Soup’s on!

Every other Wednesday is Soup Day in the direct sales department. It’s a delicious occasion when enticing aromas billow out of our meeting room and power strips fuel pots of glorious, gently steaming concoctions.

On these designated days, three participants sign up to bring in their favorite slow cooker dish. (To clarify, “Soup Day” loosely translates into “Anything Warm That Fits into a Crock-Pot Day.”) Since December blew into Indiana this morning with an especially blustery, snowy salutation, this particular Soup Day was a welcome one.

Today’s cooks pleased the crowd with a Hamburger Soup, rich with diced potato, a savory broth and hearty portions of meat.
Hamburger Soup
An old standby – pizza – was reinterpreted to be slow cooker-friendly. Spiral noodles, pizza sauce, hamburger, melted mozzarella and pepperoni made Crock-Pot Pizza a standout.

And Pulled Pork Sandwiches rounded out the day’s lineup, with the barbecue sauce and some shredded Colby on the side.

As the temperatures plummet, Soup Days in the various departments at Vera Bradley really heat up. We’ll bring you more warming recipes as the season goes on.

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3 Responses to Soup’s on!

  1. Allegra says:

    Sounds like an absolutely delicious plan for a cold day! As a college student living in the dorms, I am all about crock pot recipes that are simple and easy. And a crock pot is the perfect college cooking device, small but can hold/make a lot!
    It snowed for the first time in Indiana, PA so I think its time to start heating some soup!

  2. Libby says:

    That looks delicious! What a well-rounded team… cooks and web wizards!

  3. Lois Felter says:

    Where is that hamburger soup recipe???? Looks so good!

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