to get my hands on them!

  394. Lynsey C says:

    I was so sad that Purple Punch went away but Viva la Vera is my new favourite AND I love it in frill even more! I’ll be in trouble this weekend at my vera store! Loving the Bridge Tote and the Vanity Box.

  395. Tonja Alvis says:

    Just spent a ton at the outlet sale this weekend and already this is one more I can’t live without! You guys never cease to amaze me!

  396. Annie Buck says:

    Love Vera Bradley! They always have something cute!

  397. Janne Denner says:

    I LOVE me some Frill! I wish there were as many options in Frill as there are in the regular line, it’s great for those of us who can be less than neat, just wipe it down with a wipie and your good to go 🙂 I glad to see the line continuing!

  398. Sherry Courtney says:

    I need this bag to carried to the ballgames this fall. Roll Tide Roll!

  399. Carole Kemper says:

    I love the style and am looking forward to seeing it in person when available.

  400. Tammy Johns says:

    Love all the new VB styles & colors…I’m such an addict! Have withdrawals and might have to purchase soon though! Don’t tell my husband! 🙂

  401. Sandy says:

    I need a Frill thrill!

  402. Adrienne Harms says:

    LOVE IT!!! I want it!!!

  403. Karen M says:

    i love this tote!!!!!!!

  404. Lise Trevino says:

    Oh my goodness. This is exactly what I was hoping for. A little houndstooth on the outside. Got to love it. Celebrating.

  405. Kristen says:

    LOVE these new bags and the fabrics are awesome! 🙂

  406. Debra Kuhns says:

    Thought I’d be good till the fall colors come out, but this Frill line has got me wanting again!!!! Love the make up box and bags ❤ ❤ <3!!!!!!

  407. Kathleen Griffith says:

    I could definitely see the Two for One Shoulder Bag being such a versatile addition to my collection. I love the spring colors and am thrilled to see new styles to go with the new colors.

  408. Karen says:

    I like this bag. Could I please have one like it?

  409. Melissa says:

    Too cute – I love the Frill bags!

  410. Mary Claire says:

    I’m so excited! I’ve been collecting Deco Daisy and have been anxiously waiting for the Deco Daisy frill to come out! I love the houndstooth!!

  411. Michelle Attaway says:

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  412. Beth Kraft says:

    I want this; it is so cute!

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  416. Janice says:

    Love, love, love the red, black, and white!!!!! Can’t wait to get a new Frill!!

  417. Erin S. says:

    Not really sure why this wasn’t done in watercolor too, but really excited to see these in person! The deco daisy is great! The bridge tote is my favorite of the collection too!

  418. Lauren Howle says:

    Love this bag!!

  419. Anita says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to get another for mother’s day!

  420. Amanda Lee says:

    I love Frill! The red against the black and white looks so sharp! I can’t wait to add some of the new items to my Vera collection!!!

  421. shenene williamson says:

    Vera Bradley, you never disappoint me!

  422. Lynn Black says:

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  423. Melissa says:

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    I think the new Frill Vera Rocks!!!! I can’t wait to purchase some in the new Viva La Vera!!! So Cute and Fun!!!!!

  426. Valerie says:

    I am a ‘frills’ girl and definitely need this adorable bag!!!

  427. Natasha says:

    I love the new frill, it is so cute and I think I must have one : ) LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  428. Michele says:

    Love the houndstooth bag!

  429. Momma Chaos says:

    I love the Frill line! Just bought something from it for my 15yr old 🙂

  430. julee says:

    Love Veras! Love this new bag!! So happy I stumbled across this site!

  431. Annette says:

    Love the Frill bags! Get lots of compliments on my Poppy Fields tote every time I carry it!!!

  432. Amy says:


  433. Kim says:

    The VB Frill is always a favorite especially in our Northeast weather:) Love the houndstooth patterns with Deco Daisy. A winner!

  434. melissa says:

    On a grey day a Vera bag always gives the day a bit of color!

  435. Joan Havala says:

    This red and black bag is adorable. Vera Bradley never disappoints!

  436. Michelle G. says:

    I love the new Frill! I cannot wait to see it at my store 🙂

  437. Monica Sauk says:

    Love it. So cute!

  438. Brittany says:

    Very cute style bag! love it~

  439. Sarah says:

    I can’t wait to see the new Frill in person. I get so many compliments on my Frill wallet I got for my birthday last year!

  440. Skyscraper says:

    Houndstooth totally rocks!

  441. Sally Babcock says:


  442. Linda Mullins says:

    What a great bag! Love the purple!

  443. Jessica Hawkins says:

    Love it!!

  444. Jaime says:

    I love how the houndstooth is the prominent pattern on the Deco Daisy Frill! Love, love, love it! I need it for football season – Roll Tide!

  445. Lori Jones says:

    I really love this bag, it looks like it would be a roomy bag. It would be a great addition to my Vera Bradley collection. I get a lot of comments on all of my accessories and bags when I am going somewhere.

  446. kate keith says:

    I love it!!

  447. cdipsokol says:

    Just went shopping for my kiddies for Easter, even got my three year old princess her first Vera, a Little Princess bag in English Meadow! Would love this bag in the same design to match her for Easter!!! Good luck to the lucky winner!

  448. Laurie says:

    Love, love , love this bag!!! Love the red and houndstooth! ROLL TIDE!!!

  449. Rebecca says:

    Beautiful as always. I LOVE the 2 for 1 Shoulder Bag. That would be perfect for my summer travels.

  450. Adriene says:

    LOVE this bag! Was just at the outlet sale, but I am READY for MORE! :0) My 2 year old and 5 month old daugthers are already starting their Vera collection! Thanks for such beautiful pieces!!

  451. Rhianna says:

    Love the new Frill collection! 🙂 The Bridge tote is my favorite!

  452. Sue says:

    The only place the bridge tote would look better is on my shoulder! Love it!

  453. janet d davis says:

    I started getting vera Bradley purses a few years ago and get all the compliments on style, would loe to try the frill.

  454. Kristen C. in Ohio says:

    Love it!! I am loving FRILL these days! 🙂 Hoping for a free one!

  455. Niki says:

    Love this bag ( and Vera Bradley)

  456. Ann Zaring says:

    LOVE the houndstooth pattern with the red accents! Classy, versatile and JUST PERFECT!!

  457. Amy says:

    being a die-hard Vera Bradley fan as well as a die-hard University of Alabama fan… this deco daisy frill houndstooth bridge tote is nothing short of sheer perfection!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  458. Hope Jackson says:

    Love the Bridge Tote as well as the Two for One Bag…too cute!

  459. Katherine Smith says:

    Makes me want to head to the mall!

  460. Gwenith Smith says:

    I can’t wait to try the vanity box for storing travel nail polish and supplies! So adorable! Loving the Deco Daisy! The Bridge tote looks like a great sized bag, not too big or small. Cannot wait to see them in person!!

  461. Christine Smith says:

    Black & white with just the right amount of red!! Three of my favorite colors!!

  462. Lisa Q says:

    love the new houndstooth print!!! Go Bama!!

  463. Jessica says:


  464. Becky C says:

    Love this bag!!!

  465. Tena Chen says:

    I am a huge fan of the Frill line. I love traveling with them, especially overseas and other parts of the country. I have no qualms putting the bag down on the ground, and if it gets wet or an accidental spill, just wipe it off!

  466. Andrea Alcala says:

    This bag is too cute. Love the colors.

  467. Jordan says:

    the frill is adorable! vera keeps getting cuter and cuter items!

