The naming of a blog

When deciding on a handle for the official Vera Bradley company blog, one particular story resonated above the many, many you hear throughout these halls.

Some time ago, before there were four buildings worth of employees … before the Outlet Sale that now notoriously draws fans from around the world … even before the idea of a handbag company was so much as a tiny seed, Barbara Bradley was simply one of many young girls attending a parochial school in Miami Beach, Florida.

The students were saddled with the task of learning how to sew. Once their handy work was complete, the instructor would come around to survey their success. Upon inspection, the teacher would promptly turn the bag inside out, much to the surprise of the pupils.

It was at this early age Barbara Bradley Baekgaard learned that the details on the inside – the ones that often go overlooked – are just as important as those on the outside. It’s a fundamental belief she has carried with her in all of the years, and woven through all of the success, that followed those days in the classroom. It’s at the core of Vera Bradley, as it applies to all things, from beautiful bags and accessories, to those who make up our team.

So, feel free to turn your favorite piece inside out and assess the details, as the student has since become the teacher. And if there’s one thing Barb is known for, it’s being an uncompromising appraiser … especially when it comes to the Inside Stitch.
Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia Miller, Co-Founders of Vera Bradley

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4 Responses to The naming of a blog

  1. Libby says:

    That definitely makes sense… great story!!

  2. Vickie says:

    As one who sews, I can relate to this story. The details are what make an item, be it a garment or accessory, a durable AND attractive. A great lesson and a wonderful story.

  3. Pat Monroe says:

    Hi, I loved the story about. Inside Stitch. Sorta how GOD made us. You have to look to the inside of a person, to tell what they are made of, how much of a load they can handle, how good or bad life has been to them, and if they are are as good on the inside as they appear when you see them. And then you can decide if you want to keep them as a friend or send them back for repair. I love Vera Bradley products so well. I know they were sent from GOD! Thanks to all the generations for making such fine products! Pat Monroe, from New York State.

  4. Livvi! says:

    Love the history. So interesting!

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