Ready, set, Quick Draw!

Our Fabric and Trend Coordinator Liz, introduces another can’t-miss style for Summer 2011, the Quick Draw.

Quick Draw

A drawstring closure, adjustable strap that can be worn crossbody or on your shoulder, cargo pockets with tab closures and that stylish sac shape, make this the perfect casual summer bag. We couldn’t pack any more trends into a single style, but we promise you can pack it with all of your summer needs. There’s even room for a bottle of sunscreen, just in case your lunch break turns into a tanning session. It is summer after all; celebrate it!

We sense you’re longing for a giveaway. Comment below and we will randomly select one winner to receive a Quick Draw in the Summer 2011 color of their choice.

*This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for commenting, and congratulations to Tracy Baker, whose comment was randomly selected from this post!

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1,060 Responses to Ready, set, Quick Draw!

  1. Tracy says:

    AAAHHH, SO excited for this bag!!! Summer MUST HAVE!!! Love it 🙂

  2. Whitney B says:

    Such a great summer bag!

  3. Shannon says:

    Wooo! I’ve been itching for a new bag! Winning one would make my day! 🙂

  4. Dianna Jackson says:

    OMG….cute, cute!

  5. traci pellegrini says:

    love this!!!

  6. Amy Kelly says:

    So Cute:)

  7. Angela Morgan says:

    Love it!

  8. Carrie B. says:

    ooh! Love it!

  9. Natalie S. says:

    I can’t wait to see and touch one! This might be a favorite design of mine.

    Natalie S.

  10. Jean H says:

    I like the outside pockets and drawstring!

  11. Laura Ringrose says:

    What a fun summer bag…Can’t wait to get one!

  12. Sandy C says:

    Would love to get one of these for my daughter. She would love it!

  13. Emilie B says:

    This will be great for the cruise I’m taking this summer!!

  14. Sarah Lindsay says:

    Love it! This bag is adorable. Must have it when they become available!

  15. Brijin B says:

    I love the look of this bag. Can’t wait to see it in person!

  16. Beth B says:

    What a cute bag … love to have one

  17. Megan says:

    How cute is this style! It seems absolutely perfect for those days on the go when you need to fit a little of everything in your bag. This is perfect for fun filled days with family or a adventours date night! I could totally use this bag! LOVE IT 🙂

  18. Nita S says:

    Love it!! I would use it for a stitching bag 🙂

  19. Laura says:

    love it! what a perfect summer bag to grab and go!

  20. Jinky C. Tan says:

    love that style!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Tracey Doerrer says:

    Love it!! Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  22. Shannon F. says:

    Cute bag!

  23. Missy Leis says:

    What a neat looking bag to throw your lunch for work or to head off to the pool. Love it 🙂

  24. Trish says:


  25. Connie B says:

    What a cute bag for Spring and Summer 🙂

  26. Angela says:

    This is SO cute! What a great bag for summer!

  27. Helene says:

    oh la la! Love the bag!

  28. Jacqueline says:

    What a perfect way to update my summer wardrobe!

  29. Kathy says:

    What an awesome Bag for summer. it could be at the pool, or out on a date!

  30. Amanda Lantz says:

    I can’t wait to see this in person. I really like the versatility and the cargo pockets on the front!

  31. Kathy M. says:

    What a great accessory for the summer!

  32. Lori Buckley says:

    The only problem would be deciding which color to get!!

  33. I would love this to be my very 1st Vera Bradley bag. It’s a perfect summer bag!

  34. Marie says:

    Adorable! Can’t wait to get a few for my girls for our vacation this summer!

  35. Elyssa says:

    Love it!

  36. Kelly says:

    Love this bag!

  37. Melissa says:

    what a cute and fresh little bag that the colors

  38. rhonda b says:

    Love this bag – will have to get one for summer.

  39. Meg W. says:

    What a cute bag! I’m traveling a lot this summer and this looks like the perfect bag to take on all my journeys 🙂

  40. Julie K says:

    The perfect bag for summer! I love it!

  41. Andrea says:

    Awesome looking bag!!! Love crossbody’s…but Quick Draw is unique, not the “flat bag” like all the rest!!! Would buy this in Watercolor, my favorite Summer color!

  42. Erika Landry says:

    I love it, I can wait to see what awesome patterns it comes in.

  43. Ruby says:

    The perfect bag for the summer!

  44. Holly B says:

    LOVE this bag…the style is so versatile, and I really love the print it is shown in here. Great for summertime!!!

  45. Gay Gulick says:

    Love…love…I drove to Charlotte on Wednesday to visit the Vera Bradley store in South Park Mall….so addicted!

  46. Morgan Drake says:

    Great summer bag!!

  47. shannon holzem says:

    Love the new style and the new colors. Can’t wait to have one.

  48. CathyB says:

    Oh love that it’s crossbody and have all those pockets!

  49. Jill says:

    I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! GOTTA HAVE IT!! GOTTA HAVE IT!!! GOTTA HAVE IT!!!!! PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Kathy S says:

    So cute for summer!!!!

  51. Amy says:

    I love this pattern! Would make a great beach bag!

  52. Kat J says:

    That bag is absolutely adorable!!

  53. Tami Torok says:

    I love this bag. Vera rocks!!!

  54. Erica S says:

    such a cute bag! would be great for all my summer travels!

  55. Chelsey Yoder says:

    Great design! Seems so handy 🙂 Perfect beach bag!

  56. Lindzie says:

    Looks like a great summer bag. Love the new lemon parfait color

  57. Virginia Werner says:

    What a cute bag for summer!

  58. Lisa Collins says:

    Love it! Especially the outside pockets!

  59. Danielle P. says:

    I definitely see myself bringing this bag on a picnic!!

  60. Courtney says:

    My niece would love this for her birthday may 19th its her sweet 16

  61. Valerie says:

    This is such a great bag. The drawstring makes it perfect for some summer traveling and provides you with some comfort knowing all your personal belongings are safe inside.

  62. Becky Block says:

    Both my daughter and I love this one! Perfect size and lots of pockets make it perfect for every day use!

  63. Amy F says:

    Another “must have” but I think I will take it in water color!

  64. Beth says:

    This looks perfect for keeping my hands free when I am out and about with my 17 month old daughter. Chasing after her with out having to worry about my bag falling off is a great idea!

  65. Jamie Seymour says:

    wonderful I would love to win

  66. Sharon W says:

    Love it. Summer is the time when life gets a bit more casual and this bag fits the bill. . . but with great style. Throw your stuff in the bag, pull the cords and go.

  67. Rebecca Blanton says:

    LLLLOOOOOVVE It, what a cute and practical bag, love the sweet meadows pattern!!

  68. Lisa Hogue says:

    This is fantastic! I love the easy access and the extra pockets…Vera Bradley does it again!

  69. Sandy G. says:

    LOVE it 🙂 So perfect for the summer season!

  70. michelle k says:


  71. Tiffany Vincent says:

    Fantastic summer bag! I love the style and the drawstring closure!

  72. Michelle says:

    great for a body type-small or large frame:)

  73. Kathy S says:

    Such a cute bag!!!

  74. Ginger Dukes says:

    I love anything Vera, this is such a great looking bag:)

  75. Donna says:

    Perfect! I MUST have one in Watercolor!

  76. Stephanie S says:

    Love it!!!

  77. Allegra Franklin says:

    What a cute name, you guys always come up with the best names for the bags!

  78. Lindsey Kennedy says:

    Love Love Love Vera! My 9 year old daughter is hooked too!! Can’t wait to see the new Summer Line! The drawstring baf is really cute!

  79. sarah m. says:

    cute! It would have been nice to see the bag being worn, maybe for future videos 🙂

  80. Cathy Branson says:

    Would love to win!

  81. Madison Bennett says:

    I’m going on a cruise in May. I have been looking for the perfect stylish bag to take along with me, and this might just be the perfect one! I would love to have this! Liz on Location is AWESOME! Vera Bradley, is soooo amazing. 🙂

  82. rachel says:

    cute bag, I think it will be easy for the busy summertime. Anxious to see what it looks like worn cross-body.

  83. Sandra Dawson says:

    Love it, can’t wait to see it in person!

  84. Laura Lyons says:

    Love it! Casual and sturdy, perfect for vacation!

  85. Jill says:

    Very cute!

  86. Marci says:

    Great bag for summer!

  87. Virginia says:

    Very cute new style!

  88. Lisa L says:

    Awesome bag. I bet I could fit a lot of stuff in there!

  89. Mary Sue Madigan says:

    Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

  90. Suz says:

    What a great bag for all my summer necessities!

  91. Liz M says:

    I love this bag and it going to be so great for those summer grab and go times.

  92. Linda Kowal says:

    What a cute bag, love the organization! Great bag for travel! I love that it is cross body too!!

  93. Dina says:

    what a great bag!! will hold all my stuff and my kids things well!!

  94. Sarah Calligan says:

    This is so cute! I want it!

  95. Erica says:

    Ooooooooh perfect beach bag!

  96. Sue S. says:

    I am loving these beautiful colors and styles. I would love to have a free one…any color will do. Thanks Vera.

  97. Cheryl L says:

    I TOTALLY LOVE IT!! I can see using this on my upcoming cruise!

  98. Bonnie P says:

    Love the Quick Draw!

  99. Jo says:

    Love, love, love this one!

  100. Laurie F says:

    This looks like an awesome bag for the summer…..throw and go!!!!!

  101. ashley w. says:

    that’s a really cute bag! gotta love vera! =)

  102. Marlen Mills says:

    love this new style, will get it for sure. My favorite is lemon parfait, I think it looks fresh, young and fun.

  103. I love this!!! It’s so cute!

  104. Alicia Booth says:

    I would love a Quick Draw for the summer!

  105. Sheila says:

    Love it and I would love to have one!

  106. Tracy E. says:

    I am going to New Orleans this summer and this is the perfect bag to take with me!!

  107. JIll Donko says:

    Love the look and style of this bag can’t wait to see it in person and try it on!

  108. Nicole F says:

    Great bag! The pockets on the front are a nice touch. Love the color, too! 🙂

  109. Teressa M says:

    Cute, cute, cute! Perfect for summertime fun.

  110. Susan Schiavone says:

    So cute!! I love the pockets!

  111. Beverly Muzzy says:

    what a fabulous bag!

  112. Laura517 says:

    I ❤ it!!

  113. Neysa says:

    Adorable tote; would be perfect for my daughter’s very own Vera!

  114. Barbara Wood says:

    I love this back. It will be perfect for a day a theme pArk with my son.

  115. Craig Alpaugh says:

    That is a great design.

  116. Jessica Majors says:

    :o) What a cute summer bag! It would definitely fit all my summer needs like sunglasses and sunscreen! 😀

  117. Tami Hollerich says:

    Love this bag! Perfect for summer, getaways and trips.

  118. Jillian says:

    Ahhhh! That is amazing!! It would be awesome to carry things when I go To the beach!

  119. Suzanne Murray says:

    Absolutely LOVE it!!! Must get one for summer!!!

  120. Ashley says:

    Seems like the perfect bag for trips to the beach or a day trip somewhere! Can’t wait for it!

  121. Tara says:

    I love this bag, great style!

  122. Tiffany says:

    I LOVE English Meadow & can’t wait for it to come out next week!

  123. What a great bag! I just love the front pockets. Perfect for the summer either shopping, to the beach, or anywhere!

  124. Tina Roberts says:

    I love this! So cute!

  125. Cindy L says:

    this is just a perfect style – would LUV 2 WIN IT!

  126. Leslie Anderson says:

    Love this! The print is great, too. And it has so many uses, cute for summer!

  127. Karen Van Grouw says:

    I love it!!!

  128. tammy n says:

    This looks like a fun summer item…please enter me!!

  129. Jackie Branscum says:

    Super Cute! I think I would get this one in English Meadow!

  130. Courtney says:

    Not just a cute bag, but a functional bag as well! Perfect for day trips and summer get aways!

