Meet Eloise

EloiseShe’s a lady, and so much more! Eloise has it all; good looks, organization and a timeless elegance unmatched by most modern handbags. She’s always prepared and we can’t get enough of the buttoned-up trend she champions.

Her classic snap frame and coin purse silhouette give way to a highly functional, triple-compartment interior. It’s practical and refined, and boasts some major holding power. You’ll fall for the charm of her short and sturdy straps, but don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Eloise was named after our Executive Vice President of Design, Kim Colby. Kim has this effortless style and grace that make her quite the charmer. And that’s how we see Eloise.

Every lady deserves an accessory that makes her feel feminine and sophisticated, so we want you to welcome Spring 2011 tomorrow with your own Eloise! Comment below and we will randomly select one winner, to receive this new style in their favorite color. The wait is almost over. The entire Spring collection arrives online and in stores tomorrow, January 13!

Congratulations to Lisa, the lucky recipient of a brand new Rachel. We randomly selected her comment, “My daughter would love one of these!”

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for commenting!

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1,235 Responses to Meet Eloise

  1. Sharon says:

    I Love It!!

  2. KRISTEN says:

    I love this. What other patterns will it be available in?

  3. Angela A. says:

    Nice to meet you Eloise, hope we can become good friends! lol 🙂

  4. Julie Miller says:

    Fun bag! Love it in Boysenberry pattern!

  5. Meg says:

    My friends are always amazed at everything I can fit into my Vera bags — looking forward to adding Eloise to my collection!

  6. C.C. says:

    So cute! Would love to win.

  7. Christi Parker says:

    that is just way too cute!

  8. Stacia Momany says:

    This is my favorite! I have been waiting for the line to arrive tomorrow! And I will for sure be purchasing this purse in lemon parfait! I love love love 🙂 I have had my eye on a Alice but this size is more like it for me! Thanks Vera you are wonderful!

  9. Jessica says:

    I love this! It will make the perfect spring purse! 🙂

  10. Aimee says:

    Aahhh I am dying for a kisslock bag!

  11. Courtney says:

    I love Eloise! 🙂

  12. lucy says:

    So cute! Love the short straps. My type of purse!

  13. Lydia Strain says:

    Eloise reminds me of a Bowler and Alice put together as one ! I love the kiss lock top on it . I LOVE VB 🙂

  14. Carrie Monts says:

    LOVE it!! Must have…

  15. Ally says:

    That would look so classy in Blue Lagoon! I need one!

  16. Nancy E. Brown says:

    I love it!!

  17. Jennifer Leff says:

    Adorable! Adding “Eloise” to my wishlist? Check!!

  18. Kassie says:

    LOVE this bag. Super cute!

  19. Heather says:

    Can’t wait to see Eloise in person!

  20. Danielle says:

    I LOVE this style! The Eloise is adorable! Definitely my style 🙂

  21. tiffany says:

    Wow! It IS timeless, I love it!!

  22. Sherri Cunningham says:

    VERY CUTE! Tomorrow is the day 🙂

  23. Stephanie says:

    Va Va Vintage! Love the name Eloise. One of my daughters’ favorite characters from books and movies.

  24. Mary says:

    Super chic for someone just getting out of college and into the real world. Love it!!!

  25. Sarah says:

    I love the kisslock closure! It’s such a classy bag – perfect as I’m starting to look for a job since I graduate in a couple months!

  26. Sarah M. says:

    How cute! I just adore most anything with a kiss-lock frame.

  27. T. J. O'Brien says:

    Too cute!!!

  28. Cheryl says:

    beautiful! I love the new color too!!!!

  29. Stacie says:

    Soooo cute…a MUST have 😉

  30. Melissa Owen says:

    What a cute bag! It would be wonderful to have one!

  31. Cindy Antonuk says:

    Love the kisslock closure!

  32. myhopejeremiah2911 says:

    Absolutely darling! I just might have to have one of these.

  33. jenniseger says:

    Cute Cute Cute! I love the clasp – and the color 🙂

  34. Krista C. says:

    So cute! Loving all of the new patterns and styles so far 🙂

  35. Leslie H. says:

    The Eloise is so cute! Might have to be my new Spring purse.

  36. Barb says:

    love it. I’m sooo hooked on VB now!

  37. Ellen says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to see it in person.

  38. Allison G. says:

    So cute! Looks like the perfect size too. 🙂

  39. Ginny says:

    So cute!

  40. Rachael says:

    Wow! I love this bag. It’s so cute! I cant wait for the spring collection!

  41. Karen Smith says:

    A new classic!

  42. Cynthia says:

    LOVE the kisslock and the easy access zipper! One for me, one for a gift!

  43. billie says:

    seeing i need to save some money because i have spent way too much on vb over the holidays, I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS!

  44. Emily says:

    I really love frame bags. I need to add this to my collection next to Alice.

  45. Kirsten says:

    Very cute! I especially love the pattern it’s shown it…going to be adding lots of Boysenberry things to my wish list!

  46. Heather says:

    This may have to be my 2nd Vera purchase! Love the vintage feel to it!

  47. Megan says:

    This purse is adorable!

  48. Tara S. says:

    Such a classic bag! Love it!

  49. Jann M. says:

    Beautiful bag!

  50. Gayl Caul says:

    sooo… How many pockets????

  51. Lisa Macon says:

    The colors of this new pattern are so happy – they make me excited for spring! And I absolutely love anything with a kiss-lock. Must have Eloise!

  52. Sherry W says:

    What a great looking bag and love the color 🙂

  53. Stefanie Armour says:

    LOVE IT!!! SO cute!

  54. Marla says:

    Very Cute!!

  55. Rebecca Campbell says:

    LOVE the kiss lock closure.

  56. Rachel e. says:

    perfect summer purse!

  57. Gretchen says:

    Its beautiful!!! Can’t wait to get it!!!

  58. Nicole says:

    I love this Eloise bag!! Would love to have one!! The new spring 2011 colors are all gorgeous!!

  59. Carolyn says:


  60. Allie says:

    This is beautiful! I can imagine quite a few patterns that would complement this perfectly!! Great purse for a 22 year old like myself trying to find a job out there =)

  61. Julie Dwyer says:

    Love it!!!!!

  62. Lauren says:

    I love this bag! I love vera bradley products. I have over 20 bags from here.

  63. Maricel says:

    The folkloric pattern will look best in this style – retro!

  64. Shona says:

    Love it! Looks like Alice and the bowler combined. Pick me! Pick me!

  65. Sherry W says:

    What a great bag and love the color

  66. Tracy Thomas says:

    I just showed my daughter who is 6 and she said, “OH, I love it”. She has great taste and a little fashion diva.

  67. Deb Llewellyn says:

    Love Eloise. She is perfect for my daughter!

  68. Amanda says:

    Love this! Can’t wait to see all the new colors!!

  69. Jenn says:

    I love Eloise!! Very classic & so different from the norm!! Definitely a chic look! I will certainly be getting this style for Spring!!!

  70. Anne-Marie says:

    Love this bag! It’s adorable.

  71. Julee says:

    I will definitely be adding Eloise to my collection, LOVE IT!!!!

  72. Kara says:

    It is beautiful! Love the new colors!

  73. Kate says:

    Very fun!

  74. Jessica says:

    LOVE these colors! Can’t wait to order!! ❤

  75. Leah Leibacher says:

    Yes, please! Super-cute!

  76. christine hubeler says:

    so cute!!

  77. Gina Terbot says:

    All these choices – my daughter and I will need a bedroom just for our VB’s soon!

  78. Holly Goodwin says:

    I HAVE to have this in Lemon Parfait! Can’t wait!

  79. Candace J. says:

    So cute! i love it!!!

  80. Loran Merlo says:

    very cute! Would love to have one!!!

  81. Diana J says:

    I love this style and the fabric is just beautiful!

  82. Nicole H says:

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!! This design is great!!! I also really like it the pattern shown! Very excited for all the new designs and colors that are coming out! 🙂

  83. Tiara McFalls says:

    I love this bag!

  84. Laura Henderson says:

    How cute! I love that you all are coming up with some bags that are dressy enough to bring to work and on business meetings!

  85. Gilda says:

    Just love the looks, Heather my daughter just asked for her 1st Vera bag for Christmas, wouldn’t it be grand to gift her with the newest one too!!!!

  86. Lisa Barbarossa says:

    Love the new color and the new style. I am not a fan of big purses due to the weight, but this one seems just right!

  87. Cris says:

    Oh!! I love this. Very classy looking! I’d like to know what kinds of pockets are on the inside…but a very lovely bag 🙂

  88. Amanda Miller says:

    This is an adorable bag! Thank you for the chance to win one.

  89. Tracie says:

    love the new styles!!

  90. Nancy Wyatt says:

    I absolutely love the Eloise handbag!

  91. Ruth Ann Jordan says:

    Oh how I love this style. Can hardly wait till tomorrow

  92. Lauren Hyps says:

    OMG – loving! You can NEVER have enough Vera Bradley bags. Must have this one.

  93. dani says:

    Love this..and the new colors!

  94. Samantha Ditchendorf says:

    That is a beautiful purse!!! I love it.

  95. Sarah Beth says:

    Eloise is adorable- I love it! 🙂 Can’t wait to get one to add to my VB collection!

  96. Dana Sparks says:

    I love this bag and love the new colors coming.

  97. Kristy says:

    Love the kiss-lock frame! Would be so cute in Buttercup!

  98. Lindsay says:

    It’s beautiful!! I love it 🙂

  99. Eileen says:

    I love this bag simply because it appears to have the same structure as Alice (with the clasp) but the silhouette of the Bowler. Blue Lagoon would be CLASSIC in this color, as it could be used with a blue or brown business suit and still be suitable (no pun intended!)

  100. Deidre says:

    I love Eloise! Really cute 🙂

  101. Jennifer says:

    Very feminine. Love it!

  102. Laura Carrigan says:

    My first purse was a vera! My wonderful husband continues to spoil me with them for every occasion. This new bag would be a wonderful addition to my collection!!

  103. Lona McNamara says:

    Absolutely adorable! ♥ it 🙂

  104. Jennifer says:

    Oh! I love Vera bags! I would LOVE this one!!

  105. Karen Nichols says:

    I can’t wait to get one of these!

  106. Brandee says:

    Absolutely perfect! So excited to snag one in slate blooms!

  107. Linda Farmer says:

    Its looks beautiful! The color is very pretty. My daughter or I would love to have one. At the hunt club my daughter is known as “the vera girl”.

  108. karen legault says:

    Hello Eloise… You are a Beautiful Bag!!!

  109. Cindy Blackstock says:

    WoW! I just love the snap frame, so different but still Vera!

  110. Lindsey Winters says:

    Ohh, I adore this! So excited about the new line!

  111. Christie says:

    I would love to win this! So gorgeous.

  112. Jessica says:

    Cute purse!

  113. Kim says:

    So very cute! Love the name too :o)!

  114. Angela Barker says:

    Very fun classic-think I may have found a new favorite!!

  115. Megan A. says:

    I love the new Eloise!! Would love to be seen with this!

  116. nlion225 says:

    I happily admit that I have an addicition to Vera Bradley and this one is absolutely adorable. I may need to get it in more than one color 🙂

  117. Traycie says:

    This is an awesome bag!

  118. Janice Kennedy says:

    I love it!

  119. Kim says:

    Eloise in a bright new spring color would certainly brighten the cold of winter!!!

  120. Lisa Barbarossa says:

    Love the new color and the new styles!

  121. Krista says:

    I really like this bag! I was back and forth with the Alice, but this bag is Alice 2.0.

    Now to decide what color…….. 🙂

  122. Cindy says:

    Cute. It looks perfect for going out to lunch with my friends.

  123. Shawn Queen says:

    I love it!!

  124. Magen says:

    I would love to get my hands on this one!