  468. Rebecca says:

    Very Classy! 😉

  469. Heather Byrne says:

    Love it and Want it!

  470. Sheree Harrell says:

    Looks nice. Not real fond of the black & white houndstooth, but I bet the other colors are real pretty. Can’t wait to see them!

  471. Charlene says:

    Love the Frill. Pick me.

  472. Ryan says:

    I love the new Bridge tote! It’s fun and functional! I’ve never owned a Frill before but right now seems like a great time to get one!

  473. Carrie says:

    Really love this new tote.

  474. Kellie Graham says:

    Cannot wait til Thursday! Frill is so cheerful!

  475. Sarah says:

    I LOVE this bag!!! So cute! Loving the entire Frill line as well 🙂

  476. Sally Wehner says:

    I love the Frills line.

  477. Lindsay says:

    Love the houndstooth and red combo! Would love to have this bag!

  478. Connie says:

    This bag is perfect! I love the shape, I love the colors, and as a Vera Bradley, I know it will have the quality I expect!

  479. Alli says:

    sooo cute!!!

  480. sonia says:

    Love the houndstooth! It would match my rain boots.

  481. Lauren says:

    Perfect! Just what I need for my job-easy to wash!

  482. Tracy L Cruz says:

    Love the look of these new bags!! Want to add one to my VB collection!

  483. Ava says:

    Man this thing ROCKS!!! 🙂

  484. sonja says:

    Love it!

  485. Cindy M says:

    I love the Frill Collection! May have to get every piece this time around! It would help me so much if I won the Bridge Tote! 🙂

  486. Tray McCauley says:

    I am THRILLED with the new FRILL!
    :o) YAY can’t wait to add some to my collection!

  487. Erica says:

    I looooooove it!!

  488. Rosemary says:

    so cute, love it!!!! Love all my Vera stuff!!

  489. Lisa Iddings says:

    WOW!!! This would love wonderful on my shoulder! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! WOOHOO I HOPE I WIN

  490. Pat Matejcek says:

    I Love this bag. I would love to add to my vera collection. It is beautiful!!!! I wear alot of black and white… It is perfect!!!

  491. I can’t wait to get one of these!

  492. Teresa says:

    I need a new purse and I love Vera Bradley!

  493. Tiffany says:

    I would love to have this purse!

  494. Dena says:

    Love the items featuring the inside patterns…especially the houndstooth!

  495. When are you coming to Europe. All your wonderful patterns and prints and colors are ME!

  496. Kathy Lee says:

    I want it all! Love Frill!

  497. Katie says:

    Love this bag. Boy would it make a wonderful birthday present to myself 😉

  498. Stacie Hertzsch says:

    I got some Frill for my 8 year old at the Outlet sale – we both love it

  499. Lauren Orias says:

    I LOVE THIS CUTE PURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  500. Leiden Reitz says:

    Love this bag!! Frill is awesome!

  501. Pat Matejcek says:

    I love this bag and would love to add to my Vera Collection!! I wear alot of black and white it is perfect for me. I would Love to win it!!!!

  502. Jennifer B says:

    I love the Frill collection, it’s great for casual Summer outfits but still flirty enough for going out! The Bridge Tote would be perfect on my shoulder, especially in the English Meadow pattern. 🙂

  503. Luann says:

    LOVE IT LOVE IT!! It is so adorable. I would love to have this in my collection!!!!

  504. Michelle says:

    Love the fact that the Frill line is easy to keep clean! With a 2.5 yr old and a 2 month old it would certainly make things easy!! I just bought my first Frill for a friend’s daughter’s 7th birthday!!

    Vera is my newest obsession!! 🙂

  505. Tammy Richards says:

    Very classy! I love it!!!!

  506. Ashley says:

    I didn’t think I could love Viva La Vera anymore, but seeing it in the Frill collection has changed my mind! Gorgeous!

  507. Chris Almeida says:

    LOVE IT! Now I wish I had wated before buying my Deco Daisy bag!

  508. sandy shattuck says:

    This looks like a “houndstooth print” which is one of the college Alabama University of Tuscaloosa, Al signature colors! I am a die Hard Alabama FAN! ROLLLLL TIDDEEE ROLLLL!! I LOVE IT!!!

  509. Darrell Graham says:

    My wife is very excited about the new Frill!

  510. Lisa S. says:

    the deco daisy frill will be a must have to complete my Bama wardrobe! Already have my Quick Draw and this would be the perfect complement!

  511. Andrea R. says:

    love it! {As usual}

  512. Kathy says:

    WOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the look of this bag. Perfect for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  513. Andie d says:

    I really love this! So cute!

  514. Nina Harris says:

    Both the bridge tote and the 2 for 1 shoulder bag are tooo cute!!!

  515. Jaime says:

    I love Vera Bradley. As a mom of two little ones and having to take all their necessities with me wherever I go, Vera Bradley lets me do that fashionably. Would love to the new, chic frill line.

  516. Sandy says:

    Love Frill! Fresh Frill is even better!

  517. elaine says:

    I love spring and this is the perfect spring bag..

  518. Ronnie says:

    Love the red and black houndstooth! Classy!

  519. Kathy Laub says:

    I love vera bradley and totes are my favorite!

  520. Caryl says:

    Love the Frill Collection!

  521. gin813 says:

    Love all of your bags and this one is great too!

  522. Blythe says:

    I am a huge frill fan. I saw a sneak peek in the lookbook at a store today…it looks really cute.

  523. Donna says:

    Love the summer colors; can’t wait to see them in Frill!

  524. Amanda says:

    So cute! Every Bama fan will die to get their hands on this bag. Roll Tide!

  525. Carrie Sanders says:

    You know Vera fever is bad when the husband can name all the patterns and styles too! I am certainly easy to shop for! Mother’s Day is coming up, and this would be a super gift!! (for me!)

  526. Tammy R says:

    I have got to have the houndstooth bag to add to my Bama accessories! Love it!

  527. Beverly M says:

    I really LOVE this bag! Perfect addition to the Frill collection.

  528. Christina says:

    This bag would look great on my shoulder while walking in our little spring shower of snow!!

  529. Sherry says:

    I love this purse it would look great with all the things that I WEAR The houndstooth purse its absoutely the most beautiful purse because I am a ALABAMA FAN….when we say ROLL……TIDE… will be a great purse to take to the game…… It will match my Alabama shirts that i wear….Love it…..Sherry from Alabama…..

  530. Lauren Taylor says:

    The perfect bag for a Vera fan who loves The Alabama Crimson Tide. Love the houndstooth and red!

  531. Aliesha says:

    This bag is so cute! Love it!

  532. Christina says:

    A great purse for my spring shower of snow!!

  533. ashley says:

    So excited to see new frill!

  534. Elizabeth S. says:

    I love the Frill of seeing new VB stuff coming out … It so pretty : )

  535. Brittany says:

    Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag!! 2 cute!

  536. Matthew P says:

    Hoping to win this for my wife!!!

  537. John S. says:

    My Daughter would be so happy if I won her this ! She is Vera addicted

  538. Kristin M says:

    I LOVE the Frill collection. I would have to say that Viva La Vera is my favorite pattern in this collection for summer. Can’t wait to see them in person. 🙂

  539. Kristen says:

    Oh goodness! The houndstooth! Yes, please!

  540. Becki says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE the new Frill…they’re ADORABLE!!!

  541. Susan Ferland says:

    So cute…love the black and white with red trim!

  542. Kelly says:

    This bag looks like to perfect size! Love it:)

  543. Beth Z says:

    This is an awesome collection!!!!