  131. lelia says:

    Luv it! Yes, it is a perfect bag for summer ; )

  132. Mary K. Rigg says:

    Really different and unique. I have nothing like it..would be very proud to have this as a summer bag!

  133. Christina G says:

    Super cute, I love it!

  134. Aimee says:

    Love this bag!!

  135. Penny says:

    This is a great smaller bag, perfect for the summer!!

  136. karen parker says:

    I would love to win that bag! Thanks for the opportunity!

  137. Jenny Peterson says:

    Adorable bag – great for a grab & go as I chase my kids through the park!

  138. Tiffani Ballard says:

    Love this!!! Very cute bag!

  139. JenniferL. says:

    Looks like a great bag to do some summer shopping.

  140. Valerie Hardy says:

    super cute!!

  141. Alicia says:

    Sooo cute….ready for the beach!!

  142. sandy shattuck says:

    Can you handle it? How Cute! I am quick to the draw and would love to have this bag! Super Awesome! Hope everyone has GREAT WEEKEND! Good Luck!

  143. Joy Burmaster says:

    Would be a great bag for my girls for summer to keep all their stuff together while they’re running around with friends.

  144. Kendra says:

    Too adorable!!! I love the style of the bag and the pattern is gorgeous!!!

  145. Kristen C says:

    so cute! it looks like it could fit a lot of stuff without looking bulky and tourist-y, ideal look for summer!

  146. Angela Germano says:

    great for a beach bag!!!

  147. Katherine says:

    This is the PERFECT beach bag! Can’t wait to get one!

  148. Nancy McCrite says:

    Must have bag for summer! I love it!

  149. Jennifer Bussmann says:

    Love this. Can’t wait to try it out this summer! Looks like it will hold all my kiddos needs for a day at the ballpark

  150. kelly says:

    Oh YES! This is THE bag I’ve been waiting for! I would love to win one! I would use it everyday this spring/summer!

  151. Melodie says:

    This is my favorite of the new summer styles!

  152. Laura T says:

    What a fabulous bag to take to the beach! I could put everything from suntan lotion to my book.

  153. Katie says:

    Love it! Another bag for my wish list…

  154. Julie Podshadley says:

    Makes me long for summer! So cute and fresh!!!

  155. Tina Schrof says:

    Wow! Loving this piece. Thank you so much for the chance to win. I am sure it would love living in Springboro, Ohio! 🙂

  156. Athena Duke says:

    Wow! looks great. It looks so easy to get in and out of to find things quick!

  157. KristenH says:

    Cross style bags are so great for running around. Cute bag and hands free!

  158. Tina Roberts says:

    This is so cute! I love it!

  159. Marsha Bell says:

    Very cute! Perfect for summer! 😉

  160. Meghan Murphy says:

    Love, love, love!!!!! So excited for a new crossbody. 🙂

  161. Sabrina says:

    Another very cute Vera bag!

  162. Linda Jennings says:

    Love the new bag! I need summer bag and looks like this one fits the bill!! Yea Vera!!

  163. Meaghan says:

    Great bag to pack my lunch in for my busy days at work

  164. Sarah says:

    I ❤ the fact that it can be worn cross body! Love those styles, great for shopping!!

  165. Christina W says:

    Perfect summer bag!! Can’t wait to get mine!

  166. Laura says:

    It is totally me!! I love it!

  167. Charlene says:

    SUPER cute!!! Very easy to carry around.

  168. Amanda W says:

    This looks like a very versatile bag! I can just see so many uses for it… including a yarn bag when summer is over! 🙂

  169. Michelle Heckman says:

    What a fun update….

  170. rossana perkins says:




  172. Sara says:

    This is such an adorable bag! I love the pockets on the front, the drawstring closure ensures that everything inside is safe, and it’s the perfect size. I totally want this bag!

  173. Michelle M. says:

    this would be such a cute beach bag!

  174. Diane R. says:

    Cute bag, and totally different!!! Looking forward to seeing all the new colors and styles!!

  175. Lara McKinley says:

    Looks like a great bag for summer fun! Can’t wait to check it out!

  176. Austinmom says:

    Very cute!

  177. Michelle Auger says:

    Love it!!!!!!

  178. Elisa Abner-Taschwer says:

    I love, love, love this bag!!!

  179. Angela says:

    Very cute! Can’t wait to see this new style in person 🙂

  180. stacey hepner says:

    it’s the cutest vera ever…can’t wait to get one in the new english meadows…i just ♥ it ♥ it!!! 🙂

  181. Krysten P says:

    Love this bag!!! I love al Vera! 🙂

  182. Meg says:

    I love it! So enj0ying the new colors and styles for Summer 2011. :o)

  183. vickie rich says:


  184. Marla Zickefoose says:

    This would be a great bag to go with my summer outfits!

  185. Samantha says:

    Yay!! It’s so cute cute cute. Great summer bag.

  186. Caitlin L says:

    This would be perfect for when I have to bring my swim stuff to go life guarding!

  187. Ashley says:

    Looks like the perfect summer bag!

  188. Rebecca says:

    Cute! I love crossbody bags.

  189. Tammy says:

    Very cute!! would love to have it!!

  190. Stephanie M. says:

    LOVE the color and the size looks just perfect!! Neat bag!

  191. Roxanne says:

    LOVE IT! Must get one!

  192. Crystal says:

    This would be a great beach bag!

  193. Jerri Lynn Miller says:

    Love the new style!

  194. Sadaf K. says:

    I am loving this bag! So cute, a must have for summer!

  195. Abby says:

    Vera always has the latest styles and I’m loving this bag!

  196. Emily D. says:

    Cute bag!

  197. Elise says:

    Looks like a perfect bag-just wondering if my Nook will fit for all that summer reading!

  198. Keri Lynn says:

    Too Cute!

  199. Terri Borowiak says:

    Oh, this is DARLING!!! I think it’s so cool for summer and all of the things I carry around during the warm months.

  200. Stephanie Jordan says:

    This would be a perfect bag to take on vacation. Love it!! 🙂

  201. Sheila says:

    Love it could see using it for so many things.

  202. melissa r says:

    Super cute and perfect for summer!

  203. Jennifer says:

    ACK! My favorite style bag ever… thank you for making it… now I can’t wait until it comes out… must have it in VIVA LA VERA!!!!! Cause I’ll be VIVA’ing LA VERA this summer!!!!!

  204. Alyson Tipton says:

    This is a perfect bag for summer. Would love to have it Viva la Vera!

  205. Jamie Coulter says:

    I absolutely love this bag! Can’t wait to get one.

  206. Christy says:

    A very cute bag! All Vera bags are!

  207. Kendall gosciak says:

    Cute bag love it!!!!

  208. Fran Guthrie says:

    Super great bag for summer!!

  209. Mary Thomas says:

    Love it – perfect summer bag – can’t wait to get one. So many uses for it!

  210. Melissa S. says:

    I love this style, it’s very different from all the rest. I’m thinking I’ll be getting this in Viva la Vera!

  211. Jamie says:

    I love the shape and that it has pockets on the outside. What a perfect bag for summer!

  212. JEM says:

    Great bag for summer or anytime. Cute for the young ones too. Will try it.

  213. Megan says:

    I think I just fell in love! How perfect is this bag? I could see myself bringing this along on a fun filled family day or a date day with my fiance, if it can fit a sunblock bottle, I’m sure I could fit a water bottle in there too which would be wonderful for a nice spring/summer walk as the sun is setting! I’m sold.

  214. jenj says:

    i must have this!!!!lovely:)

  215. amy manderscheid says:

    I love that!!! I don’t have anything in that pattern, thats great for summer!

  216. Kerri says:

    Awww this is so cute!!! I want one!!! 🙂

  217. Kim says:

    Love the new Summer bag!!

  218. Mary Havasi says:

    Very Vera Versatile.

  219. Cindy Parker says:

    love crossbody bags, have not yet made the splurge to purchase a Vera, can’t decide which one to get!! also looking at a laptop case as well…this is such a pretty design and color!!!

  220. A. Mitchell says:

    Perfect for the beach or a day at the lake!

  221. Helen Zamora says:

    Absolutely love it! It will be perfect for my summer adventures 🙂

  222. Amanda says:

    I love it! Another great design!

  223. Courtney Moseley says:

    Vera does it again with another great accessory!

  224. Stephanie M. says:

    Definately different from any other bag – I really like it! The colors and pattern is very suitable for summer!

  225. Caitlin Blake says:

    This is so cute!!! It will make a great beach bag!! 🙂

  226. Jamie Mabry says:

    Love this bag!!! It reminds me of the beach bags of my youth, many years ago!!! Would love to have one!!

  227. Darcie Marshall says:

    Want want WANT!!!!

  228. Sadie Kasior says:

    Love it! Most deffiently will be getting one for all my summer excursions this summer!

  229. TERESA L CRANE says:

    My birthday is coming what an awesome gift!!! Fresh, Flurry, Fun!

  230. Sue says:

    Cute bag! Great for Summer!! Can’t wait to see it in person.

  231. Staci says:

    Love the Bag! 🙂 Great look for Summer! Especially in the new colors!

  232. Nancy Tucker says:

    It will hold all the stuff you absolutely NEED to have with you. Wanna be a Vera Bradley girl.
    Nancy T.

  233. Amber Belcher says:

    One of the cutest bags for the summer! Perfect for Astros Baseball games and trips to the Houston Zoo!!

  234. Cindy George says:

    I would love to have this bag for summer! Really cute!

  235. lisa adams says:

    I love this style! I must have one…it is perfect for summer!!!

  236. Lacey Kelley says:

    Super cute…I so so want one!

  237. Ardell says:

    Love this new bag and all the new colors. Vera Bradley is great.

  238. LeAne Bouydston says:

    What a versital bag for summer!! Love it 🙂

  239. Jamie Mabry says:

    Love the quickdraw!! Reminds me of the beach bags of my youth, many moons ago!!! Would love to have one!!

  240. Cheryl says:

    This is a really cute bag! Can’t wait for the summer!! 🙂

  241. Michele Walker says:

    very cute! would love to win 🙂

  242. Sara DeVane says:

    This bag would be perfect for our big mission trip this summer. I’m taking the church group to the Washington DC area and I need to be able to lug around a little more than I can squeeze in a hipster! This is perfect! Yay for another cute style!

  243. Karen Cook says:

    Cute bag for the summer,and I love that print that it showing in.

  244. Heather says:

    This bag looks amazing!

  245. Carlotta Dicker says:

    I love the drawstring in English Meadow! I can’t wait to see the new patterns in the stores on March 24th.

  246. Heather Weaver says:

    Too cute! I would love to have one!!!!:)

  247. Any Gilbert says:

    wow!!! so pretty Best summer bag yet!

  248. Cindy Walters says:

    i absolutely love it!! Adorable. Would love to have one.

  249. This is just too cute…I am going on vac. to FL in 40 more days, and I have been trying to decide which Vera Bradly to purchase for my trip, I have the large duffel, but I need an easy access purse/carry all for all my essentials, and don’t want to lug around a big purse, this drawstring fits the bill!!!! Thank you Vera!

  250. Danielle P. says:

    I am excited for all of the new styles to be released. I could see this bag being used for summer days!!!

  251. Brandy Hively says:

    Love it! would love to win!

  252. janet Farmer says:

    this would make a great bag to take to the pool!!

  253. lgpstyle says:

    This has got to be the PERFECT summertime bag! Love it!!

  254. Sarah says:

    That looks perfect for a trip to the beach or to take on a summer vacation! Adorable! (:

  255. Keri N. says:

    Adorable bag! I would love to get one for summer.

  256. Kristen says:

    Pretty sure I need this bag. so stinkin’ adorable and perfect for summer!!

  257. Nancy says:

    So cute!! I must have this. Hard part is deciding which pattern 🙂

  258. Elizabeth Milne says:

    So cute! Another winner by Vera!

