Comment. Share. Rejoice.

On Black Friday, November 26, we’re giving away free Baroque Holiday Totes with every purchase of $100 or more in our Vera Bradley Stores.
Vera Bradley Holiday Tote in Baroque
To kick things off, Inside Stitch is hosting a handful of random acts of color, awarding five readers one of these beautiful bags. Simply leave us a comment letting us know whether you plan to brave the stores or shop online this weekend and you could receive a Holiday Tote, on us! We’ll be accepting comments through Friday, November 26 at 4 p.m.

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174 Responses to Comment. Share. Rejoice.

  1. Kate says:

    I’m just about done with my shopping this year! But online is what I prefer. I can’t venture too far out on Friday anyway, it’s the Iron Bowl… WAR EAGLE!!

  2. Ti says:

    As much as I love shopping in the stores, I will probably do most of my holiday shopping on-line this season. The crowds can just be too much!

  3. Ashley says:

    I’ll be venturing out not only in the madness, but also in an unfamiliar city! We’ll be visiting my in-laws, but I don’t let the strange territory deter my deal-seeking! Even if I don’t buy anything, I genuinely love the atmosphere of Black Friday (that makes me crazy, right?)!

  4. Lissa says:

    I actually have another Thanksgiving dinner to attend on Black Friday, so if I do make it out, it won’t be at midnight! But I may have to go later in the day. It’s so hard to resist the great deals.

  5. christy says:

    Oh, I am not a black Friday shopper, can’t stand the crowds and like to sleep in. I also have 5 kids so shopping early is a must, I’m already done:)

  6. Inger says:

    I will be at my computer (at work) on Black Friday, but I will probably get some shopping in online!

  7. Libby says:

    No Black Friday craziness for me, but I hope to venture out later during the weekend. I can’t get enough of the decorated malls and department stores!

  8. Bridget says:

    I’ll be out and about in all the madness. Shopping for some Vera Bradley in San Francisco this weekend sounds lovely! 🙂

  9. Missy says:

    I am all about Cyber Monday!!! The days of waiting in line are over for me. Waiting to see what the Vera specials will be on Monday!!!

  10. Laura says:

    I will be hiding out at home all weekend. Traffic and parking is going to be a nightmare at the mall! I’m definitely doing all my shopping online :).

  11. Melissa Lawrence says:

    Oh wow! I love Black Friday! It’s the most wonderful day of the year….{I am singing now….hehe} I get online around 1:00 a.m. then leave home around 4:00. The first year I dragged my husband out, he was kicking the whole way saying I was crazy. After about and hour of the madness I could tell he was having fun! He said “where to next?” Now we go every year and come home with some sort of amazing bargain!

  12. Jenn says:

    I work retail, so I’ll be working on Friday. It’s my favorite day of the year!

  13. Kim says:

    I may or may not be shopping on Black Friday. It depends on what kind of deals are out there and if I can get the same deals online then I will shop online.

  14. Jill says:

    I won’t be shopping but will be enjoying the day with family members who will be in town for the holiday. Shopping can wait for another day – it’s more important to just be with family.

  15. Lauren says:

    I plan to do select Black Friday shopping….hitting a few stores and then going home to nap. 🙂

  16. Laura says:

    This site is Beautiful! I love it!


  17. Angie Murdock says:

    I won’t be out shopping on Black Friday because I can’t stand all the crazy crowds. I try to get the majority of my shopping done before the beginning of December. It makes Christmas a lot less stressful!

  18. Beth says:

    My family owns a Christmas Tree Farm so unfortunately I don’t get to go shopping on Black Friday. I would love to, but I will be working on the farm spreading holiday cheer.

  19. Casey Ferguson says:

    I will be going to the stores and if they run out of what I want then I might order online or wait till May for the big warehouse sale!

  20. Tori McKinney says:

    We love Vera Bradley! I think my daughter is trying to break me and collect every single pattern. We’ll be out early on Black Friday, for sure!!!!

