Introducing two tech sleeves

Technology lovers rejoice! We heard your suggestions, and our Spring 2011 collection includes the much-requested E-Reader Sleeve and updated Laptop Sleeve. This season, when it comes to modern devices, we’ve got you covered.

E-Reader Sleeve in Blue Lagoon

Our E-Reader Sleeve is padded with lightweight, protective foam and permits easy access with a convenient L-shaped opening. An inside pocket is the perfect fit for a business card.

Laptop Sleeve in Navy Microfiber

We revisited the Laptop Sleeve, pictured here in Vera Vera Navy Microfiber. Also available in our vibrant Signature shades, this case is padded with lightweight, protective foam for safe portability and a double-zip L-shaped closure for effortless access. This sleeve accommodates most 15” laptops (tip: measure your laptop screen diagonally for an accurate measurement) and features a small inside pocket to hold discs and jump drives.

We know you’ve been waiting for these sleek sleeves – and we know how tough waiting can be – so we’re giving them away! Comment below and we will randomly select two lucky posts for a chance to select an E-Reader Sleeve or Laptop Sleeve, in the color of their choice. Be a trendy techie!

*This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for commenting!

Congratulations to Stacy Drury, and Elizabeth (Comment: “I would love to have one of these in Very Berry Paisley please.”) who were randomly selected from yesterday’s comments.

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315 Responses to Introducing two tech sleeves

  1. Christi Parker says:

    My kindle would rejoice for some “vera” love. thanks for the giveaway!

  2. mara richardson says:

    love this. thanks.

  3. Stephanie P says:

    I would LOVE a sleeve for my Kindle! And I’m sure my MacBook wouldn’t mind being outfitted in some Vera, too. 🙂

  4. cindy champion says:

    Love it!!!

  5. Maria says:

    How awesome are those sleeves! Want!

  6. Sonya says:

    I would love one for my Nook! It needs a more fashionable case!

  7. Leigh says:

    Oh, I need a laptop sleeve sooo bad and love the new prints!

  8. Patty says:

    My ipad would look great in that beautiful sleeve.

  9. I have been looking for a sleeve for my ereader! I would love a VB one!

  10. I am so much of a techie geek that my car license plate says ‘GRL GEEK’ 🙂
    I love the updated laptop sleeve and could use it for my Macbook! Love Vera Bradley!

  11. Simone says:

    My laptop would look fabulous in some Vera!!!

  12. Nicole Chadwell says:

    My Kindle is VERY EXCITED!!!

  13. Dayna says:

    Would love to win a Vera Bradley Sleeve for my Kindle, Laptop or Netbook

  14. balbes says:

    I would love a set of these! I already get compliments at airports for my colorful VB luggage and laptop carrying cases. The more the merrier!

  15. Julie says:

    My laptop would look very fashionable dressed up in Vera!

  16. Nicole Erich says:

    Love giveaways, especially from Vera Bradley!! ❤

  17. Lindsey says:

    My laptop would love a home in one of these! 🙂

  18. Mel says:

    love these! they are perfect for any trendy individual wanting to show off her love for Vera who is going from class to studying in the library and then off to work! thanks for the great giveaway!!

  19. Dana says:

    I would love either for my iPad or MacBook!

  20. My laptop could use some Vera.

  21. Alyssa Ohman says:

    I can never have too much Vera in my life. My Kindle would be nice and comfy in that sleeve!

  22. Kathleen Glackin says:

    My laptop could use a splash of color! 🙂

  23. Vanessa says:

    Woot, Woot, I would LUV to have a new Vera Laptop Sleeve, Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  24. erica says:

    love me some Vera Bradley

  25. Danielle H says:

    These are adorable! They would be so useful:)

  26. Kathy says:

    I want to get an e-reader just to I can buy one of those sleeves! But my laptop could use something cozy! 🙂

  27. Caitlin Lohrberg says:

    As a college student that is always moving around from class to class, my laptop usually just sits in my backpack with my books surrounding it. If I had a laptop case, I would be able to protect computer from any further damage.

  28. Sunny says:

    I wish both covers were bigger, to be honest. My Kindle has a cover; I need a vb that is large enough to accomodate that. And I have a 17 in. laptop screen, so I need your laptop items to be large enough for that. Just keepin’ it real, here. I DO appreciate you moving towards more tech items, though. 🙂

  29. Ashley Caron says:

    I’m very excited to have Vera Bradley cases for my laptop and kindle! I am a big fan of matching 🙂

  30. Alyssa says:

    My Kindle & MacBookPro would love to be outfitted in some VERA! Thanks 🙂

  31. Ella says:

    I would totally be a trendie techie with this super cute nook sleeve!