  259. Angela says:

    I’m a fan already!! WHAT a great design! Your more-than-competent design team has come up with another great bag to add to your collection. Now…won’t you choose me and add this fabulous bag to MY collection??? 🙂

  260. Laura Mosier says:

    So CUTE!!!! I can’t wait for the new colors to be in the store!

  261. This is perfect for my upcoming trip to FL. Fits the bill to pack all my essentials and the perfect size! Thank you Vera!

  262. Anna Catherine says:

    Love this stylish design! It would be perfect with any summer outfit.

  263. Anna Milan says:

    I ❤ it!!! Perfect for vacation!!

  264. Bonnie Hooper says:

    I’m glad I watched the video because at first I was thinking it was just a little drawstring bag, but it’s not. Really like the flat bottom so things don’t just sag. I think I would definitely check it out. Cute pattern, on the video version as well

  265. Roxane Morgan says:

    Love the style and all the new summer colors.

  266. Jill says:

    Very Cute! My daughter and I both love it!

  267. Lani says:

    How fun! I can’t wait to see it in person!

  268. shannon etherton says:

    LOve it!!

  269. Lisa Nicholson says:

    What a great bag! I love it!

  270. Tara says:

    AWESOME!!! I love the new summer colors! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  271. Pam R. says:

    Awesome bag! I just love Vera and my closet shows it….

  272. kaitlin says:


  273. Lisa Q says:

    love the design. bit of a pack it all here. Vera is ready for summer and so am I.

  274. Haley Cagle says:

    I LOVE this!!!!

  275. Charlotte says:

    That bag is too good looking!

  276. Kara Barker says:

    great bag! it is such a nice size!

  277. HJG2 says:

    Love this!! Want one . . . or maybe two!

  278. Gwen Smith says:

    I am a cross body fanatic! I cannot wait to give this bag a try! LOVE LOVE it!

  279. Melissa says:

    What a cute bag!!

  280. Deborah Grimes says:

    I’m so spoiled, I only carry Veras. I love the new Quick Draw bag, so many things to fill it with and those wonderful pockets. The fabric screams “Vera Bradley”.

  281. Jamie Tucker says:

    Very cute! Would love to see it in person and test it out =)

  282. sue says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

  283. Judy says:

    would love this bag. would great for me since i am always on the go and with the drawstring, nothing would fall out of my bag. couldn’t tell you how many times things fall out. Thanks VB!

  284. Renea Tutt says:

    This bag is great! How fun for spring and summer too! I’d love to have one.

  285. Jo says:

    Love this bag for the beach!

  286. Megan says:

    I love this bag!!

  287. Elle Cole says:

    i want this bag for my beach trips all summer long!

  288. Jessica Brimer says:

    I love it! I hope I win 🙂

  289. krystal says:

    I Love this bag.. it would be my very first Vera Bradley bag!!

  290. Renea Tutt says:

    Love it!

  291. Sarah says:

    AWESOME summer bag! so excited(: 6 more days people!

  292. shanna says:

    Love, love, love it!!!

  293. Caroline says:

    Love this bag!!! I can’t wait to see it in person. The only question now is what color to choose!!!

  294. Ruth Anne Cope says:

    Very cute bag – looks like it would be great for summer trips!

  295. Megan Ogren says:

    This would be great this summer for a quick trip diaper bag! Can’t wait to try one!

  296. Karen says:

    I soooooooooo have a bathing suit to match this bag…look out beach here I come!!!

  297. Laura says:

    Great bag for all the fun summer brings!

  298. Kelly Ann Yarlott says:

    I just love this bag–especially in English Meadow! ❤

  299. Ashley Thomson says:

    This bag would be great for the beach or crafting on the go! I love it!

  300. Karen Stiles says:

    Love this style , it will be perfect for either my older daughter for college or for me and my newborn for a cute baby bag

  301. Kimberly Allen says:

    Oh my gosh – this is the best! Love it!

  302. sue moschino says:

    Love the new summer colors and styles..oh my, which styles/colors does a girl choose….

  303. Jenny McGuire says:

    Oh I love the design of this bag. So different. It will get slot of compliments. I will definitely put it on my wish list.

  304. alicia snell says:

    Great summer bag. I love all of my Vera bags, the only kind I carry.

  305. Kassidy says:

    This bag is so adorable! It is perfect for summer! It is stylish and functional! 😀 I must get this! 😀

  306. Bekah says:

    I absolutely love this bag 🙂 I need you quick draw!

  307. Pilar Walton says:

    Love it! Perfect for summer 🙂

  308. Susan says:

    Love it in Deco Daisy! Summer bag will travel!

  309. Courtney Roggmann says:

    Awesome bag! Will be checking that one our for my summer travels!

  310. Emily Edenfield says:

    I love Vera Bradley!! This bag looks so adorable!! Would love to win!!

  311. Betina Bailey says:

    Would LOVE to have one!!! 🙂

  312. Renee Alt says:

    Perfect for the pool!

  313. Laura says:

    Love it for when I need a smaller-than-the-diaper-bag to tote around with my little one when she arrives this summer!! Perfect.. 🙂

  314. Inf says:

    I am going on vacation in April and I want this bag in the new black and white and red Deco Daisy. I bet it won’t be available yet.

  315. Colleen P. says:

    I love this bag. Sooo cute, esp. in this pattern!

  316. Ann Grandmaison says:

    I can’t wait to buy one. I think this style has my name all over it!

  317. Shronne Williams says:

    This is the perfect bag for my summer travels. It can hold all my essentials & my kids’ essentials. Can’t wait to get me one!

  318. Laura says:

    Lovely!! Love it. 🙂

  319. Teresa Fitzgerald says:

    I am absoultely in love with this bag, i love the vera bradley!!
    I need this to go with the rest of my vera bradley collections !! =)

  320. Susan says:

    I love this style and pattern! I can’t even begin to list all the things I’d put in it!

  321. Kim Watson says:

    This bag would be great to take on my first cruise vacation in May 🙂

  322. Amy says:

    Love this new bag! PICK ME PICK ME!!!!!

  323. Lydia Strain says:

    Gorgeous !

  324. Jenna says:

    Very cute for an on-the-go summer bag!

  325. Gina Duncan says:

    I looks like a quick bag to grab for those extras that you need to take with you when you’re headed out the door!

  326. Heather A says:

    Wow! Vera you hit the mark with this bag! Perfect for a wide range of women with varying bag needs. I will be asking for this for my birthday! Thanks for designing practical, yet stylish bags at great prices!

  327. Jennifer R. says:

    I love the style of this bag! Great job again Vera Bradley!

  328. Nancy B says:

    This is so pretty, I know my college age daughter would love to have this!

  329. Rhonda McCartney says:

    I LOVE any bag that can be worn cross-body, and I LOVE anything that is Vera!

  330. Charlene says:

    I love the design! Will be easy to sling and shop with a bag like this….especially with kids in tow. 😀

  331. Jen C says:

    Absolutely cute!!! Must have it!!!

  332. Jenna Kahl says:

    Love it! Perfect for the summer…and a Mommy on the go!

  333. Peggy Schaefer says:

    Love this bag. Looks sturdy and I like the outside pockets. The print is pretty too. Must have 🙂

  334. Colleen says:

    I love bigger bags and the cross-body styles. This is a great way to get both, especially for summer!!

  335. Teresa says:

    LOVE IT!! 🙂

  336. Lori says:

    I love it!! Perfect for vacation

  337. Marti says:

    This is my favorite new bag. It’s great for summer!

  338. BETH VAN SKIVER says:

    how cute for the upcoming spring and summer days! Love it!!!

  339. CE Hollerbach says:

    Very cute – great for the beach!

  340. Sarah W says:

    I had a bag just like this one when I was a teenager. What wonderful memories it brings back….. Oh, how I would love to win this bag!!!

  341. Kelly says:

    Too Cute! Soooo Beachy.

  342. Keli Salisbury says:

    This is shaping up to be my all time favorite bag!!! I can’t wait to see it on person in Viva La Vera. There is just something about a crossbody that makes being a mom easier.

  343. Cindy Vosburgh says:

    what a great bag!

  344. Susan Y says:

    Very cute bucket bag. Love the outside pockets.

  345. RenaeH says:

    For vacation this summer, this bag would be so cute & convenient!

  346. Elaine D says:

    love love love

  347. Dixie Mulligan says:

    Love the turquoise, green and yellow combo in this very summery bag.
    I wear all these colors & love the cross body idea. I frees your hands when
    shopping and easy on the back and shoulders. Love it!

  348. jeannine m says:

    love this bag

  349. Barb P. says:

    This is adorable – can’t wait to get one!

  350. Dianne says:

    Sweet bag! Can’t wait to see it on the 24th!

  351. Cindy M says:

    Wow! I really like this! Great for summer, but also looks like it would make a great dance bag for my daughter!! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  352. Vickie says:

    What a great beach bag this would be…such a cute design.

  353. jennifer moore says:

    My daughters would love this!!!!!

  354. Charlene says:

    Love it, wish I could win one.

  355. Lisa Rule says:

    What a beautiful bag. I love it. I have two daughters who I know would love to have one including me.

  356. Joan B says:

    I LOVE this bag!!! I can think of so many uses…everyday, beach, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking supplies on the go….it goes on and on!…..

  357. Iva J. Runyon says:

    Just waiting to win this great bag!

  358. Arlene Cohen says:

    It’s the perfect bag for your spontaneous activites! Grab an idea, grab your stuff, toss it in your Quick Draw, and let the fun begin!

  359. Catherine Weintraub says:

    So cute!!

  360. Mel says:

    I can not wait to see this bag in person. It looks like the perfect summer/beach bag.

  361. Carla m says:

    Perfect for the day at the beach

  362. Jenny Jones says:

    Me, me, please!

  363. Lisa G. says:

    Awesome bag! I want one!! Pick me, pick me, LOL!! 🙂 Love my Vera!!

  364. Cindy M says:

    Looks perfect to hold all my stuff!

  365. holly Brown says:

    This bag is toooo cute!!! So excited to see it!!! Perfect Bag for the Vera Bradley fans!!!

  366. KImberley O says:

    I would so love to win this

  367. Cindy says:

    I have an old-school Vera with similar draw strings and I have carried it all over the world- how cool that there is a new update with lots of new features. I would gladly carry one to Africa next week 🙂

  368. Connie says:

    What a wonderful welcome from Vera Bradley to the Summer of 2011.

  369. Tanya says:

    This is sooo cute.. Totally makes me ready for summer to come and for those busy days with 3 kids!!!!

  370. Nora says:

    Love the bag! Can’t wait for the new patterns and styles next week!!

  371. Deb Kennedy says:

    Oh my word! I think I’m in love!!! ♥

  372. JennA says:

    Just what I need, being a Mom of 2 little girls, a purse that I can open and get to what I need, FAST!!! Love the style. Very functional, especially the cargo pockets!!

  373. Paula P says:

    The Quick Draw bag seems like an essential element for the season. Love the English Meadow pattern. The cargo pockets are a very nice touch perfect place to put my facial sunscreen. Perfect for the parks and the beach. Thanks for the opportunity to win one<3

  374. megannicolew says:

    Absolutely love it! Great summer/beach bag! Beautiful print 🙂

  375. Kristin says:

    You can wear it CROSS-BODY?!?!?!? I LOVE IT!!! And I LOVE the pocets on the outside too!!!!! 🙂

  376. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Fabulous. Love it. Would be so pretty in Watercolor.

  377. LaKeiva says:

    Looks like the perfect bag for spring/summer.

  378. Anna Navarro-Williams says:

    Perfect warm weather bag. Can’t wait!!

  379. My perfect little beach bag!

  380. Cathy says:


  381. Amy says:


  382. Julie says:

    Wow, I’d love to win one of these in Watercolor or Deco Daisy! I missed out on the backsack so this would be awesome ❤

  383. Tiffany K says:

    So cute! I love it (and warm weather)!

  384. Julie Stephen says:

    Looks great to take to kids ball games and activities!