  21. Joanne says:

    My Christmas shopping is pretty much done already, but I do plan on joining the holiday fun on Black Friday. I love the feastive atmosphere, especially because I can just enjoy and do some leisurely shopping – no pressure to HAVE to find things….always puts me in a good mood – and I always come home with goodies.

  22. ANNETTE says:


  23. I love the sales! I plan on making a trip to my vera store on black friday, hopefully to get something in baroque!

  24. Kim Hall says:

    I have to work, but my husband is buying a blu-ray player from wal-mart that morning, and it is what I am giving him for Christmas this year. Everything else I need is a nice enough price normally, and I am baking a few cheesecakes for some of my presents

  25. Shelly says:

    I’ll be doing a little of both! (online and IRL) I love black Friday! I’ll be mapping out my strategy tomorrow. Love the Holiday Tote. Baroque is my fav! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  26. dancingarmadillo says:

    I am planning to do some In stores Friday, and then some online.

  27. Beth Jeziorski says:

    I do EVERYTHING in my power not to leave the house on Black Friday. It is just me and my computer! With ( usually) free shipping for the day on all sights, I do mega shopping in my PJ’s!

  28. Lisa Higdon says:

    This is the 1st Black Friday I will be at home and not exhausted from having a big meal at my home, so I can go out. I am not a fan of online shopping, I like to see and feel what I am buying. I only do online if it is something I need a certain size or color that the store does not have.

  29. Andrea says:

    I am planning on hitting the stores at midnight and we will see how long I make it 🙂

  30. Victoria says:

    I’ll be at home having leftover turkey sandwiches and addressing christmas cards. Maybe I’ll even get some christmas decorations out.

  31. Liz says:

    My husband has to work so my college aged brother is kind enough to go shopping with me:-) There are restrictions though-“his” restrictions haha. We can only be out for a maximum of 2 hours, i must feed him and if it gets too crazy-we have to retreat and head home. haha Happy Holidays!

  32. Sue says:

    As much as I love shopping, I’m not a fan of Black Friday madness. I usually stay home that day and decorate my house for the holiday.

  33. Victoria Weavill says:

    Very nice! Sadly, I will not be braving the sales on Black Friday.

  34. Aliesha says:

    I might venture out later in the day, but I’m not brave enough to go out in the wee hours of the morning to fight the crowds.

  35. Beth says:

    Very nice! Would love to have one.

  36. Lindsay Beemer says:

    I will be venturing out and doing some in-store shopping, but I’ll definitely take advantage of online deals too!

  37. Katie says:

    I’ll be doing all my shopping online. So much easier and I can be in my pjs!

  38. Leslie says:

    I will be standing in line outside Best Buy Thanksgiving Evening. I love the intensity of shopping. It’s like a competition. I get ALL of my Christmas shopping done and out of the way Black Friday.

  39. Erin says:

    I’ll be braving the stores with my childhood best friend Caitlin. We may go to schools 8 hours away from each other, but with out fail every Black Friday (and Vera Swap Friday) we are back together. The game plan is to get out at 5, be done by 10, get lunch and then if there’s anything we missed head online to do some shopping. It’s a great girls day and a day of feral competition.

  40. Tammie Chocklett says:

    The stores are too crazy for me. I’ll be shopping online in the comfort of my home.

  41. Sarah M. says:

    I will probably go out shopping on Friday. I’m not 100% sure yet!

  42. Amanda says:

    I’ll still be stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner, so I’ll be doing all my shopping online, in my jammies. Can’t wait!

  43. Carol Naes says:

    I actually get a rush out of getting up early and braving the crowds..
    I do a bit of on line shopping too…

    but I just love the RUSH….

  44. Aimee says:

    I actually will be at work for 8 hours on Friday, and then on the road for about 3+ right after to visit some family.

    I love that tote! Baroque is an amazing color for fall and winter.

  45. Brittany Costa says:

    Ahh this is def by far my new favorite! Can’t wait til black Friday to get some things in this collection!

