Gifts of goodwill

Catherine HillCatherine Hill, Executive Director of the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer offers some last-minute gift suggestions that – though they might not come wrapped with a big silver bow  – generate goodwill and hope throughout the year.

When I am giving a gift that gives back, I really prefer for all of the money to go straight to the cause. For that reason, and more, I love Heifer International and Smile Train. When you make a contribution in someone’s honor to either of these organizations, they are happy to notify the honoree with personal, heartfelt messaging. Heifer International will inform the recipient that you have literally provided a goat or a pig to a hungry family in need; while Smile Train will share that you have supplied the funds to give a little one life-saving surgery. These gifts are so simple in their beauty and completely affordable.

Smile Train
Heifer International Domestically, Coats for Kids Inc. is another favorite. There is an effort in almost every town. You can package up a cute coat, scarf, hat or pair of mittens (or all four) and present them to a friend with a note saying that you purchased these warming articles in their honor. It’s a great way to spread the cozy cheer of friendship to others and encourage them to make a charitable effort.

Coats for Kids Foundation
And of course, the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer promotes giving the Gift of Hope by making a contribution to breast cancer research in someone’s honor.

give the gift of hope However you choose to give back this holiday season, remember not to lose sight of the true meaning of the occasion and the joy you can bring to a stranger’s life.

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  1. sandra wilcox says:

    I ordered the paisley apron for my daughter for christmas and when we received it the tin was bent in a couple of places so I just wondered if you would be willing to replace it? She was really disappointed. Thanks Sandra Wilcox

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