  32. Kristen B. says:

    A Vera laptop sleeve is a perfect gift!

  33. Sue in Grapevine says:

    Fun stuff! thanks

  34. Charline Williams says:

    I would love to win!!!

  35. Kristan says:

    Love me some gadgets AND Vera! Hooray!

  36. Pamela Rapp says:

    Would love one for my nook color!!

  37. Danelle says:

    This is an awesome contest Love me some Vera!!!

  38. Rhonda Horton says:

    oooh… pick me! pick me!

    I am so in love with the new pattern, Folkloric. Want want want!

  39. Wendy bates says:

    Must have the laptop sleeve!

  40. Nan DiGangi says:

    Love the new e-reader case. I must get one!

  41. Jacqui says:

    My MacBook would LOVE being protected by Vera Bradley!!!

  42. sbonenfant says:

    I would just LOVE to win one of the sleeves! Thank you so much for the chance!

  43. Laurie says:

    my new MacBook would be so warm and cozy!

  44. My laptop and Kindle could definitely use some Vera!

  45. Renee C says:

    Great additions to the line. My Kindle or iPad have been waiting for something pretty to wear.

  46. Kayla Reno says:

    Love both of these. My MacBook and Kindle would be extremely thankful for some Vera cover.

  47. I love these sleeves! They are so sheek and trendy.

  48. Ashley Bailey says:

    My MacBook would LOVE a laptop sleeve in Folklaire, Boysenberry or Lemon Parfait!

  49. Hallie says:

    My new MacBook Pro needs a new home!! 🙂

  50. Julie Otto says:

    My Macbook needs some Vera beauty!

  51. Kirsten Fredrickson says:

    My macbook will love this sleeve!! And so will my Kindle! I can’t decide which I want more!!

  52. megan scott says:

    My new nook would love to have a Vera Bradley case to go along with all of my other Vera Bradley stuff

  53. Eva says:

    The navy microfiber looks so classy and professional. Great for the office

  54. dawn conlan says:

    Love it!! We love vera at our house

  55. Elise Sorge says:

    My Nook is practically naked with a plain neoprene cover–it needs some Boysenberry or Blue Lagoon! And my laptop would look very stylish in the Navy microfiber!

  56. Clarissa Litzenberger says:

    I’ve been waiting for a prettier way to carry my Kindle around! 😉

  57. Lori says:

    This would be great to win and then I wouldn’t have to buy it for my Macbook and iPad. I have been waiting for the e-reader sleeve just for my iPad!

  58. Jamie says:

    Oh, I would love a pretty *and* functional tech sleeve! I get tired of those functional, but never pretty neoprene sleeves. Yuck!

  59. Alexa Santos says:

    Will the eReader sleeve fit an iPad?

  60. kate s says:

    My labtop would love to be fashionable! I love vera bradley so much I haven’t bought any other brand in over 3 years!

  61. Megan McKay says:

    The laptop sleeve would be a perfect addition to my Vera obsession 🙂

  62. Carly Roark says:

    Protection for gadgets and the style of Vera Bradley all in one…What could be better??

  63. Joy Searles says:

    My Kindle would be so happy encased in one of your beautiful covers. Please pick me:)

  64. Jackie Marani says:

    Winning would totally give me an excuse to finally buy the kindle!

  65. Juliana says:

    I would Love a new laptop cover!! Mine is so boring!!

  66. Eric Rogers says:

    I would love to get one of these. I would give it to my sister for she is a huge Vera Bradley fan and a Kindle user.

  67. Kati says:

    I just got a kindle and have totally been oogling the new E-Reader cases!

  68. Lisa Carr says:

    Oh they are both great! I don’t have an e-reader, but I do have a laptop that needs a sleeve. I love the new microfiber sleeves & would be thrilled with a black one.

  69. Crystal says:

    Would love to enter – thanks!

  70. Rennie Dotson says:

    I LOVE the new Boysenberry pattern and can’t wait to be able to check it out in person! I have the Ereader cover on my list of must haves in this pattern.

  71. Karen says:

    Vera Bradley is staying current! Love it!

  72. Kalli Gibbs says:

    My Mac would look lovely in a beautiful Vera laptop sleeve while traveling from class to class in my Vera tote! Vera, Vera, Vera!!!

  73. Lisa says:

    Love Vera Bradley! So excited they came out with an E-reader sleeve!

  74. Sydney Savage says:

    The second largest part of my life will now by accessorized by Vera Bradley. Thanks for the chance to win!

  75. Tom K says:

    This would be a perfect surprise If i won this for my girlfriend! Thanks!

  76. Tricia says:

    How fun! My Macbook would thank you!