  544. Jamie A. says:

    I love the new Frill line. My favorite part is that they are so easy to clean. The bridge tote looks amazing in Viva la Vera!

  545. kristen says:

    This bag would be perfect for traveling since it coordinates with my luggage. Winning would definitely be a good excuse for a trip!

  546. Lesley Cruickshank says:

    City chic, very stylish!

  547. Brandi says:

    I love the frill!! I am an alumni and huge Univ. of Alabama fan, so the houndstooth with red trim really speaks to me!!!!

  548. Sue S. says:

    I love everything Vera!!! In fact, I love this product so much, I’m buying stock in the company. I love that they have comfy chairs and/or sofas in their stores so that spouses are comfortable while waiting. I believe I have become addicted. Yahoo to Vera Bradley.

  549. lelia says:

    I agree, the interior prints are wonderful! Lovely bag ; )

  550. Abby M says:

    This is perfect to carry to and from work! Will fit all my regular purse stuff, heels, lunch, and work stuff. Plus no worries about it getting dirty since it’s frill and will wipe clean! Love it

  551. Christina says:

    Love!!! So precious! Can’t wait for thursday!

    • Lisa Emmons says:

      This bag is so cute. I’m a mom of three boys so I can use all the girly stuff I can get;) this would be perfect to hold everything I need!

  552. jennifer Sakulsky says:

    Love the look!!

  553. Angela Zinsli says:

    What a cute bag…would love to have this one!

  554. Elizabeth Visak says:

    I need more frills in my life!!!!

  555. Kelly says:

    I can’t wait to see the other colors in the Bridge tote! Looks like a great size for summer:)

  556. Toni says:


  557. Renee Wojdan says:

    I LOVE LOVE it!! It’s so me. Keep up the great job Vera!!!

  558. Melissa H. says:

    Super cute!

  559. bmw says:

    Holy cow! I adore that houndstooth! That tote is perfect for me with the shot of red because the majority of my work clothes are black, and I always love to throw in a shot of color with my scarves. It would also come in handy for my museum shifts because I’m always carrying around a reference book (or three), pages of research, etc. What a great bag!

  560. ann says:

    Bridge tote looks great!

  561. Wendy Adee says:

    I LOVE the frill collection – I buy it for my nieces and for my sons GF evey chance I get – just waiting to get some for ME : ) Keep up the great work – Love VB ❤

  562. Jackie Dodel says:

    OMG this purse is amazing! I love Deco Daisy and frill so this would be perfect! 😀 I love the Vera Frill line and I can’t wait to add this to my collection !!!

  563. Susan says:

    Love, love, love this bag!! It’s so classy looking! Perfect for all the summer festivities!!

  564. Patty Stewart says:

    Love the houndstooth, My birthday is friday. would be a nice gift for myself.

  565. amber connell says:

    I LOVE this bag!!!

  566. Emily Carpenter says:

    LOVE THIS! I think I need it. :o)

  567. Debbie says:

    Love Love Love this bag! It amazes me how creative VB keeps getting with styles & pattern. Keep up the good work 🙂

  568. Sarah says:

    Love this bag! It would be perfect for NC State football games!

  569. June Garfman says:


  570. Kacy Peart says:

    CUTE!!! I love all of those colors!! Can’t wait to get one!

  571. Leigh says:

    I love this this new bag!!! I would love to add it to my favorite Vera collection!!!

  572. Sarah Harrelson says:

    You did it again, never to disappoint! I have to have this bag, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!

  573. Jenna F says:

    Would love to win that for my mom for Mother’s Day! Looks just like her

  574. Jessica says:

    To say I must possess this bag is the understatement of the century!!!!! Too cute!

  575. Emily Jones says:

    Love, Love, Love the Frill collection! Just picked up a new frill wallet at the outlet sale.

  576. Siobhan says:

    This is so cute! i really want to get it so bad! Its super sheek and the colors are amazing. Maybe this will be the first of my collection of vera bradley i really do hope so!

  577. Dawn Wilson says:

    Oh my!!! I love this combo of colors!!! It’s so retro looking. Gotta have one!!!

  578. Kimberly Boone says:

    I love the new frills, they are the best ones yet! But of course I love all Vera Bradley….


    I have bought a Frill bag for my four year old daughter. She told me ‘Mom, I just love it , love it, love it!!!’.

  580. JENNIFER HEARNE says:

    I’m in love!!! This bag is perfect! I’m hoping to inch away from a diaper bag and this could be the one….

  581. Becca N. says:

    Love Vera Bradley.
    I want to collect all the patterns!

  582. Amy C says:

    Love, love, love!

  583. Jen Purdin says:

    So summery..Love it! 🙂

  584. Kristine says:

    How cute!

  585. Amy Lee says:

    I love Love LOVE this bag! Just when I thought Vera Bradley couldn’t get better! 🙂 Oh which color to pick! 🙂

  586. Michelle Childress says:

    So cute!! I would love to win one of these!

  587. L Kelly says:

    Sophisticated Frill Deco Daisy is a Thrill!

  588. Beth Jeziorski says:

    I think the collection is overall a little young for me, but the classic Red, Black, and White in this bag just grabs me.

  589. Jessica says:

    Roll Tide! I want this bag SO badly!

  590. Kathi Lewis says:

    Love the New Frill Line. They all are awesome.

  591. Janie K says:

    I love the Frill line, it’s so cute! I’d love to win this bag!

  592. Margaret M says:

    I love the interior prints! Frill is definitely fun! Thanks.

  593. amy s says:

    I am loving this bag! One of my favorites so far! Would love to have one in every print!!!! :0)

  594. Helen Ismail says:

    Mmmmmm fresh FRILL!!!! I smell a new Vera in my near future : )

  595. Rebecca Parker says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Bridge Tote in Deco Daisy!! Need to get one FAST! 😀

  596. Lisa says:

    Love, love, LOVE this houndstooth bag!!

  597. Steph says:

    i love this bag, it’s so cute. frill is such a great addition to vera and i definitely want to add to my collection ❤

  598. Monica Brinkley Davis says:

    I absolutely love this bag. I can wait to see it in person at my local VB retailer.

  599. Susan says:

    I love frill!!!

  600. cindy b. says:

    love this bag!

  601. BarbaraA says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those bags! Looking forward to April 21st!

  602. Lisa says:

    I love the new checkered black and red frill bag!

  603. Holly says:

    Beautiful bag!

  604. Sandy Stephens says:

    Those are just too cool! Love the new colors! Just enough “frill” to be girly!

  605. Betsy says:

    Love love love Deco Daisy! Especially since it has houndstooth!

  606. Laura Killefer says:

    Love it! Very cute! 🙂

  607. Amanda says:

    I love the new frill! Would love to carry this bag this summer!

  608. Melissa says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  609. jeanette says:

    must have this purse! 🙂

  610. Star says:

    I believe that the new Frill is awesome and I would love to advertise the new purse for you by taking it with me everywhere I go! Love the patterns! 🙂

  611. Jennifer says:

    I would LOVE this bag!! Vera rocks!! 🙂

  612. Stacie says:

    Need to get me some FRILL!!

  613. Kristi says:

    Love the new line!

  614. Jennifer says:

    I am in love with the Frill collection! Perfect for moms with little kids, you can wipe their dirty hand marks right off!

  615. Kerry Howerton says:

    Super cute frill bags…

  616. Allegra Franklin says:

    That wristlet looks super cute! I can’t wait to see it in person

  617. Stacy Garner says:

    I love the Frill collection! Would love to win this bag 🙂

  618. Sarah M. says:

    Cute! A little bummed that Watercolor didn’t make the Frill collection, but that bag is nice. 🙂

  619. julie says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  620. Theresa Speer says:

    I love all the Frill! Whoever thought of this new line needs a raise!!!

