Great last-minute gifts

‘Twas the Monday before Christmas …
So, there are only five official shopping days left before the main event. No problem! Not only do these Vera Bradley pieces make memorable presents, they grant the opportunity to take gift giving to the next level. These are a few of our favorite things:
Last minute gift ideas

1. Tech Case

Slide an iTunes gift card into the interior pocket or, if she was really good this year, fill her Tech Case with the mobile device of her dreams.

2. Baby Bag

For the mommy-to-be, pick her favorite color and stock her Baby Bag with bottles, blankets, diapers and all the necessities.

3. Show and Tell

Fill a Show and Tell with your favorite snapshots from the last year and bring your loved one a welcome walk down memory lane Christmas morning.

4. Zip ID Case

The Zip ID Case is the perfect nesting place for a thoughtful gift card. Of course, attaching the keys to a new vehicle to the pouch’s handy key ring wouldn’t be a shabby way to kick off 2011, either (hint, hint, Santa).

5. Emma or Ditty Bag

The nice thing about both the Emma and the Ditty Bag, is that they hold quite a bit, beautifully. Fill one of these drawstring options with lotions, makeup, flip flops or other feminine frills.

6. Cooler

Who doesn’t need a Cooler? Make her lunch hour lovely by filling one of these fridge-friendly bags with trendy Tupperware pieces, her favorite soda or a handful of snacks.

7. Perfect Pocket Tote

While its deep front and main pockets welcome craft supplies, accessories and more, a great idea for the Perfect Pocket Tote is to assemble a picnic bag. Place a small, folded blanket, two plates, two cups and a few gourmet treats in the main compartment, and slide a bottle of wine and bottle of water into each of the front pockets. Now she just has to wait for that warm front!

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2 Responses to Great last-minute gifts

  1. Erin says:

    A good idea would be a kindle or ereader or ipad cover.

  2. Hilton says:

    Overnight/duffle bags patterned for boys? Bible covers?

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