  46. Molly says:

    I plan to do both – hopefully most online and a few things in stores this weekend. Love this tote – might have to head out to my local VB retailer!

  47. Melinda says:

    This year I’m going to try something different, alot of the stores are offering on line shopping on Thursday so If I can get what I want on line I will NOT be going out to the stores; although I wouldn’t mind seeing all the excitement.

  48. Jessie says:

    My husband and I will be pulling an all-nighter to get in on the Black Friday shopping madness! A new purse in Baroque was at the top of my list this year! 🙂 The ladies at Hallmark are on a first-name basis with my husband because he is always shopping for new Vera Bradley stuff for me!

  49. I’ll be out shopping. I can’t resist spending the crazy morning with my family. My husband wants to join us this year– should be fun!

  50. Thea MR says:

    This bag is GORGEOUS! I love the size – it’s perfect for all the things we have to carry around during the holidays!

  51. Lydia says:

    I don’t like shopping with all the craziness in stores on Black Friday ( Went last year and it was nuts !!! ) so I will be doing online shopping this year !

  52. Marissa says:

    I will be braving the stores! Can’t wait!

  53. Nicole says:

    Black Friday shopping is a family tradition! I never go out looking for anything specific – just try to use any good coupons that I got in the weeks leading up to BF & find some little gifts for me – since my shopping is typically done before Thanksgiving! I already ordered an apron gift set for my future mother-in-law and a large duffel for my future sister-in-law!

  54. Haley Landsman says:

    I love sorting through the ads on Thursday and narrowing my focus for Friday (which saves on time and money!). I usually try to hit 2-4 stores and a couple of websites.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Love the bag!

  55. Sue in Grapevine says:

    ooo, pretty! Thanks for a chance to win it.

  56. Dana says:

    I have to work, so I will be shopping on-line! BTW, that bag is gorgeous!!!

  57. Maureen Weierbach says:

    on-line shopping is the way to go. save on gas and nerves.

  58. Lisa Corona says:

    I am actually finished with Christmas shopping! So I won’t be doing any black Friday or cyber Monday shopping. My husband on the other hand is still trying to decide what to get me for Christmas. He has at least asked for my VB wish list!!! =)

  59. Elizabeth Bau says:

    Unfortunately I will be working for the holiday weekend so no turkey and no shopping for me. Its what happens when you work at a place that never closes. But hopefully I will find some good deals next weekend! Love the bag! 🙂

  60. Lud says:

    I may brave the stores briefly then nap.

  61. Gini says:

    No Black Friday shopping for me. I plan on sleeping in, enjoying the time with my family and shopping online. The money I’ll spend on shipping is definitely worth the four extra hours of sleep and snuggle time with our four sons.

  62. Laura Wauchope says:

    It is tradition for us to go shopping on Black Friday. I LOVE IT!! I grew up going with my parents and once I got married I started bringing my hubby with me. We also try to take the kids to get their picture with Santa on Black Friday, it is just a GREAT way to start the season. So I will hit the stores some and maybe online later in the evening. Almost done with my list so I hope to finish up shortly after.

  63. Nicole says:

    I will be celebrating Black Friday from the comfort of my desk with my laptop and a cup of tea!

  64. No Black Friday shopping for me this year. I’m thankful that we can all sleep in after a turkey induced coma on Thursday. 🙂 LOVE that bag!

  65. Jennifer says:

    As must as I love shopping, I do not love holiday shopping. I think I’ll be doing a lot of online shopping this year.

  66. Sherye Wallick says:

    I’ll be sleeping in or Black Friday- if my one year old lets me! Then it’s off to work at noon, at a dept store in the mall, so I know there will be plenty of craziness for me even in I don’t go out in the early morning 🙂

  67. Lauren Hays says:

    I absolutely LOVE this!

  68. Amanda says:

    I will be braving the stores and going online. It’s the first year that my Mom isn’t going with me because of work scheduling, so i’m braving the stores on my own!

