In good company

Yesterday, Vera Bradley employees from all four of our buildings gathered in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana, for the annual Vera Bradley company picnic. As we filed into the Lincoln Financial Pavilion at Headwaters Park, we were greeted by the tropical cadence of Parrots of the Caribbean, face painters and circus-theme performers.
Vera Bradley Company Picnic
Vera Bradley Company Picnic
Vera Bradley Company Picnic
Though the rain came down, it was a family-friendly success. Now … what to put in this pouch in Twirly Birds Navy, a thoughtful and unique gift for the employees!
Twirly Birds Navy Pouch

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2 Responses to In good company

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  2. Angie says:

    I don’t mind paying a higher price for a product made to an American company that puts the one person that is responible for making the company for what it is. And that is its: EMPLOYEES
    Thats what The Containor Store has done. They cater, not to the customer, but their employees. It has been a wonderful success. I hope Vera Bradly continues to do so and follows in their foot steps.

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