Green day

To mark America Recycles Day 2010, various committee members for Vera Bradley took the opportunity to revisit and revamp our existing building recycling practices. This morning, employees were encouraged to sign a petition to be more eco-conscious and entered to win an adorable Twirly Birds Pink shopper tote (bonus!).
America Recycles Day at Vera Bradley
A brief run through of the trio of new receptacles and the single-sort recycling program included the announcement that additional paper collection boxes will arrive next week. An added incentive, all of the proceeds from our aluminum can collection will go to Habitat for Humanity.
America Recycles Day at Vera Bradley
After the remodeled recycling system tutorial, we were each given a can of soda or bottle of juice to kickoff our pledge. Dropping our empty containers into the brand new bins was an initial deposit toward a cleaner, greener Vera Bradley.

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One Response to Green day

  1. Meg says:

    Hey Vera Bradley,
    I am a huge fan of you! Without you, My world would go upside down! You have many great ideas for new patterns and great styles! I do miss all those old patterns. And I do like the Old patterns more than the new ones. Could you ever bring back the older ones? I’ve seen java blue is back. How about Bali Blue and Gold? What about Cupcakes Green and Pink? I know a lot of patterns that people have loved and still do, but can’t find anymore but Ebay! So my point is, Why do you have to get rid of so much patterns in order to make new ones?

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