  69. Crystal says:

    Definitely staying home this year! There isn’t really anything that we want that is on sale. 🙂

  70. clair says:

    I will be working black friday 😦

  71. Lisa says:

    Will be shopping online on black friday.

  72. Pam says:

    Not sure…have already done some shopping online. I don’t really have it in my budget this week to go out on Friday, but we’ll see. Online shoppping makes life easier, but I don’t always like waiting for shipping.

  73. Brittany Volk says:

    Thank goodness our Vera store isn’t opening too early that day so I can sleep in (kinda)! BUT it’s next to a Target … Lord help me. Just a few more things to get on my list this year, though! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Vera ladies!

  74. lynette b. says:

    love love love love this new pattern so excited for this deal!

  75. Cristina says:

    I love it…!!!! Will be just perfect hanging on my hand …No black Friday this year I can’t …just hoping to be one of the lucky five to get it…
    Good luck to me then …. lol..!!

  76. Katelynn says:

    I may hit up a few stores, but Cyber Monday is more my style for savings! But Saturday I will be going to a Vera Bradley store in North Jersey.

  77. Paula-Beth says:

    My daddy and I started the tradition of black Friday shopping 15 years ago. It caught on with the rest of the family, and after I got married I got my husband hooked on this family tradition. We even got our newborn daughter in on the shopping action when she was just three weeks old and we all braved the crowds! My father has since passed away, but my family still continues with this tradition. Even though he isn’t with us physically, I am always reminded of his presence in my heart.

  78. Samantha says:

    I might venture out later in the day on Friday,but there is not a Vera Bradley store near me:( Happy Holidays Vera Bradley!

  79. Andrea Farally says:

    I can’t wait for black Friday shopping!!! My family is always so intense with it!!! We have maps, charts, schedules and more!!! I hope everyone finds some good buys!!!

  80. Melissa says:

    Will probably head out on Black Friday – too many good deals to pass up. Happy Holidays!!

  81. sunsetblush says:

    I’m planning to go shopping on Black Friday, just not at the crack of dawn, so I’ll be missing all the good sales. If only there were a VB store near my parents’ so I could do some VB shopping too!!

  82. Jeannine m says:

    I venture out every year. I love shopping in the morning on Black friday

  83. D. Drenchek says:

    I only go out if there is something i really want on sale for a great price

  84. Stephanie Gattman says:

    I know I won’t be going out early. Maybe later in the day. I will probably shop online, though.

  85. Callie Polk says:

    I will definitely be braving the crowded shopping weekend on my computer- you can wear much comfier clothes there!

  86. Jo Alice says:

    This year, I think I gonna sit at home, in a warm blanket with a cup of hot cocoa in my hand and spend money on the internet buying things for myself and for my loved ones for christmas.

    P.S. I might end up going out in the afternoon to try and snatch up some really great deals 🙂 I have a Vera Bradley store a quarter of a mile from my house, that’s a definite stop.

  87. Kim Kelly says:

    Definately doing online! Too crazy for me! =)

  88. Courtney Callicutt says:

    My sweet husband is braving the cold on Black Friday (list in hand) while I sleep. Luckily for him, I do all of my Vera shopping online!

  89. Elise Sorge says:

    My darling daughter & I will definitely visit with our favorite ladies at the Bridgewater Commons store! I even spoke with our fav manager Jen at the store last night and know she is not working until that afternoon Friday! Happy Thanksgiving!

  90. Teresa Begley says:

    My family and I will be heading out of state for a nice quiet Thanksgiving so no Black Friday shopping for me. I have done it in the past but mostly do online. Love the Cyber Monday shopping on line. Do most of my Vera Bradley shopping online and try to catch the wonderful sales. My local Vera store has closed and I have to travel a distance now to shop in a store. But….I do love traveling to my home town of New Haven, IN every Spring where Vera Bradley is now located. I spend time with my mother and usually bring a few girlfriends with me for the big Coliseum sale. Would love to see a sale of this magnitude in the Fall. Love my Vera Bradley.