  125. I had a Vera Bradley and someone stole it right off the bench beside me while I was sitting watching my daughter play on the swings. I received it as a gift and I can’t afford one – I would so LOVE to win one of these. Thanks for the opportunity!!!! Love your bags/purses -They are beautiful!!!!

  126. Barb R says:

    Love it!

  127. Barb Breighner says:

    Need a new Vera Bradley bag for Spring and Eloise is at the top of the list. Love the size, the organization, the strap, and the closure is amazing….such a cute yet vintage look.

  128. Debra F says:

    I absolutely love it!!! I cant wait to add it to my collection:)

  129. Chris says:

    So cute and classy! I need one for sure!

  130. Emily says:

    Very cute!

  131. Tiffany says:

    Love it!! Can’t wait til tmrw!

  132. Jill says:

    Beautiful! Love this style!

  133. Nikki says:

    I love the snap frame! It has a wonderful vintage appeal.

  134. Super Duper Cute!! Love all the new colors & I adore this style!!!!

  135. Amy Collins says:

    I love it! Can’t wait to see them in the store!

  136. Leeya says:

    So Cute! I love the vintage look of it.

  137. Megan P says:

    I love the Alice, so I am definitely looking into the Eloise! Ready to start building my Lemon Parfait collection 🙂

  138. Lindsey says:

    How wonderful! Would love to have one of these bags! Classic style.

  139. Jana says:

    Love this bag! Can’t wait to add one to my collection! A+++ for the Kiss Lock closure! Super cute and super practical!

  140. Kathy says:

    I live the style and look

  141. Tiffany Johnston says:

    Love ,Love ,Love it

  142. Debbie Bryant says:

    I Love it and would be so excited if I won!

  143. Jody Z. says:

    Fun and functional…love it!

  144. Donna K says:

    My 8-year old daughter peered over my shoulder as I scrolled down the page to reveal Eloise and she said, “Fancy Schmancy!”

  145. Lynda says:

    Beautiful vintage styling with a modern flare! Absolutely beautiful!! Love all the new styles! Keep them coming!

  146. Madison says:

    My mom loves the Alice purse, so I know she would love this one! It would also make for a great birthday present! Love VB, I am going to the outlet sale! Cant wait. 🙂

  147. Takia says:

    This is super cute!

  148. Julie Holland says:

    Love all things VERA and would love to win this!

  149. Jessica says:

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

  150. Jill says:

    I love this bag, I’ve been counting down the days until the new collection comes out. I want Boysenberry everything! 🙂

  151. Brooke Tarter says:

    This bag is adorable! I love how feminine it is!

  152. Joan says:

    love it an would love to add it to my collection 🙂

  153. Magen says:

    I would love to get my hands on this beautiful piece

  154. Samantha says:

    It’s adorable!! Every girl in the world should have this bag to make her feel chic and sexy!

  155. Sonia says:

    I absolutely Love the elegance of this bag!

  156. Trey says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter!

  157. Amy says:

    Adorable. I’d love it in Folkloric!

  158. Astrid Rau says:

    I love the shape and the cheerful pattern… a great addition to a fantastic line..

  159. Lindsay Sluder says:

    You had me at “vintage inspired!” I would LOVE this beautiful bag!

  160. amandasusan says:

    I am so excited about tomorrow!

  161. Lisa Koss says:

    This is really cute! Different from anything I currently have! 🙂

  162. Hannah Johnson says:

    A cute name for such a cute bag! (: ❤

  163. Nancy Ouellette says:

    Love it when you see others with their Vera Bradley! Was at a store yesterday and a woman had one in Paprika….just like mine :0) I told her I ‘love your Vera”!!! LOL I really like this purse! So cute!

  164. Jane Maples says:

    This is stinkin’ adorable. So feminine and chic. LOVE it!

  165. Hannah says:

    Eloise is quite beautiful. She will be a great way to bring in the new spring year, with her vibrant colors and simply wonderful framework-just dashing! 🙂

  166. Lauren says:

    This is to cute. I can’t wait to see what all colors it comes in.

  167. shannon says:

    Very cute and would be a great break from the diaper bag for quick errands.

  168. Ruth Malone says:

    Would love to win one of these cute purses!

  169. Chris says:

    So cute and classy!

  170. Robin Banks says:

    Eloise looks perfect for the weekend of going out just looking for stuff and accomadating for the weekly daily business…can’t wait to get mine.

  171. Heidi Sumner says:

    Those colors are simply wonderful, just gorgeous. Can’t wait to get one of these bags for myself and my friends. It’s simply chic!!

  172. sharla says:

    I love love love it .. i can’t wait to get one.. Hope you pick me

  173. Tamara Hartman says:

    I love this new style! Reminds me of the bowler a bit – which I love!

  174. Stephanie Minielli says:

    Super adorable =)

  175. Kim Lawson says:

    I absolutely love this style!!! I would love to win one!!! :O)

  176. Kelly Banton says:

    Would so love one of these… Please pick me! Hubby cut off my Vera Bradley funds after my Christmas overload. lol

  177. Jessica says:

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!! I want this one for my self!

  178. Jenny Louthan says:

    So cute. I can’t wait to get one.

  179. denisa says:

    cute bag!

  180. Amy Rodriguez says:

    Very cute and unique style!

  181. Amy Elzer says:

    I could use one of these bags

  182. I love this bag-will it be in in the Paisely pattern?

  183. Carrie T says:

    I would love to win! This is a beautiful bag, love the vintage feel to it!

  184. Kathleen Edwards says:

    I love the clasp and love the color.

  185. Sarah says:

    Very cute! I love it!

  186. Amy Morrissey says:

    I love this purse and better yet the name…sounds so posh!!!

  187. ashley noble says:

    I love it, very nice!!! I need to get a new vera….

  188. Ashlee says:

    Omg I love it!

  189. Debbie says:

    Absolutely Adorable! A must have.

  190. Jennifer says:

    Love the coin bag look!!! 😀

  191. Anita Stoner says:

    Love it!! Would love to have it in the Boysenberry!!!!

  192. Gina C. says:

    i love it! this new pattern is adorable too!

  193. Erica Semenchuk says:

    I just love the coin purse design!

  194. Shirlee says:

    This bag is too cute! Very stylish and classy! I love it!! Great job, Vera….

  195. Mae says:

    Would love it in Blue Lagoon!!

  196. Susan says:

    Oh so cute!! This would look great on my shoulder for the spring!! 🙂

  197. pat simmons says:

    Love it,can’t wait to see it!!

  198. Stephanie says:

    This new style is so cute and feminine. I love it 🙂

  199. Susan Aliveto says:

    Would love to add this to my collection!!!!

  200. Judy says:

    So cute, I love it!

  201. Katie says:

    i love this bag and the new Spring colors!

  202. Gayle Hinman says:

    So adorable!

  203. Darcy Pruitt says:

    This purse is ADORABLE! I want one!

  204. Beth Bailey says:

    What an absolutely classic and timeless looking handbag that I can’t wait to see in person and add to my Vera collection!! The straps appear to be a perfect length and this handbag looks like it could be a day or night bag and would compliment any outfit beautifully!! I want ELOISE!! =)

  205. April Smith says:

    Would LOVE to have this lady-like bag!

  206. Jennifer E. says:

    I love it and would love to win one!

  207. Stacey G says:


  208. Janna says:

    This is the bag that caught my eye in the preview! Definitely a must-have…

  209. Elizabeth says:

    Neat look. Will be excited to see it in person!! 🙂

  210. Jennifer Walker says:

    I just love VB. I would love to get a free bag. Thanks for all you do. Looking forward to new colors!!

  211. Mandy Creasy says:

    What a beauty! I love the retro design of the Eloise bag! I would be pleased as punch to win this little dearie. 🙂

  212. Michelle says:

    so cute! love the vintage look, the shape and the snap opening are too cute.

  213. Trish says:

    Adorable! Reminds me of the Alice a bit, and I LOVE the new patterns 🙂

  214. Janelle says:

    Super cute and looks very functional too!! Hard to find a purse that can be described with both of those!!! Love it<3

  215. Linda says:

    I need to be the first of my friends to have the new Vera Bradley design! especially one with Pockets!!!!! love it… love VB!!!!!

  216. Elaine Miller says:

    Very Cute!

  217. Morgan says:

    Really cute!!!!!

  218. Jill Sexton says:

    Great purse!!!

  219. Linda Stewart says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to see it in the other patterns..may need to get a couple, for my neice and myself!!!!

  220. Chelsie F says:

    Oh wow, very beautiful. My mother would love this, her favorite colors all in one!

  221. Clarissa Litzenberger says:

    Too cute! Feminine and sweet! Love the new styles!

  222. Jess says:

    Fabulous ! Can’t wait to get one.

  223. Nikki says:

    This is such a pretty thing to see on a snow bound day.

  224. Melissa says:

    So sweet and ladylike, I Love it!

  225. Natalie says:

    This bag is awesome. I am loving your new styles- and the fabrics are amazing- love it!

  226. Jessica Phillips says:

    Super cute print!!

  227. Hannah Johnson says:

    A cute name for such a cute bag! (;

  228. Kelsey says:

    very cute!:)

  229. Wendi says:

    What a beautiful bag! I’m so impressed with all the new Vera coming out!

  230. Catelyn says:

    perfect for spring! can’t wait to get one 🙂

  231. Tisa says:

    I LOVE this! And I love that pattern!

  232. Sherri Swaim says:

    I absolutely love it! What a great new design to add to the Vera collection. I can wait to get one!

  233. Natalie Goodwin says:

    I just love this bag! I love that it looks very vintage and looks great on the shoulder. I also love the name Eloise, its such a beautiful name for a handbag. This bag would be perfect to take on my honeymoon with my new husband. I would love to show it off while walking around on our cruise ship or on the islands we will be visiting. I would love to win this bag to add to my collection and to take on my honeymoon!


  234. Laura Riley says:


  235. Alyssa says:

    Very cute!!! 😀

  236. Lorena DeMoss says:

    She’s CUTE! Hope she has as much room as my Betsy – if so, she’s a keeper!

  237. Malissa B says:

    Perfect size, and I love the fact that it closes securely. Perfect for when my purse inevitably tumbles over in the backseat!

  238. Sandra Sharples says:

    This reminds me of the days when ladies met at tea shops for an afternoon. Love the style and the colors.

  239. Krysi Harmon says:

    The Eloise looks very nice and I would be curious to see the pockets on the inside as well!

  240. Erin says:

    Omg, I want one!

  241. Tricia Hatton says:

    My birthday is next month and this would be perfect since I am still trying to come to terms with having to get glasses at 41. Have an Awesome Day everyone and stay warm.

  242. Deb H. says:

    it’s adorable

  243. Shannon says:

    Eloise is fabulous! So dainty, I truly love it!

  244. carolyn says:

    love love love it!!!

  245. Cristen C says:

    I love the clasp!!

  246. ramla mogul says:

    Love this bag. I love anything that has a kiss lock. This seems pretty similar to Alice.

  247. kelly romain says:

    So sweet! Can’t wait to see it in person.

  248. Kathy Osborne says:

    I have lots of favorite Veras but Eloise is my NEW FAVE!!!! LOVE LOVE it! I hope this is a new member of my collection.

  249. Lisa Bimonte Fisbeck says:

    Not only do I love the pattern but seeing this bag style brought back great memories. It’s reminds me of one my favorite aunt use to have and she use to keep the best “stuff” in it. Now that I’m a mom and aunt, I need to get one.

  250. Diane says:

    Just discovering VB thanks to my mother’s fabulous Christmas gifts of items in Very Berry Paisley. So fun! Would be a joy to win this Eloise!

  251. Lisa says:

    Love it…the vintage look is a great style statement….

  252. Emily says:

    What an adorable, girly bag! I love how it has a clutch opening.

  253. Theresa says:

    A must have!