  621. Kerry says:

    Love this bag!! Can’t wait to see it in English Meadow!!

  622. Stacy Garner says:

    Very cute! love love love

  623. Mary Ann says:

    Love it! So cute! Hope to win one!

  624. Have always loved Frill! I would be happy to win this to help me make up my mind of what color to buy it all in! 🙂

  625. lisa hennessy says:

    Love it!

  626. Robin Calvert says:

    I love the houndstooth print and I love the bag.

  627. Claire T says:

    Cute. I want one.

  628. Kathy Rivera says:

    Herringbone is always so classy. The frill makes it doable with jeans!

  629. Missy says:

    Cute bag!!

  630. Connie says:

    Really like this style, hope I win!

  631. Ashley Rosenberg says:

    This bag is so cute and versatile! I would love to own it! 🙂 I am a big fan of the frill line, I love how they showcase the “interior prints”!

  632. Elaine says:

    Love this new Frill Bag!!! I think I might need to get one in Deco Daisy and also Viva La Vera!!!

  633. Susan Anderson says:

    Vera Bradley accessories make me smile!

  634. Liliana Olivares says:

    Love the new line! Love it.

  635. Katherine says:

    Gorgeous! I have never owned Frill before but I may have to get one now!!!

  636. Jennifer krog says:

    Loving the frill this year! =)

  637. Sara says:

    Love Frill! So great to have with little kids. I ❤ Vera!!!

  638. Heidi Dater says:

    Adorable! This is a MUST HAVE!

  639. Jackie Watson says:

    I would love to win anything from VB!

  640. Swan Grimes says:

    Love these new styles

  641. Hope says:

    This bag is so lovely! And the wristlet is gorgeous!

  642. Betsey Cline says:

    I love this bag! So crisp and fresh in appearance, while being fashion forward!!

  643. Michele Oliver says:

    Want it! Gotta have it!

  644. Lisa Abbey says:

    I’ve never had a Frill bag, but I have over 30 Vera signature bags and I think this collection makes me want to re-think my “no frill” collection, ha! Very cute.

  645. Aimee Hays says:

    I love the new frill.

  646. kim knotts says:

    I love this bag!! looks great for summertime

  647. Christy Bradley says:

    Love Frill! Love Vera!

  648. Natalie says:

    Cant wait for frill!! don’t have any yet, but so much signature that i have banned myself for the rest of the year . . . doesn’t mean i can’t win any though!!! 🙂

  649. Lyndsey says:

    I ❤ this bag!

  650. Kimberly Mittelstaedt says:

    Love Love LOVE this bag!!!!!

  651. Stacy says:

    Love your bags, especially frill-easy to wipe off, from kids messy fingers and such.

  652. Lindsey Scutella says:

    So cute! Would love to carry this on my shoulder all summer 🙂

  653. Heather Marshall says:

    So cute!! Perfect Mother’s Day gifts.

  654. Tosh Dewitt says:

    Love the frill. I have to get the shoulder bag love the shape. great colors.

  655. Kristina E. says:

    So cute!

  656. Lori Clary says:

    The bag is stylish looking. Would love to have one. Love the new colors and styles Vera Bradley is offering for sale.

  657. Kristy says:

    this bag is soo cute! I love vera bradley. All my purses are vera!

  658. Pat McMorran says:

    This tote will look awesome as I cross the bridge to the next great thing in life.

  659. Jessica L says:

    So cute! Frill is adorable and practical! I use my frill tote as my work bag!

  660. Taylor says:

    love the frill!

  661. Bonnie Diczhazy says:

    Love the colors on this one!

  662. Cheryl Houtz says:

    I love the new design and really hope I win

  663. Cheryl Johnson says:

    Love, Love the new frill tote.. can’t wait to check ot out in the store 🙂

  664. Sharon Steele says:

    Vera Bradley never ceases to amaze me! I love the styles and the new colors are right on track for this years trend. Love the new style and would love to have one! on my wish list!!!!

  665. DeKoslyn Robinson says:

    I love the style of this bag. Glad I got a sneak preview!

  666. SUSIE HOWL says:


  667. Annie B says:

    Great looking line – I like the black & white checkered bag with the pop of red and the very tailored lines. Great job designing this bag!!! Congratulations to who wins this!

  668. Emma Hopkins says:

    YAY! i love frill! cant wait:))

  669. Amanda says:

    Love the frill collection, love this bag!

  670. JessicaVDT says:

    I love the frill collection. It’s always a fun change from the regular patterns.

  671. Mish says:

    This bag isso cute 🙂 i love Vera Bradley

  672. Christine Bishop says:

    I love this bag! I would like one in every color!!

  673. karimalia says:

    how cute ❤

  674. Amanda says:

    Love this! So adorable and my two favorite colors!

  675. Would love to win this bag to add to my collection.

  676. Marcy Phillips says:

    This bag is so cute! Stylish and classy.

  677. Tracy Wilson says:

    I love it!!!!!!!! 🙂
    Frill is my FAVORITE!!!

  678. mia says:

    love, love, love it!

  679. Lauren says:

    I am a HUGE University of Alabama football fan. Houndstooth is a Bama fan’s way of showing loyalty!! I love Alabama, I love houndstooth, I love Frill and I love VERA BRADLEY!!!!!!!!!!!

  680. Erica says:

    Soooo cute!!!!!!

  681. Elsita Canales says:

    love the bag!

  682. Karen says:

    Very cute! Love the houndstooth!!!! 🙂 Looking forward to the vanity boxes, too!!!

  683. Tracy says:

    I love the new Frill collection!

  684. Ann says:

    Love everything Vera.

  685. Paula Pile says:


  686. Wendy Goodman says:

    Love the new frill, and the bridge tote is beautiful!

  687. Jessica Knoblauch says:

    Love the frill line!!! I’m so excited about all the new fantastic prints Vera Bradley keeps introducing!!!

  688. Cindy Schmidt says:

    Love everything about the frill line – the old, the new, the florals, the plaids – love it. And I’d love a FREE one the most 🙂

  689. Carolyn says:

    Love this bag but then I have never seen a Vera Bradley bag I didn’t like.

  690. Laura Pettigrew says:

    Love this new frill line!!! Keep it coming Vera!!!

  691. Davis says:

    My sister would love this!

  692. Gary says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter!

  693. Clarissa Litzenberger says:

    Love the new Frill! I try to get a new Frill bag every year!

  694. Jennilee Mierzwa says:

    This is such a cute idea! Love this bag!

  695. Carrie says:

    So cute!

  696. Courtney says:

    LOVE it! 🙂

  697. Debbie Fishburn says:

    I LOVE this!! It’s too adorable!

  698. Ann says:

    Could this Frill line be any cuter? Crossing my fingers that you will pick me!

  699. Lynn Merli says:

    I just came back from the Vera Bradley outlet SALE in Ft. Wayne, IN this past weekend and I’m already ready for some new Vera love! 🙂 LOVE the new Bridge tote!!

  700. Michele M. says:

    Love that Vera is always switching it up so I never get bored!

  701. Sarah says:

    Those are so cute!
    I bet the host family’s daughter I’m going to be staying with in Ecuador this summer would love one of those, so would I!

  702. Pam says:

    This bag is beautiful. I am new to Vera Bradley and cannot wait to start building a collection. I hope to add one of these soon.

  703. Donna Marcinowski says:

    I would love to win this cute item!!

