Dear Santa, …

Recently, we invited Vera Bradley fans to get creative and submit a list of what they were hoping to find under their tree this Christmas via YouTube.

And get creative you did, with everything from animation and special effects, to poetic written and musical compositions.

The winner, Maricel R., from Ohio, won us over with her playful, illustrated request. It’s a good thing Santa is always watching (even YouTube). Congratulations!

View other entries (such as this fun submission by Fania B. from Georgia) by searching “Vera Bradley letters to Santa” on YouTube.

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2 Responses to Dear Santa, …

  1. Lydia says:

    Congrats to the winner !!!!

  2. Maricel says:

    Thank you very much! The whole family was excited about the promotion and was so happy about the announcement. I was talking to one of your staff (Anna Mantica) about the inspiration behind the video. You see, we currently do not have a videocam so I was figuring out a way to send an entry. I have 2 kids with special needs and they both love it when I draw and so that’s exactly what I did! I drew sketches and animated them via Moviemaker (kind of like a stop-motion film). After I was done, my youngest kept on playing the short video over and over (she is my no. 1 fan!). Thank you for the opportunities you are giving your fans, even a stay at home mom like me. A splash of color, coupled with functionality and overall beauty is what lured me to your brand but what’s keeping me loyal is the thought that behind the brand are people who truly care.

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