Beach and Straw collections that sizzle

Liz Money, Trend ReporterOur favorite Trend Coordinator Liz makes a special appearance to introduce two warm-weather collections that promise to raise the summer temperatures and help you showcase your style along the shoreline!


It’s so much fun for us to expand our fabrications. And that’s exactly what our Special and Limited Edition collections allow us to do; explore new and creative ways to bring you Vera Bradley products with new and innovative touches. This season, we really went for it with Straw, though, it’s actually made from paper. The material lends durability in a beautiful, natural color. We loved the plaid patterns we were seeing in shirting, so we took Viva la Vera and purple patent and criss crossed them on the bags to give a plaid-like effect. The end result is lightweight and stylish enough to carry on a trip to the beach, along the boardwalk or just around town.

Straw is available online and in stores Thursday, April 7!


I know better than anybody, that accessories are everything. So, with this is mind, allow me to recommend a Viva la Vera Beach Towel and Printed Flip Flops to complement your new Straw. In fact, any of the items from our Beach collection will have you ready to worship the sun in sizzling Summer color. Pack these essentials into your tote of choice, with a tube of sunscreen, bikini and Cooler, and you’re all set!

By the way … Our Printed Flip Flops come in Deco Daisy, which begs the question, why not a Beach Towel, too? Sometimes, a design simply does not translate well into a different fabrication, as was the case with this color. But, we promise your red-polished pedi will look gorgeous in the Deco Daisy footwear.

Beach is available online and in stores Thursday, April 7!

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19 Responses to Beach and Straw collections that sizzle

  1. Julianne Olandese says:

    Love the beach towels and flip-flops

  2. sandy shattuck says:

    Deco Daisy is my FAVORITE new pattern anyway! A French Manicure would rock with the flops as well! Just when I think I am stuck on one pattern you all come out with a new one that I like just as much if not MORE! LOL! Please keep them coming! I also LOVED the detailed segment on New Orleans! That is an awesome Historical place to visit ladies if you haven’t already! Everyone should see it once especially if you like history! While your at it, grab that Deco Daisy Bag of you choice which is great for day time fun and the night life as well!

  3. Zara says:

    So the Straw collection has pink, not purple, patent? There was a discrepancy between the video and the text. Either way, I’m excited to see it!

  4. Gwenith Smith says:

    I’m totally going to need a pair of Deco Daisy flip flops! Can’t wait!

  5. Cathy K. says:

    Love the Hobo style in Straw, looks like the perfect Summer bag!

  6. Allegra Franklin says:

    I don’t think I’ll be able to pass up those beach towels, they are gorgeous!!

  7. Melissa says:

    Oh I want some deco daisy flip flops 🙂

  8. Megan P says:

    Those flip-flops are adorable! I’m going to need a pair in every color 🙂

  9. Ann says:

    Liz on Location is adorable!

  10. Tammy says:

    love love the flip flops and the towels!

  11. Janey says:

    So the straw bags only come in Viva la Vera?

  12. Elizabeth C. says:

    I love seeing the new collections!!

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  15. Gotta get a new towel for my Bahamas Vacation…..they r beautiful and well worth the $$…..

  16. Whitney B says:

    Gorgeous bags!

  17. sharon lawrence says:

    When do the straw bags go on sale?

  18. Shirlee McGuire says:

    too cute! Love these!

  19. Janet Althauser says:

    Totally excited about the new straw collection. Love it for summer!!

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