  77. Christi Cowan says:

    Vera Bradley is so wonderful! They think of everything! I’d love to win either of these prizes!

  78. Lindsay Wood says:

    My Kindle and/or laptop would look great in some VB fashion!!

  79. Shannon says:

    Love the eReader cover!! I bought one on Friday and can verify the newest Kindle (III) and Kindle (II) fit nicely in the sleeve. Very Nice!!


  80. Samantha Wilde says:

    They are both lovely and look super handy!

  81. Kim Turner says:

    Love, love, love!! These are on the graduation gift list for my high school senior! Perfect for the stylish college freshman!

  82. Ruthie says:

    What a good idea!

  83. amber lee says:

    Oh! Who couldn’t use more Vera! For my nook!

  84. Jackie Watson says:

    I would love to win this laptop or kindle cover!

  85. Meg m says:

    Just what my new Mac book needs. Protection with fashion 😉

  86. Rochelle Flynn says:

    I actually want the laptop sleeve as a stylish, protective case for my portfolio.

  87. I’ve been waiting on something for my iPad!

  88. Kathy says:

    My Kindle would be so warm and toasty here in Nebraska with a beautiful Vera Bradley e-reader sleeve. Excited to see this new addition for us techies!

  89. Kristin says:

    I’d love one of these for my new Nook!!

  90. Jessica says:

    I swoon for Vera Bradley! My Kindle would love a sleeve! 😀

  91. katie mccooey says:

    Ever good student needs a Vera Bradley laptop sleeve! And every good publishing major knows the key to a happy kindle is a Vera Bradley sleeve to keep it warm and scratch free on cold Rochester days!

  92. Soni Henry says:

    Would love, love, love the laptop sleeve!

  93. Lydia Strain says:

    I love the style of the e reader sleeve ! Plus , its a bonus that they come in fabulous patterns ! Thanks for the giveaway : )

  94. Emily Palczewski says:

    i have been WAITING for a vera bradley ereader case! ever since i got my kindle its been freezing waiting to cuddle up in a vera bradley cover 🙂

  95. Katie Budris says:

    I love the little pocket inside the Laptop Sleeve – my Macbook would love to be dressed in Baroque or Folkloric!

  96. Lael says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting a kindle, and the e-reader sleeve would make the perfect accessory – both stylish and too keep it safe!

  97. Leslie says:

    My laptop would love a Lemon Parfait sleeve!

  98. Christina in MN says:

    A sleeve for my kindle would be a wonderful way to keep it color coordinated and warm while sitting in the car waiting for family members.

  99. Stephanie Bass says:

    I would love to have a new ereader sleeve! I love my nook and now all it needs is a wonderful new Vera design wrapped around it.

  100. Katie says:

    A vera laptop case would be the perfect addition to my vera collection! LOVE VERA BRADLEY! 🙂

  101. Elizabeth says:

    My daughter would love to win an e reader sleeve for her Nook !

  102. I think I may just need to buy an e-reader to go with that cute e-reader holder you just introduced! Thanks for the giveaway!

  103. Annette Cox says:

    My laptop would love to wear Vera too! Hope to win!

  104. emily says:

    I love Vera Bradley!

  105. Hollie says:

    My Kindle would love a Vera sleeve!

  106. Jane S. says:

    My Kindle would LOVE a VB case!!

  107. Justina Jones says:

    My new kindle sure could use some lovin! But seriously…my boyfriend already sat on it once.

  108. Sandra Richardson says:

    I absolutely love Vera Bradley , I got the mini netbook keeper for my daughter for Christmas & she just fell in love . So spacious and beautiful .

  109. Belle says:

    Would absolutely love a vibrant Vera sleeve for my Nookcolor!

  110. Andrea Thurmes says:

    I’m getting a nook for my birthday so this would be the perfect addition for a wonderful 20th birthday!!

  111. Christina says:

    I would love the new laptop sleeve for my work laptop! It would help put a smile on my face even at work 🙂 I’m thinking the Baroque or Hello Dahlia… I just can’t decide!

  112. Tara White says:

    I love Vera Bradley! I would be so thankful to win this giveaway. I would give the reader sleeve to my mother & keep the laptop sleeve for myself. Thank you for a great give away!!

  113. Jenny says:

    Love this!!! My laptop would love a VB sleeve!

  114. Melanie G says:

    What an awesome idea, I’d love to win a cover for my iPad/eReader. It’s wonderful that you’re keeping on trend, as always.

  115. Abby says:

    Love these sleeves! So cute!

  116. Katie says:

    In love with both!

  117. Jacqui says:

    My NookColor needs some VeraColor!!!!!

    So excited about both the sleeves!!!