  385. Virginia Thomas says:

    Bag looks great, safe and stylist! Great colors!

  386. Heather Kaufman says:

    Love it. love the pattern.

  387. mary says:

    I love that this bag can be worn as a cross body style.

  388. Summer Haugh says:

    This is such a wonderful bag for Summer! 🙂

  389. Sandy Cohen says:

    My wife would love this. I would use it as a Mothers Day Gift from the kids, and put my gift inside of it. It would be an epic gift ❤

  390. Beth says:

    I love this bag! Would be perfect for my travel bag!

  391. Dawn F. says:

    LOVE IT!!!! SO CUTE!!!! My daughter would LOVE this!!!! We would have to share!!!!

  392. Marybeth W says:

    I LOVE it I can’t wait to see/get this bag…hmm now to decide what color I want it in!!!!!

  393. Jennifer Diaz says:

    So fun!

  394. Stacie says:

    Cute bag…….a MUST have for summer!!

  395. Lisa Heffner says:

    love, love, love… the quickdraw! What a great bag for sightseeing… the beach… or just kickin’ it! Throw in the Summer colors and it is a win, win, win!

  396. Gwen says:

    I am SOOO loving this bag! Will have to get one for myself AND my sisters! PERFECT for a fast close w/the little ones around!

  397. bethkohl says:

    Would LOVE this for the beach this summer. We live in sunny Florida & could use this a TON! On my must have list now.

  398. alexis says:

    This bag is so cute! & great for summer!
    Love the style!

  399. Michelle Novak says:

    LOVE IT!!! Cute and functional!!!!

  400. Gail S says:

    So cute!

  401. Heather Rakosnik says:

    I LOVE this bag! Functional, and adorable at the same time. Vera Bradley does it again!

  402. Mary Edwards says:

    Such a great bag!!! Many possibilities for this little number! I would love one!

  403. Sherri says:

    I love this bag! So cute for summer!

  404. Sue says:

    Oh how cute!!! This bag looks so summery!

  405. Dee says:

    Love this bag, I really want to get one when it comes out!!

  406. molly maznek says:

    this bag is really cute and it seems perfect for summer 🙂

  407. Patty says:

    This is a great little bag for all my summer needs…I can’t wait for next week to get here!!!

  408. Nicole Bearry says:

    I LOVE the look of this bag! Perfect for summer on-the-go days ahead!

  409. Michelle W says:

    Saw it in the catalog and instantly loved it! I have been hoping that a new style would come out with a long strap for us girls that only wear crossbody or backback style bags! 🙂

  410. What a cute summer bag!!!

  411. Claudia Krueger says:

    I spend my summers at the lake with my friends and family. This bag would be perfect to fill with all the necessities for a sun filled day of boating!

  412. Shelby says:

    This is the perfect summer bag! Love it!

  413. Terecille says:

    how cute AND convenient 🙂

  414. Kristen says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to see it in person! 🙂

  415. Ainna says:

    omg I love it! its tooo cute!

  416. Dena says:

    Looks like the perfect bag to take to Disney World. Can’t wait to see the new colors next week!

  417. Melinda Prather says:

    Very cute. Like the front pockets, too.

  418. Margaret Wiegand says:

    Love this bag, will have to buy one, but it would be nice to WIN!!

  419. Kimberly Vuksic says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new bag. Another great Vera bag that Im going to have to order. I love the outside pockets, it makes my life SO much easier. Either way, you cant go wrong with a Vera Bradley bag. Keep the awesome styles coming. It always gives me something to look forward to! 🙂

  420. Nancy B. says:

    My daughter will go nuts over this!

  421. Kate says:

    I love a GREAT Vera bag!!

  422. Brandi says:

    Super cute – would love to get one!

  423. Donna says:

    The new Quick Draw will be a perfect compliment for any cruise vacation! I can’t wait to find one in my favorite new pattern!

  424. Amy Lipe says:

    Cute bag! Love to have one!

  425. Tara Davis says:

    ♥ All the new stuff!!!

  426. Rebecca Hayden says:

    Looks like a great bag to keep my kids’ stuff in for a day trip or the beach!

  427. Lynn says:

    This bag is perfect for summer, especially for travel! It’s definitely going on my “want” list! The hardest decision will be which color!!

  428. Tamara K says:

    A perfect bag to carry all necessities including Epi-Pen, while chaperoning my Queen & her court members. They each had a “Vera” Christmas after seeing my Vera Collection. Keep up the great work with the new patterns and designs!

  429. Jackie Grimm says:

    What an awesome bag – it will carry anything and everything I could possibly need for a picnic, a day at the beach, my lunch and e-book to work…’s got to be cute in the new Watercolor pattern!

  430. kathryn peters says:

    Oh my gosh! I saw this bag pop up on facebook and had an immediate reaction to it! I must have it! It made my heart skip a little beat. How clever to put the cargo pockets in front and show it off in the new meadow pattern which fits it perfectly, you’ve done it once again Vera!

  431. Tonya Livingston says:

    I will gladly use this bag over a diaper bag everyday!

  432. mandie says:

    so summery! love it 🙂

  433. Amanda says:

    This is such a cute bag! The perfect accessory for any summer trip!

  434. Jennifer Gomula says:

    Would love this bag for the beach!

  435. Jennifer says:

    This bag is sooo cute!

  436. Michele says:

    So cute, can’t wait to see it in person!

  437. Nancy K says:

    Ok—I’m going to need to add this to my list of “Vera must haves”.

  438. Vivian says:

    I adore all of Vera’s new patterns and would love to win anything.

  439. Melissa Smith says:

    Awesome bag in fun colors! Great for the casual day shopping or sightseeing!

  440. Janet says:

    In over 25 years of collection Vera Bradley, this has gotta be one of the cutest styles you’ve done! I hope it becomes part of the regular collection.

  441. Susan Waterworth says:

    So Fun!! And I love the cute little floral pattern. 🙂 just bought my first Vera bag this Spring. So looking to expand the collection!

  442. Renee Sturgis says:

    Such a cute and functional bag! That’s why I LOVE my Vera’s!

  443. Mary B says:

    on my wish list !

  444. DENISE says:

    an absolutelu adorable bag! just what I need! 🙂 ♥

  445. Susan says:

    Ooohhh! This is such a cute bag. Perfect for summer! Love it!

  446. Niv Mani says:

    absolutely ‘drawn’ towards acquiring one of these!

  447. Ashlee says:

    Love this bag! It’s very unique and looks like it has plenty of room to hold all of my stuff!

  448. House Queen says:

    Ooooohhhhh…I would love to win! We have all had horrible virus all week…this would brighten up my life! Thanks…fingers crossed!!!

  449. Karen Mitchell says:

    I love this bag!! I’d love it in Deco Daisy!! I’m a Bama girl and love the houndstooth!!!

  450. Annette Carl says:

    This bag is perfect for summer!

  451. I would love to win this in the watercolor pattern!

  452. cindy vahoski says:

    I love vera stuff! I have been collecting for almost a year now. I think this bag is great. I will be getting one for sure.

  453. Wendy Adee says:

    Love this bag! perfect for a quick getaway! cute cute cute

  454. Mary says:

    The Quick Draw is such a cute bag! I will buy it ASAP for my summer pool visits and my trip to the beach!

  455. lisa says:

    love love love this bag!! perfect for summer!!

  456. Emily L. says:

    Very nice! Like that it’ll be easy to open and close!

  457. Teresa Coker says:

    I just bought a new Vera bag the other day and swore I wouldn’t buy another one for a while. You’ve definitely reeled me in on this one…..LOVE LOVE LOVE~

  458. Renee Kern says:

    I love it!!! I just recently became a Vera Bradley bag carrier and I absolutely love them. This Quick Draw though, is the closest bag you’ve brought out to the older style drawstring smaller backpack (which a family member has) and I had wanted, however, it’s discontinued 😦 I think I will be going to my local store that carries Vera bags and will be purchasing this one (unless I can win one, hehe). I LOVE pockets and this has it, it has everything I would want in a purse.

  459. Beth says:

    What a fun bag! Definitely on my wishlist.

  460. Katherine S. says:

    Being a Mom of a special needs child, I always need my hands free! This is a great solution!!!! Love the new style!

  461. Brande says:

    As always another beautiful bag!

  462. Heather McCreight says:

    Very cute! I would love to have one!!!

  463. tara viars says:

    love it , have to have one in deco red!!!! 🙂

  464. Megan says:

    LOVE it!!!! Hope the Easter Bunny will bring me one!

  465. Shelia M says:

    This bag would make a perfect birthday gift for me!! It would be my first Vera Bradley bag! It’s a beauty!

  466. Ashli says:

    This is the perfect on the go spring/summer bag! Love the pockets. Good job, Vera!

  467. Rebecca Roach says:

    This bag is really cute. Would be lots of fun for summer! I love Vera Bradley! — All of it!

  468. Christine A says:

    I love it! It’s perfect for a day road trip with my family!

  469. Megan Pencinger says:

    I simply must have this bag for the beach. And it will be all mine! Nothing for the kids is going in this bag!

  470. Kelly Avery says:

    I love it! Another “Vera” I have to have!

  471. Sarah G. says:

    LOVE IT!!!! This is super cute & versatile, love the boho look… would adore this bag and use it everyday ❤

  472. Andrea says:

    Very cute, I need a new summer bag!

  473. Kathy says:

    WOWOWOW!!! What a cute bag! It will be a great addition to my collection of Vera bags..

  474. Stephanie Bass says:

    Oh boy! Another Vera bag and I really like the looks of it. Would love to win one to use for the summer!

  475. Stacy says:

    OH my gosh, like how cute it that? Really ? Got to have one of those for my collection.

  476. Jan neal says:


  477. Jaime Taylor says:

    This looks like a great bag, especially for those ladies with kids that are constantly in and out of their bag, like me!

  478. Gracie A. says:

    Too cute! Perfect for school!

  479. Tori Holt says:

    I need a new bag. Love this

  480. Bronwen says:

    love, love, love it for summer…and what a cute print too!

  481. Kelly S says:

    Love this color pattern! great for summer

  482. Kristine Ahlskog says:


  483. Laurie says:

    Ooh, love it!! I hope I am randomly drawn! Love Vera!

  484. jessica says:


  485. Felicia says:

    It’s like a new and improved Ditty bag! I like it!

  486. Susan Scheungrab says:

    Love LOVE LOVE all of the wonderful new styles. Getting these updates is great! I feel like I am always on top of the new options!! Thanks so much!

  487. Noelle says:

    Cute for summer!

  488. Lise says:

    What a cute bag. Would be perfect for vacation time come summer. Celebrating.

  489. Dee says:

    Me likey!! And I would ROCK this bag!!! I can already picture it on my shoulder and it looks GOOD!!

  490. Margie says:

    So cute! Perfect for an afternoon at the lake. Pick me!

  491. Very cute bag! Looks like a useful one, especially for trips to the park and local beach during the summer.

  492. Karen Roete says:

    Very cute and perfect for summer!!!

  493. Kimberly Keyser says:

    Oh my gosh!!!! I’m so excited about this bag!!! I just bought the Emma in Lemon Parfait but I may have to have this one for myself and give the Emma to my daughter then we can have matching mother daughter bags. Too cute!

  494. J. Owens says:

    Love it! Perfect for all my things plus a small knitting project. Love the fact that it has an adjustable shoulder strap. Can’t wait to get one!!!

  495. Trudy Bledsoe says:

    Looks like a great new style!

  496. Ann says:

    This truly is the bag of my dreams!!!

  497. Kara says:

    Fabulous summer bag! Definitely need one of those on my shoulder! Love it!

  498. Kristin says:


    I would love to use this as “Easter Basket” gifts – fill this up with lots of goodies. I know I’d love to see this from the Easter Bunny! 🙂

  499. Karen K says:

    Love it! Would be great to load up for an outting at the park with the kids!

  500. Gina says:

    Would love to see how is looks when worn across the body. Cute style for summer.