  704. Natalie says:

    I am a Vera addict! I just got back from the outlet sale! I am always amazed by the beautiful purses they keep coming up with!

  705. Kyla Nickles says:

    Beautiful! As always, you never disappoint.

  706. Kathie jerose says:

    Love the style and color combo.

  707. Shannon says:


  708. Michelle says:

    How classy!!

  709. Joyce says:

    Love the Frill!!! Wonderful idea!

  710. Christina says:

    Gorgeous bag!

  711. Janice Kosa says:

    I LOVE this new frill. I LOVE Vera Bradley. My present purse is worn and I am looking for a new……………

  712. Charlotte Smallwood says:

    Love, love this bag so cute perfect for an Alabama fan. I have to have one.

  713. Laurie says:

    love it . . . I have pieces from every frill collection since I started collecting Vera Bradley bags . . . I am at the soccer fields a lot and appreciate the fact that if something spills on it . . you just wipe it up!!!!

  714. Natalie says:

    Love this bag!

  715. Chris Hook says:

    I have lots of VB, but no Frill. May need to rethink the Frill line! Cute bags!!

  716. Sarah says:

    LOVE FRILL!!!!!!!!!!!

  717. Kelly calhoon says:

    Love the frill purses!! Can’t wait to get a new one!!

  718. i went to the orlando opening of vera bradley and went crazy and bought alot too much ,but, who cares. i love vera bradley and between my grown daughter and myself own alot of vb bags with all asseccories to match each bag please we need some good things to happen after a very bad month. i would love to win any vb anything because each piece is a work of art. thank you so much..

  719. Heather says:

    Love it!

  720. Vanessa says:

    SO excited to see the new Line! I have yet to buy a Frill piece and with all the new styles am eager to begin my collection!!!

  721. Jackie Wilder says:

    Frill has to be the cutest bag I have seen for the spring/summer. I would LOVE to show off this bag for your company.

  722. Mary Ellen says:

    A great style bag. Very modern look though classy. Love it

  723. Lindsey Gayle says:

    This is the cutest Frill line yet! I love the Bridge tote and the Keeping Tabs Wallet! Both of them in the Deco Daisy would make the perfect dressing up or dressing down accessories! 🙂

  724. Joelle says:

    OMG!!! Absolutely LOVE all my Vera, but this one…..perfect!!!!! 🙂

  725. Joyce says:

    Red, White and Black is sooooooo chic!! And so is this beautiful purse…..

  726. kelly kay says:

    It’s always fun to see the new frill items!

  727. Amy says:

    Oooooo I love it!!! I just cannot have enough Vera!

  728. Rhonda Darbro says:

    I love Vera Bradley & would love to win the new Frills bag.

  729. Cathy K. says:

    Love this line. Fun and functional. Looking forward to seeing them in person.

  730. Debbie Hughes says:

    What a cute bag!!!!!!!!!!

  731. Emily Swarr says:

    these new frill bags are super cute. can’t wait to see what they look like in person 🙂

  732. Jennifer P says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Frill! Can’t wait to see the new styles!

  733. diana hatmaker says:

    love it, love it, i want it<3

  734. Liz Lorant says:

    Love this bag!! Can’t wait to get it!!

  735. Kristin Henry says:

    Love this!! The last two Frill lines have been wonderful 🙂

  736. Sadie says:


  737. says:

    this new bag is super cute! i would love to have one in viva la vera!!

  738. Ashley Rash says:

    I LOVE this bag!

    I am such a fan of the Frill…my husband even loves it…he bought me one for Valentine’s Day!

  739. Lindsay G says:

    This bag would go great with my Deco Daisy Get Carried Away bag!! I love frill & VB!

  740. Carol Tootalian says:

    I love frill – very girly indeed. The vanity box looks interesting to me and the ruffle wallet – way too sinkin’ cute! Can’t wait to see them in person.

  741. Samantha Valcarcel says:

    Please enter me to win this Fresh Frill bag! I have never tried the frill collection. : ))))

  742. Christy Medina says:

    This bag is adorable!!! Need one of these to hold me over till the new fall colors (which i caught a sneek peek of and they are AMAZING) come out.

  743. Faith says:

    I just went to the outlet sale and added a few bags to my collection…can’t wait for this one to be in stores!

  744. Casie redden says:

    I would really love to be the winner of one of these bags, my mother has Parkin’s disease and I am her primary caregiver, this year has been really tough for she , and i, and to be the winner of one of these bags would make me fell really special, to be able to give it to my mother for mother’s day, WOW that would be a wonderful mother’s day for she, and I. Really hope I win, so that I can make my precious mother happy for one day.

  745. Elizabeth says:

    I have closet full of Vera Bradley and love it! I could carry a different purse everyday for several weeks. I love the new Fresh Frill Collection and as soon as I get over my broken leg and able to get around I will probably go and buy one. Good job Vera Bradley.

  746. Lindsay N says:

    Love the new Frill collection! The prints are fab! I’m so excited – Thursday can’t come fast enough!

  747. Susan says:

    I love Vera Bradley handbags!!!! Love the colors in this new one!! Red is my favorite color!!! 🙂

  748. Robyn Clark says:

    I think I MUST have this bag! I use this print in my home! I have a chair in my Master bedroom, use it on my dining room chairs and in my kitchen on my window treatment! I think this purse would be the final perfect touch!

  749. Carolla Ault says:

    Absolutely adorable! Perfect for summer fun.

  750. Rachel Echols says:

    Would love to win this!

  751. Angie Gray says:


  752. Allison Johnson says:

    I will be “40” on Saturday, April 23rd…I think this would make an excellent birthday present! HINT-HINT…LOL…

  753. Amelia Ashworth says:

    Vera Bradley is my life!! This bag is fabulous!! Red and black are awesome together!!

  754. Misty says:

    I love the Frill Houndstooth pattern bag- Roll Tide!

  755. Ann Stubbs says:

    Just love the new Frills, especially the Bridge Tote. Want to be the first in this small Central Wisconsin town to show off this new line. Vera Bradley is hard to get here ! Can’t wait to win it.

  756. Teresa Eiler says:

    The Frill Collection is so awesome. I don’t own any. Went to the outlet sale and loved it. Wished I’d bought some Frill!!!

  757. RWick says:

    Love the English Meadow print!

  758. Grace says:

    I like the frill patterns. esp the black and white one shown….

  759. ashley says:

    Ya for Thursday… they r so pretty

  760. Elizabeth Rea says:

    Love, Love, Love – I am a die hard University of Alabama fan and the Deco Daisy it a perfect match for our colors! Please, oh please pick me!!! 🙂

  761. Staci says:

    This purse is so great! Love the color combo!

  762. Beth says:

    Love Vera Bradley and Frills! Thanks for the fun previews on fb!

  763. sarah says:

    Love the Vanity box, very cute.
    I’m not a fan of the regular Vera Deco Daisy, but it’s really cute in Frill.

  764. Jennifer Braithwaite says:

    Beautiful! I want it! 🙂

  765. Danielle Abouhalkah says:

    love it!!!

  766. sarah says:

    I love the new frill products that are always coming out now 🙂

  767. Diedra says:

    Excited to see the new line.

  768. janet henry says:

    I like the new look. I have many different Vera Bradley bags in different prints and style, but this one is different and I like it.

  769. Roxanne Abel says:

    So cute, I can see this purse in Southern California. Thanks.

  770. Jennifer P says:

    I love this bag but…my mom always puts everyone but herself first and I know it would look even better on her. Would love to see her sportin the frill!!

