Your spotlight awaits

Be a star!

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4 Responses to Your spotlight awaits

  1. Tricia says:

    Was wondering why your page does not allow for fans to post ‘statuses’ as with some of the other fan (company pages, ex. Pandora Jewelry)? Not sure if something occured in the past to discontinue this option or if you never set the page up that way. I can tell you I enjoy the experience of talking with others that love certain products as much as I do. We share pictures (of our purchases), we gain ideas for purchases from others, etc. It’s like grabbing a cup of coffee with a network of friends (ALL over the WORLD)! As you evolve into this “e-life” that we live in, my hope is that your company take this into consideration and add that as a feature to the FB page. Thanks for listening, my very best regards – Tricia – FL

  2. Carolyn Summers says:

    I watched with interest because I’ve been there; my father lived in Sonoma. Comment: Liz did not appear to be carrying a Vera bag.?

  3. Alison says: redirected me back to the blog. Do we just post the videos to YouTube or do we need to send them somewhere too?

  4. Mary Miller says:

    I am crazy about VB purses and everything that goes with it. I get stopped all the time and I just tell them to go to and you will go nuts and have a ball. I love the sales that you have. I see people staring at my purse and then when I pull out the matching wallet, well, enough said… Thank you for bringing me sunshine everyday.

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