  254. Amanda Harvey says:

    Wow!!!! My little girl,who is 7, would think she was something with that!! Cute purse!!!

  255. Kristen says:

    What colors will this be available in? Super cute!

  256. ROBIN says:

    WOW! Eloise is beautiful! It would be perfect for summer in the Blue Lagoon pattern!

  257. JJ says:

    My mom would love this! Perfect for a “just because” gift!

  258. laura brindamour says:

    all the new purse styles are great! It will be hard to chose which one to purchase tomorrow!

  259. Denise says:

    I love the look of this bag and would love to own one!

  260. Alison Brown says:

    I love it!!! I’ll have to have one…I love love love Vera Bradley! My friends and family say I have a “Vera Bradley Addiction”!!! 🙂

  261. Sue says:

    I love the eloise !! can’t wait for Spring when all the bags are available !! Plan on going out tomorrow for a sneek peek at the colors in a store near me !!

  262. Tina says:

    Love the kiss-lock style, reminds me of old-fashioned purses. She’s my favorite of the new collection!

  263. Renee Smith says:

    This is the perfect bag for me. My birthday is coming up and it would make the perfect gift. PLEASE pick me!!!!

  264. April Rex says:

    Would love this! And I probably would share with my teenager! 🙂

  265. Jenna says:

    So lovely! All of the new colors are fabulous!

  266. Shannon Kilburn says:

    I LOVE it! The snap frame reminds me of my nanny. (grandmother, not paid caregiver! 😉 She was a big fan of the snap frame purses so when I see them I think of her. And the boysenberry is my favorite of the new fabrics! Beautiful!!

  267. Erin says:

    Love It! Very stylish, looks like it will fit all of my essentials as well as some “mommy tricks”! My daughter loves it when I have a new “keep her busy” surprise in my bag!

  268. Melissa Kirk says:

    Oooh! Would love to add this to my collection!! I have nothing like it!

  269. Bethany Mullins says:

    This bag is by far one of the cutest! I love the retro fun style!

  270. Rebecca says:

    Oh, I just LOVE this bag – she is a very elegant lady, isn’t she????

  271. Elisa says:

    OOOH! Very cute! Would love to have one soon!

  272. Mary Havasi says:

    Would love to have a Kiss-Lock purse especially in this absolutely fabulous color. Thank you Vera.

  273. kimlp says:

    What a surprise that it was named after Kim, my name is Kim too and I would love to win this bag!

  274. Melissa T says:

    Gorgeous! Love the colors , love the shape, love it!

  275. Donna Kay Johnson says:

    Love it – would LOVE to add it to my personal collection and also include it in the styles I give as gifts.

  276. Tina Bartlett says:

    Just love the Eloise can’t wait to see it in all colors. Just love the kiss lock feature, it’s so vintage.

  277. Tiffany Smith says:

    Very Stylish! Would love to carry it!!!

  278. mary says:

    I love this purse! It would be a great addition to my collection.

  279. Amy Andrews says:

    What a great bag! I love it!

  280. Erika says:

    This one is growing on me quickly! The real question is which pattern to get it in…Boysenberry or Lemon Parfait?! Can’t wait to see them all in the store!!!

  281. Kristy Nelson says:

    Hello! I love love love the new colors on this purse! it is sooo pretty!! I will share this on facebook! You do a wonderful job!

  282. Jen G. says:

    I just love this bag! I love the new designs of the framed handbag styles. They are so retro and pretty. Classic, pretty, and feminie styles that are perfect for all ladies!

  283. Joellen says:

    One cannot have enough Vera!! Love it!! Can’t wait for the spring collection tomorrow!!

  284. 2teachsongs says:

    LOVE the new Eloise!

  285. Lynn says:

    I love it!! I am a huge fan of Vera Bradley purses and accessories. Would love to add to my collection.

  286. Peggy Mosher says:

    I love the clasp on top of the new Eloise….the pockets will also be appreciated! The should straps are great also!!!!!

  287. I love the style of this purse! I always love seeing the new styles and colors come out. :-). Hope I can win the free one! 🙂

  288. Christine says:

    love the name, shape, double kiss style… everything really! and that print is gorgeous. 🙂

  289. Erin says:

    Love the bag! Another great Vera!!!

  290. Tatia Johnson says:

    This would look fabulous w/ the purple punch overnight bag I got from my MIL for Christmas.
    BTW, we are expecting delivery today of a Hipster in Loves Me for our neices’ 7th birthday. Her first real “grown up” purse and her first piece of VB. I know she will love it! Now she will have one like the rest of the ladies in our family 🙂

  291. Cheryl says:

    Very nice…especially like the pretty closure.

  292. Tiffany Stephens says:

    I can’t wait to get this purse! I love it! I am so EXCITED!!!! I am turning 40 in a couple of weeks and this is going to be my gift to myself!

  293. Sandy says:

    So adorable! Perfect for Spring 🙂

  294. Cara says:

    Retro & completely adorable!

  295. Jennie says:

    Love this!! Hopefully I’ll unwrap one for my birthday next month!! 🙂

  296. roberta says:

    looks beautiful!!

  297. ASHLEY says:

    Love it!

  298. Nicole S says:

    What a cute little bag!

  299. Michelle Auber says:

    That is so cute.

  300. Kristine Sanford says:

    I love the color and style. I’m truly bouncy inside with anticipation for the new styles. Going to the store tomorrow :^)

  301. Angie says:

    I love this one! Classic and fun at the same time

  302. Haley says:

    I love this bag!

  303. Ashley says:

    I LOVE this new design!! It’s adorable and vintage! Absolute perfection! 🙂 I’d love to have one! 😉

  304. Janet K says:

    Why’s a pleasure to meet you!

  305. Tara Beyer says:

    LOVE this cute bag!! ❤

  306. Liz says:

    Love the style! Love the name! Adorable bag. Look forward to seeing all the new patterns in person!

  307. Sue Alexander says:

    I love this Eloise bag…they say if you want to be “organized and stylish” the Eloise bag is for you”…well, then, it is for “ME”…!!! I am a lady all the way…I love these new colors too! I am excited to see and touch the new patterns in a few days…BRING IT ON!!!

  308. Cindy Walters says:

    Love the purse and love the new color!!!! Birthday coming up on January 28th. “The big 40” This would be a great gift to me!!!

  309. Sami says:

    I LOVE it!! my mother will too!

  310. Christie says:

    Love her feminine look! A ladies purse!

  311. ashley says:

    Super girlie!!! Love the color combo too!

  312. Robin says:

    Great new look to add to my collection! 2011 is going to be a great year!!

  313. Amy F. says:

    Ohhh…she is so pretty!!!!! I heart her and the new Boysenberry pattern!!

  314. Becki says:

    Love this even more than the Rachel!

  315. Gina zagerman says:

    Love the kiss lock closures on everything

  316. Michelle Auger says:

    Going to buy one.

  317. Tracey Stoops says:

    I love Vera Bradley and especially love this purse but so far have never owned anything VB. Have just given as gifts Would love to win this one and have something for myself!!! 🙂

  318. Karen Gaudet says:

    Cute. I would love to have one.

  319. Laura says:

    so cute! If I don’t win I might have to order one. 🙂

  320. Michelle says:

    Oh my goodness its beautiful! I only wish that you would showcase the inside of bags more too. I like to see how many pockets it has 🙂

  321. Maureen Frank says:

    I can’t wait get this bag for the spring and to add to my Vera Bradley collection.

  322. Linda p says:

    Love this bag reminds me of bowler and another bag I don’t know the name mixed together!! I love Vera bradley I love the outlet store in wrentham mass:)

  323. Tania Veloz says:


  324. Ann Rittenberg says:

    I love it!!! So adorable. Even if I don’t win one I might just have to buy one for my mil Ellen! She would love it! She love VB and I think she would really like Eloise. She is quite a lady herself.

  325. Lyn says:

    love it! Can’t wait to see what the inside looks like!

  326. Shanna Waters says:

    I would love a Vera Bradley bag. I have never owned one and just heard about them. I completely love them already and I havent even bought one. 🙂

  327. Susan Peeler says:

    I love it! It is sweet…just like my beagle also named Eloise.

  328. Kim says:

    Nice…I would love to have one!

  329. Amy Crawford says:

    Oh what an adorable bag! Would love to have one! Love the kisslock closure!

  330. Sarah says:

    Love it!! Can’t wait to see the new prints and styles in person!!

  331. elisabeth says:

    LOVE it!! the new spring colors are beautiful

  332. Chrystal says:

    I LOVE IT! I HAVE to get one of those for sure!

  333. Mindy says:

    I am so excited for the new Spring line!

  334. Karen Stiles says:

    once again the designers have out done themselves, what a fun style perfect for spring and summer adventures !!

  335. Penny says:

    This is definitely on my must have list in Folkloric, of course!! I ❤ Eloise!

  336. Nich H says:

    Very nice…chic and sleek! Love it!

  337. susan says:

    cute bag! i love the shape…..

  338. Hope Cantarilho says:

    Love this bag for spring! Too Cute! Would make a great Mother’s Day Gift!

  339. Jyvonne says:

    I love the style of this bag its so pretty!

  340. Kelly Pax says:

    Very Cute!! Big fan of Vera bradley and Love the color . Hoping to get this purse soon.

  341. Christina Bender says:

    This is a beautiful purse. I loved my Alice purse last spring and this is right up the same alley with the clasp and that 1920-1930ish look! PERFECT!

  342. Lindsay says:

    I love this bag I would really like to have one

  343. Katherine says:

    I need some organization in my life!

  344. Amanda says:

    Love the new bag! Very cute!!

  345. Bet says:

    Quite lovely. As you say, very ladylike!

  346. Love this style! Perfect size and shape! Classic with a modern twist! VB is always on trend!

  347. Joanna says:

    Ooh! If I get this, it’ll be like getting spring a couple months early!

  348. Diane R. says:

    Love the new Eloise! She has a classic look about her that I love!!

  349. Kimberly J. says:

    Love it!

  350. Heather Bettencourt says:

    Can’t wait 🙂 love the new patterns ❤

  351. Brooke says:

    I LOVE this bag!! Such a classic, so beautiful!

  352. Caitlin S says:

    Love it!!

  353. Mary Lou Scalera says:

    Those long handles make this bag look sooo comfortable! And I can’t wait to see those triple pouches inside. I need this beauty and organization!

  354. Julie Schneider says:

    Love the new look and colors, I have 4 daughters and I think they would all love this style

  355. Courtney says:

    Adorable, can’t wait to see all the color options!

  356. Jody says:

    This bag is adorable!!!

  357. Sandra Ball says:

    I love the vintage look. My favorite pattern is Folkloric but for this Boysenberry is perfect.

  358. Carolyn says:

    I can hardly wait to see all the new styles and colors in person!

  359. Jen says:

    Lovely! 🙂

  360. Alyssa says:

    So adorable! I love it!

  361. Michelle says:

    I love the style and the pattern!

  362. Patty Chadderdon says:

    Love this new addition. Both my daughter and myself would love to add this bag to our collection of VB!

  363. Leigh says:

    I love this new bag! It’s going to be my favoritw bag and my favorite aunt was Eloise! This bag reminds me why I love her. It’s a bag I HAVE to have. 🙂

  364. Laurie says:

    What a great bag – I love the new style!!!

  365. Kristin says:

    Beautiful new bag and I LOVE this new color as well!! xxx-ooo

  366. Samantha says:

    Looks like another good one!

  367. Kris says:

    This looks absolutely gorgeous!

  368. Jini Z says:

    Love it! A vintage-inspired timeless classic, updated for today. Want!

  369. Melissa says:

    Such a stylish bag! So pretty and elegant!

  370. Brittany says:

    So cute, will have to get it when it comes out! Can you have too many vera bags?

  371. Allison says:

    I love the bag and the pattern!!!!