  91. Jessie Jones says:

    I plan to do a little of both! I’ll make the best of both worlds and try to get the deals everywhere! 🙂

  92. Beth says:

    I plan to hit the mall early with my daughters.

  93. Gretchen Barr says:

    I can’t wait to get out to the stores and get some of those great deals!

  94. Jess says:

    I am planing on going black Friday shopping for the first time this year! We will see how it goes 🙂

  95. Lisa says:

    I usually spend black friday with my family. We’re already planning on leftovers, tree trimming and christmas movies, but I’m hoping to sneak in a few minutes of me time to head out to the mall. Easier said than done with 4 kiddos, lol! I’d love to have the new holiday tote, baroque is my fave new pattern! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  96. Julia says:

    My first black Friday experience was last year. I waited outside Target for 2 hours to get a camera for my mom. They were a lot more organized than I expected. Black Friday was not the nightmare I had come to imgaine, so I’ll probably be venturing out again this year.

  97. Sarah says:

    I’ll be doing some shopping online. This will be my first Black Friday in 10 years that I haven’t had to work, so I’m definitely taking advantage of that and staying in!

  98. Courtney says:

    Even though I love shopping, Black Friday is just too many people all “eyeing” for the same item. I might pop into a couple non mall stores. Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  99. MARGARET says:

    I’m going to let my fingers do the walking:)

  100. Sadaf says:

    I used to go Black friday shopping with my dad before I got married. It was so much fun! We used to love trying to get the best deals and getting there in time to get them:). And then when we got home my mom would be standing there, hands on hips, telling us we probably wasted a ton of money. She always became happy when she saw what good deals we got, we so enjoyed it! We lived in a small town then. Now I live in a busy city, and haven’t gone shopping on black friday in ages. The only reason I am thinking about venturing out on Black friday is only for the free holiday Baroque tote! I love bags with one strap, and been wanting to buy something in Baroque. Hopefully will find other good deals along the way! 🙂

  101. Dana says:

    I have my young son home with me and he’s not a a shopping fan, so I will see what sales I can get online!

  102. Sarah Kruse says:

    I plan to shop Friday — At midnight!! 🙂 I always have a great time on Black Friday and usually get some great deals. I just love this holiday tote from Vera Bradley. I know that the signature store by me will be VERY busy with the Tote Promo!

  103. Alison says:

    I’m planning on staying home and shopping online. I love shopping in my PJ’s 🙂

  104. Becky S says:

    I don’t like going to the mall on Black Friday. I will be shopping online.
    Thanks for the chance to win the beautiful Baroque Tote!

  105. Suzanne says:

    I will actually be travelling on Friday to my parent’s house. My husband has to work in Thanksgiving so we’ll be celebrating with my family on Friday. I probably wouldn’t have done much, if any, shopping on Fri. anyway. I have already done most of it online already! : )

  106. Kyrie says:

    I will be shopping online this year, I’ll be braving thanksgiving at my boyfriends, spending the day and the morning after with both sides of his family that could fill a small football team.

  107. jessi warren says:

    i will be going out and braving the stores bright and early!

  108. Kellie Graham says:

    I will be shopping on Black Friday. My husband’s family gets together and exchanges gifts a couple of weeks before Christmas, so I need to finish shopping. I am also shopping online for a few things.

  109. Gayl Caul says:

    My Christmas shopping is well under way. I’ve been selling quite a bit so I’ll have money for my Black Friday foray into the Oakbrook mall to see my fave Vera Bradley girls! I’m hoping Nancy will be working that day. She is the sweetest thing! She always gets SO EXCITED when she sees me, Especially if I am wearing my vintage Vera Bradley!

  110. Stefanie says:

    I am still debating on going shopping on black Friday this year- we are having a Thanksgiving dinner at 1pm on Friday, so that cuts shopping time down! Plus my two local Vera retailers haven’t impressed me much lately so I may not make it there.