  771. Taylor says:

    Love this bag! Perfect for Mother’s Day!!!

  772. Janette Butler says:

    Discovered Vera about 3 months ago, love the quality and always having new colors to look forward to! Frill is too cute!!

  773. Ashley says:

    That bag in deco daisy is perfect! So classy!

  774. Jamie Coulter says:

    What a beautiful bag. I love the houndstooth.

  775. Angela says:

    Love the Frill can’t wait to buy some!!

  776. Natalie Goodwin says:

    I just love this bag!! The color combination and the style is so classic and timeless. I love the houndstooth and red combo together and it would look perfect on my shoulder walking my two coon”hounds” 😀

  777. Delia says:

    Love the new patterns!

  778. Tina says:

    Great new look!

  779. Claudia Salazar says:

    Lo, lo, lo LOVE this bag! I want one!

  780. Kim Wright says:

    Pick me . . . Pick me . . . Pick me!!!! I love this new collection!!!!

  781. Maggie says:

    I love this bag! and all the colors are so pretty:)

  782. Tashiana says:

    LOve the new frill! I want it! 🙂

  783. JennA says:

    Love this bag! Would love for this to be my first piece of Frill!!

  784. angeline lowell says:

    Perfect! Love Vera Bradley, I find other high end bags so boring in comparison!!

  785. Jessica Jolly says:

    I love the new Frill!! Can’t even pick which piece is my favorite but the Bridge Tote is so pretty..I like it bc it looks big enough for me to though all my work stuff into as well as my wallet and stuff. Thanks for the preview I def will be stopping by vera on Thursday!

  786. bonniebeth says:

    Loving the houndstooth!!!
    You won’t be able to keep them in stock in Alabama! Roll Tide !

  787. maryclare says:

    LOVE this bag!

  788. Gina says:

    Love the print! Hooked on Vera Bradley over and over again!!

  789. Constance Perkins says:

    So excited!!! love frill!!!

  790. Elizabeth C. says:

    I love Frill! I have the Frill backpack in Blue Rhapsody from the first Frill collection and I love it. I’m excited for the Vanity Box, which will be perfect for storing extra makeup! I would love to win this contest!

  791. Laura says:

    Love the bag!!! And the new line!!!!

  792. Emily L. says:

    I’ve never been much of a fan of Frill, but I’m definitely liking the Bridge Tote and its big pocket on the outside! 🙂

  793. Wanda Stamper says:

    I love my Frills!! I am hooked…..

  794. Hanna says:

    Love it!!

  795. Rose Farrell says:

    awesome color como! can’t wait to see it on Thursday!!

  796. Karen Snyder says:

    Love VB… love the bag!

  797. Crystal says:

    This bag is so cute!

  798. Aubrey M says:

    Yay! I love frill!

  799. Sue Schiel says:

    I love this – Can’t wait to see it in person!!

  800. Amy Conley says:

    This purse is so cute!

  801. Janet Althauser says:

    Love this new bag!! Love the pattern and size. Would really love to have one!!!

  802. Meaghan says:

    Love the playfulness of this bag! Yet still practical!

  803. Tammy says:

    This is beautiful I love it I can’t wait to get one!

  804. Mallorie says:

    Such a great looking bag!! Absolutely love VB bags!

  805. Mel says:

    Oh my gosh! Love, Love this bag!

  806. Martha Dalluge says:

    So cute! I already bought 2 purses for summer, but I think I may need a few more.

  807. heather yancey says:

    Love the houndstooth and red! Beautiful!

  808. mal says:

    Sweeet bag!

  809. Fran says:

    This bag is gorgeous. Sure would love to have one. Maybe I’ll get lucky or with Mother’s Day right around the corner….who knows?????

  810. Tracy Rockey says:

    I love love this bag!!!! The color is perfect too-I want one!!!!!

  811. Shannon says:

    Oh I LOVE IT!

  812. Jan S says:

    Pick me! I love this bag!

  813. Jackie Rogers says:

    Love this bag–and all Vera Bradley!

  814. Molly says:

    Love, love, loooooove anything Frill!!!

  815. Megan says:

    This would be perfect for my mom for Mother’s Day! Pick me!

  816. Deborah says:

    ♥ LOVE it! I really hope i win ♥

  817. Jean Hart says:

    I just love this darling purse! It will be great to own:)

  818. karen says:

    Love the Bridge Tote!! Gotta have one for my collection!

  819. Annalisa Porter says:

    I love this new Frill purse. Going to Arizona in June and would LOVE to carry this bag while on vacation!!

  820. Samantha says:

    L-O-V-E -I-T!!!!!!!!

  821. Debbie Churchward says:

    Love it!

  822. jodi says:

    love the new tote

  823. lisa hawkes says:

    Those are my colors! and I am due for a new VB bag! thanks!

  824. Debbie says:

    My niece just bought a new car with the houndstooth interior….beautiful!! This purse matches and it would make a lovely gift to her. I love it!!

  825. Michele Hicks says:

    Love the Bridge Tote, and the ruffled wristlet, and the keeping tabs wallet and the key & card. I think the Deco Daisy looks really sharp in this.

  826. Lorin Holtzman says:

    So excited for this frill collection! Looks super cute!

  827. Sherrie Collins says:

    My name is Sherrie and I’m a VERA-holic!!!

  828. Nadine says:

    Love this bag…it wouldbe perfect as a surprise for my daughter!

  829. Donna says:

    Love the new Frill bag! ROLL TIDE 🙂

  830. Lindsay A. says:

    Absolutely wonderful!!! Such a great design!

  831. Kim Favoroso says:

    I love all the frill bags, they’re so cute!!

  832. Jamie Dunson says:

    I have been looking for this bridge bag since I seen the commercial the other day. I had no name and looked everywhere possible for it. I almost bought the large hobo in deco daisy just because I wanted a new purse but at last minute decided to be patient. Well patience paid!!!! I found this blog as I was calling Vera Bradley on the phone, to ask where I could find this bag. Viola, got my answer before someone came to the phone. Thanks Vera Bradley, I love your style!!!! Can’t wait to buy this purse!!!!!!

  833. Margaret Courtney says:

    LOVE, LOVE Vera Bradley! I really like the new bag. I especially like when you have the ones that are very unique and different from your everyday bags. Would love this bag because I wear a lot of red, white and black.

  834. Joni Leonard says:

    I would love for this to be my first frill bag!!!

  835. Carole B. says:

    It’s time for me to have a new bag! This could be it! LOVE IT!

  836. Carlea Bretland says:

    I absolutly love that purse! Sooo cute!

  837. Katelynn says:

    I was wondering why they had not done this! I love the deco dasiy pattern but was hoping they would do the houndstooth. This is a gorgeous bag!

  838. Katherine Kovacs says:

    The Deco Daisy is perfect for Alabama fans!!!!!

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  840. Julie says:

    This could be my first piece of VB!

  841. Holly says:

    Well done folks at Vera Bradley, she’s a beauty. Cute,cute,cute…

  842. Nancy says:

    Love…love ….love that cheery houndstooth!! This bag practically sings springtime!!

  843. Debbie Stabler says:

    Love it!! would love to win a handbag!!!!

  844. stephanie says:

    A bit British invasion meets Princess Kate…

  845. Sarah says:

    I am so excited to see new Frill!!! I am a mother of three and the frill bags/totes are my go to vera for anything outdoors! Took them to Disney and the rain drops didnt affect their contents!! When we go to the zoo, grab the frill, going on a hike, grab the frill backpack!! The backpacks hold up to the normal ware and tear of school life in the elementary grades too!