  372. Stephanie Federer says:

    Love this!! Just in time for spring to accessorize with my new baby girl!! 🙂

  373. Amy says:

    super cute! love it! can’t wait to get it!

  374. Cynthia Coppola says:

    I Absolutely Love It!!!! I would love to surprise my daughter and give one to her!!!!

  375. Donna Kelly says:

    Just received a ‘Squared Away’ in yesterday’s post and love it! I could certainly love this one as well.

  376. Katie in Texas says:

    This is such a cute purse! Love It!

  377. Mahirym says:

    Eloise you and I were meant for each other. Totally love it!

  378. Teresa Smith says:

    I love the Eloise! I would totally love to have this bag.

  379. Tara D says:

    Can’t wait to meet Eloise 🙂

  380. Jessica says:

    Love it, love it, love it!!!

  381. Amber McCracken says:

    I am so excited for the new Spring patterns! They have me anticipating the beauty that is to come ( :

  382. Joan Douglas says:

    I am excited to see that Eloise is also available in Folkloric! I think this one will be my new favorite. Something to look forward to for spring…come one spring!!

  383. Gail Wiltshire says:

    Awesome. I’d love to meet Eloise and introduce her to my friends!!! I love the size and the pattern.

  384. dawn says:

    What a great new style! I love the coin purse style design. It’s always satisfying to “snap” it shut!

  385. Maria Quizon says:

    Absolutely gorgeous ! too cute not to have one 🙂

  386. Laura Fleming says:

    Welcome lady Eloise! I too am organization and and possess timeless elegance. You would stand out among my not so pretty handbags and your classic snap frame would look lovely over my shoulder. 🙂

  387. Carrie says:

    Love this new bag! Can’t wait to see it in real life!!!!

  388. Lejuana says:

    i love this purse

  389. Jennifer says:

    Love it!!! :):):)

  390. Shannon says:


  391. Ellen Detweiler says:

    love it!!

  392. Jill D. says:

    The true measure of a gift is if you’d buy it for yourself. If by chance, I won this purse, I’d give it to my daughter who loves violet, the color of Eloise. The competition for prissiness continues!

  393. Jennifer Nafziger says:

    I love this bag!!! How cute. I want that!

  394. Kim says:

    I love it! Can’t wait to see all the new colors and styles tomorrow!

  395. Cathy says:

    Can’t wait for Eloise!

  396. Jill says:

    That is the cutest bag I have ever seen. I was thinking it would be a good gift for my sisters birthday. Then I would have to get another for myself!

  397. Pamela says:

    I love it! I want one!

  398. Abby says:

    Hello Eloise! You are definitely timeless and elegant!

  399. Donna Grace says:

    Love IT!!!

  400. cath55 says:

    I’ve been eyeing Eloise since the first sneak peak. I can’t wait to “meet” her 🙂

  401. Rachel says:

    Wow! I really like it! It is just what I have been waiting for 🙂

  402. Audra Hildinger says:

    My mom and I would look fabulous sporting this new handbag. Love the color too!!

  403. Marianne davis says:

    Everything that Vera Bradley has is amazing!! Thank you so much for creating such wonderful bags and accessories!!

  404. Bonnie Hooper says:

    It’s so cute! I’d love to add this to my collection. Good job

  405. Jean P. says:

    I really think that I have to become best friends with Eloise!!

  406. Tara Dinh says:

    What a great looking spring bag! I can definitely pull it off with any outfits!!!

  407. Angela Logan says:

    Ooh, this bag is so cute! I’d love to win one!! Pick me, pick me!

  408. Samantha Wright says:

    So beautiful!! Love this bag so much AND the new Spring colors!!!

  409. Kate Roy says:

    I would love to add one of these bags to my collection!

  410. Marianna Moore says:

    I LOVE this bag!!!! It would be the perfect bag for a mom on the go with two kids to have!!!! Its small but yet it is big enough to hold everything I would need. Once again I LOVE this bag!!!

  411. Stacy Christlieb says:

    It reminds me of my all time favorite style – the Bowler – except I love the button touch. Very pretty! Will definitely add to my collection.

  412. Kelly says:

    Love the new spring bag! Would love to win one!

  413. Anne Kinney says:

    Eloise you are adorable! Love it~

  414. Jackie Watson says:

    Very nice bag!

  415. Elaine Walter says:

    So nice to meet you….I’m sure we will be ‘friends’

  416. STACEY says:


  417. Paige says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  418. Shelby says:

    I just love this bag!! I am a huge Vera fan and would love to get this!!

  419. Alison Durkin says:

    Hello Eloise! I would LOVE to show you around my town!

  420. Linda says:

    Love it! Looks like it could have been handed down from my grandmother….love the kiss-lock! Over all a great looking purse for spring : )

  421. Meaghan says:

    What a cute new bag! I love the elegant details!

  422. Andrea says:

    The clasp, the elegance. This is love at first site.

  423. Ansley Miller says:

    Oh what a cute purse! I already love Eloise. She would fit right into our family! Would love to have one! I love the color, style, size, everything about this new addition! Hope to be the winner of this adorable, magnificient, kiss lock, beauty!! Thanks Vera for introducing her to me! 🙂

  424. Monica says:

    I’m in love with the ENTIRE spring collection. I want one of everything in every color. 🙂

  425. Donna Musselman says:

    Love it…Want it..

  426. Kim D. says:

    OOH- Eloise would be a perfect birthday gift for my mom, Eloise! 🙂

  427. Erin says:

    What a unique bag! It’s so cute. I want one!

  428. Rebecca Abbey says:

    LOVE the snap closure — this is NOT your grandmother’s purse!!!
    Keep the great styles coming!

  429. Jodi says:

    What a great bag! Can’t wait to see the new spring prints.

  430. Tara Gill says:

    I think this bag would look so great in the new Folkloric print! 🙂 Vintage meets modern in the best way.

  431. Pam says:

    Love, love, love to win…..I adore anything vintage!

  432. Michelle says:

    Absolutely one of my new favorites! It’s gorgeous! I’ve never seen a Vera bag I didn’t LOVE!

  433. Wendy says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  434. Rebecca says:

    Eloise looks soo cute. I love the new patterns too. I want one really bad. I hope I win. =]

  435. Lisa Russell says:

    Would love the chance to win!!

  436. Kara says:

    Oh, “like I need another Vera” as my husband would say. But I do! And it’s this one! 🙂 Love it!

  437. rebecca says:

    Super cute 🙂

  438. Gail says:

    Very pretty! I love the new look.

  439. Stacey says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!! I not only love this color but I love it even more in the “Eloise”!!!!

  440. Michelle Lawrence says:

    I think I just love anything Vera Bradley! : ] This bag is no exception – Love it!

  441. Jenna Fields says:

    Cute, Chic & Classy!

  442. Chrissy says:

    Another great design, can’t wait to see it!

  443. Jennifer Thompson says:

    I’d love to accessorize my Spring outfits with the Eloise!

  444. Kelly says:

    Classy–can’t wait to see it in person tomorrow:)

  445. Kerri Scott says:

    Hello Eloise! I think we could be best friends. SO CUTE:)

  446. I would love to win a free Eloise! It’s named after my favorite childhood book, and I would love to carry it to school every day! Can’t wait for the new colors to hit stores 🙂

  447. Mia Angela Baca says:


  448. Renee Stroud says:

    I am enjoying Julia. Think I would like Eloise as well!

  449. Jools says:

    Great shape and great size … plus a triple compartment interior? Excellent!

  450. Erin says:

    Oh I adore the snap frame!

  451. Leya says:

    This bag is PERFECT!! I love my Alice, but Eloise looks a little sleeker. Sorry Alice. I may be cheating on you….

  452. Leslie says:

    I really love this purse!!

  453. Ann Guinn says:

    I love it! Its so very elegant, yet even a little retro. 🙂

  454. Suzanne Parent says:

    Love, love , love this bag!!! I am due for a new style!!

  455. Karen says:

    What a great color … can’t wait to see this new bag, too!

  456. Alicia McCallister says:

    I can’t wait to get these for both my mom and myself!!! Not to mention, I hope to be the first teacher to bring it into the school! 😉

  457. Lisa says:

    That’s adorable!
    Within the last year I became a fan of Vera Bradley always admired from afar because I didn’t think I could afford it. I love the great sales you have online, and can’t wait for the Annapolis store to open this spring! Over the past year I went from being a newbie to an addict and have over 25 purses to match every outfit or every occasion. Can’t wait for January 13th!!

  458. Michelle palmer says:

    Love it. Love the kiss lock the most.

  459. Julia says:

    I Love Vintage designs and I LOVE Vera Bradley-such a PERFECT combination to mix both of my loves!! The Eloise is a beautiful purse! 🙂

  460. Meghan M. says:

    She looks like Alice’s super cute sister. 🙂

  461. Bonnie says:

    I love, love, love this bag!!!

  462. Becca says:

    LOVE IT! It reminds me of a purse my grandmother had!

  463. Judy Hart says:

    Very feminine style…love the closure.

  464. Arleen says:

    Love this new design and pattern.

  465. Bryna L says:

    Very cute! I love the colors

  466. jennifer jackson says:

    So cute! I have been looking for a new style to keep me organized AND stylish! The longer strap looks like it will be easy to carry along with my baby bag and handsome baby boy!

  467. jessica hassell says:

    I love this new bag. I can’t wait to see the new colors and bags tomorrow.

  468. Jeanne says:

    Love it!!! It kinda reminds of the bowler.

  469. Cindy George says:

    I would LOVE to own this purse! Of course, my daughter may confiscate it!

  470. Wendy Ford says:

    Cute Purse! Vera Rocks!

  471. Kristina E. says:

    Eloise looks like such a cute bag. I wish I could see the inside!

  472. Chris Baughman says:

    Love this bag!!!!

  473. DAWN says:

    This bag it too cute! Can’t wait to see it in person. 🙂

  474. Brittany says:


  475. Donna says:

    Love an organized bag!

  476. Helen M. says:

    LOVE it!!!!!! I love the fun color. Being in a house full of boys I love being able to have something girly and splurge on 🙂

  477. Elizabeth says:

    What a beautiful and feminine bag!!!

  478. Angela H says:

    Super Cute!

  479. Ali says:

    Love love love it!!

  480. Pam says:

    So cute! Would love to see this in the Bohemian print!

  481. Megan says:

    Ooh, I’d love this!

  482. Shelly says:

    Eloise is the perfect combination of vintage/trendy/classic! Can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

  483. Tess says:

    looks like another amazing vera bag! 🙂

  484. Abby B says:

    Love this! Would look super cute around my shoulder! 🙂

  485. Dayna DeLaGarza says:

    She’s gorgeous! She is to die for!:)

  486. Erica Pullen says:

    Such a cute bag! I can’t wait to see what all patterns it comes in!

  487. Mallory says:

    This is supercute! I hope they’ll have it in Folkloric or Lemon Parfait.

  488. Jayna says:

    Super cute, I love the retro style!

  489. Amy says:

    Love her – a cute figure and a fun name!!

  490. Linda says:

    Oh, she’s beautiful!

  491. noel says:

    How. Cute!

  492. Vanessa says:

    Luv her and would luv to have in Very Berry Paisly 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  493. Tammy Withrow says:

    I like the look of Eloise. It looks like a good size, too.

  494. Carla McCarter says:

    I ADORE Vera and I LOVE this new style!!!!!! I need one.

  495. Amy says:

    Another precious bag from Vera Bradley! I love the vintage influences!!!

  496. Danielle says:

    What an adorable style! I think one of these will be coming home with me soon!

  497. Terri says:

    Very Girlie and I can’t wait to show her off at the tea parties, Smooches!

  498. Mary Levanduski says:

    I love this cute bag, still trying to get one to start a collection please help by sending me this one!!!

  499. Megan Sullivan says:

    Oh goodness! This is so pretty and classic! I love it!

