A romantic D.I.Y. roundup

SpoolsWhile we would argue that a handbag or accessory in a romantic shade, such as Loves Me … or Very Berry Paisley is the ultimate way to say, “I love you,” we can’t deny the adorable appeal of these d.i.y. ideas from fellow bloggers. Get busy, you beautiful Cupids!

  • Sometimes, it’s as simple as slicing your toppings in a thoughtful fashion, as illustrated in this pizza pie on the blog, One Charming Party.
  • Who wouldn’t love a personalized piece of art, courtesy of sarah&bendrix. Contact the artist via Etsy.
  • Adorn your sweetheart’s space with a handmade fabric wreath by following the step-by-step tutorial on Sew Much Ado.
  • It’s often true that the quickest way to show someone you care, is through their stomach. With this in mind, I am baker, has a great collection of Valentine’s Day-inspired confections.
  • Creature comforts gives Cupid’s arrows a modern presence in an assortment of creative craft ideas for Fossil.Life.Style.

Image by Andrea Lauren via papersparrow’s flickr stream

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3 Responses to A romantic D.I.Y. roundup

  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for posting this! I’m competing in a Valentine’s Day bake-off on Monday with one of the women from my grad program department. I found a recipe link on the I am baker blog that I think I’m going to use parts of with a recipe I already have. So excited! Can’t wait to get baking my 3 entries!

  2. Libby Bates says:

    I love the heart art by sarah&bendrix! Now if only I had a Valentine….

  3. Rachel's Cottage House says:

    I love that photo!

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