  846. Kristyn Davidson says:

    love, love, love the new frill. My store is open late on Thursday, so I WILL BE THERE!!! lol

  847. Nicole Jewell says:

    Looks like a great Mother’s Day gift to me!

  848. Sharon Long says:

    what a wonderful bag to win!

  849. JANET BENNETT says:


  850. Kelly B says:

    I LOVE this bag!!!!! I can’t wait for all the frill collection to come out on Thursday. 🙂

  851. jocelyn hutzler says:

    Oh, I’m lovin’ that Bridge Tote in Deco Daisy!

  852. Heather says:

    Me!!!!!!!! Gorgeous bag!!

  853. Sara says:

    I predict that the Deco Daisy Frill will be hot hot hot! I personally like English Meadows and Viva La Vera more.. they say Summer to me!

  854. cheryl says:

    Love the new , fresh Frill in the Bridge Tote. You rock…….

  855. kelli says:

    The frill collecion is my favorite!

  856. Michelle Thiel says:

    LOVE IT!!!! So beautiful!!!!

  857. Alicia Pucci says:

    Frills ROCK!!!!!!!
    I love the ruffles and the femminity/ functionality balance.

  858. BKmom says:

    So Chic and fun to look at.

  859. Christine Holcroft says:

    I love this bag….think it is gonna be my new summer bag!!! 🙂

  860. Katie Cobb says:

    Absolutely LOVE FRILL! Being a “germ-a-phobe” it gives me peace of mind knowing I can just wipe the germs off and move on with life! 🙂

  861. Kelsey says:

    I love the entire Frill collection! Every piece is so cute!

  862. Karen Katz says:

    Great bag! Perfect for race month in Indianapolis and for the rest of the summer!

  863. Marcia Herr says:

    Love the new bag. Has my name written all over it!!!

  864. Linda says:

    Glad they put the black and white on the outside!!! LOVE IT!! GOTTA HAVE IT!!

  865. Gigi K says:

    I would love this bag and frill is my favorite!

  866. Lynn Lemaster says:

    I absolutely love Frill! I have several pieces of it.

  867. Faye C says:

    Love, love, love it

  868. Heather says:

    Ooh! Too cute – love it!

  869. Faye Cruse says:

    Love, love, love Vera Bradley

  870. Holly says:

    Oooo I really like Frill this season! Might have to add a piece to my mostly Signature collection.

  871. Jenny Furlong says:

    Really cute! I love vera bradley!

  872. Catherine says:

    Love, Love, Love it!

  873. Judy says:

    ROOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL TIIIIIIIIDDDDDEEEEEE ROOOOOLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be great to take the the Bama Game!

  874. Debra Morris says:

    Love the new frill. I am carrying the frill tote today.

  875. Shannon says:

    Fabulous! Love the pattern/color combo!

  876. Julie Hunt says:

    Well I’ve been on a luck streak lately so maybe I will win this adorable purse. You can never have too many purses or shoes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  877. Deanna Petersen says:

    Love It!!! and would Love one of my Own 🙂

  878. Bethany says:

    Love this new bag! I want one so my things won’t get wet, and I’m always up for a new VB bag any day!

  879. Jennifer says:

    I love your Frill line more than anything! MAKE MORE FRILL!!!!

  880. Angie Murdock says:

    I think the Deco Daisy houndstooth is really cute in the Frill!

  881. This bag is really great! I like the non floral print it is really nice for a more professional use.

  882. Christine wilke says:

    Love this bag – would absolutely love to win it!

  883. Jill says:

    I found a cookie that my one-year old hid in my commuter bag last night. I could definitely use a bag that would clean up easily with her on the prowl!

  884. Tania says:

    Yes, I think I’m in love…

  885. CHERYL B says:

    …and my Vera addiction continues. There are no thrills without Vera Frills.

  886. rachel robinson says:


  887. mary76 says:

    love it in deco daisy

  888. susan palmer says:

    I love vera bradley. would love to win this bag!

  889. Heather says:

    Great new things can’t wait to see all the colors!

  890. Tara says:

    Love it!

  891. Vickie Snyder says:

    CUTE, CUTE, CUTE……..would love to add it to my collection! I need something with RED!

  892. Devon says:

    I love the new Frill Line! Its Gorgeous!! Especially since I am a HUGE ALABAMA Fan this would work out perfectly to match my Team Spirit !!! Yay Vera!! & Go Bama!

  893. Fran Curran says:

    Ooooo, an amazing VB tote. Love it!

  894. Brooke says:

    Oh my goodness, so cute! I would love to win one of these for my Mom! She is in love with English Meadow! Adorable!

  895. Angie Baker says:

    Love the new Frill! Too bad I already ordered other stuff.

  896. Becky Enlow says:

    I love it. It looks big enough to hold everything but still be soooooo stylish! I really really want one, and love the red and black!

  897. Mary Myers says:

    Love the new style and colors!

  898. Robin Pearce says:

    I’ve got a Deco Daisy bag and I LOOOVVEE the interior. I often want to show people:) Thanks for putting the inside out!

  899. Dorothy says:

    Absolutely love this! Can’t wait to see it in stores! Great Job once again, Vera!

  900. Linda says:

    I love it! Absolutely one I want..very haute couture!

  901. Caitlin Humphreys says:

    This bag is adorable! I love it!!

  902. Tammy Sipes says:

    I love Vera Bradley, and I love this new bag. I could definitely see it with my other bags. : )

  903. Lindsay says:

    What a cute bag!!

  904. Adelia Hall says:

    I just love it! Please pick me! 🙂

  905. Melissa Blake says:

    Roll Tide Roll! Great bag for an Alabama Girl!!

  906. Jennifer Gardner says: I LOVE THIS! I HAVE to have one! It also happens to be perfect for a good ole southern Alabama fan like myself! 🙂

  907. Marie LaRock says:

    The “Frills” collection is adorable, it appeals to ALL ages. I love it, my daughters love it, and my granddaughters love it!

  908. Tina =) says:

    Want to thrill me??!! Just Frill me something!! Vera!

  909. Joy Rice says:

    Have gotten to where I LOVE the frill line a bit more each time a new one comes out. Absolutely will have to have the bag shown. Precious!

  910. Del Marie C. says:

    This bag would be perfect for my daughter’s 18th birthday in three weeks. And she already has some rain boots to match!

  911. Karen Eckenrod says:

    I love it! It looks like an Alabama purse!! Roll Tide.

  912. Pamela says:

    I am completely addicted to Vera Bradley bags & accessories. Cannot wait to order the Bridge Tote. It’s beautiful!

  913. Melissa Williams says:

    LOVE this new Frill 🙂 All the new patterns are too cute! It will be a perfect addition to my summer rotation of Vera’s.

  914. Holly Daski says:

    Oh my gosh they are all so cute!!! I want to go shopping right now.

  915. Abby says:

    I love the frill line sooooo much! Everything is adorable! And I love all the summer patterns and they look so cute as frill designs

  916. Molly says:

    I bought some frill at the outlet sale! I love it so much! So hip and cute!

  917. Beckie Beiro says:

    love love love the houndstooth and red….roll tide this is the perfect one for me a musr have!!!!!

  918. Patty Wilson says:

    Can’t wait!

  919. Deni Wilson says:

    What a lovely, classic bag to go with everything! I love Vera Bradley!!!

  920. Sydney says:

    Can’t wait until Thursday because I LOVE frill!

  921. Laurie says:

    Love the new Frill! Now I really can’t decide what my next Vera should be!!

  922. Judy R says:

    Love them! I will be in on Thursday to see them live!