  500. Kristie says:

    Another cutie that I just may have to add to my collection!! Thank You Vera Bradley! 🙂

  501. Kerry F. says:

    I love these vintage looking bags. Eloise and Alice will be very good friends I’m sure!

  502. Ashley says:

    Beautiful. It would jazz up any look!

  503. Kelli L says:

    I’m in love with this new bag!

  504. Julianna says:

    Oh how pretty! I love the color purple too!

  505. Melissa S says:

    Absolutely LOVE this!! WOOHOO!

  506. Kendra says:

    Oh wow!! I only have one Vera bag and I love it so much I never switch to another purse!! I would love to own Eloise! 🙂 🙂

  507. Traci says:

    I adore this design! Love the coin purse closure; flirty & sophisticated.

  508. Michelle Kruse says:

    Super Cute!!! Love the closure!

  509. Debra says:

    Precious! Love it and would love to own one!

  510. Christy says:

    It would be so adorable if I had one of these to match my Baby Bag!!!

  511. Tessa says:

    This is such a cute bag! Great to know it’s functional too.

  512. Roseann says:

    Love the new bag!! Can’t wait to see it tomorrow.

  513. Rebecca Wonner says:

    Wow, so cute! I could use some organization. I hope it comes in the new Folkloric.

  514. Julie G says:

    I love this bag! It is too cute. I can’t wait to meet Eloise in person.

  515. Jenn A says:

    I love it!!!! I can’t wait to see what else is in the Spring Collection!!

  516. Mindy Irvine says:

    Love her! 🙂 I think she may be my new BF.

  517. Raquel Victor says:

    I ADORE this purse!! so elegant, but casual at the same time….thanks for the great designs!! 🙂

  518. Amy Miller says:

    I think this might be one of my new faves!!!! I LOVE IT!

  519. Kelly G says:

    I have to get one of these. I love the look, style & top closure snap.

  520. I just love your handbags, this one with a snap would be so good for me,

  521. Niv Mani says:

    very quaint, 60’s style, love it!

  522. Sherrie berkowitz says:

    I love this bag!! It is so sylish!! It reminds of a sophisticated, fun trendy lady!! what a perfect addition this would make to my wardrobe, love it!!!!

  523. Casey says:

    I have a Bowler and an Alice that I adore– this looks like the best of both worlds. LOVE the Eloise!

  524. Stacy says:

    I’m in love!!! Eloise rocks!!!!!

  525. Jena says:

    Super cute! Oh what to spend my gift cards on???!?!?!?!?!

  526. Wendy L Lightner says:

    I love it!! I love all my Vera bags (and I have a bunch!)!

  527. Brooke Knight says:

    It’s great! Love it.

  528. Colleen says:

    Love it. Such a refined and sophisticated touch

  529. Naomi Shores says:

    I love it. The style is really cute!

  530. JessicaVDT says:

    I love the retro look!

  531. christa will says:

    Aww! SOOO cute!! The more I see, the more excited I get about the new colors & styles!!! Bring it on VERA!! Beautiful stuff!

  532. Monika K Beale says:

    What a classy purse. I love it!

  533. I love this bag. It would add to my new collection…

  534. maryclare tobey says:

    oh my gosh! love it! so cute!

  535. Sarah says:

    Love the new bag!

  536. Lisa Helmininack says:

    Wow what a cute purse! I haven’t gotten a new Vera in sooooooo long!!! Pick me! Pick me!!!!

  537. Diane Clugston says:

    I love it!

  538. Sarah B says:

    Such a pretty spring bag! Makes it easier to pretend there’s NOT 2 feet of snow outside my window!

  539. Melissa says:

    I can’t wait to see this bag in person! I love, love the girlie bags with the kiss kiss locks. I would love to see more of that style.

  540. Ansley Miller says:

    Eloise, I know that you are going to be a fabulous add to the Vera collection. Would love to have you come and join my other Veras that I have. They would LOVE to have you! I hope to get you so you can come explore many new places with me. Oh, the compliments I would get!! 🙂

  541. Julia says:

    I love this bag, especially the clasp and the handles. Very cute!

  542. Bethany C. says:

    LOVE her! I would definitely give her a good home!

  543. Rebecca Miehl says:

    Can’t wait to check out all the new bags. Love this one too!

  544. Carrie says:

    Oooh I love love love! And my mom would love this one, too!

  545. Shannon Bernhart says:

    this is adorable! doesnt seem too small or too big! and i love the sprinf color and theme od rhe eloise!

  546. Belinda Rabon says:

    What a wonderful exciting new style. I just love it. It is always so much fun to show off different styles to my friends, they just have to hold it and try it on their shoulders and they comment I must have one. Even my friends that are not hand bag freaks like me get on board with they see the new styles. I love it!!

  547. erin c. says:

    So cute…and I love the new spring colors!

  548. Shirley Proctor says:

    Very pretty!

  549. Tamara says:

    I love it!

  550. Layla Smith says:

    Love that its sassy and cute!

  551. Too Cute!! Love the kiss lock closure 😀

  552. anita lance says:

    This is just what I’ve been waiting for! Really like all my VB’s but this would be a super addition!!

  553. Jamie says:

    I love it! I don’t know what I should order tomorrow – I want everything!

  554. Ariannna says:

    Love it!

  555. Brittany H says:

    This is precious! Great size!

  556. Cindy Loo Hoo says:

    How stinking cute…it’s like the sweet cousin of Lucy 🙂
    Love the clasp and this will look sharp under my arm! Thanks!

  557. Syma Khan says:

    What a cutie!!

  558. Dena says:

    I love the Eloise! Can’t wait to add one to my collection!

  559. Katherine Green says:

    It has been awhile since I have tried a new Vera Bradly…I think is such a cute bag.

  560. Kristen says:

    I love this! My mom needs one of these for Valentine’s Day! She’s a stylish lady all about organization!

  561. Carla Carter says:

    When Liz’s video came out last week, I kept watching and rewinding frame by frame just so I could see “Eloise”!! Can’t wait to order tomorrow!!

  562. Kim in RI says:

    This is my new favorite! A girlfriend of mine had this the other day and it is awesome! Pick me please!

  563. Wendy Hesington says:

    I’m in love! ❤ This will be my very first Vera Bradley bag, in folkloric!

  564. tammy says:

    Must have one. I love the colors!

  565. Maddie says:

    Too cute – love the vintage/chic look! My Vera Bradley obsession is getting out of hand!!!

  566. stacey hepner says:

    so, retro…i can’t wait to get one tomorrow…wayfinders gifts in wodstock, va …here i come!!! 🙂

  567. Jessie says:

    Hello Eloise!

  568. Gwen Smith says:

    I absolutely cannot wait to try the new Eloise purse!! She looks like the perfect match for my love of the kisslocks and the shape of a bowler. I have a feeling Eloise and I are going to be very good friends! Something about a big kisslock that just brings a fun flare to a handbag!

  569. Renee Alt says:

    This looks to be the perfect size!

  570. Sandy says:

    Cute, Adorable, Classy, Fashionable, Sleek all the above!!

  571. Vicki Miller says:

    Looking forward to meeting Eloise at my local store 🙂

  572. Kristin Henry says:

    Very sophisticate…. everything a girl could want and or ask for in a Vera bag!! I love it, if I don’t win it I will be looking into buying one this Spring!!! You guys keep getting better and better.

  573. Pamela Puskarich says:

    Oh Eloise, I’m in love with you! Please come be mine.

  574. tamara brunson says:

    love it! i want one!!

  575. lorie zeisler says:

    I think this will be my favorite, I love the shape and the style of teh bag

  576. Kristye Shaffer says:

    looks pretty fab!

  577. Christa says:

    this is sooo cute, it will be in my wishlist and with a birthday coming up I’ll be looking for it!

  578. Stacia says:

    I love the look of this purse. Cute!!!

  579. Susan Parsons says:

    Love, love, love!!!

  580. Cyrille kearns says:

    I love it!!!! I really love ANYTHING VERA!!!!

  581. kendra couch says:

    Very beautiful!! Love the style & colors!

  582. Karen Gross says:

    So cute! Would love to have one of these!

  583. Terry says:

    Love It!!! only own a couple, would love to win one.

  584. katie mannle says:

    I need a new vera purse! this would be super-fantastic!

  585. Nikki Luellen says:

    My niece would love to carry one of these!

  586. Lori J says:

    Love the vintage style of Eloise! Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  587. Casey says:

    This is so cute! Gotta tell my sister about this baby!

  588. Jennifer says:

    What a beautiful bag! Well done VB!

  589. Caryn says:

    Love this bag! Can’t wait to see it in person.

  590. Adriene S says:

    LOVE Eloise! A timeless piece that must be added to my wardrobe! Very chic! 🙂

  591. Wendi says:

    I can’t wait to see all the new styles and patterns in person! This bag is adorable!

  592. Kirsten Fredrickson says:

    This is super cute! Seems like the perfect everyday purse with a little flair!

  593. Dawn Stapfer says:

    Love all the new spring patterns and Eloise is the perfect bag to get in all the colors. The snap closure is super cute.

  594. Stacy H says:

    I love it. Can not wait to see it in person!!!!!!!

  595. Susan strickland says:

    Sooooo excited! My Two daughters and I are addicted to Vera Bradley purses and accessories!

  596. Jane says:

    So cute! Can’t wait to get it!

  597. Julie D. says:

    I love the Eloise! The kiss lock is adorable, and this bag would go great with my kiss lock wallet! 😀

  598. Courtney says:

    This bag is adorable. I would love to have toys bag

  599. Martha K says:

    very nice

  600. Melanie Collins says:

    This looks great! What a great bag to come out on my birthday…

  601. Tracy Goldbach says:

    Love Eloise!!!! Would go great with my new job!!!

  602. Cathy says:

    This is so cute, would love it!

  603. Sara says:

    So in love, the new style and colors are amazing! I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  604. KristenK says:

    Eloise is definitely the lady for me! A must have!

  605. Charlotte says:

    Eloise is adorable!

  606. Becky says:

    Really cute!

  607. Kristine Ahlskog says:

    I love the shape and the closure….Cannot wait to see her in person!!

  608. Susan Rosler says:

    Very cool bag!! Love it!!

  609. Susan says:

    Loving the new piece! Would be a great addition to any collection!!!

  610. Jackie Hicks says:

    Love this one! My mother-in-law’s name is Eloise..she has severe Alzheimer’s and is in a nursing home..this will be a great tribute to her name to carry with me.

  611. Michelle says:

    This is just what I’ve been waiting for. I love the organizational yet fun feel to this design…gotta love Eloise!

  612. Danielle H. says:

    Love it!! What a beautiful bag!

  613. Donita says:

    That strap is the perfect length! Where is the like button? Like, Like, Like!!!

  614. Cynthia R says:

    So elegant! Reminds me of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Two graceful and stylish ladies!

  615. Rebecca says:

    This is so cute! Looks like the perfect spring style.

  616. Lu O. says:


  617. Karen samples says:

    Love Eloise. She would love to come to my house. She would be welcome to go with me everywhere

  618. Dawn woolard says:

    I love this purse!! It’s super cute!!

  619. Emily says:

    wow I love Eloise, this is super cute…I will defiantly be purchasing this one this spring!

  620. Mary Kay says:

    Love Love Love. Just the thing to drive away the cold Chicago winter blues.

  621. Kelly says:

    My new favorite bag!!!

  622. Diane says:

    I love it! Need one.

  623. Rose says:

    Dear Eloise,
    Please come to live at my house! I will fill you up, show you off and take very good care of you.

  624. Allison Johnson says:

    I should get this for my sister, who is in college…but, I am a Mom of 3 boys and would like to have this for myself…I need more “girly” things around here!

  625. Jane Hafenbredl says:

    Eloise look stylish, and with the kiss openIng romantic as well. Great style Vera peps.