  118. Peggy says:

    LOVE Vera Bradley, my laptop does too!

  119. Kassie says:

    Love them both! I could use them!

  120. Tracey says:

    Kindle and Laptop would be thrilled to be sitting in one of these!!

  121. Paula says:

    My granddaughter says I’d be the coolest Gi-Gi ever if I win this!!!

  122. Olivia says:

    they’re so cute! Love it 🙂

  123. Vera Very Emily says:

    LOVE the new laptop bag. defs want it to protect my new computer!

  124. Courtney says:

    I love the new laptop sleeves! My laptop would look adorable in the Boysenberry sleeve! 😉

  125. Mallory says:

    How exciting, just when I thought Vera couldn’t get any better! Either of my electronics would be fashionable in these sleeves!

  126. Brittany H says:

    I’ve been waiting for these for so long! Thanks for always providing such cute items to use every day!

  127. Erika says:

    These look awesome! I’d love one.

  128. Bethany says:

    I’ve been wanting a laptop sleeve for awhile! Thanks Vera Bradley! 🙂

  129. Ashley S says:

    My laptop and ipad would sure look a bit more trendy with these 🙂

  130. Jessica says:

    So glad you guys updated your tech collection I luv looking fab and now so can my Laptop, iPad & Kindle

  131. Susan Gonsalves says:

    I would love to use these products!!!! I love your blog alwasy so helpful. Good luck to everybody

  132. rachel says:

    the updates to the laptop sleeve sound perfect!!!

  133. Chrissy B says:

    My Kindle case is too drab- needs some Vera flair!

  134. Tamara says:

    Oh my- now my tech stuff can be Vera-ified- I MUST get this stuff for my tech stuff. Functional + CUTE = Vera Bradley

  135. Audra Moraski says:

    Love the new items! Vera Bradley makes me smile 🙂

  136. Skylar says:

    I would LOVE a laptop sleeve ❤

  137. Kelly McCall says:

    My laptop needs some Vera love!

  138. Kristen says:

    The only thing better than Vera is free Vera!

  139. Samantha says:

    Love the laptop sleeve! Would be great to carry my laptop to class in!

  140. Sarah Ryan says:

    My macbook would look FAB in a new spring vera print sleeve! She is already ‘under cover’ in the vera skin but a sleeve would complete the look! Love both of these new additions!! 🙂

  141. Susan Meek says:

    I just got a Kindle, so this would be perfect as a late birthday gift!

  142. Molly says:

    J’adore the new sleeves! My kindle and macbook would look très magnifique in the new patterns!

  143. Kristin says:

    Oh that is exciting! I would love one!

  144. Amy says:

    I got a Kindle for Christmas and the first thing I said was “I wish Vera Bradley made Kindle sleeves”…wishes do come true I guess! And as librarian science graduate student my Macbook would also love to match it’s Kindle friend!

  145. Abby says:

    Vera Bradley is the best!! I would love to sport one of those laptop sleeves in law school!

  146. Alyssa says:

    Been waiting for the perfect ereader cover… and I think I just found it !

  147. Tammy says:

    WOW! Even better than I anticipated! My IPAD will be so hot dressed in such fine Vera!

  148. Hanna says:

    They are both sooo cute!

  149. Stacy Drury says:

    I love the new laptop sleeve. I will be getting it for my daughter.

  150. Kristen says:

    My new laptop with my Vera cover would LOVE this! (and i would too!!)

  151. Thena says:

    These look so much nicer than the plain black laptop sleeves and cases that everyone else carries.

  152. Thanks so much for re- inventing the laptop sleeve, it is perfect for an on the go girl like myself!

  153. Brooke says:

    Those are so cute! I would love one for my laptop and kindle!

  154. Sarah Carper says:

    Oh my goodness! That EReader case is so cool! My Kindle needs a fun, colorful and Awesome home!

  155. Alicia says:

    Wow, I just got a Nook Color and a new laptop over the holidays. How will I choose between the two new sleeves?!

  156. Chelsea says:

    My laptop would look great in some Vera Bradley..and the E-Reader Sleeve would give me an excuse to buy the Nook I’ve had my eye on!

  157. Sandy says:

    An e-reader sleever would make my Kindle oh so happy!

  158. Rachel Pavalok says:

    I love all vera! Now all I have to do is come up with a really good reason why I need it all!

  159. B.D. says:

    My mother has been waiting and waiting for a Vera cover for her Kindle! And we can never have too much Vera here in Hoosierland!

  160. lori says:

    thats great! I would love a new laptop case!

  161. Kelli says:

    Would love to have either of these for my nook or laptop!