  501. Pat says:

    Love that bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  502. Ellen McCarthy says:

    I would LOVE to win this very adorable bag… It will be great to have for a summer time bag…

  503. Ashley says:

    So cute! Would love to win it =)

  504. Karen says:

    OMG…. this bag screams summer!!! I want one so badly!

  505. Wendy Biebesheimer says:

    It is a refreshing change of style. Looking forward to touching it!

  506. Lisa S. says:

    This style is great! And I am REALLY excited for the summer colors, especially in the Deco Daisy. Being a 100% Bama girl, this is a must have pattern!

  507. Alicia Hilliman says:

    Too cute, it would be great for any woman on the move!

  508. Beth says:

    Ok, I LOVE this bag ….. it is soo cute!

  509. Kimberly Ruchti says:

    I love it! I like that it can be worn cross-body too since that’s a style I typically buy.

  510. Marisa says:

    The perfect spring break accessory! I love it!

  511. Tara Ondesko says:

    I LOVE this bag, so summery and beautiful. Would look so cute with jeans or a sundress!

  512. Jessica says:

    How Awesome!!!!! Im going to have to go see it to find out if its big enough for a mom of 6 always on the run…

  513. Daniel J Spurlock says:

    my wife would love this, thanks for the chance to win.

  514. Veronica says:

    Can’t wait – another great bag from Vera Bradley!

  515. Amy says:

    I’m a Vera-Bradley-aholic!! Love it!!

  516. JoAnn says:

    This is adorable…it’s a perfect bag for an “on the go” lady!

  517. Heather Beck says:

    Can you say… Hello Summer! Let’s go to the beach!!! Oh, I love this style!!!

  518. That’s a great summer pick it up and go kind of bag! Would be great for my trips out to the river house!

  519. Angie Jane says:

    Perfect look and organization for a busy summer day!!!

  520. Zara says:

    Looks like a great style for travel!

  521. Peggy says:

    Perfect summer casual silouette – this one’s a winner!

  522. Maria says:

    I’m always up for more crossbody styles!

  523. dip says:

    i didn’t think i liked the english meadow pattern but this looks really cute.

  524. Joyce says:

    WOW! Each new style is better than the last……how do you “TOP THIS”!

  525. Beccie says:

    Awesome! Looks like a great summer bag. Can’t wait to see one.

  526. Justine Rodolico says:

    Love it! I can use this when I go to the beach this summer!!!

  527. J says:

    Looks nice and big – I can see so many uses for this bag!

  528. Tonya says:

    Love it. So cute and summery.

  529. Tracy H. says:

    Absolutely love it!!!

  530. Terry says:

    STUPID CUTE!!!! I am SO all over this!!!!! 🙂

  531. Emma says:

    This is suuuuuper CUTE! I would love to win one, I have so many plans for this summer that it would come in handy!

  532. jill says:

    Cant wait to see it in other patterns!!!

  533. Gigi says:

    I Love that bag alot!! It would make a great beach bag and it is just so cute! I would love it in Deco Daisy !

  534. Shannon Antone says:

    LOVE IT! I miss the old backsack & this looks like it will work just as GREAT! Can’t wait for March 24!

  535. Elizabeth C. says:

    Love the blog! Hope to win this bag 🙂

  536. Jenny says:

    That is adorable! Love the fun summer colors in the fabric!

  537. Laurie Johnson says:

    Love this bag!!!!

  538. Kristin Henry says:

    Super cute!

  539. Debra Kuhns says:

    Too, too, cute! Gotta have it!

  540. Brenda says:

    Great summer bag! Love it.

  541. C. K. Cahill says:

    As always, Vera Bradley manages to add another new style that I just have to have. I can’t wait to add this to my collection.

  542. Kassie says:

    I want one!!

  543. Christine Smith says:

    Very cute and practical! Please pick me! 🙂

  544. StaceyJo says:

    Love It!!!

  545. Julianne Olandese says:

    love the quick draw…great bag to use for the beach

  546. Carin McKee says:

    Oh my! I love this bag! Can’t wait to see it.

  547. MelanieNguyen says:

    I want one please!

  548. Lisa Brown says:

    What a cute bag. I would love this!

  549. Amanda says:

    What a great new style for summer!

  550. Amy M says:

    I want one please!

  551. Dawn Dumas says:

    That is awesome..definitely have to have one….have bought a new Vera every week now for over a month….love this one

  552. Jenny says:

    Wow! Gorgeous bag!!

  553. Kristi says:

    What a CUTE bag!!!

  554. Jennifer Clark says:

    Love it! What a gorgeous bag!!!!!!

  555. Sarah Stokes says:

    Two things I need for Summer 2011: A trip to NOLA and this bag! Also, I am loving the new Summer Patterns!!!

  556. Kandy says:

    Super cute bag! Different and I LIKE it!!!

  557. Erin G says:

    so cute and so summery!

  558. Gay Martin says:

    cute bag! It looks like me!!

  559. Tamara says:

    Oh this bag needs to come to my house! I am seeing myself using it for LOTS of things this summer!

  560. J. L. Capps says:

    Cute, cute, cute. What a wonderful addition to your summer wardrobe!!!

  561. Megan says:

    Ooooh, probably going to have to buy it if I don’t win it !!!!

  562. Sally says:

    I love that bag! It is so cute, especially in the English meadow. 🙂

  563. Eli says:

    The Emma is one of my favorites with the drawstring and I was waiting for VB to come out with a bigger version with a cross body strap! I’m soooo excited!

  564. Terri Shepherd says:

    What a cute Quick way to Draw in the compliments!!

  565. Rosalind Stack says:

    This bag makes me like the English Meadow fabric even more!!!! It really says, “Summer is here!” I would love this bag!

  566. Gay Martin says:

    Love that bag! It has my name on it!

  567. Karen Hrabak says:

    Love this bag!! Too cute. I can think of a lot of uses for it!

  568. Maricel says:

    At last, an entirely new style! Can’t wait to see it in person….

  569. Mary Phillips says:

    So cute!!!!

  570. Laura F says:

    So pretty!

  571. Randee says:

    This is so cute for summertime!! I would love to win it!

  572. Teresa L. Stuck says:

    Great style and casual functional!

  573. Martha Dalluge says:

    Saw this in the new catalog. Looks great, need to find one in the new Deco Daisy pattern.

  574. Liz Upton says:

    I absolutely adore this bag!!

  575. Tabatha R says:

    what a beautiful bag!! I could deffenetly use one like that!!! Summer is coming!!!!

  576. Clara Whitaker says:

    received the summer 2011 catalog just a few days ago and I fell in love with the Quick Draw! So very cute!

  577. jean westfall says:

    So cute!

  578. Jaclyn Pedersen says:


  579. Monika K Beale says:

    Yep, definitely have to have one! Love it!

  580. Paula Cates says:

    It looks like a great bag for summer!!

  581. Carol Tootalian says:

    Really really cute and perfect summer bag. I am loving English Meadow more and more each time I see it. Can’t wait until next week.

  582. Sarah says:

    I love this new style! It reminds me a little of the backsack which I loved.

  583. Jaclyn Pedersen says:

    CUTE! Gotta Have It!

  584. Elizabeth Visak says:

    I love this styly bag!

  585. Tamara Larson says:

    that is an awesome bag, i love it!

  586. Sarah M. says:

    How cute! I love that pattern.

  587. EmilyDavis says:

    Looks so cute!!

  588. Yanira D. says:

    What a great addition to an already fabulous collection! 🙂 I love your new patterns and styles this season and English Meadow is definitely my favorite of them all! Thank you for your beautiful products Vera Bradley! I love you!

  589. Holly says:

    I love the small cross body bag I already have. It is just too small to carry all I need everyday. This bag would be a great replacement for the smaller one!

  590. Sarah says:

    This looks like a great bag for the beach or for going sight-seeing. Awesome!

  591. Laura Ryno says:

    Beautiful! I’d love one!

  592. Dori J. says:

    Oh my goodness! What a sweet addition to the Signature line! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  593. Stephanie Gibson says:

    What a great bag! Love the pockets! Would love to win one in the new purple pattern!

  594. Jennifer Eckborg says:

    I adore this bag!!! 🙂 It screams sunshine & summertime!!!

  595. Carolyn M says:

    Love it! So summery!

  596. Angela Mullins says:

    I just love the new collection! Beautiful colors!

  597. Lisa Walinski says:

    This would make a great beach bag, I want one!

  598. Lauren says:

    I was beyond excited when I saw the new bags being released next week-I’ve been itching for a drawstring bag and could not decide out of the new Seaport Stripes drawstring or an older microfiber drawstring (now retired). I am so happy to see a drawstring bag in signature colors! I cannot WAIT to get my hands on a Quick Draw in Watercolor-beautiful bag for the summer months!

  599. Lisa Saccoman says:

    Soo Cute!!!

  600. Laurie says:

    great bag for the beach, soccer field (for us soccer moms) and anything outdoor, especially living here in Hawaii

  601. Kim D says:

    This is a must have bag for summer…I gotta have one!!!

  602. Vanessa B says:

    I LUV this bag, its adorable! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  603. Lynn says:

    Adorable! Looks perfect for a picnic, diaper caddy or the beach. I’ll take mine in watercolor please!

  604. Tami says:

    lovin it!

  605. Melissa says:

    I can’t wait to see this new style in person!

  606. Amy Collins says:

    Looks great for summer!

  607. Melissa L. says:

    I would love this in Deco Daisy! 🙂

  608. Liz says:

    This looks like a great bag for the summer….love the pattern too!

  609. Donna Marcinowski says:

    This bag would come in very handy in Florida!!

  610. Lisa Higdon says:

    Very cool idea with the drawstring top!

  611. Katie says:

    Love this bag! I will be a first time Mom in July to a little boy and this would come in handy!!

  612. Kaitlyn S says:

    Very cute new bag!

  613. Polly says:

    Oh My Gosh! I love this bag and the pattern! I love all the new patterns coming out! My daughter heads to college in the fall and this would look great on her shoulder!!!

  614. Angela says:

    Looks like a great new addition. Hope they have it in Symphony in Hue!

  615. Leiden Reitz says:

    Very cute! Can’t wait to wear one!

  616. Vicki says:

    Would love to win this beautiful Vera bag, love the new style and color. Plenty of pockets to store stuff in. This will be a must have for summer!

  617. Leanne Heern says:

    need…. desperately☺ I LOVE those colors! they remind me of the colors I chose when I had my baby boys☺

  618. Shirlee McGuire says:

    So cute! Love that this is also cross body. Haven’t been a fan of the draw string but I will have to try this!

  619. stephanie barnard says:

    I love all things Vera! My daughters each have their own vera too 🙂

  620. Kellie Graham says:

    Very cute! Can’t wait to ge this new style!

  621. Jessica says:

    Can’t wait to see this and other new ones next week!

  622. Janet Rutan says:

    The new bag looks adorable! Can’t wait to see it in person and also check out the inside!!

  623. Lisa Areford says:

    Love this bag! It so says SUMMER! Can’t wait! Love you all @ Vera Bradley!

  624. Kathy Lee says:

    This is perfect for the beach and pool! Excited to get one!

  625. Judy says:

    This is such a cute bag! Absolutely love it, can’t wait to get one!

  626. Darrell Graham says:

    Great replacement for the backsack!!

  627. Tracey T says:

    Lovely! Puts me in the mood for warmer weather!

  628. lori says:

    Cute! Can’t wait to see it!

  629. Katy Haugh says:

    I LOVE THIS! It’s so cute and a must have for summertime! 🙂

  630. janet says:

    Love this bag. A summer must have. can’t wait.

  631. Dawn says:

    Crossbody is a must for this stay at home mom. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  632. Cindy F. says:

    This bag is just adorable! I always get so many comments on my Vera, just love all the style and patterns!