  111. Rachael says:

    I think I am going to stay at home in my pj’s, with a cup of joe in hand and shop online until my hearts content!

  112. Candise & Crew says:

    I love the online deals and the convenience of shopping at home! THANKS!

  113. Juliana says:

    I will be braving the mall on Friday, but only because I work in retail! Thank goodness I have the evening shift, I will be resting up during the day so that I can survive the crazy Black Friday shoppers!

  114. Liz says:

    The women in my family shop on Black Friday every year! Some [including me] head out early in the morning to get the best deals and the rest meet us out later in the morning. We all have lunch together and then take the little ones in the family to see Santa. It’s my favorite family tradition! Can’t wait to include the new VB signature store at my mall in my Black Friday shopping!

  115. jen morgan says:

    Ill be out shopping

  116. Virginia says:

    The ONLY store I will even go near on Black Friday is my beloved local Vera retailer!

  117. Someday, I will shop a Black Friday, I dream of it yearly…but I am Canadian and I am working…UNFORTUNATELY. I will however, be online scoping the deals and Christmas shopping for sure…love that!

  118. Megan says:

    I am all about online shopping this season … our malls are too crazy in Charlotte for me to contend with the thousands who want their big screens and appliance deals! Plus, I love the idea of shopping in my pajamas for Vera 🙂

  119. Diedra says:

    I am a big online shopper. I have ordered most of my gifts already. But, if there is a really really good deal on something that I really really want, than I will venture out on Black Friday.

  120. Jamie Tucker says:

    I will be out braving the crowds friday! My husband and I do it every year and have a blast! After shopping it is time to head home and decorate the tree 🙂

  121. Sherri says:

    I love Vera Bradley, her things make me feel colorful and happy! Happy as a “Pink Cupcake”:). I took a friend to a Vera store for the first was so fun seeing her face!!This Christmas I am giving another friend a Vera purse.I found out she didn’t have one…I am always happy when I can spread the Vera love!!

  122. Sabrina says:

    I plan on shopping online on Black Friday. I can shop from the comfort of home.

  123. Kristin Kanenr says:

    I am so shopping on Friday and stopping by my local VB retailer! I love this print!!

  124. Sarah says:

    I will most definitely be out and about on Black Friday. I ❤ shopping and deals, so.. it's a perfect match! Unfortunately we don't have a Vera retailer near where I live.. so I'll have to keep my Vera purchases to the online realm – but.. this bag is adorable and I wish I could go to the stores and get one!

  125. Lena says:

    I may go out to ‘window-shop’ and scope the sales on Black Friday, but I don’t plan on doing any actual shopping that day. I believe a lot of retailers will have Back Friday type specials thru Christmas Eve….at least I’m hoping 🙂

  126. Cristie says:

    I will not be shopping early morning on Black Friday! I’m a teacher, I’m taking the day off as a “sleep in” day! 🙂 I think I’ll shop more on Cyber Monday (after school, of course!) but I definitely would LOVE to have one of the VB Black Friday Totes…Baroque is my new fave pattern!

  127. Janice says:


    I’m not physically able to do more than about 5 minutes shopping in person so I do 98% of any of my shopping online. I sure wouldn’t be able to handle the crowds from now through new year’s. I have not been inside of even a grocery store in years during the holidays.

    I love my Vera and just cannot afford to pay full price. I hope to find a few good deals for myself and gift recipients online this season.

  128. Karen O'Hara says:

    I will be doing both! I go out early to get my must have deals and then I go home, have breakfast and shop online. I may require a nap also. I love the holiday spirit, the thrill of the hunt. Hope I am picked for the holiday tote! I ♥ it! I ♥ vera

  129. Gwenith Smith says:

    I completely plan to brave the crowds in Indianapolis, IN while visiting family. Since I won’t be near my favorite Signature store in Oakbrook, IL for Black Friday I plan to make it to a great retailers in Indy called Occasionally yours! So I will get my Vera Bradley fix!!