  162. T.S says:

    I love all the new patterns and I’ve been thinking about getting both pieces so if I win one then I’ll only have to buy one ;0)

  163. Stacia Momany says:

    Im 30 and just bought my first computer! A 14.5 inch laptop! And I would love this for my new baby! Especially in Blue Lagoon! It would match my navy laptop! 🙂

  164. Kim says:

    Love the style and blue colors. But, do you think it might bulk up my bag too much? What’s the thickness with the device in it?

  165. Heather says:

    Need one for my nook!

  166. janet Farmer says:

    would love to win any vera bradley item!!

  167. Adria says:

    I just got a Nook for my birthday and I was just looking online at the covers when I came upon this! A Vera Bradley E-reader sleeve would be an awesome and cute way to store and protect my Nook. 🙂

  168. laura riley says:

    ahhhhh please please please. i want one so bad but its not in my budget this month. i carry around this ugly black one, how embarrassing! haha

  169. Julie says:

    Love both of these! So nice to have fashionable options for our tech!

  170. Deidra Casto says:

    I just got a kindle and I would love a case for it! My mother-n-law brought me her’s to show me yesterday. They’re very cute!

  171. Krista T. says:

    Love these, and the new colors!

  172. raquel victor says:

    I adore both of these! i have an IPAD and i am always looking for a fashionable carrier for it…I am glad to say i have finally found one…yeah!!

  173. Katie says:

    Love the new/updated sleeves!

  174. jamie brown says:

    How FANtabulous!! Just what any Vera fan would enjoy!

  175. Kelley C says:

    My laptop would LOVE the laptop sleeve, I’ve been looking for the perfect case for it and the new Vera ones are to die for!! My new kindle would be oooohhh so cozy in a new e-reader sleeve to match!!!!! The two items are PERFECT for this techie girl!! 🙂

  176. Diana J says:

    My Reader and Laptop can’t wait to be colorful!!

  177. Kelly B. says:

    love, love. 🙂

    Oh, what will Vera come up with next!?

  178. Victoria says:

    I am looking forward to winning one of these- so cute!

  179. Melanie Nguyen says:

    Aww the little E-reader is sooo cute, I definitely want to buy one so my E-reader will be safe and adorable 🙂 I’ve been dying for Vera Bradley to release something like this XD ❤

  180. Joanna says:

    The Kindle product is having issues with the Amazon covers. My Kindle will not turn on properly since buying an Amazon cover and I’ve heard similar complaints from others. The Vera case is a great solution! Keep my Kindle safe without the product glitches!

  181. I would LOVE an ereader sleeve for my Nook or a laptop bag for my laptop….please please please pick me? Your products are gorgeous and i’d carry them with pride!!!

  182. Christine says:

    These are both so great! Love Vera!

  183. Erika says:

    LOVE these, especially in the new prints! This would be perfect for my laptop since I am starting Grad school!

  184. Kirsten says:

    Oooh! Would love one! Thanks for the chance!

  185. Nikki says:

    just what my laptop needs 😉

  186. Kimberly Puleo says:

    I know my Kindle would love to be covered in a vibrant colorful Vera Bradley Sleeve. 🙂

  187. Katherine says:

    I love it!! I am thinking about getting an Ipad and this would be great!!!

  188. Elyse Shaffer says:

    I would LOVE a new vera laptop sleeve! 😉 i love my vera, and can’t get enough of it!

  189. Daniella Singleton says:

    I’ve always wanted a Vera laptop case but they are never on sale 😦 A Vera laptop sleeve would be just as nice to do the trick to protect my sweet purple laptop, Esmeralda! (yes, my laptop is named Esmeralda after the girl in Hunchback of Notre Dame :P)

  190. Lori says:

    My Kindle would look fantastic on one of E-Reader sleeves.

  191. Annie says:

    i WOULD love a laptop sleeve! i was hoping vera bradley would come out with one!!!

  192. Kelley Walters says:

    I love Vera Bradley!

  193. Beth says:

    I have been waiting for these!!!

  194. Sarah says:

    I want to go out and buy an e-reader just so I can get a cool sleeve! My laptop would be much better off (and stylish) with the sleeves. Great job once again!

  195. Erica says:

    I love them both! Too cute!!

  196. Sara M. says:

    Those are so cute! Love the new spring patterns! I’m a med student, so I live on my laptop. Accessories make studying more fun 🙂

  197. Sera Deo says:

    I was SO excited to hear that Vera was adding an e-reader sleeve to the collection…and the spring patterns are GORGEOUS! Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  198. Kursten gruben says:

    I want one!!!! Thank u!

  199. Sara L. says:

    I would love to win this!!

  200. Amy Crawford says:

    Fun, pretty and useful! Love that!