  626. Allison says:

    this will be my next bag 🙂 love it! and love boysenberry! so chic and girly 🙂

  627. Malorie says:

    Love it!

  628. Chris Strachan says:

    Lovely! The snap frame is a welcome “retro” feature. Class at it’s best.

  629. Janet Sanders says:

    What a wonderful way to start your Spring season with Eloise!!

  630. Rebecca says:

    I want one! I want one!

  631. Diana says:

    Cute bag! I usually don’t like the more girlie looking bags, but this one has real class! Can’t wait to see all the new bags and colors!

  632. Monique says:

    What a pretty bag! I can see myself shopping with her on my arm!! 🙂

  633. Tina says:

    Eloise grabbed my attention right away when I received by Vera Bradley mailer. So cute! Cannot wait to meet her!!!!!

  634. Erica says:

    Sooo cute!!

  635. Jenna says:

    I love this bag!!! Vera Bradley comes out with the best stuff! Cannot wait to see this bag in person.

  636. Heather Jackson says:

    I would love to win this bag for my mom! It would help keep her more organized! She really needs this.

  637. Kelly Erickson says:

    She’s a beauty!

  638. Karen says:

    Very pretty!

  639. Jennifer V. says:

    Would love one of this new style bag in Folkloric for the Spring! Love how Vera bags can hold so much, be stylish, and yet are so light to carry around.

  640. Linda Neumann says:

    I love it! Great size to hold everything without overloading it and making it too heavy.

  641. Sara says:

    This is sooo cute! Definitely one of my new favoritess! (:

  642. Chantelle says:

    What a gorgeous new style! Love it in the boysenberry!

  643. Sonya says:

    Darling purse!

  644. susan williams says:

    what a great nrw style. love the clasp.keep up the great work Vera

  645. Pam says:

    I love it! It’s super cute!

  646. Nikki says:

    dear Eloise, you will look soooo great on my arm! 😉

  647. Amanda says:

    Classic and chic, what a wonderful design. A must have!

  648. Lindsey says:

    LOVE this bag!!!! Perfect for a spring day:-)

  649. Kim W says:

    Very cute. Vintage design with a modern twist.

  650. Kathy M says:

    What a beautiful new bag! I love the pattern and style!

  651. Sue S says:

    Love, love, love it! I have the Alice bag in Bali Gold and Buttercup. I love the “kisslock.” Can’t wait to get Eloise!

  652. Bethany Bland says:

    I love this! I think just the thing to get over all this snow and the ‘Winter Blah’s’.

    Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂

  653. Erica says:

    This is a great shape. I wasn’t sure that I liked the new patterns but I definitely like them in this bag. Very feminine and vintage looking.

  654. Marlene says:

    I adore the style of this bag.

  655. Rebecca Yoder says:

    Saw this in the catalog and said to myself “Self, you really NEED that one!”

  656. Susan Scheungrab says:

    LOVE IT! Could certainly use something bright and cheery in 2011!

  657. Tiffany says:

    Really cute shape and beautiful design. Can’t wait to see what else the spring collection offers.

  658. Sheri S says:

    I love it. I would love to see the inside too!

  659. Tania Fain says:

    I would love the new Eloise! Very pretty!

  660. Nancy says:

    Love the new styles and new colors!

  661. Belinda Rabon says:

    Oh, I forgot to say I am getting my 2-1/2 Grand-Child hooked too, she carries her little toys and candy in her’s. It is too cute!

  662. Amy says:

    OMGosh! I have to have one in Bosenberry and I know at least one person for every color! Such an awesome bag, retro and stylish with GREAT organizational pockets! Everyone needs at LEAST one! 🙂

  663. Crystal McClary says:

    Love this purse!!!

  664. Teressa Brown says:

    Love it!

  665. Annie says:

    this is SO CUTE! i really want one 🙂

  666. Cindy Chaffin says:

    Love this bag – could be my new favorite! I like the clasp and the extra long handles and the color is gorgeous.

  667. Ginger Swart says:

    Love the design!!

  668. Karen Mitchell says:

    So cute!! Love the kisslock!!

  669. Jeannie H says:

    She looks great!!

  670. Debbie says:

    So cute! Would love to have one.

  671. Lori says:

    Very pretty! I only have a small Vera wallet and would love to have Eloise.

  672. Ashley says:

    Can’t wait to see this in Lemon Parfait tomorrow and maybe Folkloric for my mom as a birthday gift!

  673. Alyssa Meyer says:

    OMG I love this!! I can not wait to add it to my collection 🙂 Vera Bradley is amazing!

  674. Rachael Simpson says:

    I LOVE it!!!

  675. Christy says:

    So cute! Wish we could have gotten a sneak peek at the inside, though! But love the style!

  676. Deanne G says:

    Can’t wait!


  677. Jessica says:

    Eloise you seem like the perfect size/style.
    Would love to see how you look in other fabrics!

  678. Betsy says:

    I love the shape, reminds me of a purse my mom use to carry! Would look great in any of the new spring colors!

  679. Jill Spytman says:

    I love the name “Eloise” and I love the shape overall. The color is so vibrant and perfect to brighten up anyone’s mood for Spring time! I definitely see myself owning this item 🙂

  680. Lauren says:

    This bag is so cute! I love the hint of “old fashioned” style that it has!

  681. Ashley Williams says:

    I love it! It is one of the most beautiful things that I have seen in a long time!!! I want it!

  682. Amy Couch says:

    LOVE it!! ❤

  683. Ashley Justice says:

    I love this bag! It would be a nice addition to my Vera collection!

  684. Phyllis Banks says:

    Retired and don’t get dressed up much. This purse would make me feel girlie again

  685. anita ritz says:

    cute, love the color…. can’t wait to see all the spring colors… love my vera bradley’s 😉

  686. Erin says:

    A kiss lock, unique shape and the best name ever?

    Vera Bradley, I’m in love with all of your new bags, but Eloise is my new favorite. I’ll be the envy of the newsroom with this!

  687. Renee says:

    Hello, Eloise!! I can’t wait to meet you in person!

  688. Christine says:

    It’s true…my SIX daughters would love the Eloise, BUT I would love it more. Everything Vera Bradley features is perfect for me!

  689. Kelly says:

    classy-can’t wait to see it tomorrow in person 🙂

  690. Diane F. says:

    What a great shape. Looks so classy, yet comfy.

  691. Liz Timbs says:

    I love this style! The vintage inspired bags are my absolute favorites, like the Alice. So excites for this new bag!

  692. Jennifer heberlie says:

    Eloise is simply adorable! I would love to have her swinging from my arm!

  693. Monica says:

    I LOVE Eloise!!! Can’t wait to start carrying her around!!!!

  694. Cheryl Cavallo says:

    This is a fun new bag. I love that it has many pockets!!!

  695. Bri says:

    Oh.. She’d look so ladylike next to my Alice!

    Belinda, there’s a shop in Panama City Beach that sells Vera Bradley and calls the little bitty purses “Grandbaby Purses.” It’s adorable!

  696. Sally Schubert says:

    This is such a fresh new idea! I love love love the straps that can make it a shoulder bag. Can’t wait to have this style… Wonder what fabrics I will just have to have!

  697. gina kiely says:

    I LOVE this bag! I would love a chance to carry it!

  698. Lori Kimble says:

    My 6 year old daughter, Clancy loves your purses. She said next year she wants one from Santa. If I told her this one was called Eloise, she would freak because that is her favorite book character.

  699. Jennifer says:

    The Eloise looks like Springtime fun!!

  700. Sharon Owens says:

    My birthday is January 22 and I now now exactly what I want and it’s an Eloise bag!

  701. lisa brinkley says:

    I saw Eloise in person this fall at an event at A Picket Fence. The VB Rep was carrying it and it was love at first sight! I have been waiting ever since for an Eloise of my very own!

  702. Stephanie says:

    LOVE this new bag! Can’t wait to check it out:)

  703. Brooke says:

    How cute! but how would one decide upon a color!?!?!?!?

  704. Jillian Pehrson says:

    Fabulous! I love the name Eloise, one of my friends has a daughter named Eloise!

  705. ashlee says:

    It’s super cute. I love Vera Bradley. I just got the weekender to use as a diaper bag. Right now its my hospital bag & its perfect. ❤ it.

  706. BJ says:

    Love this bag! My mom would like it too!

  707. Michelle Mohr says:

    I love, love, love this timeless bag and would love to own one in one of the beautiful new colors! Yeah!

  708. Ann says:

    You are just the finishing touch I need to complete my springtime wardrobe Eloise!!!!!

  709. Lynn McIntosh says:

    Love it! I purchased a purse last fall with a clip on it when Vera Bradley had it on a one sale and I get so many compliments on it!

  710. DWanna says:

    Love this new style!

  711. Skye Bridgmon says:

    I absolutely LOVE Vera Bradley and owns tons already! I would love to add Eloise to my collection. She is a very nice looking bag!

  712. Sara Lanigan says:

    Dear Eloise,
    How do I love thee?
    Let me count the ways…
    Please come to live with me.
    I will adore you forever.

  713. Brenda says:

    Love it!

  714. Cindy Vosburgh says:

    I love this classy frame bag!

  715. Marcy Phillips says:

    This purse makes me think of my great grandmother. She had a little kiss lock purse like this. She loved to be 100. It is a beautiful bag.

  716. Tresha Rice says:

    Hey Mom…if you’re reading this…I love this one too!! :))

  717. Nancy says:

    Between my 7 & 9 year old daughters, we would all be fighting over who gets to use it! We all love it! Should we buy 3??!!!! HHmmmmmm……I wish! Does it come in any other colors?

  718. jamie says:

    i love this, it is my new favorite style

  719. Kimberly says:

    I talked to my other Vera bags. They all agree: we have space for Eloise!

  720. Beth Burton says:

    A functionally fabulous bag!! I love the kiss lock function and have been waiting for a fabulous bag. Cant wait to buy my first vera of 2011!!

  721. Janet says:

    Eloise would be the perfect addition for my Mom to carry to Chemo. Just the right bag to brighten up a “not so fun” trip!

  722. SaraH says:

    She is beautiful! I would love one in Folkloric!

  723. Cindy Farmer says:

    Wow! What a great name, Eloise! My daughters Emma Jane and Emeline love another great E name! We all love the new Eloise bag!

  724. Greta says:

    I wan t to win! I love it!

  725. Britta says:

    I love this bag…she is absolutely adorable.

  726. Kim says:

    Hello Eloise–can’t wait to meet you!

  727. Laura H says:

    So excited about the spring release!

  728. Marissa says:

    This may be one of my all-time favorites!!!

  729. Alicia says:

    Eloise has the size of a Bowler and the style of a much smaller bag. Looks like a great fit for the new collection! Can’t wait to see it in person!

  730. Seana says:

    Great bag, great fabric.

  731. Rachel says:

    That is adorable! I need that!

  732. Sharon says:

    I cannot wait until tomorrow. The Eloise is exactly the size, shape, and style of purse I crave! Well, really, I crave any VB purse!

  733. Kelli says:

    Love the new styles and patterns!

  734. Jodi Rector says:

    Very cute and different from what I usually carry! Can’t wait for the new spring line!

  735. Donna says:

    Love this new style, and it looks especially good in the new fabric !!

  736. Kelsey says:

    I love this! 🙂

  737. Elizabeth S. says:

    I could SO use something new, pretty and FREE today!

  738. jane says:

    I love, love, love the paisley! The new style is gorgeous. If you keep coming up with new styles my husband will have to move out!

  739. marlene matthews says:

    This bag would make a great addition to anyone’s Easter outfit. Love it!!

  740. kris says:

    Love this. Will have to replace alice with eloise

  741. Mandy says:

    I love it!

  742. Laura F says:

    Pretty! Love the closure!

  743. Kimberly S. says:

    Oooh! Love it!! Would love to have this bag!!