    I also love Old Navy Black Friday deals! I even brave them on Thanksgiving after the family has gotten together!

  130. Rebecca says:

    I am still debating braving the Vera store for this fabulous deal. I may just end up being lazy and see what deals the internet has to offer. :0)

  131. Molly says:

    I will be braving the crowds on Black Friday. It is tradition that I go out every year with my cousins and buy them McDonald’s after we shop. Can’t wait! Thanks for the chance to win the Baroque Holiday Tote!

  132. Mary Ahn says:

    I might head out to the store for a “break”.

  133. Amy Burnette says:

    I usually shop Black Friday. I hope to get finished with my shopping on Friday this year! Baroque is my new favorite! I have been carrying my pleated tote for a couple weeks.

  134. Gina rice says:

    When I received the email about the holiday tote I was so excited- makes me want to actually go shopping on black Friday and not much gets me out of the house on that day 🙂

  135. Taylor S. says:

    I am going to brave the crazy black friday crowds to get some good deals! I love all the vera bradley prints but baroque is by far my favorite. I am asking for the Vera for christmas to carry my school books in; I’d love to have the matching tote! Merry Chirstmas and happy shoppings 🙂

  136. Christy says:

    I will be shopping out and on line!! Hope they don’t run out of those lovely holiday totes!! Gobble Gobble!

  137. Michelle says:

    I will be shopping mainly online. I love shopping the stores, but not feeling going to crazy places like Best Buy, etc. I might hit a couple stores!

  138. Ainsley says:

    This Friday, I will be braving the stores for the first time! How I wish there was a Vera Bradley store close to me. That part of shopping will be online.

  139. o*lily says:

    Not brave enough to do Black Friday shopping. Online it is!

  140. Eileen says:

    I will be heading out around 11pm on Thursday night to go to one select strip mall to hit one specific store, then I’ll be heading home to get some rest and I plan on going back out at it around 11am-12noon where the crowds are thinning. Between the time that i get home and when I leave for the second time, I hope to be able to do some online shopping as well, but I normally wait until after the brick-and-mortar store craziness. 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  141. Carla M says:

    I go out every year with my daughter. It is a bonding experience

  142. Mary says:

    I cab’t believe some of the stores are opening at 2am this year. I will not be going out on Black Friday. Here is “Green Acres” we don’t have many stores so have to travel a bit to shop. We don’t have a VB store. I will be shopping on line. Starting today has free shipping if you spend $75.00..the items to be discont on Friday are on sale now..Shop ladies
    Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday…God Bless

  143. Mary says:

    Opps! didn’t mean to leave the men out. (ladies leave a note with the VB web site where he will find it) Come on guys you don’t even have to leave the house..You know we love us some Vera and the box they come in is so pretty you don’t even have to wrap it..It’s a win win..

  144. Michelle says:

    I’ll be taking my daughter Black Friday shopping for the first time this year…. her birthday is on Saturday! I’m letting her choose what she wants at the Vera store!! She was my Thanksgiving miracle 14 years ago! How time flies!

  145. Amy says:

    I’m almost done with my shopping but may venture out Friday. We’ll see how much turkey I eat on Thursday! LOL

  146. Hollie says:

    I will definitely be braving the mall on Black Friday!

  147. Heather says:

    I will probably be staying home this Black Friday with my 2 kids. I might do some shopping a some local stores, but no malls for me. Thanks for the chance to win a beautiful tote. I LOVE this pattern!!!!

  148. Jamie Clark says:

    Unfortunately, I do not think I will brave the crowds besides the only store I am interested in is the Vera Bradley store and my town does not have one. But we do have a Hallmark store that is rumored to have VB bags. I have been trying my hardest to get my daughter interested in VB purses but not working yet (she is only 14), more for mom, I guess! Happy Thanksgiving!

  149. kelly kay says:

    No. I don’t plan to go to the stores on Friday. I really want this tote but, will not go into the Bellevue Square Mall on Friday–it’s going to be crazy with shoppers.