  201. Andrea H says:

    MacBook Vera = love at first sight.

  202. Sarah says:

    My MacBook would love this! It would go well with my Vera bag & be the perfect way to tote it to class.

  203. Katrina says:

    Hope I win one :-).

  204. Jillian says:

    Ooooo, this would be a great gift for my mother!

  205. Cynthia says:

    Very exciting! The Vera Vera laptop sleeve looks very classic, I love it.

  206. cathy h says:

    love an e-reader case!

  207. Jena says:

    Oooohhh-my MacBook Pro & iPad would love one of these! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  208. Joyce L. says:

    My laptop would love this 🙂

  209. Lisa C says:

    hmmm, maybe if I win an e-reader sleeve, I will have to go and get a kindle. And maybe also update my laptop if I win the laptop sleeve! =)

  210. Rachel says:

    I love the laptop sleeve! It would be a perfect thing to keep my laptop safe and sound!

  211. Jeanie says:

    I don’t have an e-reader, but if I win this cover…..I’ll get one! Both items are cute as can be. Thanks!

  212. Catherine King says:

    So happy to see VB keeping up with the tech trends! Looking forward to adding the eBook reader and laptop sleeves in Slate Blooms to my Metropolitan bag. Maybe a tech bag for cords, memory cards and adapters could be in the created?!?

  213. Pam says:

    My laptop case could use some Vera love. It’s rather boring.

  214. Marissa Golino says:

    I love these new products! The e-reader sleeve is a great addition to Vera Bradley! I am starting my student teaching next week (60 more school days and am officially a teacher!) these would be great to protect my e-reader and laptop going to school everyday =)

  215. hc says:

    I love that Vera is coming up with new products to support my tech craziness in style!!!

  216. Betsy says:

    My laptop or Kindle would LOVE to be wrapped up in one of these sleeves. They’d keep my Vera large tote, handbag, and wallet company.

  217. Anne says:

    I’d love to have a sleeve for my Mac laptop! 😀

  218. suzi says:

    LOVE this. 🙂 Thank you!!!

  219. I would love either one of these new Vera Bradley products !!

  220. Brenda Rodriguez says:

    I maybe a little late for this reply……I hope no!
    But I always think that is better try that keep thinking…..What if…..??
    I love Vera Bradley Bags!!!!!!!! Two reasons…..first because I can make them match with a lot of outfits!!! Second and no less important…It feels so great when you buy something of Vera Bradley and you know you’re helping a Cancer Foundation. As a technology lover, for me will be a pleasure carry my laptop on this sleeve!

  221. Emilee says:

    would loooove a laptop sleeve in Folkloric to match my e-reader sleeve 🙂

  222. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    LOVE both options. My laptop could use a little Vera pizazz! 😀

  223. Rad says:

    I love the new laptop and ereader products-very timely and chic!

  224. Jill R. says:

    I went to buy an ereader sleeve today, and the store I visited was OUT already 😦 I love the new designs and the new colors!!!!!! Thank you for always being innovative!!! You guys rock 🙂

  225. Kristen says:

    the navy…swooooon! 🙂

  226. Madison C says:

    These e-Reader and Laptop sleeves are great! Super cute!

  227. Ryan S. says:

    Would love this for my girlfriend 🙂

  228. Beth Elmore says:

    My nook looks out of place in my Vera Twirly Birds Navy Squared Away Bag! A e-reader sleeve would make my nook feel right at home next to my Twirly Bird Navy Turn-Lock wallet and cosmetic bag! You can’t leave a nook improperly dressed! Please pick me and complete my ensemble!

  229. Anne Caron says:

    I have always loved the idea of putting my laptop into a festive holder. So cheerful!

  230. Karen says:

    Pick me Pick me…Vera for everyone! Sharing the love, Kindle and laptops are rejoicing everywhere!! Getting my Vera on everyday…love it!!

  231. TaraH says:

    old Kindle cover out…new Vera Bradley cover in!! Love it!

  232. Taylor Emery says:

    My kindle and laptop, wearing their Vera B’s, would be the best dressed at the Peay (pronounced Pea).

  233. Fran says:

    I would love an amAzing tech sleeve to enhance my e-reader or laptop!! Thank you , VB for adding color, to our world. 🙂

  234. Jean says:

    VB products are cutting-edge & timeless simultaneously.

  235. Caroline says:

    Both of these items are very fun and useful – I would be happy to have either of them. Thanks!

  236. Karen says:

    So cute! I love it!

  237. Sarah says:

    The laptop sleeve is adorable and would be so useful! It’s cute yet sophisticated too! Thanks!

  238. Lindsey says:

    I love the new laptop case! It’s a great alternative to the hard-shell laptop case.

