Summer 2011 has arrived!

The wait is over! Four vibrant, diverse, fabulous new colors are now available online and in stores, and they’re making quite a statement. It’s Summer 2011 as far as we’re concerned, and we want to celebrate the season. Grab your English Meadow, Watercolor, Deco Daisy or Viva la Vera and join the party!

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35 Responses to Summer 2011 has arrived!

  1. Jennifer says:

    I already have my shopping cart full online… just need to wait until payday on Friday!!!! Love it all!

    • Layla Ray says:

      ” you got it ” ohhh… Clap your hands the song in the video , I need it … Lunch Boxes For my Little Girl , CharLeigh M. Ray… I’m Single !!!!!!!!

  2. Would love to see some frill in the black and white houndstooth…

  3. Julianne Olandese says:

    Love the Summer 2011 collection

  4. Angela Cowden says:

    These are beautiful! I’m such a Vera fan. The video makes me want one of every style in every color! And I wish I were going to N’Awlins!

    • Delilah says:

      ewwww! i hate the summer stuff. i am so disappointed in the patterns. I wish they would of’ kept some of the retired prints for a little longer. 😦

  5. Tina = ) says:

    Love the summer video launch!! Your team really captured the flavor and fun of New Orleans!! Maybe a little crawfish boil in the backround or an alligator at the zoo would have been fun too!! Especially loved the blown sugar off the beignet shot!!

  6. Elizabeth C. says:

    The big day has arrived! I can’t wait to see everything in person at my local retailer. Definitely getting a Loop Keychain!

  7. Tracy E says:

    I love the summer video! Great new patterns! I can’t wait to order mine.

  8. Libby B. says:

    First Vera Bradley went to New Orleans, and now the Butler bulldogs are there!! I think Louisiana has good Indiana energy 🙂

  9. Debbie says:

    Great video. Love all the new colors. Going shopping.

    • Layla Ray says:

      Where can you buy Vera beside the Internet????? just wondering … Can Any 1{one; if you didn’t know} tell me…..????

      • Melanie J. says:

        Many Hallmark stores have Vera Bradley products, and there are dedicated Vera Bradley stores in many malls. There are also privately owned boutiques that sell them. Even my university bookstore carries them.

      • CourtneyVB says:

        Hi Layla,
        Please feel free to use our handy Store Locator, on


  10. Lisa C says:

    The video was a lot of fun to watch and see all the different fun colors for summer!

    • Layla Ray says:

      I know Lisa C !!! Hope ya’ll are have the rockinist day of your dreams …. CharLeigh allready wants to change her room from A Zoo Scene to Vera Bradley stuff …She’s only 2 in a 1/2 !!!! … Kids… are a Hand full !!!!!!!!!! uh oh !!! Diper Change time then Lunch… Bananas and Peaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Cathy K. says:

    Placed an order for a few items in deco daisy and will pick the up today from my local shop!!

  12. Jillian Shuhart says:

    New Dockside Canvas?!?! Glad I saw this, I will wait ’till the new colors for that come out 🙂

  13. Gina McCullough says:

    Love these…. can’t wait to get my order.

  14. Amanda says:

    When are the new frill colors going to be available I didn’t see them online and I really like what I saw in that video!

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  16. Judith Hardester says:

    Went to my favorite Vera bradley store today to see all the new patterns and styles. Yes! I had to buy a few items, love the Deco Daisy pattern.

  17. Zara says:

    Got a Saddle bag in Viva La Vera yesterday – even though I won a gift certificate for the store, I still wanted to go to my local retailer and support the Summer 2011 launch!! I was really surprised by the Viva La Vera pattern; I hadn’t liked it online, but loved it in person. And I second the call for more houndstooth items!!

  18. Brooke Jeter says:

    I got a frannie in watercolor yesterday at a local shop where I’m vacationing. I’m really wanting the Sophie in Viva La Vera, might need to go back! I love those two patterns, they are so so cheerful! ❤

  19. Jess says:

    So when does the new collection come out? I’m looking for the plain pink collection, similar to the microfiber, I’m in love! I can’t find it on the website?

  20. Lindsay says:

    What is that solid purple color in the video called?? And why didn’t they release it!? I want it so bad!! No one has mentioned anything about it…

    • Jennifer says:

      i wanna know what the solid color is all about too and the purse that looks like Tootsie!

      • Lindsay says:

        It’s my favorite color, and they torture me by putting it in that video and then not releasing it 😦 I have a ton of accessories, but I don’t usually carry printed purses; I would die for that purple purse. Lol

  21. J.L. Meadows says:

    I absolutely love Vera Bradley! My favorite pattern was Tavern on the Green, which has sadly been discontinued. Thankfully, the new Symphony in Hue is a close second, and I just ordered a Morgan bag in that pattern – can’t wait to get it!

    I wish Vera Bradley would make other things like shower curtains, window curtains and bedding in those wonderful patterns! Or even furniture! I would certainly buy more from you if you did!

  22. Terry says:

    Please bring back the Blue Rhapsody fabric!! I have so many comments about the piece I have and so far I have not been able to find any in the stores again!!

  23. Mary Borg says:

    I was trying to place an order and was chatting with Amy HY, but got cut off. How do I get back to her?

  24. Angela says:

    what is the purse name at 35 seconds, 58 seconds and 1:04 seconds? i cant find it on the website! thanks

  25. Rose says:

    you need more patterns for the apron!!!!!!

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