  633. Tanya F. says:

    This is a great bag! I love all the pockets, and I love that the strap is long enough to wear the bag cross-body. Another winner! 🙂

  634. Naomi Shores says:

    It looks so cute! I want one 🙂

  635. Jane Hafenbredl says:

    I’m a fan-atic of Vera. You designed a great summer vacation bag for beach or city! Pick me

  636. Victoria says:

    What a fun bag!!!!

  637. Julie Allison says:

    Very cute! Will have to add to my wish list!!

  638. Donna S says:

    such a cute bag, love love the colors !

  639. Heather says:

    So cute! Would love to see it up close!

  640. mary liggins says:

    i love this! it would be a gr8 addition to my trip 2 the bahamas!! An International adventure for your new print!! Please gimmie:)

  641. Rebecca says:

    LOVE it! I love how Vera Bradley tries to make styles that fit all of the different personalities (purse-onalities) out there! Way to go!

  642. Michelle Balvin says:

    This is such a cute bag. Would love to win one!

  643. Cindy B says:

    This is such a sweet bag! Great for the summer.

  644. Marissa Zydor says:

    This is adorable!!!

  645. Susan says:

    Great bag! Love crossbody bags – and this looks so much different than most other styles!

  646. Sarah W. says:

    LOVE THIS! Its perfect for taking to the pool! I have to have this!

  647. Hugh says:

    I am trying to win this for my wife for Mother’s Day!

  648. Rachel says:

    This bag is really cute! I can’t wait to see it out in the stores!

  649. Vicki says:

    I don’t just want this, I NEED this!

  650. Cynthia M. says:

    oooh lala! i saw this bag and immediately shared it on my FB page and twitter! SOOOOO cute! Can’t wait to see it in real life 🙂 YAY for new bag designs!

  651. Sabrina says:

    This quick draw bag looks adorable. Love the snap pockets on the front. Glad to see that the bag can be carried by hand, over the shoulder, or crossbody. Very friendly to use on different occasions.

  652. Jen says:

    I love these colors and the style is super cute!

  653. Emily Williams says:

    I love all things Vera, and this bag is no exception!! Love it and can’t wait to see it!!!

  654. Amy Crawford says:

    How fun! Looks like a perfect bag to “hold it all”!

  655. Love this bag! Cant wait till summer.

  656. julie says:

    I Love This! Can’t wait to get one! <3<3<3 :):):):):) <3<3<3

  657. Pam Hoyt says:

    The quickdraw looks like the the perfect bag for shopping.
    Would love to have one!!!!

  658. Bea Ribal says:

    Vera is the greatest!! My sister and daughters introduced me to Vera Bradley and now I can’t imagine buying any other!! Me – pick me!!! 🙂

  659. Jennifer says:

    Love, love, love this bag! I can tell this style is going to become my new favorite Vera Bradley handbag! I loved the back sack and the drawstring back pack from the early 2000’s!! This looks like an awesome replacement of those two bags! Thanks, Vera!!

  660. Wanda Radler says:

    This is too cute! I would love to win anything from Vera Bradley!!

  661. Esther says:

    Oh, I like that it has outside pockets.

  662. BarbaraA says:

    Oooooo! A definite must-have! Lots of room, cute style, long adjustable strap… just perfect. This may be the only bag I would need this summer, but then what about all those other cute Vera’s I’ve got? 😉
    I’ll be on the look-out for this one in Watercolor- and maybe Hello Dahlia and……

  663. Jennie Rine says:

    Love It
    Love It
    Love It
    Gotta Have It!!!

  664. Alison says:

    I am excited about the Summer bags! The Quick Draw would be perfect for my summer trips! Loving Watercolor, can’t wait to see it in person!

  665. Katherine says:

    I instantly think BEACH when I look at this bag! It’s the perfect size to hold all my summer beach essentials!

  666. dana fischer says:

    very cute!! thumbs up!!

  667. Denise S says:

    What a great summer bag! I love the pattern too – just looks like summer. And it’s perfect with outside pockets for essentials like my cell phone and sunglasses! This just makes me want summer to hurry up!

  668. Olivia C. says:

    Very cute summer bag!!

  669. theresa g. says:

    love the pattern. Very cute bag.

  670. Nora McClymer says:

    Love the Quick Draw Sac~
    I hope I win so that I can look fashionably stylish & sensational.

  671. Amy Adams says:

    Awesome bag for summer!

  672. Amanda McConnell says:

    This is a perfect bag for summer. The 24th cannot get here quick enough!

  673. Leisha says:

    This is my summer must have!! I see so many uses for it, especially road trips!! Gotta have it in Watercolor!

  674. Cassidy says:

    Love 🙂 It’s absolutely perfect for ANYTHING! Eek.. Must have.

  675. Angie Deaton says:

    So perfect for Summer!!!

  676. Kathi says:

    Love this bag. It will look work great this summer for all occasions.

  677. Denise S says:

    Can’t wait to see this one in person – looks like my new summer bag!

  678. I want a quick draw sooooooo bad!

  679. Cheska Weisinger says:

    I would LOVE to win this because I love crossbody bags!

  680. Chelsea says:

    Perfect for the beach or the pool!

  681. Denise Sigda says:

    Looks like a fun bag! Love the new summer patterns!

  682. E. Lew says:

    oooohhh!!! My new summer bag!

  683. Holly Van Dyke says:

    So excited for summer and the new fabrics!!

  684. Lydee B says:

    I love this!!!!! This is perfect for camp and the beach this summer!! I love Vera Bradley! It’s so cute and practical! This bag is adorable 🙂

  685. Kathy D. says:

    Sweet bag with a fun name!

  686. Shelly Garcia says:


  687. Colleen Flewelling says:

    love it…want it…

  688. Jackie says:

    love this bag for summer!! I will be looking for it in watercolor ♥

  689. Monica Brinkley Davis says:

    I like -EE! 🙂

  690. Holly says:

    Wow a drawstring bag that is actually cute! As always, nicely done Vera Bradley.

  691. Debbie says:

    that is super cute! love it! Perfect for a busy working mom! Thanks for sharing.

  692. Michelle says:

    Can’t wait to buy this bag!!!! Love it 🙂

  693. Debbie McCown says:

    Can’t wait! This bag will be handy for me on our family vacation!

  694. Mandy Wong says:

    Looks like it will be great for a weekend take-a-long-lunch with the kids. Hope I can get one!!

  695. Rebecca says:

    I LOVE this bag, and I’m definitely going to buy it in either Watercolor or English Meadow when they come out… it will be perfect for the beach or pool parties! ❤

  696. Lilac Wolf says:

    I know I’ll never win – but **fingers crossed**

    Very cute bag!

  697. Kat McKerrow says:

    Looks great for traveling.

  698. Jenny Brown says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! What more can I say? Perfect bag! I just adore drawstring bags!

  699. Lisa Russell says:

    Great bag! I love the design!!

  700. Melisa Scott says:

    Super Cute!

  701. Liz Letsky says:

    Great bag, especially for summer! Perfect for a strolling the beach or an afternoon at the dog park!

  702. Morgan says:

    This is just too cute! I love the drawstring! Perfect for our beach trips and we do live in Florida! I would love one of these! Please!

  703. Melinda says:


  704. heidi says:

    I love this bag. first time i saw it i fell in love with it.
    Gotta get one no matter what.

  705. Robyn Kelly says:

    Absolutely LOVE the Quick Draw bag! :o) Would love to win one…PLEASE!

  706. Rebecca says:

    To me, what would make this bag PERFECT would be if it could be worn as a back pack. I still love it though, and love the English Meadow print, way to go Vera Bradley… another bag that is a must buy! 🙂

  707. Kirsten A. says:

    I think English Meadow is the perfect pattern for spring!

  708. Bethany Bland says:

    What a cute bag!!! Perfect for Summer!!! Love it!!!

  709. Libby B. says:

    LOVE this bag!!! I’m feeling the drawstring things I’ve been seeing… super cute!

  710. Ruth Minkoff says:

    What a fabulous design!!! I can not wait to see one and to test it out. It will be perfect for toting all the summer stuff when we go to the park:)

  711. Amy F says:

    This looks like the perfect bag for a day at the park or beach!

  712. Denise Minton says:

    Love the Quick Draw, cannot wait till it is available for purchase. Love to add to my collection of Vera Bradley bags!!!

  713. Sarah Kates says:

    I want this bag! pick me pick me

  714. Megan says:

    Looks like a perfect bag for the beach!

  715. Sandy W says:

    This bag would also be great for carrying around my knitting projects. I love it!

  716. Kaitlyn says:

    This bag is SO CUTE!!! Looks like the perfect beach/trip bag, I can’t wait! Love the new English Meadow.

  717. Caitlin says:

    Cute bag!

  718. Margaret Courtney says:

    OH Boy that is the bag for the summer. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Quick Draw bag. A drawstring is the must have bag for the summer and I would love to show off one made by Vera Bradley.

  719. Jen Smith says:

    Adorable Bag for the summer! Can’t wait to buy one in the new summer colors!

  720. Laurie says:

    Love it!

  721. Lynn Black says:

    I love this one! Can’t wait to see it in the other patterns as well. I know I need one of these.

  722. Joy Rice says:

    Looks like it’s the perfect bag for summer vacations! Love it.

  723. Tonja Arnold says:

    A summer must have…. with 5 little ones…. this will be a great…Love the colors.

  724. KAREN says:

    What a gorgeous summer bag! Thanks for the chance!

  725. Kelley Wood says:

    Cute bag!

  726. Michele H. says:

    Looks like the perfect summer grab and go bag!! I love it!

  727. Tomomi S says:

    Totally my new summer bag! Soo adorable 😀

  728. Aubrey M says:

    Such a fun idea and so colorful!

  729. kelly kay says:

    Love it! Love to have it!

  730. Natalie says:

    THiS bag is ahhhh-MAZiG! I am soooo excited for the summer colors, as well. So super cute, LOVE it.
    Vera Bradley is soooo addictive, I am obsessed 🙂

  731. Dana Karas says:

    Great bag for everyday use! Just have to get one.

  732. Marilyn Wojton says:

    Love the look of this bag!! It reminds me that summer will come!

  733. cindy says:

    Is the inside lined in fabric, or plastic like the ditty bag??

  734. Michelle says:

    LOVE this bag!! I can’t wait to get one!:)

  735. Joy Ellis says:

    I love this bag! Perfect for the beach!

  736. Sarah K. says:

    Love this new style!! Can’t wait to see it in Viva la Vera!

  737. Pati S says:

    Always looking for a new and exciting bag ~ thanks Vera Bradley for making this happen.

  738. Suzie says:

    I love, love, love the Quick Draw! Great name, great design, great everything! Would so love to win this one! And this will be my next Vera purchase if I don’t! 🙂

  739. Jody Hardinger Houser says:

    Love this style, love everything Vera Bradley…will definitely buy this bag!!

  740. Ramona says:

    Very cute. Great summer bag.

  741. Jennie S says:

    Totally in love with this new style!!! It’s going to be so hard to choose which pattern to buy it in first!!!

  742. Lisa Mauro says:

    Love it – gotta have it!

  743. Susan Bennigsohn says:

    Looks like an updated back sack…LOVE this!! Going on my wish list!

  744. Erin R says:

    That would be a perfect bag for this summer. I love the drawstring closure that gives this purse easy accessibility. The pockets on the outside would be perfect for my cell phone, lip stick and I’m sure a few more items I like to keep hand. Great Job Again Vera!!

  745. Robin Deardeuff says:

    Oh what a neat bag…..perfect for me and my grandson when running errands. Oh how I would love this bag

  746. Julia S. Harper says:

    Love the looks of that bag! A drawstring is so handy for a fast paced summer lifestyle.

  747. Kyra says:

    So cute! I have to have one!! 🙂

  748. Rebekah says:

    Too cute:) I love this!

  749. Brittney St.Pierre says:

    This bag looks like so much fun!! perfect for a mid-day dash to the beach! I can see myself using it right now: sunscreen, flip flops, sunglasses, and snacks all tucked away for a perfect beach day:)

  750. Kimberly Davis says:

    That bag would go perfectly with a tan and my green eyes.. love it!