  239. Cat L says:

    absolutely LOVE the e-reader sleeve – and the “l” shaped zipper is perfect!

  240. mia says:

    LOVE! these just when you need to throw it in a bag and go!

  241. Kathleen says:

    I just spent a lot at the Vera Bradley store in Wrentham…for the 2nd time in less than a month, however I did not see these!!…I would have spent more!! My Kindle would love a cover!

  242. mary charrette says:

    love to get a laptop cover!

  243. Claire T says:

    So cute. I would love a laptop sleeve.

  244. Lindsay H says:

    My Macbook would look super cute in a laptop sleeve!

  245. Julie says:

    I’d love to win a laptop sleeve!

  246. Julie says:

    Would love a new laptop sleeve!

  247. Julie says:

    Cool deal!

  248. Kylee B. says:

    Oh my goodness – I’d LOVE a kindle sleeve in folkloric. AH! So cool.

  249. Alicia says:

    It would be fantastic to win one of these, but if not… I’ll prob buy myself one anyway! Too cute.

  250. Michelle says:

    My lappy would love some Vera! 🙂

  251. Pam says:

    Wow – if I won, either my mother-in-law or daughter would benefit. Guess I need to climb a little farther on the tech bandwagon!

  252. stacoe says:

    this is too cute!! it’d would be perfect and protective for my long walks across campus!!

  253. Lorie Rose says:

    Love the ereader sleeve as much as I love my Nook! Thanks for a chance to win.

  254. Ashley says:

    I love the E-Reader sleeve! I have a smaller known brand of ereader that is similar to the kindle and looked for a case with no success and I’m so glad I waited to buy since I just seen this one thanks to the posts on facebook =) Thanks for the chance to win one!

  255. Tami Lee says:

    Love having pretty covers for my tech stuff!

  256. I love Vera Bradley! Would be terrific to have either of these great items 🙂

  257. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to have one of these in Very Berry Paisley please 🙂

  258. Blair says:

    You guys are great. I’m excited about the new laptop sleeve. I definitely need one too!

  259. Woo-hoo! Vera Bradley! So happy to know you will have a soft, safe carrier to rest my kindle within. I always get compliments on my Vera Bradley accessories. I suppose you could consider me a walking Vera Bradley girl! If I win one, I will pose for a photo and slide it into my next magazine, too! Miami loves Vera Bradley and so do I!

  260. Lisa A. says:

    I would really LOVE an ereader sleeve to match my brand new Mandy bag in my favorite new pattern “FOLKLORIC”….Just looking at my Vera bags/accessories makes me SMILE!! Love Vera Bradley

  261. abbie wells says:

    Living in CO, my little MACBook needs a little cover

  262. Amanda says:

    I love how Vera Bradley always keeps up with the trends. I love these new covers!!!

  263. Gail Little says:

    My Nook would really be stylish in this new cover.

  264. Sydney Otte says:

    My laptop would be so pretty with a sleeve in folkoric!

  265. Heather says:

    I just got a Nook for Christmas and that eReader sleeve would be perfect!! 🙂

  266. Gina Beirne says:

    My Kindle would look so nice in Vera–much better than the boring black it has now!

  267. Becky w says:

    My laptop would love to be housed in a terrific Vera sleeve

  268. E says:

    excited to see the e-reader sleeve!

  269. JRB16 says:

    I love it! I’m going to need these! Wouldn’t want my kindle or my laptop to go unprotected.

  270. Mary M says:

    Thanks for responding to suggestions!

  271. Alex says:

    I love Vera Bradley, I’ve been living in Africa and when I came here I never had heard of Vera Bradley but now I’m addicted can’t get enough. And I need to jazz up my computer! Thank you Vera for the awesome patterns!!!!!!!

  272. Finally, I have been waiting for this. Both my laptop and my IPad have been looking drab. VeraStyle, Wow. A wish come true.

  273. Kim says:

    I already bought the e-reader sleeve but I would love to have the laptop sleeve!!!

  274. BraveGrace says:

    I just discovered that Vera Bradley was online and its like Christmas all over! I need a laptop sleeve for work and would love to have this one!

  275. Kim says:

    Love Love Love it. This would make my kindel so happy.

  276. jeannine m says:

    I would love this for my ne I-pad

  277. Oh, my Kindle has ridden too long in a leather cover nestled in one of my many Vera bags… what a delight to strut its stuff in Vera

  278. Carla m says:

    This would be great for my lap-top

  279. Sandra says:

    I love how you listen to what we are looking for in Vera and try to give it to us. This is a company that truly has a heart and cares. Cancer fund raising, giving their clients what they ask for, but as a reasonable rate. In my home, Vera to us is what to some Coach, Dolce and Chanel is to others. Though we have to save to get a piece, it is well worth it. I can’t wait until I can get one of the New pieces in the new patterns. Perhaps you’ll choose me.