  150. Kimberley O says:

    I go out with my sister or my sister in law. We will spend the whole day shopping

  151. jessica swartz says:

    I have never been out shopping on Black Friday and plan to see what it is all about this year!! Hopefully I will come out of it alive:)

  152. Diane says:

    I plan to relax with my family and shop online. No stores for me!

  153. kendra says:

    On-line for me! So bumbed I can’t get a holiday tote in my area!

  154. Scarlett says:

    I am planning on enjoying a slow morning, but I still need to check the local ads. I may find I need something!

  155. Melanie Collum says:

    I would love to brave a Vera Bradley store on Black Friday…however, I don’t live near one! 😦 So I guess I will just have to place my holiday order online and miss out on the free Holiday Tote!!! So sad…Happy Holidays anyway! 🙂

  156. Joni says:

    The only two places I’ll be braving on Fri. are the two stores (one a furniture store, the other a shoe store) that are 25 plus miles from me but have beautiful Vera Bradley displays! I want to stock up on Turq and Blue Rhapsody and hopefully get a free tote! Other than that, I’m not shopping that day!

  157. Misa Nguyen says:

    I will be shopping online at the vera bradley site this weekend to take advantage of their free shipping deal!

  158. Autumn says:

    I will not be shopping this Black Friday. I will be visiting family & hope to find some online deals. I have never ventured out on Black Friday, but hope to next year!

  159. Lisa Chriscoe says:

    I guess I will go out and fight the madness. I’ve checked some of the deals online(Old Navy for one) and the prices are alot lower in you buy in the store. Oh, well!

  160. Marilyn S. says:

    I will not be shopping on Black Friday….
    Parking will be a challenge for everyone….Not getting up to shop at 3AM…

  161. Faith says:

    Planning to shop online but the tote is tempting me to head to a store!

  162. Gayl Caul says:

    Wishing everyone a Vera Happy Thanksgiving!

  163. J Garcia says:

    I’ll be out there looking for items I know are on sale. Go with a plan (and cell phones).

  164. Liz N says:

    To Christmas shop for 33 kids under the age of 12 in mine and my husband’s immediate family, I can only say, “Thank goodness for online shopping!”.
    And of course , I’ll have to throw in a little click here and there on for myself 😀
    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays everyone….

  165. S. Nuckolls says:

    Would love to head out, but with two little ones at home, I’ll have to stick to online shopping this year.

  166. Andrea Rodgers says:

    I’m going to shop online AND in my signature store. I already made an order today to get the large duffels and a LM yoga mat/bag while they were on sale.

  167. E Davis says:

    Love the new pattern and tote! I really want the new laptop backpack to be on sale. I can’t find it anywhere near here so I’ll be sleeping in tomorrow…

  168. Danielle says:

    Black Friday shopping is not for the faint at heart! Which is to say…i will not be participating. I do most of my shopping online, or the weekend before Christmas.

  169. Ms. Pleasant says:

    I didn’t go out this morning, but got some great deals without ever leaving my home! Hoping to round out this great day by winning that adorable Baroque tote 🙂

  170. Maria says:

    Ohhhh… totally missed this with the holiday and my father’s surgery ~ next time!

  171. Judy Wilkerson says:

    I did the Black Friday thing with my daughter all night long. We got several deals for my grandchildren. Now it is my time! I love Vera Bradley so much! I am SURE Santa will bring me some!

  172. I think christian louboutin in ukIn conclusion, here are some ideas to make positive you choose the right shoe fashion style: make certain your fashion is comfortable, take into consideration your physique functions and how your shoes may possibly accentuate them and make a statement with color. Ultimately, when in doubt wear black!

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    интим знакомства Махра

  174. Julie Stein says:

    My sister and our daughters will be venturing out early Friday morning. We work on a list on Thursday evening and then head home to get some rest so we can rise before the sun does. We shop we have fun and enjoy the start of the Christmas season.

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