  751. Stephanie says:

    Can’t wait to see this in the new summer prints!

  752. Beth Elmore says:

    OMG! This Quick Draw will be the perfect summer bag! Lots of room and hidey holes for suntan lotion, lipgloss, sun glasses, sun visor, water bottle, flip flops, sun hats, etc, etc, etc…….
    I would love the opportunity to fill a Quick Draw up with all my summer favorites!

  753. Connie Oakley says:

    Looks like a great bag for all our summer essentials! Love the new prints!

  754. Beth says:

    So cute! I think I really neeeeed this bag!

  755. Pat McMorran says:

    Longing for giveaways? longing for summer is more like it!

  756. Nancy Witt says:

    What a cute bag. Can’t wait to see it in the stores! Looks like a perfect grab and go summer bag…

  757. Lindsey D. says:

    What a darling new bag!! We haven’t seen a drawstring bag since the backsack…. I love that VB is bringing it back!! Love it SO much! 🙂

  758. Clarissa Litzenberger says:

    Too cute! My 14 yr. old would love one!

  759. Charlie Good says:

    No wonder we are all so addicted…..another great MUST HAVE!!! I WANT ONE!!!

  760. LorieR says:

    Oh my heavenly adorable bag! This is summer MUST…how lucky I would be to win. Crossing my fingers!

  761. Jackie Dodel says:

    Love it as usual! The pockets in the front are always a plus! 🙂

  762. Its the absolute must have bag of the summer! With this bag my friends and I can go and I would have all my needed gear in one stylish and functional bag. I love it!

  763. Michelle says:

    what a great bag!!! i love that it can be worn as a crossbody, too! with a 2 year old in tow, that is the best way to carry a bag! 🙂

  764. Tashiana says:

    I would love this super cute bag. Please. I love vera. 🙂

  765. Karin Shippey says:

    Looks like a great bag for summer! Could be used for so many things.

  766. Samantha Valcarcel says:

    This Quick Draw bag is so on trend! It’s also a departure from the Vera totes we usually see. I’m so excited – this bag would be perfect for me to stuff my school books and attend streetfairs on summer weekends!

  767. Lori H says:

    What a cute bag!

  768. cheryl says:

    What a great bag, would love it : )

  769. Robin S. says:

    Looks like the perfect beach bag… Bring on summer already!!!

  770. Ellen S. says:

    I love the convenience of the drawstring, the size of the bag, & the cargo pockets for little things that normally get lost in the pit of my purse. Very cool!

  771. heather says:

    cute summmer bag 🙂

  772. Cathy K. says:

    Great bag for the warmer weather !

  773. Colleen Armer says:

    Oh my, love this bag soooo much!! Perfect for mine and my little guys sunblock, sunglasses, etc. to go to the park &/or picnics!!!! Love that new pattern too, just love Vera!!

  774. Kim says:

    Terrific summer style ~ Please pick my name VB!!! Happy Spring:)

  775. Taya says:

    This bag is way cute. I so want one!! I love VERA BRADLEY!!! 🙂

  776. Jill R. says:

    I like this new style, especially in the English Meadow pattern!!

  777. Beth says:

    Perfect for a trip to Disney!

  778. Tracy Krakowski says:

    OMG… love the drawstring… can’t wait to get my hands on one…. will be the new go to style….yippee

  779. Fran says:

    Another awesome bag!! Perfect for the beach

  780. Amy Harris says:

    Love this new bag!

  781. Maria says:

    Cute bag – really shows off that pattern well!!!

  782. audrey lane says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I totally have to have one of these bags!! I’ve been waiting for the release of a new duffel but I didn’t think it was going to be this fabulous. I live by the beach and theres absolutely no better way to carry all my must have at the beach items. It doesn’t matter how you pack it or what you put in it. Your still going to make a statement if you got it packed in one of these duffel’s. I can’t even begin to describe how much having a duffel bag can change anyones life. Take it to the gym. Take it to the pool. Going for a walk or bike ride? Don’t worry duffel’s are made to go anywhere you wanna go. Big enough to hold all your stuff from a weekend of shopping. Classy enough to carry into work or school with you. THIS DUFFEL IS MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER BAG. IT IS A MUST HAVE FOR EVERYONE!!! It does not matter who you are or where your going you’ll always find a duffel can be very useful. Who ever thought it could be done with style? Many Thank to all Vera Employees for coming up with this wonderful design. Many Thanks also for deciding to use this design as a new turning point for the duffel bags. You all really went above and out did yourself this time. I can’t Thank you all enough for creating, designing, making, marketing, sharing and starting a new trend though out the duffel world. *Thank You!<3 *Thank You!<3 *Thank You!<3 **Thank You all so very much!!!<3 This is deffentaly one I'll be sharing with every and anyone by Via mouth, e-mail, links, webpages and more. O my the possibilities are endless!!

  783. Dianna Love says:

    Love this one!! Much bigger in the video than it looked in the picture!! Can’t wait to see it!!!!

  784. Angela Z says:

    I love this bag -so perfect for summer!

  785. Karen O'Hara says:

    perfect summer sac! love it! I like the cargo pockets for my keys and phone!

  786. Bridget K. O'Neal-Risner says:

    Love it! Sooo cute can’t wait to get one!

  787. Shannon D says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I usually stick with Coach but I think this bag is PERFECT for my busy Mom of 3 lifestyle. I love the features, the patterns and the versatility of this bag. I need it!!!!! 🙂

  788. marlene matthews says:

    Looks like the perfect bag for a great summer.

  789. M. Abran says:

    This will be a great bag for summer. Love it!

  790. stacy says:

    I love it I can’t wait till the new colors come out….

  791. Deborah Luedtke says:

    That is an adorable bag, i need one 😉

  792. Michelle says:

    Love it! I would love to have this on my cruise this summer!

  793. Pam says:

    quick draw — Mcgraw?

    Very cute!

  794. Beth G. says:

    Cute bag! I can’t wait until summer!

  795. mary says:

    Love the quick draw bag. Great for spring and summer.

  796. BMW says:

    So cute! I love my cross body Vera bags – can’t have enough of them 😉

  797. Tracy Petersen says:

    Love this! The outside pockets are perfect for the bag to go everywhere!!!

  798. Karen S says:

    Awesome bag for summer would be a great addition to my summer wardrobe.

  799. R Ryan says:

    Random selection? Select me!

  800. The absolute must have for summer! It would look sooooo good hanging from my shoulder–can’t wait!!!

  801. I want, I want, I want!!!!

  802. Cute! So ready for summer – this would be what I took everywhere!

  803. mary charrette says:

    Cute would love tho have one! Great summer style, reminds me of beach bag!

  804. Jean says:

    Another winning bag.

  805. diana hatmaker says:

    love it, love it, pick me!!

  806. Lucy says:

    I have been dying for Vera Bradley to come out with a signature cinch bag! It’s sooo cute!!

  807. TRACY BLUM says:

    Love this….I so love the cross body bags!! Uggg can’t wait for this one.

  808. Carolla Ault says:

    This is THE perfect bag for summer. I can hardly wait to see it in person and decide which pattern to get. So adorable!

  809. Tracie says:

    awesome new bag!!!

  810. Cristie Lariviere says:

    What a FANTABULOUS BAG! I love how different it looks, and it appears roomy and gorgeous all at once! A “must-have” VB bag, for certain!!! ❤

  811. Brooke J. says:

    This bag looks like a fantastic travel/weekend companion. I love the new summer colors and focus on current trends, great job VB! Can’t wait to see this one!

  812. This is ABSOLUTELY adorable! It is perfect for summer! I love the new summer colors!

  813. Diana says:

    This looks like the perfect little grab bag!

  814. Courtney B. says:

    Love this!!! This bag screams, “Summer is on the way!” ♥

  815. jocelyn hutzler says:

    I’m lovin’ that Quick Draw…now I’ll just have to decide which pattern to get it in!!!

  816. Jessica Faulkner says:

    I love this! It’s so pretty!

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    Love this bag!!!! How cutsie-pootsie!!! This bag would make my day!!

  818. Carla DiFranco says:

    I really want to go sheck this out in stores! I’m excited because I’ve been waiting for a style back like this! It’s convinient and cute, which is EXACTLY what I need!

  819. Liza Sivek says:

    I love this bag! I want one for me and both my daughters!

  820. Amy Weekley says:

    Awesome bag! Love it!

  821. Amy Weekley says:

    Love this new style…perfect for summer!

  822. Sue says:

    I can’t wait for all of the new patterns to come out next week. Deco Daisy is my favorite. I love the longer handle on this bag.

  823. Kirman says:

    I LOVE THIS BAG!!!!!! I am totally hooked on vera stuff……and just when I think I have found my pattern”mom vera bradley came out with these awesome new patterns today and I really like this one called watercolor….” and it usually ends up with me buying something.

  824. Audrey Zacch says:

    Love it!!

  825. Diana Godbey says:

    Love this style! Now to decide what color I’d want it in…..hmmm… I think English Meadow could be the winner.

  826. Julie Needham says:

    Love the style and size of this bag! Just perfect for summer outings!

  827. Connie says:

    Really cool idea!

  828. Laura P says:

    Fresh new bag – love it!!!! Great summer style!!! I need it in Deco Daisy!

  829. Secrena Erwin says:

    This is really cute, will be getting one of these!

  830. Carolyn Pankow says:

    I’d love one of these!

  831. Diane says:

    Great idea for a purse. Looks like it can hold all summer essentials.

  832. Tina = ) says:

    Quick! Draw me!! I am heading to the sunny beaches of Seaside for Spring Break!!

  833. Hanna Steen says:

    Love it! I also love ALL of the summer colors!

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    This bag is perfect for summer! Can’t wait to see it on Thursday 🙂

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    I’ve been missing the Backsack and this bag looks like an awesome substitute; can’t wait to see it in person

  836. Rhonda Bridges says:

    I love this bag. I have waited for you to do a nice drawstring bag. So trendy! Love , Love , Love Vera!

  837. Rashmi says:

    Super cute! Its perfect to get in the summer mood 🙂

  838. Tina c says:

    Yes, I do think I will like this new bag. Sure would luv to win it

  839. Sakinah R. says:

    Sooo Cute! Its a nice Idea, I love your Cross-body bags. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  840. Danielle H. says:

    That looks really cute! I think it would be perfect for day trips with my family. I could hold everything we need and be hands-free! I love cross-body bags and use my hipster all the time, but it doesn’t hold a whole lot.

  841. Rebecca C. says:

    Love this bag! It’s got it all!

  842. Nicole says:

    Love this new bag! I have been a fan for over 10 years now!!! Thanks for the great bags!

  843. Karen says:

    Cute bag with lots of uses for summer.

  844. Beth Ann says:

    Very cute bag!! Looks like a nice size to hold all my stuff without being too big. Would absolutely love to have this in English Meadow or Viva La Vera!!

  845. Karen says:

    Cute bag for the summer essentials.

  846. Karen Lynch says:

    Cute bag for all of summer’s essentials and some non-essentials.

  847. Abbe L says:

    Clever bag… I so want one now and I will be getting one at the new Vera Bradley store in Annapolis! 🙂

  848. Wendy says:

    Can’t wait to see this in person! I love crossbody purses and this one looks like a winner for summer vacation!!!

  849. Sarah Carper says:

    What an awesome bag! 🙂

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    Absolutely want this bag! What a great summer bag!

  851. MA says:

    Very willing to give this one a try!!!!!!!

  852. Darla says:

    I’ll do the “win’in'” around here! -And don’t you for-git! I can quote Quick Draw, but I would sure love to ware one 😉

  853. Beth says:

    Can’t wait till March 24! I love Viva la Vera!

  854. Ahna C says:

    LOVE it! Looks like the perfect “Hmm afer shopping how about the pool” bag.