  744. Deidre says:

    I would love to win this bag and tell my husband he didn’t buy it. 🙂

  745. Pamela E. says:

    Love the name, specially since it’s my friend’s mom that passed away last year of Cancer! Gotta get it for her and ONE FOR ME!!!

  746. Michelle says:

    My mom had a bag in a style like Eloie. Hers was a white knit bag. She would have loved Vera bags a smooch as I do. Love and miss you mom… This bag reminds me so much of her.

  747. Katie Dalton says:

    I want one! The purse looks nice and roomy and the color is my new favorite!

  748. Mary Willard says:

    Love love love it!!!

  749. Kevin Wadeen says:

    I would love to add one of the Eloise bags to my wifes ever growing collection for our 5th wedding Anniversary in 16 days………

  750. Dianne says:

    I am one of VBs biggest fans! And I LOVE the kisslock style of Eloise!

  751. Belinda Philliber says:

    This style is so elegant and lady like! I can’t wait till spring!

  752. Stephanie says:

    Super cute! Would love one for spring!

  753. Andi says:

    What a beautiful designed handbag! I LOVE it:)

  754. Anni says:

    Eloise … cute and stylish … old fashioned and elegant …

  755. Debby says:

    Love it!!! And I love the blue and purple together!!

  756. Judy says:

    So adorable and cute for spring!

  757. Elise Sorge says:

    It’s not ELISE but Eloise is close enough for me to love it!

  758. Denise says:

    SO CUTE!! LOVE IT!! Can’t wait for the new line – I am so excited!

  759. elya foust says:

    This is the best! Even if I don’t win she’s the girl for me this time around!!

  760. Pam Stilleson says:

    I absolutely love it! Great addition to your already wonderful styles.

  761. Lynn Black says:

    What an adorable bag. Can’t wait to get one.

  762. Deb says:

    Absolutely love it! When I saw it, I was reminded of days past.

  763. Lisa Brown says:

    This is very cute!

  764. Mish Gasser says:

    Love the “coin purse” style of this!

  765. Betsy F says:

    so cute! I love love love that color!

  766. Carin says:

    Love this new style Vera! The new Spring colors are definately some of my faves.

  767. Kimberly Allen says:

    Eloise is awesome and love the name. A great gift for my BFF! Spring colors are wonderful!

  768. Caren says:

    So in love with Vera, and this cute new purse is perfect! I HAVE to get one!

  769. Laurie Camara says:

    Love it .. . the look of the 50s with the functionality of today! Need to get one for my mom!

  770. Pam Stilleson says:

    I absolutety love it! A great addition to your already wonderful styles.

  771. Julie Wilson says:

    How adorable! So pretty and elegant. It would make me feel very girly 🙂

  772. Rachael says:

    The bag it too cute!

  773. peggy says:

    Love this pattern and purse! 🙂

  774. Toni says:

    Absolutely love the fact that it has compartments! Can’t wait to get one.

  775. Jessica says:

    This is so cute! I don’t buy many Vera right away when they come out, but this may be the exception! 🙂

  776. Lori Cocchia says:

    Just adorable – it is the perfect bag for EVERY occasion. A definite must-have!

  777. Rachel Bonnewell says:

    I love it!

  778. Theresa Dalbey says:

    That’s really cute! I hope I win one. I LOVE Vera Bradley!!!

  779. Barbara Leetch says:

    I love the style of Eloise! A beautiful addition to your line.

  780. Wanda Radler says:

    This is too cute! I would love one in the new Blue Lagoon pattern.

  781. Fern Martin says:

    I am looking for something smaller to carry than the Tall Zip Tote that I am currently using. This looks like it would work great and save on my shoulder.

  782. Susan Daley says:

    It has been over a year since I have purchased a new handbag for myself (I have purchased many for others, though!) because there hasn’t been one that has “grabbed” me. I am in LOVE with Eloise! I think I have found my new bag 🙂

  783. sharon rudder says:

    Classy, nice sized handbag. Would be a keeper for me.

  784. Amanda Stewart says:

    What a great way to start 2011! Adorable!

  785. Emily S says:

    My mom and I could share this one! Love the “vintage-y” feel of this shape.

  786. Erika says:

    This looks so cute!

    So excited for the new collection!

  787. Ruthie says:

    This bag is simply stunning!

  788. lili bee says:

    Pick me, I want it.

  789. Susan Schiavone says:

    Ooh! I love it!!! How do you keep coming up with new ideas??

    I would luv to meet Eloise, I promise to take very good care of her!

  791. What an adorable bag and beautiful pattern. I can’t wait to go out on the town with Eloise!

  792. Corrina Raymond says:

    What a cute bag! I love the old-fashioned click fastener!

  793. Winlynn says:

    Eloise reminds me of Audrey Hepburn who is (to me) the epitome of a sophicated and feminine lady. I can just see her carrying it.

  794. Georgia says:

    It seems like it will never stop snowing. This gorgeous bag is just what I need to lift the winter doldrums!!

  795. Jackie Branscum says:

    I ❤ this style! It's nice to have another very lady like bag! Love it! I think Eloise and Alice are my ultimate favorite!

  796. Sue says:

    I love the Eloise style. I have purchased 12 new VB handbags since last spring–yikes! I am addicted.

  797. Natalie Adair says:

    Love it! I love the snap-closures, and the “girly” look to this bag!

  798. Carolla Ault says:

    I, too, would like to give my daughter a new purse. She loves the new Folkloric pattern, and I’m sure it is adorable in Eloise.

  799. Kim says:

    Love the silver clasp!

  800. Michelle Boykin says:

    Great new styles coming out!
    My mom will love this one! Hope to surprise her with one 🙂

  801. Rita schneck says:

    Very vintage! Love her!

  802. carol buck says:

    Love this sleck new design! Very feminine and great fabric choices!

  803. Heather says:

    What a super cute bag, it would make my day to win one!!!

  804. dawn meyer says:

    you only have one chance to make a first impression. eloise, we’re impressed!

  805. mhen says:

    Dear Eloise,
    I know we will be very good friends. I have many other of your friends in my closet…but, you, you are the one I have been waiting for:)

  806. Georgia Wilson says:

    Vera Bradley Purses are a COVERSATION PIECE!!! I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve been out shopping, at a restaurant or even when I was on vacation and spotted a Vera Purse and we started talking how we love our purse. We usually chat about what we love most and what’s on our wish list!!!!

  807. Michele Hamby says:

    I absolutely love it! My wishlist will soon be a mile long!

  808. Jaclyn Pedersen says:

    This bag is adorable. I can’t wait to see it in person!

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    I can’t wait for the new prints and new styles!

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    SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! I have been trying to find a new style that I love and this is it!!! Love Vera!!!

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    Love this bag! Can not wait for the Spring Collection!

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    Love the new Eloise! The kisslock adds the perfect touch! Can’t wait to see the whole Spring collection! Would love to own this Eloise!!! I ❤ Eloise!

  813. victoria couture says:

    So cute! Reminds me of purses from the 50s.

  814. Jennifer krog says:

    Would love having a new Eloise for spring!

  815. Jill says:

    I love all of them! I can’t decide which one to get tomorrow…

  816. Dru Silver says:

    I love this bag. Congrats to Alice and the Bowler, your baby Eloise is so cute!!!!

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    Oh My Goodness! Way too cute!

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    I like the retro look!

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    Eloise is adorable!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

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  825. W lobe endy. Hoaglin I says:

    I love the coin purse look to this bag! !!

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    Eloise is perfect! I love this and all the kiss-lock styles!

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    LOVE this!!!! Can’t wait to get one!

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    Love it and cute too.

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    Love the classic shape, a little retro but with a modern Vera twist!

  831. Claire T says:

    So cute. Love that pattern.

  832. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Not just like.. LOVE. 😀

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    I love this! My current fave Alice may need to move over for Eloise!

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    Love the bag…makes me feel like I’m 30 again!!!

  835. Michelle says:

    I love the look of this bag. Can’t wait to see the inside.

  836. Eloise is very elegant! I loved seeing Vera on Desperate Housewives Sunday…I have the very same Java Blue luggage, but my Get Carried Away tote is in Very Berry Paisley! Good to know the Housewives truly have style!!

  837. so beautiful, I love a framed bag! They remindd me of my Nanny’s bags when I was little!

  838. Jennie says:

    The perfect cross between a bowler and Alice, and the perfect addition to ones collection.

  839. Holly S says:

    I would absolutely love to win. Thanks for doing a giveaway!! 🙂

  840. HDC80 says:

    Beautiful! Very classy.

  841. Connie says:

    I’ve been waiting for an organizer bag with great styling. Reminds me of bags my mom carried.

  842. liza says:

    she’s beautiful. Can’t wait to introduce her to my “Alice”….

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    I love these classic purse styles! Viva Vera Bradley!

  844. Nancy West says:

    These are my fav colors! Love the style too!

  845. Deborah Geeter says:

    This is a great looking bag. It has a retro look. I would really like to have one. Then I would be looking good and organized to. I’m sure that it will be a success!

  846. Jessica says:


  847. Lora says:

    Eloise is smashing!!

  848. Sarah M says:

    i LOVE the Eloise!! I can’t wait to get one.. it’s so cuuuute! 🙂

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    Love it! And would love to have one to add to my ever-growing collection!

  850. Jennie Chan says:

    What a cute bag!

  851. Deborah says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  852. sandy shattuck says:

    The very first thing that pops to me is the name “Eloise” because that was my grandmothers name… 🙂 and then after seeing the design it would just fit for her with the vintage style and grace it carries!

  853. Lori says:

    love love love it!!!!

  854. Sara Forsman says:

    Love it! Old-fashioned yet modern.

  855. Mandy Mauro says:

    Super Cute!

  856. Joan Hanson says:

    Wow! What a classy bag! Cannot wait to have one of my own! You guys are so creative! That is what makes Vera bags so much fun.

  857. Andi says:

    every woman deserves a bag that makes her feel like a lady!

  858. Doreen says:

    Love the new styles and colors, reminds me of the 60’s!

  859. Regina Stephens says:

    I love the retro look…..can’t wait to see it in person!

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  861. Sarah says:

    Love this style, it’s gorgeous! cant wait to get one for me and my mom! :]

  862. Ashley Shaiboon says:

    I am going to HAVE to have this bag, the kiss lock is my FAVORITE!!

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    Love this bag! The new colors are so beautiful!! 🙂

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    Another beautiful addition to the collection–simply elegant and gorgeous!

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    Beautiful bag! Love it!

  867. Susan Bugal says:

    Hi Eloise, I’m Susan… so nice to meet you.

  868. Mary says:

    My daughters might like one of these but this has my name written all over it!

  869. Stacy Yarbrough says:

    Absolutely love this bag!!!!

  870. August Harlow says:

    I love all my VB’s but don’t have one quite like the Eloise yet… may have to add this one to my collection and hunt down a “mini Eloise” for my 19month old who is also a VB addict 🙂

  871. Kamie says:

    It reminds me so much of Alice. I love the closure piece!

  872. Portia says:

    I would love to win an Eloise to give to my grandma…she would love it!

  873. Sunita says:

    this bag looks like a lot of fun!

  874. Nora Sandquist says:

    Very elegant!

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    Love the new Eloise! I can’t wait to see all the new colors!!!! Time to update my pocketbook!

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    Love this bag! Would be a great bag for me but also big enough to throw some of my toddler’s things in too when we’re out and about! Can’t wait for the new colors!!!

  878. Caitlin Shepherd says:

    Love the twist on a classic!

  879. Rhonda says:

    I love it! So trendy and old-fashioned at the same time, a beautiful bag.

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    Super cute! Nice look.

  881. Carol Booth says:

    Love the look of Eloise….just my style!

  882. Ashley C. says:

    Anything with a kisslock reminds me undeniably of my grandmother, Juanita (we called her Mamaw–yes, I’m from Tennessee!). This is so classic, I just love it! I know Mamaw would have, too.