  923. Pat says:

    Love this bag!!!!

  924. Jennifer Klitchman says:

    I love the Frill collection, just picked up some favorites at the outlet sale last week, and would love to add more to my collection. The bags are also terrific Mother’s Day gift ideas…

  925. Lisa says:

    I NEED this bag! I love everything in the Frill line…choose me 🙂

  926. Janet Murawski says:

    Love the frill! Great spring tote!

  927. Linette says:

    This bag is cute and quite stylish.

  928. SaraBeth McDonald says:

    ROLL TIDE!!!!!! I love this purse, I have a ton of Vera Bradley and this is going to be a great addition when it comes out!!!! I cannot wait! My husband is deployed and I know if that were on my shoulders when I saw him next he would be tickled pink!!! Yay

  929. Rachel says:

    Love this new bag

  930. Jade says:

    Love it, I hope spring arrives with the new bag.

  931. Teresa Day says:

    A friend of mine introduced me to the “Frill” product line and I received my first purse this weekend as a gift! I was never really a fan of the Vera Bradley products until the discovery of the beautiful purses in the Frill line. I ABSOLUTELY love the designs and patterns. I will be visiting The Homestead soon to look over more product.

  932. Elizabeth R says:

    I love the deco daisy Frill bag! Such a great Alabama game day purse!! All the prints are great- can’t wait to go shopping Thursday!

  933. Elise says:

    After being buried in taxes all day what a nice way to end the day–love the video Liz and all the new Frills!

  934. Marsha Fuchs says:

    WOW! Vera has doneit again. Another great line o Frill!

  935. Charrise Cuevas says:

    OMG I love Frill! Hope I win! 🙂

  936. Mrs. S. says:

    Beautiful bags! 😀

  937. Sheila says:

    I’m in love with DECO DAISY! It is by far the best pattern yet. I can’t wait to see the new Frill line in it. I will be visiting my retailer first thing Thursday!

  938. Lisa says:

    Love the Deco Daisy Frill!!

  939. Anita Lycos says:

    just picked up my Frill piece last week and the outlet sale. LOVE IT!! Wouldn’t mind adding to my collection 🙂

  940. I would love to win one of these!

  941. Melissa says:

    Love the Frill!

  942. Rachel says:

    What a cute bag!

  943. Becky S says:

    I love the new styles!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  944. Natalie says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  945. Jennifer f says:

    Oh that bag was made for a Bama gal! Roll Tide!

  946. Ann Watson says:

    I love Frill and I love this bag!

  947. Thiphaphone Sivilay says:

    I never thought I was obsessed or addicted to anything. But then I took a look around my room and I realized that Vera Bradley merchandise has consumed every available space. But do I feel guilty or tired out? Nope. I check the website everyday! I love that it’s a part of me all the time! =)

  948. jackie says:

    love the design of the bag and the color , red and black are my favorite color anytime of the year.

  949. Carol Bitely says:

    Love the houndstooth pattern! Love the Frill!

  950. Christy Williams says:

    Love love love this purse! Super cute! I love houndstooth and red! Kudos! Can’t wait to see it! 🙂

  951. Julie Mac says:

    I was never a Vera fan until a friend handed me a purse. I couldn’t believe how functional and convenient they are!!! Now I’m hooked on all of the products. Love the keychains right up to the big stuff!!!

  952. Allison says:

    Love the Deco Daisy! So excited for the Frill.

  953. Amy says:

    i love the new frill! very trendy!

  954. Toni F says:

    The new Frill items are just the cutesy! Luv, luv, luv them.

  955. Toni F says:

    The new Frill items are just the cutest. Luv, luv, luv them.

  956. Laura says:

    Ooh, I love this new bag! Maybe I can win this since I didn’t win at Vera Bradley bingo! 🙂

  957. Lori says:

    I LOVE frill…can’t wait to touch it & feel it!!!

  958. Mindy says:

    That bag has my name written all over it!

  959. Karen says:

    Would love to win!

  960. Lorelei says:

    Love the pattern! It’ll go with anything!

  961. Andrea says:

    LOVE the Bridge Tote and the Ruffle clutch/wristlet! So adorable!! Who am I kidding?! They are allll adorable!

  962. Irma says:

    Love the bag, all you need for summer will fit there.

  963. Linda says:

    Love this bag…..all the Frill things are sooo cute and not just for the younger girls!!

  964. Stacy G. says:

    Love the bridge bag! I would be “frilled” if I won;)

  965. Laura Locmajian says:

    What a gorgeous bag!! Not a typical vera, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT..especially the red!

  966. tania ross says:

    love the new frill cant wait to see it in person when it hits the stores!

  967. Kathleen Taylor says:

    Adorable! Something new. Just returned from the outlet sale and now I want something else. Better not let my husband know.

  968. Erin says:

    I have been so excited for this frill line to come out!! The bridge tote in deco daisy will be my must have bag for summer 2011!

  969. Michelle Balvin says:

    Very cute…thanks for the the chance to win it. Vera Bradley ROCKS !!!

  970. C says:

    Hope I win! 😛

  971. Megan G says:

    Love frill!!!! Cannot wait to see all the accesories, hopefully some cute stuff in Viva La Vera. Loving this.

  972. Barb Adcock says:

    Frill is Fabulous. Love it. Pick me!! Love the new summer colors and patterns Vera has this year. I’m converting people to Vera as I type. Been a Vera fan for many years and have a nice collection. They stay beautiful for years!

  973. Jessica says:

    Very cute. I can’t wait to see the criss cross collection also!!

  974. EA Lew says:


  975. Love these bags! Great idea!

  976. danielle says:

    Would Love to win this! Its so beautiful!

  977. Susan says:

    The Bridge Tote in red, black, & white is perfect for me because it is a style and size I love, and the colors of my son’s university. I will think of him whenever I use it!

  978. Dana says:

    Ohh I LOVE this line of frill! I want all of them!

  979. Lisa says:

    I am hooked on Vera Bradley! I am always so excited to see the new patterns and styles!! Cannot wait to see all the new Frill!!

  980. Terri Hirliman says:

    love the new frill styles! keepin’ my fingers crossed!

  981. calsters says:

    Love, love this line! Perfect for the summer!

  982. Iris Tanaka says:

    Love Vera Bradley and this bag is too cute.

  983. Ellen McCarthy says:

    Great looking… AZ doesn’t know very much about Vera Bradley, but I do…

  984. Ashley D says:

    love the new frill! and of course everything VERA 🙂

  985. Kim I Tallau says:

    Ahhhh… makes me look foward to warm days “Frilled” with fun and frolick!

  986. Rebecca Hayden says:

    I can’t wait to see them all!

  987. Leigh Anne says:

    How cute! And my birthday/Mother’s Day is coming up!

  988. Susan Gray says:

    this bag looks so fun to carry! Love it!

  989. Yvonne J says:

    Always looking for new ways to display my VB! Loving me some Vera 🙂

  990. Melissa says:

    I would love to win this. I have no frill yet but this might be the season I do start buying some!

  991. Sharon Galloway says:

    Just love the Frill line! It is great for summer and it wipes clean so you don’t have to wash it…the new styles are refreshing!

  992. Rhonda P says:

    Ooh! Iwant it! I need it! Have to have it! pick me!

  993. Janice says:

    Love the new Frill line. Great for the grandkids.

  994. Jeanie says:

    Fresh and cute! Thanks so much for the give a way!

  995. Heidi Smith says:

    What a fantastic bag!!! This is what I’ve been looking for – a print that goes well with other prints you’re wearing!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! 🙂<