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    I absolutely love this bag! I am a fan of crossbody and I love the Emma so this is a perfect match for me.

  856. Melissa Kinney says:

    The cutest bag ever!! I’ve gotta have it!!

  857. Erica says:


  858. Beth says:

    I love that it reminds me of the bags in the 70’s but with an updated style. The outside pockets are a much more functional place for keys and phone (than on the bottom of the bag). Spring colors wer great…now I’ll need a summer pattern too.

  859. Lisa Kidd says:

    I love bags that convert into crossbodies and it looks like just the right size. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  860. lorri lively says:

    love this. Looks like just the style I have been looking for.

  861. Susan H. says:

    Ooooohhhhh!!! I love it…gotta have it….wanta win it!

  862. AutumnW says:

    Super cute and summery 🙂

  863. Joy Bernard says:

    I love all the new Vera colors!! Ladies everywhere I go are always saying how much they love my Vera saddle bag in Buttercup. Wish I could have every color!!

  864. Melissa says:

    This might be the new “Mom’s Day Out” – I need to check this out 🙂

  865. BKmom says:

    One of the cutest bags yet! I want it in a few colors! You’ve done it again VB……you know what we like.

  866. Sonya says:

    Love it!

  867. Martha Davis says:

    I would love to have this bag in the new Deco Daisy. Red is my color and all my friends and family know it. I was so thrilled to see a new color with red! Keep it coming VB, you have devoted fans!

  868. Jennifer R. says:

    Love it!!!

  869. Angel Nolen says:

    Love this new bag! Can’t wait to see it in person!

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    Oh, this is a “must-have” for my collection! Love this cool summer look!

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    Cute, cute, cute. Love the bright spring pattern.

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    This is a summer must have! Can’t wait to get it!

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    What an adorable bag!! This will be perfect for a cute “beach bag” in Viva la Vera … I love the drawstring feature!!!

  877. Love this, it will be the perfect VERA for my trip to the Bahamas in May……

  878. Blythe says:

    Pick me! Pick me! This one looks really cute. 🙂

  879. Andrea R. says:

    Love the crossbody style and I love This! I was just thinking that something like the ditty bag would make a great crossbody. I think the metal clips to attach the strap are also a very nice touch.

  880. Patricia Gilbert says:

    What a great purse!!

  881. Gretchen says:

    Awesome! Love the new design!

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    So Versatile! How best to use a bag that lends itself to everything!

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    Love it… I need this bag

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    Great bag for the beach.

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    I would love to add this bag to my aggressively expanding Vera Bradley collection. Deco Daisy and Viva la Vera are quite exceptional!

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    Love it! This will be great for summer vacation. I’ll be the most stylish girl at the beach.

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    Would love to get this bag for trips up to the city instead of carrying a purse. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  903. JessicaVDT says:

    I love the option of it being a cross-body bag!

  904. Logan Herod says:

    SO CUTE! This would be so useful for beach trips!

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    I never win anything, so I would totally love to win THIS! 🙂

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    Would love a chance to win this little beauty! It looks PERFECT for summer! 🙂

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    these colors are so stylish! i lovethe bag!

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  916. Christy says:

    This is the perfect summer bag to take when going to the flea market or yard sales!

  917. Renee B says:

    Beautiful new draw string bag from Vera and crossbody toooo!!!!!!! Love It, New summer colors fabulous (water colors)

  918. Julie says:

    LOVE it. Would have me stepping out in Spring in style. 🙂

  919. Kelly Barton says:

    I love cross body bags and this is a very cute edition to my collection! 🙂

  920. Amanda says:

    i bet its absolutely FABO in watercolor!

  921. Leslie Thomas says:

    Perfect to use to take all of my tools & goodies to my culinary classes I teach, and will be exactly what my mom needs when she travels for her shows!

  922. Amy says:

    I LOVE the look of this bag! I can’t wait to see it in person and bring it to the beach!

  923. Leah E. says:

    Oh my goodness, so cute! Hopefully it’s available before I leave for FL – absolutely MUST have one!

  924. Rhonda Pflugh says:

    Absolutely love this bag and the color! pick me!

  925. Krista R says:

    Perfect summer bag for my trip to New Orleans this year. Looks like it’d hold pretty much everything. 🙂

  926. Lisa B. says:

    Cute bag! My daughter and I would fight over this one!

  927. Timie Porter says:

    Absolutely love this bag. Definitely will be buying a few, because I can use it to go to the beach and I can use it to pack cloths in. I love my Vera Bradley bags of any color and style. Can’t wait till they are released because this will be the next bag I have.

  928. JeanMarie says:

    I love this bag and it looks amazing in English Meadow!! must have!

  929. Laura says:

    This is a super cute bag! Way to stay on-trend, VB! Need to cruise out to see this one in person!

  930. Sandy says:

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

  931. Lexie Lewis says:

    I must have this bag!! The style is perfect for my personality(: I can not wait to see this in person!

  932. Brooke says:

    What a fun bag!! Looks easy for grab and go…but yet soo trendy 🙂

  933. Kelli says:

    Counting down the days until I can call this fabulous new bag my own!!!

  934. Claire T says:

    Love it! I could use one for my collection.

  935. Mary Syler says:

    Love the drawstring closure and of course the new color palette is perfect for spring. I’m ready for a change!

  936. Lauren says:

    I saw this bag in the catalog and fell in love with it!


    AWESOME….Love it!

  938. janine says:

    Perfect to take to an amusement park! Can’t wait to gt one!

  939. Jennifer says:

    I love the Quick Draw! It is perfect for those summer outings with the family! I can’t wait to see it and the new colors in person!

  940. Carma Dabinett says:

    love all the new looks.Its so fun to change to a new one all the time.This looks like fun one for the beach!!Would love to have it!

  941. Ellie says:

    I’m soooo excited for this bag!!! I have the old version of this, but I kinda want this one!!!!!

  942. Aimee H. says:

    Can’t wait to see this one in person on Thursday. Thank you VB for another great season of colors and styles!

  943. Wendy Islas says:

    Love this bag especially for the summer!!

  944. Jennifer Higgins says:

    So cute! I love a bag with pockets for easy access for my keys and phone. Can’t wait to use it!

  945. Josie Kline says:

    Just put the Quick Draw at the top of my wish list! It looks fabulous, I will be looking forward it’s release!

  946. Patti Stevens says:

    Love this bag!! New collector of Vera bags. Can’t wait to get this one!!

  947. Chelsea says:

    OMG…its ssssooooooo cute!!!

  948. Cindy says:

    Love the bag! Hope I win it! 🙂

  949. Katherine says:

    I like the cute floral design!

  950. Bethany says:

    I love Vera Bradley bags!

  951. Amber Jackson says:

    I love this bag!!!!

  952. Joelle E. Cutler says:

    This is the first bag I’m going to get in English Meadow, then in Watercolor, & another one which I haven’t picked out as of yet. This bag is just what I wanted! I love drawstring bags!

  953. WANNABEKIWI says:

    This looks like the perfect summer bag! I could really use this while I’ll be doing undergraduate research for two months out of state this summer.

  954. Alice says:

    Some addictions aren’t bad for you…like Vera Bradley bags don’t have calories, they are not heavy so no sore neck/shoulders when carrying them…I am so d*r*a*w*n in with this new drawstring style with outside pockets which just add to the look and organization of this bag! What fun new summer patterns to choose from..that is the hardest decision for my addiction to Vera Bradley bags.

  955. Sherri Bonar says:

    This looks like a perfect purse,esp. for summer.Already have in mind people I would love to give to for gifts.Graduations and Mothers Day coming up…who wouldn’t love to have this? I know I would..Thanks Vera..once again you have come up with great new patterns and style!I would so love to win this.

  956. Courtney says:


  957. Kelly says:

    Would love to win! So glad Vera is making more bags with longer straps!! The short ones are not convenient to hold whey you have kids, shopping, etc.

  958. Debbie Hacker says:

    Can wait for the new summer patterns to be released. This bag is adorable, my 15 year old would love it!!

  959. Andrea says:

    Love it! Super cute and versatile!

  960. *Samantha* says:

    MUST Have For Summer 2011!! Love it in Veva La Vera!!
    Thanks Vera Bradley For All Your Great Items!!
    Sending ❤ From Florida!

  961. Kath says:

    Could I become so lucky and win such a great BAG – Oh, I hope so !

  962. Cherice says:

    I can’t wait for the new summer colors!!! I love them all!

  963. Janet says:

    I just have to have this bag!! It looks like all I’ve ever loved bunched into one!

  964. Alissa says:

    It is very pretty! 🙂

  965. Joy Rice says:

    Looks like a great new tote. Can’t wait to see it in the new deco print!

  966. Lynn says:

    Looks perfect for the beach!

  967. Nancy Yost says:

    Love it! Reminds me of summer when I was a little girl.

  968. tamara m. says:

    After a long and harsh Winter, these beautiful colors are like a breath of fresh air. Vera Bradley can make any simple outfit look like an elegant and expensive one.

  969. Cindy says:

    What a refreshing and colorful bag. I am always looking for a bag big enough to carry my daughters epipen and inhaler. Two things that must go along with us everywhere we go as she is severely allergic to peanuts / nuts. This would be very handy.

  970. taylor says:

    ooo i love the bag andddd prints the very colorful i cant wait 🙂

  971. Beverly Dahlinghaus says:

    I am so excited about this bag, I can’t wait to see how it looks cross body?

  972. Celeste Parker says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this bag – it is perfect for summertime!!!

  973. o*lily says:

    Great bag! Amazing colors for summer!

    Would have liked to see Liz model the bag on her shoulder as well as cross body, though.

  974. mary alice says:

    i want one, but can’t decide on the print!

  975. Marianne says:

    This bag is perfet for my daugher-in-law. With two kids (2 and 3 months). Going to the beach will be much easier. The only difficult part is which pattern to choose. ; )

  976. Carol says:

    Adorable! Looks great for the pool!

  977. Chris Edamala says:

    Fabulous bag and beautiful products. Can’t wait to have it.

  978. Amy says:

    Wonderful styling as always!

  979. Kristin says:

    I would love to have this bag for the the beach and the pool this summer. Its super cute!

  980. Donna Gerhart says:

    Love the Vera Bradley collection. And would love to have this bag. It’s not just a great Beach Bag but a great
    Everything Bag. Can’t wait to see it!

  981. Beth Shipman says:

    I really like the looks of this bag. Can not wait to see it

  982. Deirdre says:

    Love it, looks like it has lots of room for eveything I need to put in it!

  983. Katie says:

    This would be perfect for my honeymoon this summer! Absolutely want to see it in person.

  984. Alice says:

    Love this new bag. It looks very versatile. Can’t wait to go get one!

  985. Heather says:

    Love the bag but wish the video featured a little more about how it opens and shows it on Liz worn so I can see it on a person. I don’t live near a store so my easiest purchase option is online and I’d love to get a better feel for it in terms of dimensions etc.


  987. Mo Moss says:

    I have always wanted to have the very first “new one” this would really be a fun bag to carry.

  988. Stacey says:

    I love this bag, it looks so functional and I love cross body bags for summer, shopping, vacationing and those craft fairs and carnivals. Your hand are free to shop and this Vera Bradley bag looks perfect. Love the colors.

  989. Liz says:

    Perfect summer bag!

  990. Dawn says:

    This looks like a cute bag to throw my kids things in and look good on the go! Love Vera Bradley.

  991. Cathy says:

    Very Cute!

  992. TAMMY says:


  993. Alice Clark says:

    This would be a great bag to fold up and put in your suit case to use once you get to your destination or to use at the beach!

  994. Dawn T. says:

    Wow!! Absolutely fun bag!! This would be a great bag to go traveling with!

  995. Tina Baker says:

    I would pair this great new bag with the, “Envelope”, and go from home, work, shopping, and vacation with ease. LOVE it in Deco Daisy, hope to get mine soon. See you all at the upcoming outlet sale……….can’t wait, and keep the great quality products coming.