  883. Penny Blair says:

    What a cute bag! I love the new styles!

  884. Carol says:

    The Eloise is absolutely darling. I can’t wait to see it in person this week at my signature store.

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    I LOVE this new bag! It is a great size and a def must for my collection 🙂

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    I love it! I think it looks great in Boysenberry!

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    The Eloise reminds me of the Bowler in a way. Looking forward to checking this out in person.

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    What a great new addition! Love it!

  890. I love it! Another great addition to the Vera Bradley family!

  891. Jimmie Marshall says:

    Beautiful new bag! I’m sure me and my daughter will have to have one of these!

  892. Jennifer Hughes says:

    Eloise, Oh Eloise can you make carrying my essentials more of an ease – please?!?!

  893. Jenn says:

    love this style!!

  894. Lanna G says:

    Another success!!!!

  895. Sara Romano says:

    I will always believe that the colorful cheerfulness of Vera Bradley is good for my soul ❤

  896. Robynn says:

    What a perfect thank-you to give my mom for helping me with the new baby!

  897. Lisa says:

    Just lovely! Checking out the new goods tomorrow!

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    This new style looks fabulous! My daughter would love it in one of the new prints.

  900. Barb Hessler says:

    I’m LOVIN’ it!

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    This Grandma needs Eloise in that exact color, I’ll brag on it just like I do my Grandbabies.

  902. Mary says:

    Ohh! I love Eloise! What a great design and I love the color!

  903. Abbe L. says:

    I love the sophisticated look of the Eloise…. I want it in Folkloric!
    I’m so excited for the launch of the new spring colors TOMORROW! 🙂

  904. Kirsten says:

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to take Eloise to the Plaza Hotel! Just like the books!

  905. Sue Johnson says:

    Eloise is just what I’m looking for: organization, stylish and easy to carry!

  906. Michele says:

    Very cute. Love the shape and the kisslock

  907. Christina says:

    Too cute! Wish I could have seen what the inside looked like, but that can wait til tomorrow.

  908. Jessica G says:

    Very pretty!! Glad some new ones are coming out!

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    Eloise has the potential to become my new BEST FRIEND!!

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    Eloise reminds me of the cool purses my grandmother used to carry. I love the snap closure. It’s retro and contemporary at the same time. I would love to win one!

  912. Jamie Brehob says:

    I Love this pattern! Thanks Vera Bradley for giving me on of my Favorite Things. Please pick me.

  913. Alexis Davis says:

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    I was just recently introduced to Vera Bradley, and now I’m addicted! I can’t wait for the new patterns! =)

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  916. Jennifer says:


  917. Hillary says:

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    I love this style!! Would absolutely love to win this. It is so pretty.

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    I want one of these so bad!!! I have always loved the clasp type purses but it’s so hard to find one that’s good sized to carry everything I need! This looks perfect!!!

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    Welcome Eloise! You will look great on my shoulder this Spring!

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    Oh, this is one of the cutest designs yet! Looks like Alice has some serious competition!

  929. shari says:

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful

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  931. Jennifer says:

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    Would love to have this new bag! I just love the new spring line!

  934. Michele says:

    Welcome Eloise! It is quiet the family you have joined. A lot to live up to but I am confident you will!

  935. cheryl Stanke says:

    I love that new purse! It is so cute and ladylike and I could see me using it all the time! Adorable!

  936. Logan says:

    Loving this ladylike style. I would wear it all over town!

  937. Kim Ashby says:

    love it!

  938. Tiffani Schneider says:

    I love Eloise! She’s so pretty and functional 🙂 I would love to get acquainted with her!!!

  939. Paula Blosser says:

    Just in time for my Birthday today!

  940. Caitlin Carrillo says:

    Love the new bag!! I want one!!

  941. mel says:

    ‘Ello Ms. Eloise

    glad to meet your Acquaintance. I love that you’re a little on the snappy side

  942. vanessa Ubaldi says:

    This style is great. I’d love to get it in my print.

  943. Holly says:

    I love this bag! I have it highlighted in the new catalog!

  944. Bobbie Backus says:

    Eloise, you look marvelous!

  945. Christi says:

    It looks wonderful, I can’t wait to see how much of my stuff it will carry around for me!!!

  946. Joe says:

    ♥ My fiance would love it ♥

  947. Blair says:

    I’m really liking these new patterns

  948. Pamela says:

    Eloise and I need to do lunch!

  949. Kelli says:

    This is super cute! I definitely plan to get it!

  950. Sylvia says:

    I absolutely love it. The clip at the top, the compartments…I cannot wait to have one 🙂 I am really looking forward to the Spring 2011 making it to stores & online.

  951. Roxanne Dickenson says:

    Love Eloise! Would love to win one!

  952. geraldine haug says:

    This would be the perfect bag for my daughter who is expecting her first child in May.

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    Think this is so cute!!! Would absolutely love to have this bag!!!!

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    Wow is this adorable!! I just decided I need one!

  958. Gina says:

    As a new fan of Vera Bradley, I am hooked!! This is a beautiful design!

  959. melissa says:

    love it

  960. Emily L. says:

    It looks as good as the Bowler! Very nice design.

  961. corinne says:

    How cute!!

  962. Mary says:

    This looks like the perfect companion for my Bowler bag

  963. Stacey says:

    When my grandmother passed away I kept all of her purses and so many of them have this clasp like Eloise….it’s nice to c trends come back around. 🙂

  964. Mary says:

    Very cute, love the kisslock/snap style, the eloise bag is going on my list of must-haves!

  965. Karen Adinolfi says:


  966. Ashley B. says:

    This bag is so cute! I love Vera 🙂

  967. Janie says:

    This bag is very cute! I think it would be a great summer bag.

  968. Linda says:

    Love it! Especially love where the video took place — i have below temps and snow on the ground!

  969. Tina B says:

    The colors are wonderful! What a great bag!

  970. Sarah says:

    Ooooh la la! Love it!! ❤

  971. DLR says:

    Will all patterns be available? Love!

  972. Jennifer M says:

    Love it! I really like the pattern too!

  973. Joanie Lowry says:

    Love this!! It reminds me of the Bowler (which I wore out!!) but better! 🙂

  974. kerry says:

    i cant wait to see this one in person!

  975. Diana says:

    Love it!!

  976. Anna says:

    How cute and girly! Perfect for a high school senior like myself! 🙂

  977. Krystal says:

    I love it! My grandmother was named Eloise and this would have been her kind of purse!

  978. Beth says:

    Very ladylike! Perfect for everyday, church, and lunch with friends! Great job, Vera you’ve got a winner on your hands.

  979. Teresa says:

    This is so retro! I love that it looks like an old-fashioned coin purse.

  980. Haley Urhahn says:

    SO CUTE!! what a great idea for a purse! love it

  981. Kelly P says:

    Such a cute bag! A must have for sure!

  982. Kati says:

    Love it, I can’t wait for the new patterns. I know exactly which one I am getting!

  983. Carmen says:

    love it! Wouldn’t mind having one myself!

  984. Heather says:

    I love it!! Have to get one!!

  985. Meg W. says:

    I love the snap frame and the rounded shape. So cute!

  986. Jillian Shuhart says:

    Eloise looks fun!!!!

  987. Teresa Mace says:

    This is exactly what I have been looking for only i didn’t know it untl I saw it! Love you Eloise!

  988. Melinda says:

    I’d love this in lemon parfait :)) So cute!

  989. Kathy Smith says:

    This purse is adorable! I can’t wait to meet her 🙂

  990. Joyce says:

    As my 2 year old grandaughter would say “It’s beautiful”. A style for any age.

  991. Ashley says:

    Aww I Love it and the color they are showing here! its my new favorite! =D

  992. Alicea says:

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Reminds me of the purses my grandmother used to carry.

  993. Carolyn Williams says:

    This is my Grandmothers’s “pocketbook” as she called it, from the 1950’s/60’s, but with an updated and modern look! I think she would have liked Boysenberry!

  994. tammi heitman says:

    i love, love, love Vera bags…..i have many, and i think this is a good size aned shape im excited…

  995. Michelle says:

    Very cute! Can’t wait to see what the inside looks like!

  996. Angie G says:

    I have been carrying Vera Bradley bags for over ten years! Always faithful to Vera! Looking for a new bag, and this one would be perfect! Keep up the great work!

  997. Eloise reminds me of my Mother!! It is a purse she would have carried in the 50’s. I think it is great.

  998. Beth says:

    This is so cute. Just as all the other styles, I want but can’t afford, are. 😦
    You guys come up with so many cute/stylish styles and patterns. Keep up the good work.

  999. Kayla Gigliotti says:

    It is the perfect bag! Can’t wait for the new colors tomorrow!

  1000. samsnana says:

    I love it!

  1001. Tamara says:

    I love this! Similar to Alice, but a little different.
    Eloise is perfect for my niece- who has been asking for her “first Vera Bradley”- I would love to give this to her!

  1002. Tiffany says:

    I’m due with my first child exactly a month from now. We are naming her Eloise and I’m sure she would just love a bag named after her (ofcourse when she is old enough to carry it).

  1003. Carolyn Williams says:

    This is my grandmother’s “pocketbook” as she called it from the 50’s! She would have loved it!

  1004. Patricia says:

    Eloise it sure is cold in Atlanta right now! It sure would be nice for you to come by and visit and brighten this town up! With your warmth it might even melt all the snow and ice away!

  1005. cathy barnes says:

    I love it! This would be perfect inthe folkloric pattern

  1006. Sharon says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE kiss lock clasp purses! And they are so hard to find! I already own Alice and Eloise will be great addition!

  1007. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful new bag. Love it!

  1008. Emily says:

    Eloise is ADORABLE! Love the clasp, the shape. . . soooo cute!

  1009. Theresa says:

    Cute!!! I love all Vera!

  1010. Michelle says:

    Says, Vera Bradley to Eloise: Eloise, meet Michelle.
    Michelle says: Im so glad to mee you, Eloise. ☺

  1011. Beth says:

    What a cute fun bag!

  1012. Jennifer says:

    Wow, looks like me!! Hope I can get one of these soon.

  1013. Maryclaire Miller says:

    WOW! And I thought Alice was a great looking bag! This is one I will have!

  1014. Nancy says:

    I love Eloise! She’s so very different from a “traditional” style of purse! Can’t wait to see it in person!

  1015. Nikki says:

    This is beautiful! Love the new design.

  1016. jennifer morton says:

    I love Vera Bradley! i love how you keep coming out with new designs and patterns! i cannot wait to see what comes out next.

  1017. Karen says:

    Love it, have been hoping for a style like this. This may be the bag I treat myself to!

  1018. Jamie Beck says:

    I would love one of these!!! I just got the alice for Christmas and it is very similar!!!!

  1019. Amy Wilson says:

    Oh I’d love to win this purse…it is gorgeous!

  1020. Rachel says:

    Love it! so cute and my favorite style of bag 🙂

  1021. It is soo cute. I love it too.

  1022. Erika says:

    Very Cute bag!!

  1023. Kathy T. says:

    Another great Vera! I have never owned a purse quite like the Eloise but I would LOVE to give it a whirl! It is elegant and beautiful!

  1024. Jann says:

    So cute!!! I love the closure especially!! Very cute and fashion!!

  1025. nooksmarts says:

    Love the “vintage” look of the Eloise. I can’t decide which new fabric is my favorite!

  1026. Ann R says:

    Love the more recent Vera patterns! They just keep getting better!

  1027. MichelleW says:

    I was just trying to pick out a new style to get for my bday, Eloise would be perfect

  1028. Roseann says:

    It would go so perfectly with my clutch wallet! Very cute, can’t wait to see it in person tomorrow!

  1029. Amelia says:

    Very Cute! It’s like an updated Bowler!