  280. Leigh says:

    I’ve been looking for the perfect laptop case every where!!!

  281. Princess Christy says:

    I would LOVE to dress my laptop up in my favorite Vera print!

  282. I’d really love to see one in Mediterranean Blue. Loved that print

  283. Sharon Wiseman says:

    I just received a reader for Christmas, and a Vera sleeve would make my gift complete! Love this!

  284. Linda F. says:

    My ereader would be in heaven with a Boysenberry cover!!

  285. Amy Gratton says:

    I love my Kindle and I LOVE, LOVE Vera Bradley accessories!! Can’t wait to outfit all my electronics in Vera ; ) Thanks!!

  286. Kim L. says:

    Love the new laptop cases. I am in desperate need of one!!! I also like the microfiber material..

  287. A Wilson says:

    My daughter just received an E-Reader for Christmas. We bought her a protective sleeve, but the choices were so limited, and were not as cute as the above pictured designs from Ver Bradley! I love the new boysenberry design!

  288. Allison H says:

    I would love a laptop sleeve! I have purchased the back pack, wallet and purse for my daughter and she just loves the print and durability of Vera! I think its mom’s turn 🙂

  289. Cathy J says:

    searched all day yesterday on-line for a unique kindle cover and the Vera email came through with new designs. LOVE THE LEMON!

  290. Linda says:

    I love love the way my Vera Bags make me feel

  291. Amber Sweaza says:

    I love my ipad and I love my Vera Bradley! Put the two together and you have it all!

  292. Robbye H says:

    I love Vera Bradley products. This is perfect to carry my kindle in. Lots prettier than the ones from Amazon.

  293. Esmeralda Carter says:

    I always wonder how you come up with those fantastic names for your bags, they seem to match the fabric pick perfectly. Your new fabrics are so Urban and Sheek, love them! One Tech-y-Girl.

  294. Diane Mason says:

    My granddaughter re-introduced me to Vera Bradley. If I’m lucky enough to win one of these sleeves, I know she could use it. What a wonderful surprise (and OH…her birthday is on the 24th!!!).

  295. Cate S says:

    Yummy choices for my Kindle.. and laptop… Poor me, I wrap my Kindle in a dishcloth to travel & my laptop goes in a canvas bag… Please!! let me win!

  296. Staci Reuter says:

    My laptop is in a boring bag my husband picked out! Would love to have a little bit more chic for it! I just got my first Vera bag in August, and love, love, love it!

  297. Sarah Laufer says:

    Wow my laptop would be protected and the case would match the Vera cover on my laptop! 🙂 I love Vera Bradley!

  298. Lorri Bachner says:

    Bought the e-reader cover for my mom and she loves it, also took my little 7 year old neighbor along so she could pick out one for her mom too! she was so cute picking out the new colors! We have very happy moms! no more worries about scratches, only wish there was a spot for the cord for traveling. Maybe the next version!

  299. Beth Bailey says:

    You can’t go wrong as long as it’s Vera!! 😉

  300. Stephanie says:

    My nook could really use a fun Vera cover to brighten it up! I love it!

  301. Pam Givens says:

    Will wonders never cease?!! Love, Love, LOVE this 🙂

  302. Carla says:

    I love to read. My E-reader is so light and portable! I cannot think of a more fun way to carry it than in a Vera case. My only problem is which pattern to buy because I enjoy looking at ALL of them! LOVE Vera!

  303. Ruth Laywell says:

    I would so love to win anything Vera Bradley,tech case or laptop sleeve.Vera Bradleys are alot like potatoe chips you cant stop at one .Im so hooked.

  304. Kathleen says:

    My Kindle and laptop would look so much better wearing Vera Bradley!

  305. Amy Middleton says:

    My naked little laptop needs a warm and pretty sleeve like this!

  306. Julia says:

    The ereader sleeve is just what my ereader needs. I’m new to Vera Bradley due to the introduction of the ereader sleeve. Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!!

  307. Dana says:

    I would love to win either of these!

  308. Raquel Logan says:

    Please let it be mine in Gray! Thank You very much:)

  309. Carol A Leyes says:

    I purchased the new cover for my Kindle and wow! I have had several opportunities to show it off – especially in the new spring pattern. I liked it so much, that when I tried to purchase another one on line — they were sold out on line! What a hit! I purchased my first Vera Bradley items last fall! I am not sure why it took me so long!!

  310. Julia says:

    Love Love Love these!

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